Nisan 14, 2021

Shanti – Seductive Adulteress Ch. 03

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Days went by and my fucking episodes with Ratan went on and on.

I fucked him multiple times over – kissed him and his cock even in bizarre places – once right in the marriage hall where his sister Rama was getting married – just behind the food stall – I gave him a blow job. Kamesh fondled my boobs over my silk blouse while I did the honor on Ratan.

Well that is how I came to know the most important ‘man’ in my life or should I say ‘pimp’. My father in law.

RamanLal – Ratan’s father was an important lawyer at Jaipur. He had his own practice and was in Hyderabad for a while and now came back to Jaipur to his sprawling house, he had two wives and his current dalliance was with a mistress – a milk vendor staying in a small house just opposite the street. It was a known story and I was no novice to that information – whenever we went to Jaipur, I would keep an eye on that buxom 40 – year – old cunt. She was good and what went ON in the ‘pleader’s office’ right at the front yard of the house was no mean secret.

During Rama’s marriage – Ramanlal was also there – and unknown to me had seen my escapades with these young men. I never knew that he was busily and lustily masturbating himself to the scenes I presented him with – not only that – he had recorded the episodes on his handycam.

Three weeks later he called.

“Hi Shanti, this is RamanLal,” he said. “How are you doing?”

“OK, how about you?” I replied.

“I am doing fine. I was calling to see if you guys were interested in having me over – I am at my friend’s place nearby and can come over, is Ratan there?”

I was bewildered – he never spoke to me like that, ” No…No, he is not home” – I blurted.

“That is good – I need to see you immediately. Will be there in couple of minutes”.

I unlatched the door and let him in. He didn’t look at me or say hello. He walked right past me into the living room to a hard wooden chair, sat down and told me to do likewise.

For almost a minute, he said nothing. The suspense was almost unbearable. Then he finally said, “Guess what I found in my mailbox about a week ago.”

I shivered. “I don’t know,” I said, but I knew it must have been bad.

“A video tape from the marriage hall where Rama got married,” he spitted out, and then he paused and let the words sink in.

He reached for a portable video player and played the clip for me – I knew what it would be and it was all in front of me – Ratan’s cock and my mouth on it.

Once it got over he turned to me, his eyes questioning.

My confusion grew, was frustrated and angry without a clear thought.

What did he really want?

“I don’t know what to think of you, my dear Raman,” I said.” I do know you’ve got the most unusual style of any man I’ve ever met.”

“Lack of style,” he grinned. “But definitely bold.”

A smile crept to my lips and I shook my head. “By all rights I should call the police. You know that, don’t you?”

“Yes,” he said, dropping his pants to the floor. His gaze once more went over the supple shape of my nightie – clad body. “I also know I want you very much.”

“That’s easy enough to see.” My eyes emphasized the remark by once more dropping to his turgid prick. Again I shivered, wondering just what he was capable of doing with such a long – driller of a 52 years old cock.

“Stay back tonight RamanLal . I want escort kartal you.”

He crossed to me, eagerly sweeping me into his arms. While his mouth smothered mine, the stiff strength of his prick pressed against my belly. It throbbed and pulsed.

I felt its virile strength, the power held within its long hardness–just waiting for my dripping pussy and me.

My fingers crept downward to wiggle and shivered as my fingertips tentatively touched the thickness of his sex. It twitched and jerked. He moaned, thrusting his exploring tongue toward my throat.

His hands, at my waist, lifted me and moved me to the bedroom and guided me to the bed.

I sank down, lying on my back, his weight half on and half off me now totally willing body. His cock now pressed firmly against the silky flesh of my thighs. My nightie was just a cloth now, anyways while at home I will not wear any underwear.

His lips eased from mine and he pushed up to hang over me, balancing his weight on his elbows. His lovely eyes twinkled down at me, filled with delight.

“Shanti, you are beautiful,” he whispered. “And, at this moment, I’m the luckiest man in the world.”

I pulled him back and my tongue leaped into his mouth, twisting and turning. I teased and toyed over his own tongue, then threw my oral digit back toward his throat. His jaws opened wide, allowing me to explore.

When we parted again, he rose back on his elbows. “I hope you haven’t got hopes of sleeping tonight. I’ve never been a minuteman. And the way I feel right now, the sunrise will come before I do.”

“Do it RamanLal don’t brag, Ratan is out of town and others are sleeping” I said, coyly smiling up at him. “A lot of men like to brag to a woman.”

He grinned. “Fact, lovely lady. I’m stating fact.”

His lips moved to my neck. I sighed holding him close while his tongue worked its way up to toy over the delicate lobe of my ear. I wiggled under him, feeling those erotic surges that a real man creates within a woman, a man who cares about providing a woman with all she needs.

I didn’t rush him. His lips and tongue slowly touched every inch of my neck and shoulders. Then he worked his way down likewise, his mouth moved with deliberate languor as though each new spot of my body was to be fully tasted and explored before moving on to the next.

I moaned while he kissed into the valley between my breasts.

Tightly, I held him there for a long moment, enjoying the intimacy of his caress, the marvelous feel of his nakedness.

I desperately wanted to feel that long, hard cock within my cunt, needed to possess its throbbing strength within me, but didn’t rush him, instead, settled back to savor all the tingling sensations his slow taunting of my body created.

Tickling with the tip of his tongue, he spiraled up one of my tits inch by inch. When he reached the now – stiff crest of my nipple, his lips abandoned that warmly glowing peak without so much as a simple kiss.

Instead, his head rose, his eyes gleaming with an impish sparkle and he knew he was getting to me and enjoying the power of his sexual control of her body. His head ducked back to my other breast.

Repeating his actions, he languidly kissed his way up and around my tits and this time however, his mouth did not ignore the needy nipple topping my cone – like breast. His mouth opened, maltepe escort his teeth lightly nibbling at the aureole and its curvy contours.

“You fantastic bastard,” I groaned, my back arching up, trying to stuff my tits into his face. “It’s torture! You’re torturing me with pleasure!”

He nodded in agreement and continued his delightful taunting of me and my breasts, moving from one to the other, then back again.

His hands joined his mouth. He sucked and squeezed. He licked and rolled. He nibbled and tugged.

Heat burned within my thighs. It throbbed and grew, melting together deep within the heated core of her pussy.

Totally taken by surprise, I came.

I came, my cunt still empty and vacant. I came by his careful administration of my tits and I groaned out, grateful for this new carnal experience. All the times before, I had needed a man’s cock within me or a tongue or finger on my clit. Now I rocked in ecstasy from the slow determined manipulation of my breasts. It felt so new and wonderful.

When the swirling pleasure settled in my mind, I once more became aware of his lips. They were on my flat belly, kissing downward. His tongue – tip dipped into the sensual well of my navel, playing there a moment and once more stirring passionate feelings within my body. My nightie was still on me and it was just a rolled up piece of cloth.

His breath weaved through the soft flesh down onto my pussy, quickly followed by his feverish tongue. I shivered, knowing just where that monster was going.

My wait wasn’t long. Slipping between the wanton lips of my pussy, his tongue tickled into the heated channel of my cunt, and with the same deliberate pressure he had used on my tits, he ate my cunt.

In long, slow, laving swirls, he washed over the inner folds of my pussy. He licked and sucked at me. Up and down his tongue lapped, paying careful attention to the extended hood of my clit.

Unable to remain passive, I swung around, wiggling beneath his hips when they rose. My mouth and hands found the swollen phallus, they longed for. Trying to imitate his taunting slowness, my own tongue played up and down his thick length and ball sacs.

Then I took him in my mouth and sucked him deep into my throat.

Though 52 years of age RamanLal’s hips cautiously worked up and down, fucking my face, while his mouth busied the brown, dark juicy lips of my cunt.

I felt him thicken under the luxury of my oral caresses.

I detected the growing hardness of him, the urgent twitching of need in his groin.

I knew what was to come next–him! I could already taste the thick rush of his seed fountain into her mouth and throat.

Abruptly, his hips jerked upward, sliding his cock from my lips. I groaned–then louder. Before I could protest his action, his tongue homed in on my clit.

I writhed and twisted under him. My hips hunched up and down, caught in the age – old rhythm of need. To accommodate me, he slid a finger into my vacant pussy.

Within moments, I came for the second time. My body rocked and shook with an even more violent explosion of delight.

When my eyes fluttered open, misted with pleasure and looking as though I had gulped down 100 sedative tablets, he came over me again, grinned.

He kissed me, his lips and tongue still tasting of my cunt. I didn’t mind.

“You’re pendik escort bayan one sensual woman, now I know how those young guys could have you even in that marriage hall.” he whispered.

“And you’re one hell of a man,” I sighed, “I feel so warm and cozy–exhausted and drained. I could drift off and sleep for years.”

“Not yet,” he said.

His hips pressed between the open invitations of my creamy brown thighs. His cock rubbed up and down, taunting the lips of my cunt.

The blood sang my veins, roared like thunder in my head. Every nerve and every fiber quivered alive. It seemed almost as though every cell, every part of my body had joined in the rising, throbbing demand for panacea, relief that would not come.

I had never been fucked like this.

RamanLal –had been fucking me without a pause for the past ninety minutes. Despite everything I did to him and for him, despite the number of times his cock entered my cunt, my mouth, somehow, magically, he never came.

I had become a mass of jangled nerves and trembling limbs. Dizzy with the incessant pleasure, part of my mind wanted to scream in frustration while regaling in the sweet agony of his skill.

I had never imagined such joy. His cock was unlike any other, bigger, thicker, harder, longer; in the past few years’ only one man Kamesh, had a fractionally larger cock but even he had been nowhere as good in bed.

RamanLal was in a class by himself.

I lay on my back on the sweat – soaked rumpled sheets of the queen – size bed, my body writhing and jerking uncontrollably, voice erupting in cracked, rattling moans as he fucked me rhythmically and unhurriedly.

He had been fucking me like this for almost ten minutes already and he didn’t seem the least bit strained or out of breathe, he kept plunging in and out of me with a wonderful, stabbing, snapping motion, thrusting in, pausing for a while, slipping outward, thrusting in again, and yet again.

My body whipped and jerked on the bed, my swollen breasts hurting as they jiggled, nipples aching with the tension, my groin seemed to have a life of its own as my hips pumped and bucked in unison with his thrusts.

When he finally did move, he slowly pulled from me. A fraction of an inch by a fraction of an inch, his thick shaft slid from the squeezing folds of my cunt. He paused when the plum – like crown of his rod lay poised within the scaffold inner lips of my pussy.

With a pleased moan he slipped back into the waiting heat of my belly. I accepted him, relaxing the pelvic muscles. Inward the swollen fatness of his rod moved, packing my pussy with virile flesh.

I moaned softly, fully delighting in the filled feeling within my body.

I moaned again and again in a deep, lust – filled voice. Fresh arousal washed through my supple body. My hips arched up and up in a constant pumping motion to match the demanding rhythm of his pelvis. My hand caressed the hard tautness of his ass – cheeks, pulling him into me in an attempt to drive him even deeper into my strewn pussy.

“Has anyone ever told you that you’re a good fuck?” I whispered down to him.

His hips jerked forward, slamming every inch of his cock into the humid channel of my sex. The rigid rod jerked and twitched with excitement.

His lips slipped from the nipple they caressed and his head rose to mine.

“No,” he said, a broad grin splitting his face. “I don’t believe anyone has ever told me that.”

And he came…after another 20 minutes and this time he made me drink it – all his jism without losing a drop. Some of it I just rubbed on my tits and crevice between the globes.

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