Mayıs 29, 2021

Shannon’s Gift

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Shannon walked down the streets in this unfamiliar town. She’d been here for a week now, but her time had been spent unpacking the boxes that had been shipped here from Ireland and getting settled in her new house and at her new job. It was an exciting time for her. She’d long thought about making the move to America, but never done it. Then when she married John it had seemed that she’d stay in Ireland forever. But life was unpredictable and when she’d found John in bed with her best friend Tara a year ago she’d decided to finally do what she’d always wanted. Thankfully there were no children to take into account in her marriage, so the minute her divorce came through she set sail for America. Her parents hadn’t been pleased about her decision, but they’d understood her need for a change.

The reason she’d come to this town was not just that she’d been offered a job with a company whose headquarters were here. She’d been offered several jobs. But this was the one that was closest to Todd. Shannon had met Todd in an Internet chat room when she’d first discovered John’s affair. They’d become good friends and enjoyed talking with each other. Then all of a sudden, out of nowhere, they’d discovered a sexual attraction that had stunned them both. Shannon was twenty-five and had sworn herself off men and Todd was twice her age, married with children. They’d tried to stay away from each other, but somehow they’d been drawn to each other. They’d spent countless late nights in chat rooms and on the phone, giving pleasure to each other, using each other’s hands as tools for their passion.

She hadn’t told him that she was coming. All he knew was that she was moving to a new job and would be out of touch for a couple of weeks. Now, as she was walking on his home turf she could feel the familiar tingle between her thighs. It was much stronger now. It was as though her sex could feel the magnetism of Todd. She knew that he lived only fifteen miles from here. She knew that he’d walked on these very same streets countless times. If only she could work up the courage to call him now so that she could finally feel his arms around her.

Todd was in a bad mood. His wife had dropped him in it yet again. It was Louisa’s last softball game of the season and until his wife called him at work an hour earlier he’d thought it was tomorrow. He was sure it wasn’t a mistake. This was Rhoda’s way of getting back at him. They’d fought a lot lately. Their marriage had been stuck in a rot for a long time, but it hadn’t bothered him much until he’d met Shannon. Sweet, lovely Shannon had reminded him what a relationship between a man and a woman was supposed to be like. There was supposed to be passion. There were supposed to be hours of intimacy. There were supposed to be countless attempts to farm out the kids to grandparents or friends so that you could once again have wild sex in front of a roaring fire. Rhoda lay like a cold fish in bed these days. It was hard to believe that she was the same passionate woman he’d met when he was thirty. Was she really the woman who’d call in sick from work just because she hadn’t had enough orgasms in one morning?

Now how did he get to the softball game? He used to work in this town when the kids were younger, but now he couldn’t seem to find his way around it. He was driving down Main Street. He knew that this was wrong, but he felt himself drawn down this way. He had to ask someone for directions or he’d miss the game. He felt a stirring in his pants as he pulled up next to a woman with a lovely rounded ass and jet black hair. He pulled his window down.

“Excuse me,” he called out to the woman and she turned around. For a moment he was stunned. If he didn’t know better he could have sworn this was Shannon. Those clear green eyes, the lovely big firm breasts, the thin waist and the legs that seemed to go on forever. He shook his head. It must be because he hadn’t spoken to Shannon for more than a week. He was getting obsessed with her. Shannon was at home in Ireland, settling in her new house.

“Yes,” Shannon said and turned to the man in the car. She nearly fainted when she saw him. It had to be Todd.

“I was wondering if you could help me,” he started as he took in the pale beauty of this woman’s face. She must surely be Shannon’s long lost twin or something. “My daughter is playing a softball game her this afternoon, but I can’t seem to find my way there.”

Shannon’s heart skipped a beat. This was without a doubt Todd. He was not from this part of the country and this man spoke with Todd’s accent. She looked at his face. He had a deep tan that was handsomely offset by his blonde hair and beard. So much for preparing herself for their first meeting. Fate had brought it upon her sooner than she’d expected. Looking at Todd’s face she thanked fate. How could she ever have been nervous of meeting the man with those wonderful blue eyes? She realised that he was expecting her to speak, but she’d forgotten the bahis firmaları question. She smiled at him.

“Shannon?” Todd asked incredulously as her smile exposed impeccable white teeth.

She nodded and smiled more.

“But what are you doing here? Why aren’t you in Ireland?”

“I live here now Todd,” she answered, with a tear of joy finding its way down her cheek.

“You live here? But how?”

“I didn’t move anywhere in Ireland. I was offered a job here and I had to take it. I had to be closer to you.”

“But why didn’t you tell me?”

“Because I didn’t want to risk you trying to talk me out of it. I didn’t want you to tell me that I couldn’t come. Even if we can’t be together, I still want to be somewhere I can feel close to you.”

Todd opened the door on the passenger side and motioned for Shannon to jump in. Sitting so close to each other they both felt self-conscious. Todd wanted to take her in his arms and kiss her, but first he had to sort some things out. Shannon directed him to her house and he dropped her off, promising to be back shortly. He then found his way to the softball game that was due to start. He parked his car, used the last of his will power to get his erection to go down, and ran up to Louisa.

“Lou sweetheart,” he said, hoping that Rhoda wouldn’t see him until it was too late. “I’m so sorry. I was coming here to watch the game when my cell phone rang and it’s an emergency. Will you forgive me if I miss this game?”

Louisa smiled at him. “That’s OK, dad! I know that you wanted to watch us today, but if it’s an emergency you have to go to it. Thanks for coming to tell me!” His daughter hugged him tight and for a moment he felt like the biggest jerk in the history of the world. Louisa and Jerry were the most important people in his life. He couldn’t let the fact that he and their mom were constantly at each other’s throats ruin his relationship with them. But as Louisa ran off to join her team-mates those thoughts were forgotten. Shannon was here and if he didn’t get her in his arms soon he would spontaneously combust. In the corner of his eye he could see Rhoda observing him, but he decided to ignore her as he jumped into his car and sped off.

Shannon was nervously pacing around her house. Todd had been gone for a while now. Had he changed his mind? Was he angry with her for just moving here like that? What had she been thinking? The man was married! He might not love his wife as passionately as he once did, but he loved the kids. He’d sent her photos of Louisa and Jerry. They were gorgeous children. She caught her own image in the mirror. Her jeans were tight around her hips and her t-shirt didn’t leave much to the imagination. She’d always thought her breasts were too big and John had used to make a show of them. It wasn’t until she and Todd had been getting intimate on the phone that she’d actually started feeling comfortable with her 36Ds. Maybe she should change into something else. She’d bought some sexy lingerie in the duty free shop at the airport. She quickly reminded herself of what she’d put on that morning. Matching pink satin bra and panties with a lace edge. Would it even go as far as to taking her clothes off? They’d made love over the phone several times, but that didn’t mean that Todd would want to do it with her now. It was a big step for him to go from phone fun to actual physical intimacy.

Todd pulled into Shannon’s drive. There was a green car parked outside the garage and he assumed it was Shannon’s car. This road wasn’t one that Rhoda would take with Louisa on their way home, but he parked his car as far up between the garage and the neighbours’ shrubs as he could. Considering the angle of the drive one would have to look very hard indeed to see his car now. He checked himself out in the rear-view mirror. He knew that Shannon had never been with a man with a beard before, but he still wished he’d taken time to trim it that morning. His white shirt and tie looked a bit formal to meet the woman he’d been fantasising about for so long, but he didn’t care. His erection was quickly coming back so he adjusted himself to disguise it as best he could. He jumped out of the car and quickly walked over to the front door. Before he had time to ring the doorbell the door opened and he walked in.

She looked into his blue eyes and smiled. He smiled back at her and quickly pulled her into his arms. She felt great in his arms. Her soft body fit perfectly against him. He could feel her breasts against his chest. He looked down at her and lowered his lips against hers.

As their lips met their bodies exploded. Shannon felt his tongue make its way inside her mouth and explore it. Her tongue played with his. Her fingers were running through his hair and his hands were stroking her back, caressing her ass and pulling her shirt out of her jeans to feel the soft skin on her back. He moved his lips down and kissed her throat and her neck. She moaned out loud and kaçak iddaa grabbed a tight hold of his shoulders. His hands worked their way around to her front underneath her t-shirt, cupping her satin clad breasts and circling her erect nipples. She moaned louder as he bit one nipple through her t-shirt. It was too much. This was too good.

“Todd,” she panted. “Oh Todd.”

He stopped himself. The door wasn’t closed behind him yet and the last thing he wanted to do was to scare her. He smiled at her, pushed the door shut and pulled her into the living room where he sat down on a sofa and pulled her down on his lap. He looked her in her eyes and playfully smacked her bum.

“Were you not going to tell me you were here?”

She giggled. “I was working up my courage to do it. Are you upset with me for moving so close to you?”

“My only reason for being upset with you is that I didn’t know you were here the day you arrived. So much time we’ve missed out on.”

“Maybe we can do a bit of catching up?”

“You better believe it darling,” he bit her neck gently and placed his hand back on her breast.

He pulled her head down and let their lips meet again. As she snuggled up in his arms she felt like she needed to pinch herself to know that this was actually happening. How many months had she spent on the computer, wanting to be right where she was now? She’d imagined it in every detail, but the real thing was infinitely better than her fantasies. Her body was on fire for him. Her body was aching for him to possess her.

“Todd,” she whispered in his ear, “I want you. I need you. I can’t wait any longer.”

He stopped kissing her. “Are you sure?” he asked and looked into her green eyes.

“I’ve never been more sure of anything in my life.”

“I won’t be able to stay the night, my love.”

“It doesn’t matter,” she whispered, even though she wanted him to sleep next to her. “I’ll take as much of you as you feel that you can give to me. We’ve always been straight with each other. I know that you’re not promising me a lifetime together. I understand that Rhoda and the kids come first. But right now we need each other so much, let’s not let anybody or anything else come between us.”

“Show me to your bedroom,” he said and stood up, carefully placing Shannon on the floor in front of him. She took his hand and walked him past the kitchen to the back of the house. There were still plenty of boxes to be unpacked. He smiled as he entered the bedroom. The wrought iron bed that Shannon had described to him, and then sent him a photo of, was dominating the room. He’d fantasised, but never dared dream, of having her on this bed.

They stood facing each other and Todd caressed Shannon’s cheek. “Take off your clothes, darling. I want to see all of you.”

She smiled and kicked off her shoes. Next she unbuckled her belt and took her jeans off. Her socks came off with her jeans and Todd could feel his erection grow harder as he took in her beautiful, long legs and the first sight of her underwear. He’d seen her naked on a photo she’d sent him before, but that couldn’t prepare him for the emotions he felt, seeing her strip in the flesh before him. As she pulled off her shirt he finally saw those luscious breasts up close. The soft white flesh was firmly tucked inside the satin of the bra. How beautiful she was. She turned around and held her long, black hair up, leaving him to unhook the bra. The feel of her soft skin against his fingers was heaven. He looked down and saw his erection straining against the material of his pants.

Shannon turned around again. Her breasts were still in the bra that was now slackened. Slowly, slowly, without letting go of his eyes, she shook her bra off. He gasped at the sight of her nipples. They were dark pink and fully erect, almost the size of a small grape. Her thumbs snuck inside the lace of her panties and pulled them down. There she finally was, standing before him, wearing no clothes at all. She was ten times more beautiful in the flesh than she had been in the photo, the photo that had made him come three successive times as he’d masturbated by his office computer on the day it arrived.

Todd bent forward and bit one of her nipples. She was already feeling dripping wet for him, but this touch sent shockwaves through her. The roughness of his beard against the softness of her breast was unlike anything she’d ever felt. She felt as though she’d climax right there and then. Again Todd wrapped his arms around her and she could feel the pressure of his erection against her stomach. She pulled out of his embrace and kneeled in front of him. He looked down at her approvingly and she proceeded to unzip his pants and lure his engorged manhood out of hiding.

She’d known that he was big, but she’d not understood quite how big until she wrapped her lips around the shiny head of his penis. With one hand cupping his balls and another hand around the base of his shaft she proceeded kaçak bahis to lick the cream that had already escaped from him. The moan as she did so made her smile inside. Slowly she sucked him inside her mouth, circling him with her tongue as she did so. When she couldn’t get him any deeper she let him slide out across her lips again until only the head was left in her warm mouth. She then sucked him in again, quicker this time as her saliva was already coating his hard member.

He looked down and enjoyed the view of this naked young woman sucking his cock. Her head was bobbing back and forth, struggling to fit his enormously thick dick inside her sweet mouth. He placed his hands on her head, gently pushing her a bit further every time. Plenty of times in the past she’d told him exactly how she would suck him, but despite being a massive turn-on, her words had never managed to convey the absolute bliss he was feeling now that he actually felt her lips and her tongue on his hard erection.

She could tell from his breathing that he was enjoying this. She couldn’t wait for him to climax. But she had one more trick up her sleeve. He’d been surprised when she’d first mentioned it and now she couldn’t wait to try. She breathed in and sucked him deep, deep into her throat until he was all inside her. She held him there for a couple of seconds.

“Oh Shannon,” Todd cried out as his cock was buried in her throat. This was it, he was not going to last much longer.

Shannon released him from her throat and worked him fast with her hand and her lips. She felt his hands in her hair as he let out a roar. She kept sucking him as hard as she could until his orgasm passed and her mouth was full of his cream. She swallowed and stood up and kissed him deeply. He could still taste traces of his semen on her tongue.

“Lie down Shannon,” Todd told her and she lay down on her back in the centre of the big bed. He pulled his clothes off and pulled his belt from the loops of his pants. His penis was still semi-erect and she couldn’t keep her eyes off it. He was not big in stature, but there were plenty of muscles in his arms and legs and some gorgeously curling hair on his wide chest. Age had provided him with a bit of a belly but his ass was as firm as it had ever been.

He climbed up on the bed and straddled her chest, his penis resting between her breasts as he pulled her arms up over her head. He used his belt to secure her hands to the bed and then he slid down, parted her legs and parked his body there. He enjoyed his view. Her clean shaven pussy, followed by the slight swell of her stomach and the two firm mounds that were her breasts. He could see her green eyes watching him, wondering what he was going to do next, and fully trusting him, despite being left at his mercy. He could stay there and enjoy the view all day long, but the sweet smell from the glistening place between Shannon’s thighs was too good to resist.

He ran his tongue up the inside of her soft thigh. Her moans filled the room, telling him that she was ready for him. He teased her some more, licking up the inside of her other thigh, moving closer this time so that his beard tickled the soft skin. Shannon was squirming and he could already see some of her juices trickling out of her slit and down. He’d be damned if he was going to let them go to waste so he lapped it all up, licking the length of her slit, briefly caressing her engorged clit with his tongue. She squirmed some more, prompting him to grab a firm hold of her thighs.

He looked up at her face and her eyes were glazed. He knew that she wouldn’t last long this first time, and he didn’t mind much. There were many more times to come. He buried his face in her sweet pussy and let his tongue part her pink lips. A guttural moan escaped Shannon as she struggled with the overwhelmingly erotic feeling of his beard teasing her most sensitive parts. He nibbled her clit and flicked his tongue back and forth across it. She tasted so good. He entered her moist hole with his tongue and searched her inner walls. He was lapping up her juices as quickly as she was producing them. He let go of one thigh and slipped a finger inside her. Her tight vagina hungrily sucked his finger in as he kept sucking on her clit. He pushed in a second finger and a third finger, exploring her warm depths and bringing louder moans from her sweet lips. As his finger found her hidden g-spot she could hold herself back no longer. She contracted violently around his three fingers and her hips writhed as she screamed out in ecstasy. His beard still teasing her and his lips still sucking her clit, she orgasmed in several waves before slowly calming down and catching her breath.

Todd crawled up and lay next to her. He kissed her deeply, his beard wet from her juices. He then fed her his fingers which she sucked, one by one. He kissed her breasts, one after the other and looked back at her smiling face.

“You know, sweetheart,” he pondered. “You haven’t said you’re sorry for not letting me know you were coming to America. I think you might deserve a bit of punishment for that.”

Shannon just smiled at him and nodded. “I guess you’re right.”

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