Mart 22, 2021

Sex in Society Ssn. 01 Ep. 04: Good Neighbors

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Warning: This story does contain incest. If you are sensitive to this or in any way offended, this story would not be for you.


Scene 01—Talia

It felt strange, standing in front of Ariella’s bedroom door. Talia couldn’t see them anymore, but Nikki and Leana were sitting on the couch talking. Leana’s mother, Jezebel, was nice enough to let them in before she left the apartment. Surely, she must know what happened to her youngest daughter yesterday. Did she also know that she greeted two of the girls responsible?

Talia could never forgive herself for that. Goading her violence-prone cousin into brutalizing this girl. Talia suggested they stop the fight after Shay hit Ariella with a stiff kick. She watched the girl drop, her eyes glazed over. She even leaned down to check on. Despite it all, Ariella didn’t give up; if only the same could be said for her body, which gave up in the end.

Talia knocked on the door, lightly. She waited a little while, hearing the stir of blankets being tossed aside and the squeak of bedsprings. Nervous. For the first time she could remember, Talia felt nervous. The dark-haired Italian bellezza never lacked confidence. In some ways, her beauty was both a blessing and a curse. Here, she felt a tingle along her nerve-endings.

A beautiful young lady, with a thin hourglass figure, breasts the size of grapefruits, and a buxom backside could get just about anything she wanted. Unfortunately, she also attracted unwanted attention from much older men. There’s something about an eighteen-year old that forty- or fifty-year old men couldn’t resist. Granted, some of these men were perfectly nice guys, but she wanted to play the field. Here, in this all-girl society, Talia had the opportunity to enjoy a buffet of pussy; feasting on as many as possible. Yet, in this moment, all that confidence had failed her.

The door creaked open. Ariella’s eyes widened as she stumbled a step or two back into the room. Talia opened her mouth, but what was she supposed to say? Just a day ago, she watched this gorgeous young latina get fucked bloody by her cousin. Ariella likely didn’t know that it was with Talia’s help that Leana got her sister back home.

“How you feeling?” Talia asked the first question that came to mind.

“Better,” Ariella replied. “…thank you.”

Those big brown eyes…they seemed to take on the world’s share of sorrow. Talia knew sorrow, well. Three years ago, she lost her father to a gruesome murder and her mother to jail as the prime suspect. Reunited with her mother, Talia made the best of it by fucking her every chance she got. Sex was their unconventional bonding time. They bonded twice last night.

“May I come in?” Talia asked.

Her reluctant host hesitated a moment. Ariella’s gaze fell downward, staring at the floor. When she glanced up, she wore a wavering smile—sometimes on, sometimes frown. Talia watched as she fidgeted with her hands and opened her mouth, just slightly as if to begin a word, without a word uttered. A half pirouette as she moved toward her bed and with that, she motioned her unexpected guest inside.

“I was just worried about you,” Talia said as she stepped foot in the young lady’s bedroom, “after what happened.”

“Please, sit.”

Talia did as she was asked, taking a corner of the bed. Ariella lifted the white comforter, adorned by an array of colored roses. Red roses, of course, but they were joined by pink roses, and yellow roses, orange, and white, even a single black rose…no, it looked like it was colored in with a permanent marker. Ariella’s bedroom smelled nice, as flowery as the bed-spread; fresh. Sitting there, the uncomfortable stranger didn’t know what to do.

“I like the pink rose,” Talia half-smiled. “It’s always been my favorite.”

“Love…and appreciation, too.”

“Is that what it means?” Talia traced a pink rose with her finger as if she could cut it out of the bedspread and hold the rose in her hand.

“What does white mean?”

“New beginnings,” Ariella began to smile. “And marriage.”

“And yellow?”


There was a sudden pause in their conversation. What could they talk about? I’m sorry for letting my cousin beat you down? Sorry she finger-fucked you, too? And of course, the blood…

“I’d like to give you a yellow rose,” Talia said as she looked up at the girl half covered by blankets.

Ariella submerged herself under the comforter and sheets, leaving only her neck and head visible. “Sorry, I’m a little cold,” Ariella said.

Yeah, depression can do that. Talia said in her mind. “I know what you mean. I’m a little cold, too.”

While staring at the closet, Talia heard the rustle of a comforter being pulled away. She turned and looked at Ariella with a bare spot covered only by a white fitted bedsheet beside her. This girl wasn’t suggesting…

“If you’re cold…”

Talia cleared her throat and eyed the room. She was suggesting Talia join her under the covers. What did it mean in Ariella’s mind? Because in Talia’s mind, antalya escort this girl she just met yesterday was inviting her to fool around under the covers. She was basically saying, “fuck me.” Impossible to resist.

“Thanks,” Talia said. She stood up, pulled her shirt off, and started working on her pants.

“Whoa,” Ariella said with a gasp. “No, we’re not…”

“We’re not?”


A solid ‘no’. The wide-eyed look on Ariella’s face as she shook her head said she was serious. In Talia’s world, this was a mixed signal. Invited into bed, under the sheets, without fucking? Well, how long could that last?

“I don’t like wearing clothes to bed,” Talia defended.

“Oh. Well, you can keep your underwear on, please,” Ariella advised.

“I will.”

Her pants came off. There in a baby blue bra with decorative black lace, matching the sheer black lace of her panties. If Ariella were looking close enough, she’d see her new friend’s sex almost entirely unobstructed; but she tried not to look. Talia’s body beckoned to be seen. She slipped under the covers with her new friend, hiding her perfect body for the first time in her life.

“I came here to see how you’re feeling, hang out, chat a while.”

“Thanks,” Ariella smiled. “That was nice of you. After what your sister—”

“Cousin,” Talia quickly corrected. “I’m an only child.”

“Is Nikki your cousin, too? I thought I saw you kissing her in the lobby.”

“We’re kissing cousins.”

“You were grabbing her breasts.”

“We’re groping cousins.”

“Kissing and groping?”

“We’re very close.”

Ariella giggled a moment. Talia laughed with her. Staring into those big brown eyes. Feeling the warm breath emanating from her small mouth. Teeth as white as snow. Dark hair, in curls, brushed behind her round face. She’s so gorgeous. Would a kiss offend her or entice her? Talia wondered. She had to find out.

— — —

Scene 02—Shay

“This. Fucking. Sucks!”

On hands and knees, Shay scrubbed the kitchen floor. Her sister and cousin had the opportunity to go outside today, but she was grounded. It wasn’t fair. She was justified in handing that bitch a beating. Okay, the kick to the face was a little too far…

“Having fun,” Krystal quipped with a bottle of water in her hand.

This was no time for jokes. Shay’s jaw clenched and she began to wonder how much trouble she’d get in for beating her aunt. No rules. No spectators. Just the release of a whole lot of pent-up aggression. That’s how it worked back in high school.

Fights were commonplace at River Valley High. Nikki had a few. Shay had more than a few; a lot more. There came a point where she stopped getting into fights, because no girl or guy wanted to fight her. When the girl fought, she got down and dirty.

The time she tore Kelly’s shirt off, which some people recorded on their phones. Or when she nearly ripped Nelson’s ear off. Reina was the only girl to go toe-to-toe with Shay and the pair fought for nearly half an hour; Shay was bloodied, her clothes were torn, Reina wished she had worn a bra that day. There remained only one person she could never beat, as many times as they fought, and that was her sister Nikki.

Krystal, however, was more petite than the curvier young lady. Had they come to blows, Shay would have her on the ground begging for mercy. The bitch better not say another word.

“I can help you,” Krystal said.

Shay’s eyes still focused on the scuffed wood. Not once had she looked up at her aunt, but this statement tempted her. Rather than answer, she dunked her hand into a bucket of soap and water, rung out the sponge, and scrubbed the spot again.

“Fine, do it yourself,” Krystal said, standing up from the kitchen table.

“How can you help me?”

Dark, twisted thoughts no doubt floated through her mind. Krystal was a single-minded individual and Shay knew that sex was all she thought about. The woman wore a red bathrobe, smooth bare legs peaked out from beneath. That sultry natural tan all Amores possess. How long had it been since Shay had sex? Too long. Far too long.

“Take a break,” Krystal said, wandering into the living room. “Come in here. Don’t worry, it’s just us and I won’t tell.”

Still on all fours, with a sponge in her hand and her eyes on the hardwood. Why? She was old enough to not be grounded like an unruly child. Why did she bother with the chores? The thought never entered her mind before now. Shay felt enlightened. Unburdened. But, the answer came to her. Because if her mother came home to see the chores weren’t done, she’d kick her daughter out of the house.

Shay lifted her face and saw Krystal sitting on the couch sipping her water. She eyed her niece with a smug grin. Fuck. With all of the chores left to do, Shay knew it couldn’t be done on her own; unless she planned to work until midnight. Everyone was given a daily task, but with her punishment came the responsibility of doing Nikki and Talia’s tasks, too.

“You know, what?” Shay stood up and kemer escort threw the sponge into the bucket with a splash. “Fuck it. What do I have to do to get your help?”

“Just come here and spend some time with me.”

“Then you can slowly seduce your cute and innocent niece,” Shay stated as she walked into the living room. “Bullshit. No games. No cutesy shit. What do you want me to do?”

“You’re so jaded,” Krystal laughed. “You think all I’m interested in is sex.”

“I’m serious.”

“Fine,” Her robe parted and revealed, to no surprise of Shay, that she was completely naked. “Get down on your knees, you should be accustomed to that by now, and eat my pussy.”

Shay clearly hesitated for a moment, but what else did she expect? Contrary to what Krystal had said, she did have a single interest; sex. Krystal didn’t care about who munched her pussy, as long as someone did. For now, it would be her niece. Later, probably her daughter.

“Come on. Don’t tell me this is the first time you ate pussy.”

“Seriously? I once ate this bitch Kelly during class while the teacher was out. Slut wore her cheerleader uniform, skirt and all, for the rest of the day. She even went to practice with no panties; because I had them.”

“Shay, I’m shocked,” Krystal mock-gasped. “I would’ve taken her skirt, too. Let her sit bare ass when the teacher returned.”

Stress gave way to a smile. She didn’t have to take the skirt, because Ms. Burke noticed the pantiless cheerleader; which led to a very interesting detention that day. Shay humiliated Kelly repeatedly, but she knew the cheerleader’s dirty little secret. She loved being humiliated by Shay. Oddly enough, they eventually dated, and Kelly was Shay’s only meaningful relationship. The stuff they did…the lengths they went to…the buxom young lady still pleasures herself to the memories.

“Have at it, then,” Krystal said. “Make me cum, and I’ll help by taking care of the dishes and laundry.”

Mom’s rule, no more sex in the house between the Amores. If Mom caught Shay between Krystal’s legs, she’d have to find somewhere else to live. She’d do it, too. Mom would kick her own daughters out of the house; tough love she called it, and she had done it before to Nikki. Her sister stayed with Steven, Nikki’s long-time boyfriend, after the pair were caught having sex. Shay was left all alone. Most parents punished them by keeping them in the safety of home, but Kansas did just the opposite. Obey, or else. After a week, Nikki was allowed to return home, but not long after that she went to college and lived on campus. Shay was alone again. That would also be her punishment if she failed to finish the chores.

“Nah, Mom said…”

“Forget what she said,” Krystal ran a finger down the thin line of hair leading to her sex. “Your mom isn’t here.”

Shay watched as the slender finger moved over her engorged clitoris. Down between her barely parted lips. Light glistened off her gathering wetness. When her finger moved back up Shay could see pink, like a juicy medium rare steak, and surely just as delicious.

“Come on, you know you want it,” Krystal continued tempting.

A part of Shay told her to grab Krystal from the couch, throw her on the area rug, and go wild on her pussy. Another part said, she may enjoy a lot of pleasure now, but she would likely suffer the consequences later. Shay remained standing, unsure of what she wanted to do.

“Uhnn,” Krystal moaned as a single finger entered her sex. “Oh fuck, this feels sooo good.”

Restraint wore thin. Why hadn’t she considered abandoning Krystal so she could finish her chores and get back on her mother’s good side? Her duty was to clean and, looking back at the sparkling dining room and kitchen floors, she did clean. What time was Mom coming back? Is it possible to have sex, then finish cleaning with Krystal’s help? Shay asked herself these questions and hundreds more, as she watched her aunt fuck her cunt.

First with one finger. Then another. Slowly. Then faster. Krystal pounded her pussy, obviously gaining more pleasure from having her niece watch. Her small perky breasts laid bare. Both nipples erect. The thin line of hair grew soggy from her wetness. Her stomach muscles contracted as she gave in to the throes of pleasure.

“Wait,” Krystal said when her niece bent down between her legs. “Your clothes look a little dirty, wet. How about you take them off, first?”

“Seriously, if my mother catches me…”

“She won’t,” Krystal said, while secretly hoping she would. In Krystal’s imagination, not only would Kansas see her daughter naked, eating her sister’s pussy, but she may get turned on enough to join. It would be Krystal’s greatest pleasure to watch her sister fuck her youngest daughter.

Shay pulled the white t-shirt over her head with a bit of resistance from the wet cotton clinging to her skin. Krystal licked her lips when the girl unhooked her bra and let loose the twin mountains she called breasts. Next, her thumbs worked the button konyaaltı escort of her pale denim jeans. It was obvious the young lady wasn’t shy about flaunting her nude body. Her panties followed her ripped jeans down to her ankles, until she pulled her bare feet from both.

There she stood in all her naked glory. Large breasts, hard nipples with areola that faded into her naturally tan skin. Her stomach was rather tight for a curvy girl with thick thighs and a plump booty. Most notably was the large and wild patch of hair between her legs. Shay was one of a dying breed; lovers of the bush.

“Very good. Now, on your knees, Shay. It’s cunnilingus time.”

— — —

Scene 03—Nikki

“Have you?”

Leana watched TV, but wasn’t nearly as interested in it as she was in her guest. Nikki could tell, despite how the young lady never took her eyes off the screen. Was the question really so hard to answer? Nikki already admitted that she had. No big deal. In her house, it’d be more unusual if one of the women hadn’t.

“Sort of,” Leana finally answered.

“Sort of?” Nikki laughed. “What does that even mean?”

“Me and a friend did…some things.”

Obviously, Leana was too shy to talk about it. Nikki was getting turned on by the implications. Over the past thirty minutes, the girls had enjoyed each other’s company, but it was only a matter of time before discussing their favorite food became a sex talk.

“I’ll ask you questions, you just have to nod or shake your head.”

Leana was blushing, but she didn’t seem averse to discussing things. Nikki hoped her way of getting some hot details would be more to the shy woman’s liking. A nod for ‘yes’, a shake for ‘no’. Not hard. All the while her eyes scoured the latina’s beautiful body. Juicy details about her sexy romps with other women would be such a turn on; as well as the perfect segue into their own sexual encounter.

“Have you…kissed a girl?”

Leana nodded.

“Seen a girl naked, other than yourself?”

Again, Leana nodded.

Have you touched another woman’s breasts?”

Leana chewed her bottom lip and nodded.

“Have you…eaten pussy?”

Leana shook her head.

“How about fingered? Have you touched another girl’s—”


“Could you look at me for the next question?” Leana turned her head, her eyes said she already knew the answer. Nikki took her new friend’s hand and gently pulled it toward her stomach. Leana’s fingers lingered on Nikki’s soft abdomen. When she let go, her hand remained in place. Nikki’s thumbs unhooked the button. Her fingers unzipped her jean shorts. The hem of her purple panties peeked out between the denim fabric. “Would you like to…?”

Momentary hesitation. Leana’s hand moved down an inch, then stopped. Would she go there? She had to admit Nikki possessed an undeniable sex appeal. Sultry curves, perfect breasts, naturally sun-kissed skin, and alluring eyes. If Leana were in fact a lesbian, Nikki would likely be her ideal woman. But, she’s not. Is she?

Leana pulled her hand away. “I’m sorry, I can’t.”

Disappointing, but Nikki wasn’t about to force her to do something she wasn’t comfortable doing. She dropped her shirt back into place and pulled her shorts up. Leana’s eyes were still on her and despite her words the girl did seem interested. Just, uncertain.

Nikki gave her a kiss and whispered, “If you ever want to…”

Leana smiled, grateful that she hadn’t been coerced into anything she was into. As thanks, she touched Nikki’s cheek and kissed her lips. Maybe she was into girls. Leana never considered the idea. Kissing her new friend’s lips felt nice. Another kiss. Then another, when all of a sudden Nikki’s mouth opened.

“I’m sorry, I’m just not ready,” Leana said, pulling away again.

“You’re such a tease.”

“No, I’m serious. I just…”

“Relax, I was only joking.” Nikki studied the young lady’s body. Her nipples pressed against the fabric of her yellow t-shirt. It wasn’t cold, so it must be that she was aroused. Without warning, Nikki gently ran her index finger over one erect nipple, up and then down. Leana moaned, but she did nothing to stop it.

“I bet you have beautiful breasts,” Nikki said.

“I…they’re big.”

“I can tell.”

“So are yours,” Leana risked the compliment. “I mean, I’m sure they are…beautiful.”

Leana felt a tingle when her friend pinched the bottom of her shirt. This talk about breasts. Nikki’s hand under her shirt. Fingers traveling up her abdomen, slowly. She knew what was going to happen and her body demanded she allow it. Her mind told her it was wrong, she had to know it was wrong. What would her mother think?

“Would you let me kiss you?” Nikki asked.

“Yes,” Leana released in a breathy voice.

“Is it okay if I reach under your bra while I kiss you?”

Leana nodded, barely an inch from Nikki’s face. Throwing caution to the wind, ignoring her ideas of a traditional romance, Leana cupped her lover’s chin and kissed her lips. This time, it was her mouth that opened and Nikki’s tongue didn’t hesitate to enter.

Nikki’s fingers slipped under the wire of Leana’s bra. She could feel the soft flesh of her breast. Their kissing grew in passion. Leana’s hand found her lover’s stomach as it had earlier. Would she go for it?

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