Mayıs 29, 2021

She Becomes More Than Just a Vet

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This story is completely fictional. Any resemblance of the characters to a person in real life is purely coincidental.


Mike is a 36 year old man who lost his wife 10 years ago in a car accident. He was never able to have kids before she passed and they had been married only a couple of years.

They were high school sweethearts and never dated anyone else. They both loved horses but she had to work away from the farm to make enough money for the expenses. She wanted to stay at home and raise a family but Mike didn’t think they could afford it yet.

She died on her way to work after a fight about quitting her job. Mike has felt responsible ever since and believes God is punishing him for his decision.

Mike purchased a horse shortly before his wife died. It was his wife’s choice and her favorite one in the herd, now Midnight was lame and Mike needed professional help to help nurse her back to health.

He called Gwen a new vet in the area that specialized in equine care. Not only was she recommended as the best, she was also very easy on the eyes.

Even with this tragedy with Midnight being down, Mike longed for the comfort from a female but couldn’t get the courage up to ask Gwen on a date.

He called her and explained the situation to her and she made him feel better just by talking to him. It had been too long since Mike talked to someone as caring as she was.

She arrived within two hours and quickly went to work at saving Midnight. She examined the cuts on the quarter horse’s ankles and had a discouraged look in her face. Mike recognized this look and was overwhelmed by the feelings of when he was told by the sheriff that his wife was dead.

Gwen looked up at Mike and told him the news without any words. The sorrow in her eyes made Mike realize that there was nothing he could do.

Gwen grabbed Mike’s and hand and said, “I’m sorry.” Mike gently squeezed her hand and dropped to his knees in shock.

His face turned pale and he began to shake as he tried to hold back the tears. He was about to lose his only connection to his wife and there was nothing he could do. If only he hadn’t put Midnight in the new pasture without showing her where the fence was, If only he had made sure there were no obstacles that could tangle her feet, if only he had more time to care for those he loved, if only he hadn’t made his wife go to work.

He leaned over and looked Midnight in the eyes and could tell that the fight was gone. Forehead to forehead, Mike knew he would have to put Midnight down. As he began to cry, he felt a comforting hand on his shoulder.

He had all but forgotten Gwen behind him. Gwen the beautiful vet who had comforted him on the phone, Gwen the only woman to touch him since his wife died, Gwen the only one who knew what he was going through.

Gwen had put many animals down during her career as a vet and she had gotten used to the business end of death. She knew what her limits were and when it was the right thing to do. No other case had affected her in her job as much as this case was affecting her now.

She could see the pain Mike was going through and it touched her to see him sharing such emotions with his horse. His tears were real tears and his pain was real pain. Gwen didn’t know Mike but she had asked around and knew about his wife’s death. Now she was genuinely concerned more for him than she was for the Quarter horse.

She knelt down behind him and placed her hand on his shoulder and she heard him crying softly to himself. She also heard him tell Midnight that he was sorry. A tear started to form in Gwen’s eyes and her throat began to knot up. Why was she feeling this way? She didn’t even know Midnight.

When Mike felt Gwen’s hand he turned to look at her and saw her watery eyes. He knew he had to be strong or they would both be crying shortly. He asked if she could put Midnight down without any pain. Gwen nodded yes and grabbed a syringe.

She güvenilir bahis gently inserted the syringe into the juggler vein and slowly pushed its contents in. She moved back and let Mike say goodbye to Midnight with a big hug. Midnight looked into Mike’s eyes and peacefully went away. Gwen recognized the sign as she had seen it hundreds of times before. She took her stethoscope and held it to Midnights heart. She then checked for a pulse near the injection sight.

Midnight was gone. Gwen moved to the head, and gently closed Midnight’s eyes for the last time.

Mike got up to walk away from Midnight when he was sure that she was gone. He would have other horses but none that had the connection to him that Midnight had.

When he got to the barn where Gwen had her truck, he broke down into tears. He was no longer crying softly to himself. He was letting everything go that had been pent up inside him since his wife’s death. Now it was all coming back up.

Gwen gathered all of her supplies from around Midnight and walked back to the truck. She saw Mike was crying uncontrollably now and went over to try to comfort him. He grabbed her and hugged her harder than he had ever hugged anyone before. And he cried.

And he cried.

And he cried

Gwen felt Mike’s strength as he hugged her so tightly. She felt safe even if this guy was crying. She also started to feel something else stirring inside her.

Gwen felt Mike’s strength as he hugged her so tightly. She felt safe even if this guy was crying. She also started to feel something else stirring inside her.

The entire time Gwen was going through school, she stayed focused. She knew she had spent a lot of time and money to become a vet and she wasn’t going to let a boy distract her now.

Then when she moved to a new area, she didn’t have any opportunities to meet anyone new. She wanted her business to be successful and sometimes that meant going out at 3 am to deliver a calf by cesarean or flip a twisted stomach. The hours were terrible, the money wasn’t great, and she smelled like shit when she would go home, but there was something about saving these animals that Gwen really liked.

She looked at every case as a challenge and she read even more then when she was taking classes. Now is when it mattered and Gwen would not let herself screw up for lack of effort.

Now she had Mike holding her tight because he needed someone, anyone to be there for him. Lucky for her, she was there and not the previous vet.

Gwen began to notice how strong Mike was as the rubbed her hands along his back. Even though he was 6 inches taller than she was, he had ducked down to hug her. Gwen could feel his entire body against hers even though she was wearing her think coveralls.

Since it was a warm summer day, she began to sweat from the heat and from Mike holding her so closely. Mike composed himself and said, “I’m really sorry, Doc. I don’t know what got in to me. Midnight was my favorite horse and it was just so hard. I’m so embarrassed that you had to see me this way.”

Gwen gave him a hug and whispered in his ear, “I know Midnight was a good horse. You don’t need to apologize for anything.”

Gwen stepped back and started to unzip her coveralls as they were much too hot for the temperature.

Even though Gwen has a dirty job, she still likes to dress like a girl. Underneath her coveralls, she had her favorite pair of tight jeans and a red tank top because she knew it was going to be a hot one today.

Mike’s eyes lit up as he watched Gwen stop out of her coveralls. He never realized how beautiful she was until now. Her long blonde hair had been tied up but now was loose, full, with some waves. Her gentle face, blue eyes, and gorgeous lips accentuated her face. The rest of her body was just exciting. Mike couldn’t help but notice her large breasts and guessed them to be at least 36C.

Gwen suddenly felt Mike’s eyes examining her as she let her hair down. türkçe bahis She liked the attention from this nice looking guy and she felt her nipples getting harder as a light breeze was blowing through.

Mike moved in to hug Gwen again and thanked her for everything she has done for him. He apologized again for being a baby. Gwen laughed as she hugged him tight this time.

She couldn’t help but notice the feel of his erect penis as she pulled him close. Was I having this effect on him, she asked herself.

Mike felt his erection growing when Gwen pulled him close and thought he felt her push against him. This was a feeling he had not felt in a long time. Being self conscious, he moved away so as not to embarrass Gwen.

As he pulled away, his eyes locked on Gwen’s but for a moment. He moved his hand behind her head and leaned in slowly. He kissed her on the lips and didn’t feel any resistance. He pulled away and looked into her eyes again.

He didn’t see any fear or regrets and moved in again. This time Gwen was meeting him as it had been way too long since she felt like this and the moment seemed right. She didn’t have any place to be and her work was done for the weekend.

Mike slowly kissed her top lip with short soft kisses before moving to her bottom lip the same way. This was new to Gwen as all the other boys had kissed her forcefully in the past. She knew Mike was different and she was enjoying this far more than she should.

Mike continued his slow, soft kisses but they eventually grew longer with more pressure applied. He began tracing her top lip with his tongue as he kissed her. Gwen parted her lips to allow her tongue to find his.

Mike pulled away to catch his breath. They were both breathing heavily, but he had to continue because it felt so good. He kissed her neck, sucked her ear lobe, and kissed her cheek before kissing her firmly on the lips. This time it was full of passion that was equally meant by Gwen. Mike’s hands began to explore the rest of Gwen as he moved her over to the soft meadow hay in the nearby barn.

Meadow is what the early settlers used to make their beds out of because it was so soft and the grass blades didn’t poke through the bedding.

Mike stopped only to throw down the blanket he had used to ride Midnight over a broken bale of hay.

He moved back to Gwen and began kissing her again. As he kissed her this time, he began to lift her shirt over her head.

He reached behind and tried to release her bra with one hand but he was out of practice. Gwen giggled and reached around to help him. Mike’s heart stopped when he saw how beautiful Gwen’s breasts were with the bra removed. He gently grabbed them with both hands as he began to kiss around the outside edges of her breasts.

Mike knew that this was something that he was going to take his time with. He also knew that it drove women crazy to tease the nipples by going around them before giving them any attention. He continued to just brush Gwen’s nipples with his lips as he moved back and forth between them.

When all the areas were covered with soft kisses, Mike sucked the right nipple hard into his mouth. He rolled the nipple with his tongue while pulling slightly with his teeth.

Gwen was getting weak in the knees as she had never felt anything like this before.

Mike felt Gwen’s knees giving out and helped her down to the blanket. Now he could continue to work on her left nipple while his left hand played with her right nipple and his right hand began to undo her jeans.

There was no stopping now as neither one of them had ever felt so much passion from anyone in their lives. It felt so good from Mike to feel Gwen and for Gwen to feel Mike.

There was no stopping now as neither one of them had ever felt so much passion from anyone in their lives. It felt so good from Mike to feel Gwen and for Gwen to feel Mike.

Mike’s right hand had now made its way underneath Gwen’s panties. He was slowly güvenilir bahis siteleri working his fingers down as he continued to suck on Gwen’s nipples.

As he moved to her pussy, he moved his face up to Gwen. He didn’t see any signs of hesitation, only anticipation as he kissed her hard and full on the lips at the same time, he inserted his finger into her pussy.

Gwen arched her back as it felt so good, but Mike continued to kiss her like she’s never been kissed before. He inserts another finger as his thumb is now working on her clit. His left hand is twisting and pulling her nipples ever so slightly.

Gwen can’t take it no more. Her body is on sensory overload as Mike is kissing her so passionately, while stimulating her nipples and her pussy. She cums with a loud moan.

Mike slows his kissing to allow both of them to catch their breath. Gwen takes this opportunity to turn the table on Mike. She makes him lay down as she slowly unbuttons his jeans. She can’t help but notice his washboard abs and strong muscles. She also sees that he is nicely tanned from all the outside work he has been doing.

She slides his pants down and giggles to herself and she sees the whitest legs ever. Growing up on a farm she knows that it hurts to bad to handle bales of hay in shorts and remembers when her father and brothers would have golden brown chests, back and arms but white legs.

Mike’s pants are setting in the hay next to Gwen’s. She moves up to give him a full kiss but only this time she controls the pace with short soft kisses.

She can tell that it is having an effect on Mike because he is trying to kiss her harder but she pulls away. Her right hand is moving over his firm chest as she moves from his lips to his neck and down to his nipples.

She kisses his nipple hard without all the teasing he had put her through. She is in a hurry to move along his body as her right hand is racing to his boxers.

Her hand quickly reaches through his opening and grabs his large erect penis. She pulls it out of the fly of his boxers and eagerly begins to suck on his penis.

Mike is able to lean forward and he grabs Gwen’s waist to spin her around. She is now straddling his chest in the 69 position. She continues to suck on his cock as he reaches up and removes her panties.

He holds her vaginal lips apart as he brings his tongue between them. He can taste Gwen’s sweet nectar from cumming before and he’s determined to make her cum again before she can bring him over the edge.

He moves two fingers inside as he continues to stimulate her clit with his tongue. Gwen can’t take it anymore and lowers herself right on his face. She tries to focus on giving him the best blow job she can but he’s so good at what he’s doing. Gwen has never been so turned on.

Mike sends Gwen over the edge a second time when he sucks on her clit and begins to hum with pleasure. His fingers are still inside her hitting all the right spots as she cums even harder than she did before.

Mike’s distraction worked but now Gwen is running her tongue up and down his shaft as she massages his balls. She really wants him to cum for her but she feels a growing need to have him inside her.

She sucks his cock hard one more time before turning to face him. She grabs his penis with her right hand and slowly guides him to her opening. She looks at him as she lowers herself onto his throbbing cock.

Mike’s eyes roll back in his head and he thrusts up to meet Gwen. Soon they are meeting every thrust hard and with so much passion. The sweat is giving their bodies sheen in the sunlight as they continue to fuck each other. Mike pulls Gwen down on top of him as he gives her the most passionate kiss of the day. Gwen in melting in his arms when she feels his right hand reach behind her. She feels him insert a finger into her anus as his other hand works her nipples.

This sends her over the edge for the third time and Mike feels her pussy contracting around his cock. He releases his sperm inside her wave after wave.

Gwen collapses on top of Mike and they both lay there for a couple minutes as they regain their breath. They both know deep down inside their relationship will continue.

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