Mayıs 28, 2021

Sex Play

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One of the things I love to do most of all is eating pussy. I have had several times where, usually in the morning just after waking, I will go down on her. It is great because her flesh is so soft from being at rest all night combined with the scent of her evening shower and a light fragrance of her favorite perfume still lingering. I always “stay” with her until I hear the moans and gasps of her climax as I eagerly lap the juices up. I do not want nor need anything in return to satisfy me, because by her giving to me her passion is satisfying.

Taking my incessant taste for eating pussy, I have taken it another step further. Setting the mood for love by the more important mind foreplay during the course of the evening and in some cases stemming from earlier in the day makes for the most pleasurable time at night.

During the early evening or late afternoon, I begin setting the play into motion. The pampering, if you will, of her wants, such as getting her a glass of her favorite beverage without her prompting. A deliberate gentle brushing against her as we pass by each other in a room or hallway. A compliment given freely about how she may look or what she may be wearing. Going to the garden and clipping a single rose and handing it to her with a firm kiss on her lips.

Progressing, I offer her a back rub or a foot massage, or anything that would make her feel pampered. Listening is equally important. I will ask her how her day was and just let her release any pent up frustrations about work or life in general. Usually I will only comment or ask an occasional question to help her purge her thoughts. Once she has relieved her mental stress, I now move to the next level, dinner.

It’s a good thing that cooking is another passion of mine. When it comes to setting the mood for love, a fine dinner prepared with desire and love fits nicely. Usually, a nice thick steak with a baked potato and freshly tossed salad are the right ingredients. While she showers, I prepare the meal. And when she emerges from a refreshing shower, I begin to describe what I have cooked. I begin with the meal on the plates and we are seated. I describe the salad to her, by saying ” Look at the tender leaves of the salad. Notice how soft and tender and green they are. I’ll bet they will feel like soft velvet when you place them into your mouth as they lay on your tongue.”

Then the baked potato is next for description. “See how the meat of the spud blossoms from the bahis firmaları slit in the skin? Watch the steam rise from the center of the slit. Now I will dribble the drawn butter all over the hot meat. Ooooo, see how the butter seeps down into all of the nooks and crannies of the potato? Here, let me add a big dollop of fresh sour cream. It perches perfectly in the middle of the slit. It’s so white and thick as it sits atop the steaming slit!”

Finally, the steak comes up for description. ” look at that thick, juice filled hunk of meat. It’s so plump! Now take the steak knife and draw it through the center of that hot piece of meat. Look at the pinkish red meat in the middle. Watch as the juices stream from it and puddle around the incision. Carve a morsel and place it on your tongue. Feel your tongue tingle with the flavor of the juice that oozes from it. Now slowly bite it. Can you feel the tender flesh slowly succumb, as your teeth begin to tear at it?”

Now that the meal is finished and the table has been cleared and the kitchen has been returned to her satisfaction by me, we venture yet another step closer to sexual abyss. Now I take my shower while she relaxes. Once everything is squeaky clean and the face has been shaved to a smooth surface, do I emerge from the shower and softly walk into the bedroom to set the ambiance. The bed gets turned down to make it look inviting. The candles are lit around the room and soft sensual music is turned on the CD player. It is then that I go to retrieve her and lure her with more forward advancements.

The door then gets closed and locked, and we are finally in our solitude. Our private domain. My lair. The first move is almost always a deep, wet kiss, whether we are standing or lying on the bed. I like to roll when I play so if we are on the bed, I most times roll on top of her and kiss her again. This usually prompts a longer, more fervent kiss lasting a couple of minutes. After some time on top of her, I will grab her and roll her on top of me. This is one of my favorite positions, as I can suck her breasts as they hang inches away from my face. Or I will grab each of them into my big hands and knead them softly. And eventually combine both moves, grabbing them while I lick and taunt them.

Next, comes my passion. I will roll her back over and begin to kiss and suck the nape of her neck, or lightly trace the outer edge of her ear with the tip of my tongue. All the while, my hot breath cascades kaçak iddaa in her ears and down her neck where I have just kissed. I am beginning to devour her body with my hungry mouth. I move down her neck to her chest. I take considerable time kissing and licking her mounds, pausing at each nipple to suck them softly at first, then a little firmer as time flows. I leave her chest, trailing my firm tongue down her tummy, stopping momentarily to probe her navel with the tip of my tongue. I begin to lick my way further down until I am at her pubic mound.

I kiss the mound firmly all around it until my lips are at the crease of her folds. Wanting to tantalize her, I stick my tongue out so she can see the pink muscle and leading her to think that I will slice it down her center, between her pouting lips. Only I wag my tongue instead to the side of each lip and lick the crease of her leg to her inner thigh. Once I am at the bottom of her thigh will I lightly graze my hot tongue across her labia, slowly, just to get to her other thigh. I lick my wagging tongue back up the opposite crease until my lips are perched once again at her crease.

Finally, after deliberate sweet torture, do I lightly lick straight down the center of her fold. Once I am at her bottom, I stick my tongue out and holding it firmly, I press my face forward into her. The tip of my firm tongue nudges her pink asterisk. She whines lightly with pleasure. I make my assent from there upward. My protruding tongue begins o part her soft folds. I press forward again as I am at her seeping opening. Her juices lightly coat the tip of my tongue. I am in a state of bliss now. But I know I must move to her flesh trigger, so I proceed slowly upward until I feel the hardening bud of her clit against the tip of my wet tongue. This is where I will spend the greatest amount of my concentration. I lap at her clit with slow firm licks, then change my pace and flick at it fast and furious for a minute or so. I then suck at the flesh where her clit is perched, trying to suck the hardened bud into my hungry mouth. Once I get it into my mouth, I clamp down around it with my lips and begin swabbing the lust trigger rapidly with my firm wagging tongue. I pull away from it as I continue to suck it. When I look down at her little bud, it is swollen and protrudes out like a small pink pea.

Confident that she is ready for me, I climb atop her. Slowly I inch my hard cock between her wet hot lips. Her heat makes me rock kaçak bahis hard. The tip of my cock begins to nuzzle at her opening. I flex my hips slowly in, towards hers, as my engorged cock starts to burrow into her depths. Now that I am buried into her balls deep, I start to move back out. I pull completely out of her hot pussy and lay my cock against the folds and move up and down. My cock tip and shaft rub all over her pouting lips and hard clit. My balls dangle and rub against the cheeks of her ass as I rub her clit. I slide my aching cock back into her once again. This time I saw in and out of her several times. I pull out of her again.

Now I move back down between her legs to swab her clit and to devour any juices that coat her lips with my tongue. Her heat is incredible. I lick her and suck her clit until she begins to moan louder. I then stop and move back up to engulf my cock into her again. This time, I begin to pound harder as I slide in and out of her. She responds by thrusting her hips into mine with each of my down strokes. I can feel her climax building.

Again, I withdraw my cock from her ravenous pussy and slide back down to lick and lap at her even more. She is beginning to peak when I stop. She groans in discontent and frustration. As I climb onto this time, I whisper in her ear as I am laying flat against her, supporting my full weight with my hands, yet still pressing firmly against her, “Give me all you have Baby!”

With her breasts flattening against my chest and her legs spread wide apart, I thrust into her hard and fast. My balls are tight against my cock shaft, as my orgasm now rests at the base of my thrusting cock. With each thrust inward, I lift up, raising my chest from hers, seeing her breasts sway with each thundering stroke. My cock rubs her hard clit when I bottom out into her causing her great joy. She begins to pant and moan as her long stiff nails dig into the meat of my ass cheeks. She cries out a long hard moan when her climax begins. I feel the walls of her pussy begin to convulse around my hard thrusting cock. Her juices begin to wash over my piston like shaft as I feel the hot seed from deep in my cock begin to race upward. I moan loudly just as she is doing as my hot thick white cum begins to splash deep inside of her. My heat makes her yield yet another set of gripping spasms around my spurting cock. I feel my cock swell then relax as jet after jet expels from my depths and bathes her convulsing pussy. After several minutes, we are spent. We lay together, still coupled as she begins to relax and my cock begins to return to its flaccid state. I hold her as she was my very own and we drift into a nice deep slumber.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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