Nisan 3, 2021

Sexploration Ch. 06

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When doctor Harden returned carrying the large silver tray with the breakfast, his wife was already dressed. She was wearing a skimpy red summer dress that exposed most of her legs and a lot of cleavage. She was slowly and carefully putting on her lipstick in front of the mirror.

She looked absolutely stunning, but her husband immediately sensed that something was wrong. Her body language was too slow. Her face appeared relaxed, but there was no emotion in her eyes.

Doctor Harden slowly walked to the balcony where he put the tray on the table. He immediately went back inside and put his hands on Mary’s shoulders.

“You look absolutely beautiful my love,” he said kissing the back of her neck.

“Thank you dear,” she replied with all the warmth and feeling of a robot.

“The breakfast is ready.”

“I’m going for a walk in the garden,” she answered.

“But what about the breakfast?”

“I’m not hungry.”

“Coffee will get cold. Perhaps you should have at least a bite.”

“No, you go ahead and eat without me.”

Mary put away the lipstick and turned left and right to check herself in the mirror.

“We agreed to eat on the balcony,” her husband had to struggle to control his voice. He was losing patience with this woman.

“I changed my mind,” she said as if doing so was the most trivial thing in the world.


“Yes honey?”

“What is going on?” This time doctor Harden’s voice was soft and concerned.

“Nothing. I’m simply not hungry.”

She left the room without paying him any attention.

Doctor Harden sat down on the bed and put his head in his hands. What was going on? She seemed fine this morning. Did something make her upset? Or was she simply having one of these mood swings that women have all the time? Should he leave her alone or keep pressing? He couldn’t answer any of these questions.


Billy entered the kitchen. Nancy was sitting at the table busy eating a toast with jam. She was wearing a very short jeans skirt that ended only two or three inches below her butt and a tight white shirt that showed a lot of cleavage.

Billy felt his member stirring inside his pants. He quickly went to the refrigerator and opened it. His back was to his sister, which prevented her from spotting what was happening between his legs and allowed him to cool down.

“Hi,” Nancy said.

“Good morning sis,” Billy said turning his head, but not the rest of his body.

Nancy didn’t say anything, nor was she looking at her brother. It was obvious that she was thinking about something. Billy turned his head and attention towards the refrigerator and spent the next minute trying to decide what to have for breakfast. Finally, he decided to go with cereals.

At first he wanted to sit across from Nancy, but he changed his mind. Sitting across from his beautiful and skimpily dressed sister was something that he wanted to avoid. If he were to sit in front of her, he would have to look at her from time to time, which also meant looking at her beautifully shaped body. Billy didn’t want for it to happen, but simply thinking about Nancy caused in his horny brain a vision of his naked sister sitting on his legs, impaling herself on his big dick and riding him like a wild horse. Her naked flesh was moist from sweat. Her huge breasts were happily dancing up and down.

Billy closed his eyes and licked his lips. He felt a growing hardness between his legs. It scared him. It scared him that he had these sorts of thoughts about his sister. He immediately opened his eyes, shook his head and sat down as far away from Nancy as he could. He timidly looked at her. Luckily, she was lost in her own thoughts and appeared not to notice anything.

He poured cereals and milk into the bowl. It was then that he remembered that in order to eat cereals it is useful to have a spoon. Checking first if his penis was soft and resting, Billy got up, went to the kitchen counter and opened one of the drawers. It contained nothing but knives in all shapes, sizes and designs. He closed the drawer and opened the next one. This one contained a similar collection, but made up of forks. Billy closed the drawer and opened the next one, expecting to find spoons. Instead, it was filled with neatly arranged spatulas.

“Where do they keep their spoons,” Billy said to himself with exasperation.

“There,” Nancy said pointing with a finger.


“On your left.”

Billy looked to his left and saw four drawers.

“Where exactly?”

“The one in…” Nancy let out a sight. “Let me get it.”

She got up and walked one of the drawers. She opened it, took a spoon and handed it to her brother. He took it and looked at her. She was standing no more than a foot away from him. He could smell her perfume. Her breasts, nicely exposed thanks to the deep cleavage were rising and falling. She had a little bit of jam on the corner of her mouth. God, she was so sexy right now. Billy’s shaft started to rise so fast female fake taxi porno that it hurt when it stretched against the confining fabric of his shorts.

The youth half walked, half ran back to his seat. He sat down and started eating his cereals. He desperately struggled to fix his eyes on the cotenants of his bowl and not the cotenants of his sister’s cleavage. Nancy, on her part, was looking at his face and wondering what was happening to her brother. Because her attention was focused on his upper mody, she didn’t notice what was happening in Billy’s shorts. Her brother’s weird behavior did surprise her, but few seconds later she shrugged her shoulders and soon her mind drifted towards other matters. Meantime, Billy was begging his penis to stop acting like this. These thoughts of his were sick. Nancy was his sister, for Christ’s sake. But he could not help himself.

He woke up this morning naked and sprawled on his bed. The covers and pillows were lying on the floor. At first, he had assumed that the events of past night were a perverted (but very pleasant) dream. But questions soon arose. For one, he always slept wearing underwear. Why did he wake up completely naked? And why was the bed in such chaotic shape?

Convinced that something wasn’t right, he got dressed and went into the hallway to investigate. First he came upon the table where he had bent Nancy over and fucked her silly. He remembered taking the vase off and putting it down on the floor. And indeed, it was standing on the floor. He quickly put it back at its place and went to Nancy’s room. In front of the door there was a pair of his boxers. It was then that he decided to look inside Nancy’s room. He knew that he shouldn’t, but at this point he was really scared. So he quietly opened the door and peeked inside. His heart became like a wild animal fleeing hunters. He expected to see two Nancies, but, much to his relief, there was only one. His sister was sleeping naked on the bed. She was totally uncovered and the bed sheets were a mess. Nancy was lying on her tummy, but that still allowed her brother to have a nice view of her naked body, including that shapely, perfect ass. When Billy finally did close the door, he was hard like a rock.

“Want a toast?” Nancy asked.

“What?” Bill was forcibly brought down back to the real world.

“I’m making myself another toast. Do you want one?”

“Uh. No. Thank you.”

Nancy got up and went to the toaster. She had to slightly bent over to operate it. This caused her butt to stick out. Billy stared at it hungrily. It was the same ass he saw naked this morning. It was the same ass he caressed and kissed and fondled last night while driving his ten inches of steel hard pleasure in and out of his sister’s hot, juicy pussy.

The young man had to tear his horny eyes away. He felt guilty and ashamed at having such thoughts, but he couldn’t control them. He always knew that his sister was beautiful and very attractive, but it never even cross his mind to think about her sexually. But after last night he couldn’t help looking at her the way a horny man looks at a sexy woman.

But what exactly did happen last night? It was not a dream. Billy knew so because he had found evidence in the form of the vase and his boxers left in front of Nancy’s door. Something definitely did happen. But what? Bill could understand having sex with his sister, even if the thought troubled him, but he couldn’t find any logical explanation to account for him seeing Nancy fucking a second Nancy while a third Nancy was fucking with him. And what about this Nancy here and now? As far as he could tell, she was acting perfectly naturally. She did not appear to avoid him or to treat him differently. So, did they fuck last night or not? Bill decided to test her.

“Do you like this house?” he asked.

“This place is sweet,” Nancy answered joyfully.

“Yeah. But sometimes it can get spooky.”

“How so?” she asked puzzled.

“Did you sleep well last night?”

Nancy broke eye contact and took a deep breath. Billy got the impression that she was hiding something.

“Sure,” she answered.

“Did anything strange happen last night?” Billy kept pressing.

Nancy took a big bite out of her toast and started to chew it slowly and carefully. “Like what?” she finally asked after swallowing.

“I think that I heard a noise coming from your room,” Billy said, making sure to sound casual.

“What kind of noise?” There was a slight trembling in her voice.

“I’m not sure,” he said. “It sounded like a scream, or a moan.”

“You must have been dreaming,” she reassured him nervously. “Do you want orange juice?” Nancy asked before her brother had the time to follow up on her answer.

“No,” Billy said. “Listen. Last night…”

“You have any plans for today,” she cut him.

“Not really.”

They heard footsteps approaching. A moment later their father entered the kitchen.

“Good morning kids.”

“Hi dad,” genel porno Billy greeted him.

“Morning daddy,” Nancy welcomed him in sweet, but also somewhat seductive voice.

Doctor Harden had too many things on his head to notice the way his daughter was addressing him. He opened the fridge and spent a long moment studying its contents.

“Billy, did we buy cakes or something like that when we were in the town yesterday?”

“I don’t think so dad.”

“Nancy,” doctor Harden turned to his daughter. “What is your mother’s favorite cake?”

“Strawberry, I think.”

“Good. I’m going to town to buy your mom some strawberry cake, plus some other things. Do you kids want to come?”

“No dad.” Nancy was the first one to answer. “I’m going to use the pool.”

“That’s ok,” her father replied. “What about you, son?”

Billy didn’t want to go, but what was the alternative? Staying home with a mother who was acting weird? Or perhaps keeping company with a sister about whom he had sexual fantasies and who was going to wear nothing but a bikini? If he couldn’t look at her right now when she was fully dressed without getting an erection, how was he going to react when she was going to be half naked?

“Sure dad, but can I finish my breakfast first?”

“Oh yes, of course. I’ll be waiting for you near the car. Oh, and kids, don’t say a word about this to mom. I want it to be a surprise.


Nancy was lying on a lounge chair next to the pool. She was completely naked and glistening with suntan lotion. She had decided to profit from the absence of the two males to work on her tan. And since she detested tan lines, she was sunbathing in the nude.

Concerned about sunburns, she picked up a bottle of suntan lotion and spilled a generous quantity on her busty chest. As the huge, white droplets rained on her impressive tits, it occurred to the girl that it sort of looked like sperm. With a giggle, the shapely and well tanned twenty-year old started spreading the lotion all over her body, just as she would do had it been real cum. It was at this moment that it hit her – the horniness. It was the same feeling she had experienced yesterday just before her father fucked her brains out. She had also felt it last night when she had a very lovely and very long fuck session with her double.

Nancy could not explain what was happening, but she sure was not going to fight it. Why should she? It felt so nice. Her nipples became rock hard and erect. They begged to be touched. Her pussy was already leaking juices and her swollen clitoris was peaking out of this hood.

As she massaged the lotion into her breasts, her fingers started to be more and more preoccupied with her nipples. They were very hard by now, and the harder they got, the better they felt under her rough caresses.

Nancy closed her eyes and licked her lips. Her hands eagerly massaged her tits. Without even realizing it, she allowed her left hand to slide downwards on her slippery, glistening tummy towards her boiling pussy. She moaned when her fingers touched her sex starved womanhood. Her vagina was overflowing. Instinctively, Nancy slipped a finger inside. The sensation was so wonderful that she bit hard on her lower lip. The lucky finger started to enter and exit the hot, juicy hole at ever increasing pace. Soon, it was joined by a colleague, and then a third jumped in to join the fun.

“Oh yes. Feels so fucking good,” Nancy whispered in ecstasy.

She temporarily opened her eyes, and almost suffered a heart attack. Her brother was standing few steps away and watching her with a blank expression on his face.

“Jesus Christ! Billy! What the fuck?!”

Nancy immediately grabbed a nearby towel and covered herself. But there was no need for modesty; Billy didn’t react in any way. He continued to stare at his sister with disinterested expression. His lack of emotional reaction made Nancy unsure how to react.

“What are you doing here? Weren’t you supposed to go to the town with dad?”

Billy didn’t answer. Nancy was surprised to discover that despite her predicament she was still horny. In fact, her body was getting more aroused with every second. The fabric of the towel felt so good as it was rubbing against her pleasure hungry, diamond hard nipples. Her pussy was still wet and crying for attention.

“What are you doing?” Billy asked in eerily emotionless, mechanical voice.

“I’m sunbathing, how the fuck does it look like?” she answered aggressively.

“What does that mean?” Billy asked. He appeared to be completely unfazed at having just seen his sister naked and playing with herself.

“I put lotion on myself and I expose my body to the sun.” Nancy was so ashamed, angry and horny that the strangeness of Billy asking about something every human being should know about didn’t even register with her.

“Why?” he asked.

“Because I want to have a nice tan,” she replied as if the question was retarded.


“Because I glory hole secrets porno want to look beautiful. Why? Are you stupid all of a sudden or something? Get the fuck out of here and leaven me alone.”

Billy didn’t comply with the polite request. He approached and picked up the bottle of the suntan lotion.

“You were rubbing this substance over your body,” Billy stated.

“Great. He’s seen me rubbing my tits. Just fucking great,” she thought.

Billy placed himself behind his sister and poured the lotion onto his hand. He then put both his hands on her back and started to massage the naked flesh.

Nancy was so surprised that she did nothing to protest. There was also another reason why she didn’t object; in her aroused state, having these strong, masculine hands rubbing her back felt really good. As her brother’s hands slowly and sensually moved over her flesh, her horny body started to respond. A pleasant tingle originated from her back and quickly spread all over her body. The girl closed her eyes and sighed from pleasure.

Billy poured more lotion and started to massage her shoulders and neck. His hands reached her shoulders, but the towel still covering her front prevented him from reached any lower. Billy grabbed it and threw it away. His sister offered only token resistance. Instinctively, she covered her breasts with her arms, but there was no need for that. At the moment her brother was content to leave her melons alone.

He poured more lotion and continued to rub her shoulders. While his hands were occupied with the girl’s shoulders, his lips were about to make contact with her neck. Billy lowered his head and gently kissed the back of his sister’s neck. Combined with her arousal, this was enough to send a powerful shiver through her body and make her moan aloud.

Billy’s hands were still massaging her, but now they were descending lower with each move. Nancy didn’t mind. She surrendered to the lust. His hands reached the edge of her breasts and continued to press downwards. Nancy’s arms got in the way, so Billy took them and removed them from her tits. She offered no resistance. As soon as her melons were exposed, Billy grabbed them with his hands and started massaging them from behind. At the same time his mouth became busy with licking, kissing and biting his sister’s neck.

“Mmmmm. You little pervert,” Nancy whispered. “Aren’t you ashamed? I’m your sister.” Her words were means as a censure, but her tone made it plain that she enjoyed this treatment very much and wanted for it to continue.

Billy’s fingers located her large, dark nipples and immediately got to work on them. The nipples were so hard that they almost hurt. Billy’s nipple play felt heavenly good. In fact, it felt so good that it was enough to bring Nancy’s already seriously aroused body to the edge.

“Oh. Oooh. Ooooooh! Oh Billy. I think that… Oooooh! That… Oh shit bro. I’m going to fucking come. You making me come. You… Shiiiiiiit! Shiiiiiiiiiiit! Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck! Biiiiiiiiillllllyyyyyyyyyy!”

The brother continued to caress his sister thorough her orgasm. The beautiful girl spent a short moment moaning and trashing while her devoted brother kept embracing her from behind. It was a relatively small orgasm, but a small orgasm is still an orgasm.

Nancy was still recovering when Billy gently put her down and turned around so she could lie on her belly. She wasn’t sure what he was up to, but after making her come she was willing to let him do his thing. Besides, the lust and horniness were still burning inside her body. She needed more fucking. As long as her handsome, gorgeously built brother was willing to provide it, she was willing to offer herself completely.

Billy poured some lotion on Nancy’s back and spread it all over. He kissed her glistening, naked back and then started massaging it. He then moved his hands downwards, kissing from time to time the part of her body he was massaging. After each kiss Nancy squealed from delight. She desperately wanted Billy to fuck her, but on the other hand, she did enjoy his caresses. For now, she was willing to let him take his time and continue.

Billy reached her butt and gently, lovingly massaged and kissed each ass cheek. His hands then went to her left leg. Slowly, massaging and kissing, the young man reached her foot. He lifted it to rub lotion all over it, and once done, he kissed the toes. When his work on the left foot was complete, Billy switched to the right leg. He picked up the right foot, took it into his mouth and sucked the toes.

“Oh bro. Mmmmmmm. Oooooh. Feels so fucking nice. Ooooh.”

Billy went up the leg, massaging and kissing it. By the time his hands returned to his sister’s round, perky ass, the girl’s backside was shinning from the sun lotion. The young man’s fingers started massaging her butt again. But this time Billy wanted to go further – both figuratively and literally. He located her anal hole, parted the flesh around it and touched it with the tip of his tongue.

Nancy jumped from this unexpected, but immensely pleasurable contact.

“Oh fuck!” she half screamed, half moaned.

Her brother’s tongue started to intrude deeper and deeper into the hole.

“Fuck yes bro. Lick my asshole. God this feels good. Lick my fucking asshole bro. Please.”

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