Mayıs 28, 2021

Sexual Biography of a Young Woman Pt. 05

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In Part 4, that the keen eyed amongst you’ll notice was cunningly the second part 3, you got to know Stephanie and her awesome breasts, I introduced you to DD and we met his lovely cock and we talked about the Joe Orton play, What the Butler Saw. This part is all of that and more. Is that OK?

If you’ve read the previous parts you’ll know you can skip the rest of the intro and go straight to the action

You’ll also know that I’m writing a series of accounts about my life in England; mainly true accounts, with just a little embellishing here and there. They’re about my sex life to be precise, but then what other type of life is written about on Lit?

A biography I suppose, but a short one and an unfinished one. Is it arrogant for a, nearly, twenty one year old to write a bio? Probably, but then, hey, what the hell, I want to tell my short story so let’s see just how many want to read it.

How many want to read about how I lost my virginity when I was eighteen, had an affair with a thirty something man just after that and how since then I’ve been strongly attracted to older men. About my time at university, learning about girls and how male lecturers ignore the no fraternising with female students rule. How I became a photographic model, part-time and my conflict over what goes on in the studio when there’s just the model and the cameraman there.

The accounts flow naturally and are intrinsically linked. I strongly urge you to read them in the sequence I wrote them. Whatever way you do read them, though, enjoy them, leave whatever comments you wish and e-mail me if you’d like to discuss anything.


Chapter 1

DD never got to see his private previews. He didn’t get the chance to watch me strip and pretend to kiss a lover as a rehearsal for the play. But then he didn’t need to. Why watch me acting when he had the real thing? Why watch me pretend to be shagged by the doctor? Why watch me act out having cunnilingus or performing fellatio when he could lick my pussy or I’d suck his cock any time?

But he did run the rehearsals for the drama club of the university when we put on What the Butler Saw by Joe Orton as our Christmas offering; after all he was the director. And we did have some closed sets when either Stephanie, my lipstick lesbian lover, or I stripped off. So I suppose, in some ways, they were private reviews. But they weren’t, as I’d originally suggested and intended, in his house. No neither I, nor we, stripped off in his lounge, we didn’t simulate sex there; no, we did that on the floor of the rehearsal room. We did that with the male lead, a post grad playing the part of the head of the psychiatric clinic, Dr Barclay, and we did that with each other. Yes Steph and I simulated sex, lesbian sex, in front of the rest of the cast. Actually it wasn’t really that simulated, it was more replays of the sex we had together from time to time.

It was as we rehearsed these scenes for the play that dress rehearsals took on an entire new meaning for Steph and me.

David was the director of the play and I was the main scriptwriter. I added to and adjusted Joe Orton’s masterpiece. A bloody cheek really but even great plays have to be adapted for the company performing them and, after all, we were only a bunch of students studying a whole range of subjects, not drama.

I worked closely with DD discussing most of the sex scenes in some detail. Funnily enough this was often in bed after we’d had sex; what a marvellous environment, we found, for creative thinking on that topic! So he was fully aware of the short lesbian scene I’d inserted and several times questioned me on my feelings about it. To some extent, I hid behind the old acting excuse, “well if the story calls for it……..” I did, though, a couple of times tell him that the idea of kissing another girl wasn’t repugnant to me and that in some ways it excited me and I was looking forward to rehearsing it with Steph. I didn’t mention that we’d already done that and so much, much more for real many times.

“Mmmmmm so am I,” he retorted running his hand down my body and cupping my pubis in his hands.

“You dirty sod,” I quipped back.

“No just a normal man,” he replied as he sank three fingers into my pussy.

Dress rehearsals are normally where the cast get to wear their costumes scene by scene; with this production, though, it was where Steph and I got to flash our bits to our fellow students. In all but the final dress rehearsal we kept our bras and panties on but in that one, we were both naked, showing everything including our nipples and pubes.

Although our fellow would be thespians took a high ground, artistic approach to our nudity and Steph’s magnificent bare breasts, at least on the surface for there were no, “cor get a load of that remarks,” we could both tell that the male students at least took a lot more than just a passing interest in us, both on stage and around the university. Yes a lot more, for their attention to our writhings güvenilir bahis in each others arms, to mine in the male lead’s arms and to Steph’s in all of her four lover’s arms were quite intense; Mrs Barclay, by the way for those of you not familiar with the plot, is a nymphomaniac!

The les scene that Steph and I had written together, no not in bed after sex, was short but we felt very intense and of importance to the plot. My role, Lisa, had applied to the clinic for a job as a secretary. She gets involved in a number of mistaken identity situations that by any other writer would have been, at best, high farce. With Joe, though, they were meaningful, interesting, hilarious and for a stage play, extraordinarily sexy.

Geraldine, the wife, was suspicious of her husband, the doctor. She was particularly curious and concerned about his relationship with some of his female staff and was especially worried about the new secretary, me. So she decided to seduce me before her husband did thus getting my loyalty before him. Yes a bit far fetched, but it fitted in with the storyline and the personality of the four main characters and it certainly interested and excited Stephanie and me.

Obviously we couldn’t be too explicit and thus there was no nude cuddling or fondling of private parts on show to the audience. What we devised was for Geraldine to ply Lisa with drink getting her a little tipsy. They would eventually kiss on stage and then the audience would see them walking up the stairs their arms around each other. The stage had been built on a split level so there was, in effect, a bedroom; after all much of the real action of the play was in there. After Steph and I wandered up the stairs there was another scene played downstairs and then there was us in bed.

It was incredibly exciting for me to be in Steph’s arms, our bodies squashed together our mouths clamped as David stood just a few feet away directing us. It was even more exciting to stand next to the bed with Steph as David instructed us on the pace at which we should take off our clothes. And of course being in bed with her, our total nudity covered by just a thin sheet as we “simulated” making love watched over by, what I could see was, a highly aroused, David was, to say the least, interesting.

In addition to the les scene there were six other sex scenes with Steph and me being naked and on full view in three of them, me in one and her two; the other three were bed scenes where neither of us flashed anything, except bumps under the sheets that is!

We’d done the scenes several times in our undies with closed sets before the final dress rehearsal a couple of days before the first night. It had been agreed that the entire cast and production team would act as the audience along with a number of students and others that had been invited along. I guess at most time there must have been forty to fifty onlookers.

Steph had the first nude scene. She seduced a young travelling salesman in the clinic using the old stage technique of undressing with a door open through which he could see her. Mine then came a few scenes later as I was getting ready for the second interview. The scene started with me in dressing gown that I removed and then looked in a wardrobe working out the clothes to wear at the interview. As I did that only my back was on show but as I lay my chosen clothes out on the bed the audience were given a good show of my naked body side on. It was as I dressed in the sexy undies, bra, stockings and suspender belt, remember this was set in the sixties, that I moved up stage and gave a full on frontal flash of my tits, nipples and, as Orton referred to it in his notes, my beaver!

The scene with Steph was, without doubt the most revealing. Remember we’d gone upstairs after kissing and then another scene was acted out before all of the stage other than the bedroom was darkened. As the lights came up on us we were standing looking at each other in our bras and panties.

The script called for Geraldine to ask me whether I’d ever been with a woman before and for me to reply that I hadn’t but had thought about it quite a lot; hmmmm a ring of truth there you’ll see if you’ve been following my progress.

“So Lisa, now’s your chance isn’t it?” She had to ask me as she unclipped her bra nodding to invite me to do the same.

As we stood face to face, side onto the auditorium, I had to say.

“Have you been with many women Geraldine?”

And she replied.

“Enough to know I enjoy them and I’m going to enjoy you Lisa.”

As she finished that she started to remove her panties. Being an impressionable but up for it young hussy I did the same and then we stared at each others nude bodies before holding hands walking up stage flashing everything and then getting into bed and kissing deeply before rolling around under the sheet as the light slowly dimmed.

The main feeling I had at the last dress rehearsal when I was naked was extreme nervousness. I’d only türkçe bahis ever been naked with more than one person when in the changing rooms with girls and no “stranger” had ever seen my nude body. So when I was dressing and when I was with Steph completely stark bullock naked in front of the rest of the cast and production team I could hardly remember what to do or say.

On the back seat of my MINI parked in a field just outside Bristol later that evening I said to Steph.

“I’m not sure I’m going to be able to handle this you know?”

“What this?” She said laughing and holding her naked breast to my lips.

“No silly,” I replied after giving her full and nicely erect nipple a lick. “I mean the nudity on stage, I was fucking nervous tonight.”

“Don’t worry so was I. It’ll as they say be alright on the night.”

“That was without doubt the most erotic scene in the drama club’s history,” David whispered as his cock sunk deeply into me the next afternoon. “It was instant hard on stuff.”

Chapter 2.

The buzz that went through me as I stood bathed in light at the front of the stage with getting on for two hundred people staring at my naked body was incredible. What’s the female equivalent of instant hard on stuff? Whatever that is I was now getting it each evening as we did the play.

The opening night when I stripped and donned the sexy underwear had been horrendously nerve-racking; I could hardly fumble the bra strap clasp together and I completely forgot to turn my body towards and away from the audience at the prescribed times. When I stared from the wings at Steph naked on stage as she seduced the salesman I’d been nervous for her, but felt a slight tremor of excitement watching my lover naked in a man’s arms. When she and I stripped off I was nervy, but when we were in bed with the audience still looking and she held my breast and I squeezed her bum I felt shudders of excitement.

By the third night things had changed. They’d changed so much I could hardly believe it, so much that I could hardly wait to get out there and strip for my audience. Yes by the third night I was relishing flaunting my body, flashing my tits and shaking my ass.

“You must have such a strong exhibitionist streak,” David explained as I told him about the feelings the next afternoon lying naked on his bed after we’d had sex twice.

The more I thought about it the more I agreed with him. I couldn’t quite understand it for I was still hellishly nervous waiting to get on stage. Once I was there, though, the lights were on me, the audience was staring and my clothes were coming off I came alive.

“I know exactly how you feel,” Steph mumbled through the flesh of my breasts she’d just sucked into her mouth. “I feel exactly the same.”

“Shit, stop,” I said sharply pulling myself away from her.

“What? Why? What’s the matter?”

“I’ve got to flash these tits on stage tomorrow, I can’t have bloody love bites or suck or bite marks on them can I?”

Ah the sacrifices we actresses make for our art I thought as I slipped them back into my bra.

“Oh fuck Steph,” I whispered into her ear as she slid her fingers into me. “You can’t, not here.”

And by “not here” I meant in the bed, under the sheet, on the stage, on the last night.

But she did mean it, she wasn’t messing around and right there in front of the largest crowd we’d had with standing room only she made me cum. Thank goodness the audience couldn’t see under the sheet I thought as the very quick, sharp orgasm ran through me; if there’d been prizes for facial expressions in acting I would have won hands down I’m sure.

Steph had to simulate sex with three different guys and me in the play while I only had to do that with the post grad playing the doctor and with her. She was also in bed with the post grad.

“Pretty much every time,” she’d replied when I’d asked if he’d got a hard on with her.

“And quite an impressive size wasn’t it? What about the others?”

“Charles did I think, but Harry and John didn’t, well I didn’t notice.”

We were chatting at the last night party back stage at the theatre. We were still wearing our stage clothes, Steph in a black and white quartered, A line mini-dress and me in hotpants, red satin ones at that, and white boots. We were very much the centre of attraction for most of the cast and probably half the production team were men.

Throughout the latter stages of rehearsals and the five night run of the play the whole crew had got to know each other better and better and as with most acting teams there was a relaxed, light-hearted and very open bantering sort of atmosphere between us all.

It was odd to be standing amongst all these people who, apart from by this play, I hardly knew, knowing that they’d all seen me naked, watched as I simulated sex and ogled me as I pretended to cum. If anyone had asked how I would have thought I would feel in such circumstances I’d have said extraordinarily embarrassed.

But güvenilir bahis siteleri standing shoulder to shoulder with my lipstick lover we both agreed that we were astonished to find we were enjoying it. We were getting a vicarious thrill out of the boys positively leering as they mentally undressed us, again, and a similar excitement from the looks of most of the girls; amazingly they were not disdainful or sneering looks but more envious ones. Strange, we both thought, as I felt her hand stroking my satin covered bottom, I was naked under the hotpants.

It was just ten minutes later that Steph was fucking me in the dressing room we shared. And boy did we need that, for the evenings events had got to both of us in such a big way.

We were all very tired and the party started breaking up early, in fact just after Steph had stroked my bum and I’d looked into her eyes trying mouthing just one word.

“Yes,” which was the clear answer to the question she’d posed with her hand on my bum.

She locked the dressing room door behind us and immediately we were in each others arms. Kissing, grinding our bodies together and fumbling with the other’s clothes we’d soon bared the parts we needed so see and touch. Her dress had a zip down the front, they did strange things with clothing in the sixties, so that easily came undone and I quickly eased her breasts from the cups of her bra. Just moments after entering the dressing room I had the entire front of her awesome body at my disposal.

My top was low and loose and, in keeping with the bra burning values of the time I wasn’t wearing a bra, nor had I been throughout each night of the play. Steph quickly had that pulled up and over my head so I was in her arms topless, just wearing the tight, red satin hot pants and the knee high white boots.

We were standing with me propped up against the dressing table. Our mouths were clamped, our breasts squashed together, my hand was between her opened thighs, hers was inside the tiny shorts and we were finger fucking each other when we heard the first knock on the door.

“Leave it,” she grunted in a low whisper thrusting her fingers deeper into me as we both started to cum.

The knocking persisted.

“We’ll have to answer it,” I said, guessing who it was.

“Yes, I suppose we will,” Steph said removing her fingers from my streaming pussy.

“Oh David hi,” I said standing up on tip toe and giving him a kiss as he strolled into our dressing room looking gorgeous and eminently wantable.

I’d got my top back into place and Steph had slipped on a robe as I was answering the door and I could see in the big mirrors that we looked respectable, albeit a little flushed.

He’d brought champagne and we all had a glass as he congratulated us both on great performances. We thanked him and we sat around for a while chatting and finishing the bottle of champagne. It was a weird scene. I was with both the woman and the man I was having sex with and neither knew about the other unless, that was I thought, they were also screwing each other and their pillow talk was more open than ours. Quite a cocktail of possibilities I thought as I sat there my hotpants damp from having Steph’s fingers in me just moments ago.

“Well Sam,” David was saying, “you pulled it off. You took one of the raunchiest plays, made it raunchier and sold out the theatre with a very mixed audience five nights in a row. Fantastic. I was wondering if my two stars would like to join me for a late supper”

“Thanks David but it wasn’t me it was us and the team. I just wrote the words.”

“No darling,” Steph joined in leaning forward and placing her hand on my wrist, the robe gaping and showing most of her breasts, to both David and me. “It was you; it was your creation, your idea, your suggestions that made it so wonderful.”

She left her hand there, probably a little too long really, possibly so long that David would have noticed, maybe long enough for him to have wondered just how much acting had gone on between us at the rehearsals and in the play. And it was certainly there long enough for it to send shivers of expectancy and want roaring through me.

The want, though, was not confined to my lesbian lover, for it also included my older, male lover as well. Yes, the atmosphere in that small dressing room, as Stephanie rested her fingers on my wrist softly caressing it and as both David and I looked down the gaping front of her robe at her truly magnificent breasts, was electric. It was also so loving and tender, expectant and anticipatory and, for me at least so horny and arousing that I was worried that I’d start to cum just thinking about it.

I was with two people who I loved; I wasn’t in love with either if you can understand the subtle difference, but I wanted both of them. Both of them together, both at the same time. I wanted to give myself to them and have them share me as they so desired. I wanted the three of us to be as one.

I saw Steph look up at David and smiling say.

“Can tell you don’t go out that much David.”

“How, why?” he asked obviously confused now as well as a little embarrassed, for Steph had clearly seen him looking down her robe.

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