Nisan 14, 2021

Sex and Baseball

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Sabrina Bradford had taken her seat at the stadium and was anxious to see who would be starting today. She followed the local college team closely and knew that some starters had graduated and had to be replaced. Sabrina grew up watching baseball with her father, who was a scout for the farm team of the San Diego Padres; this lead to her following a lot of local high school and college teams. She had developed a good eye for talent, especially players who had a lot of potential. The diamonds in the rough, so to speak, that teams could pick up cheap and develop into big leaguers. When her father retired, the Padres made her a nice offer to take his place but her husband Michael had just finished his fellowship and was still weighing his offers as a trauma surgeon. When they made the decision to stay in the Tucson area, she had already declined their offer. When her husband was killed just three years later in a car accident, she was thankful they had made the decision to stay close to family. Baseball was a good distraction for her. The crack of the bat, the smells of the park, sitting in the bleachers on a warm spring day, the roar of the crowd… it all provided a sense of comfort.

She remembered before she was married when she would fantasize about having sex with certain players she found attractive; when she was really naughty she would fantasize about the shortstop AND the second baseman, or the pitcher and the catcher. Unfortunately, now at the ripe old age of 35, fantasizing about 20 year old boys seemed more icky than hot. Fortunately, the coaches were nice to look at. The BatCats head coach Dave Ryan, was particularly pleasant to fantasize about. The fact that he flirted with her every chance he got didn’t hurt either.

Sabrina was never one to watch quietly. She knew all the returning players and had read the online reports for the new ones, so when she shouted, she used the player’s name. When the shortstop, Brandon McConnell took his turn in the batter’s box in the fourth inning, he had a runner on base and one out. He had struck out in his first at bat so she watched his cuts carefully.

“Dammit Brandon, you’re swinging late again,” she muttered to herself. While she was loud with her compliments, she usually kept her criticism to herself.

After Ball Three, she yelled out, “Good eye, Brandon!”

“He’s gonna go with the heat, Brandon. Be ready, ” she muttered again.

Sure enough, fastball. Strike Two.

Still talking to herself, she urged, “He’s gonna stay with it. You got his timing; rip it!”

She looked over at the man a few feet away staring at her with an amused smile. She was used to people finding her entertaining when she talked to herself, what caught her off guard was how good looking he was. When their eyes met, she found it impossible to look away. It took the crack of the bat and people jumping to their feet to draw her attention back to the game. Was she smiling? Blushing? She wasn’t sure.

John McConnell had noticed her the second she started walking up the stairs to her seat. Tan, athletic legs, and a nice, tight figure with a blonde pixie haircut. She was hardly wearing any makeup; he didn’t know if that was because she was spending an afternoon at the ball park or if that was her normal routine. She was definitely cute enough that she didn’t need a lot of anything to make her stand out. Little white shorts, a light blue tank top, and tennis shoes did the job just fine.

Brandon made it on base and Sabrina cheered loud and heard the stranger next to her doing the same, also calling him by name. She glanced over and saw he was looking at her again. What was this feeling she was experiencing? Excitement? She smiled as her eyes met his again, mouthing ‘hi’ because she didn’t know what else to do.

Stepping closer to her, he gestured to the player on first base. “That’s my son.”

“Brandon is your son? He’s a good player, you should be proud.”

“I am. He takes after me,” he teased.

“Well then, I’m doubly impressed,” she teased back.

Just then, the beer vendor made his way up the stairs next to them.

“Can I buy you a drink?” he asked with a wink.

“I don’t know, I make it a point to not let strangers buy me drinks,” she said, half- flirting and half-serious and all enamored of that wink.

The man held out his hand. “I’m John McConnell.” When she shook his bear paw of a hand, he smiled an electric smile, “Now I’m not a stranger.”

The combination of his handsome smile, warm touch, and twinkling hazel eyes made her knees feel a little wobbly. “Sabrina,” she said as she took him up on his drink offer.

“How’d you know he was going to go with the fastball?” he asked once she’d taken a sip of her foamy beer.

“Simple really. He was behind in the count; it’s been his go-to pitch all night so far when he gets in a jam.”

He tilted his head. “Impressive. Are you this observant about everything, or just baseball?”

Sabrina gave him a sexy smile and drawled, “I can’t tell you my secrets.”

Was she flirting kartal escort with him? He’d love it if she were. Taking a sharp breath in, he implored softly, “Maybe just one or two?”

With a flirting tone, she replied, “Well one or two probably wouldn’t hurt.”

They bantered back and forth for the rest of the game, barely noticing the home team’s decisive win. She was sad when the game came to an end; he seemed to feel the same way.

“Can I interest you in having dinner with me?”

Sabrina pondered the question carefully before responding. “That depends. Will your wife mind you having dinner with another woman?” She had noticed his left ring finger was conspicuously missing a band but she had to be sure.

“I don’t think my ex-wife or her new husband would object to us having dinner,” he replied dryly.

Well in that case! She thought he’d never ask! But she knew she needed to play it cool.

“What did you have in mind?” she inquired coyly.

What he had in mind was taking her home and making her scream his name in orgasm, but that probably wasn’t something he should share with her at this point.

“How about Angelo’s Diner, downtown?”

With a smile, she reached out and touched his arm. “I’ll meet you there.”

John was a little disappointed that she wanted to drive herself.

“Is it okay if we wait around for a bit so I can say hi to my son?” he asked.

“Sure. Should I wait with you or do you want me to go ahead and get us a table?”

He wasn’t letting her out of his sight. He wanted to make sure their night continued without her changing her mind.

“No, I’d love to introduce you to Brandon. Come on.” He held her by the hand in a chivalrous manner as they made their way down the stairs to exit the bleachers and stand outside the locker rooms with fans waiting to get players’ autographs.

Sabrina watched John as he spoke animatedly about his son. He was obviously proud, as he should be. Brandon had potential to at the very least play Triple A ball. There was something about the way he spoke about his boy with such tenderness that touched her. Or maybe it was his beautiful mouth and how she wanted nothing more than to kiss it and run her fingers through his thick brown hair.

What the hell is wrong with me? I just met this man 90 minutes ago!

Still, there was no denying she was attracted to him and he left her no doubt the feeling was mutual.

When the shortstop appeared from the locker room, fans eagerly approached him for his autograph. As they stood watching the young college player sign his name on everything from t-shirts to programs, John put his hand at the small of her back. She liked the way he felt next to her and she could intermittently smell his cologne; the best way she could describe it would be clean and sexy. She leaned against his shoulder briefly to get a better smell.

Yep, definitely sexy.

His son approached and John introduced Sabrina to him.

“You should listen to this lady. She could probably help you out with your game,” the elder McConnell said.

Embarrassed, Sabrina just smiled and shook her head. “Your coaches are doing a fine job with that.”

Serendipitously, Dave walked out of the locker room with his first base coach, Alan Whitaker. Both men smiled and waved at John and Sabrina on their way out the front gates.

After talk about brunch on Sunday, and promising to make smart decisions about celebrating today’s win, the younger McConnell hugged his dad and told him not to worry before turning his attention to Sabrina, telling her, “Really nice meeting you. Hope to see you again,” before striding to the waiting car full of his teammates.

The sun had set so John insisted on escorting her to her car in the now almost-deserted parking lot. He was parked at the other end of the lot so she told him to get in and she’d drop him at his car. After closing her driver’s side door, he went around to the passenger’s side and slid in. Sabrina didn’t start the car right away, hoping John would seize the opportunity now that they were alone to kiss her. He just smiled and kept his lips to himself, like a gentlemen. With an internal sigh, she turned on the ignition and made her way to his car. Before getting out, John put his hand on top of Sabrina’s as it rested on the gear shift, leaned over and kissed her cheek, saying, “See you there.”

During the short drive to the restaurant, she tried to analyze what she was feeling. There’d been plenty of men over the last five years since Michael died who had asked her out and even hit on her. It wasn’t until the last six months that she’d even said yes to going to dinner with a date but that was as far as it ever got. She hadn’t had sex with anyone, other than herself, since the last time she made love with her husband. No one had even been of interest really; they were either too young, too old, too dull, too much of a playboy, or too interested in her status as the rich widow. But John McConnell seemed just right. She guessed he was maybe maltepe escort bayan ten years older than her with a strong, square jaw and his eyes sparkled when he smiled. Their conversation had flowed nonstop during the game; she found him intelligent and interesting. Not to mention his broad chest and strong arms sent a shiver through her when she thought about him holding her next to his body.

She parked on the street and got her U of A sweatshirt from the trunk; it gets cold in the desert at night during the springtime. She was underdressed compared to her companion. He looked like he had skipped out of work early and went straight to the ballpark still dressed in slacks and a button-down shirt, his sleeves rolled up. He probably ditched his tie in his car. She decided she wasn’t going to feel self-conscious; he knew what she was wearing when he invited her and hadn’t suggested she change. Besides, this was Tucson – everything and everywhere was casual.

Angelo, the owner was an old friend and greeted her at the door with a little too familiar kiss as he always did, but she shrugged him off as being harmless. He was very smooth and had most women eating out of the palm of his hand; he seemed to love that Sabrina didn’t succumb to his charms.

“Hello beautiful. I haven’t seen you in a while! Are you meeting someone?”

John had been standing to the side of the hostess stand when she walked in, so she gestured to the handsome man and linked her arms around his right upper arm when he approached. That nice, muscular arm.

“Yes. Angelo, this is John McConnell. John, Angelo DiMarco.”

The men exchanged pleasantries before Angelo himself sat them at their table.

“You didn’t mention you knew the owner personally,” John mocked once they were alone.

She retorted, “Well, now you do too.”

They ordered a bottle of wine and continued getting to know each other. It seemed they had a lot in common; there wasn’t a thing she didn’t like about him. He was witty, well read, and she found him intriguing. They both shared a love of sports and he didn’t patronize her or seem intimidated that she knew what she was talking about it with baseball and could hold her own when it came to other sports. They playfully made a date to go waterskiing in the summer.

As she suspected, he was a former football player. There was no way he couldn’t be with his build. He obviously still kept himself in shape, which she more than noticed and appreciated. They were careful to avoid discussing anything more controversial than Deflate Gate, which possibly accounted for why she felt they had so much in common. Still, the sexual chemistry was so palpable, he probably could have told her he didn’t believe in spaying or neutering his animals and she would have overlooked it. At least for a night. She didn’t want to tempt fate though and tried to keep the topics light; yet even with safe topics, she was enjoying herself immensely.

The two bottles of wine didn’t hurt either.

John found it unusual how straightforward and honest Sabrina was. He wasn’t sure if it was an act, although if it was, she should be eligible for an academy award. Her embarrassment with his compliments was almost endearing. There was definitely something about her that was different from the other women he had dated. He found her incredibly sexy but there was more to it than just her appearance. Her sexuality didn’t just come from her face and body, it came from her mind as well. She definitely had his attention.

It was almost surreal when they realized they’d been at dinner for over five hours. The time had flown by and when they finally looked at something other than each other, they realized the restaurant was almost deserted.

“How did that happen?” Sabrina wondered aloud as she looked around. “I think I better request a ride from Uber.”

“Why don’t you let me take you?” John graciously asked.

This was a tough call. She didn’t want the night to be over but she knew if he took her home, they would end up sleeping together. The fact of the matter was she wanted him to make love to her. He had only gotten more attractive as the night wore on. But she also liked him and would really like to see him again. In her experience, it was you either slept with someone on the first date and didn’t see him again or you waited and went on another date. You didn’t get both.

“However,” she reasoned in her head, “there’s no guarantee he would even ask me out again, but it seems pretty clear what’s going to happen if he takes me home. Five years is a long time to go without feeling the touch of a man.” And she really wanted to feel this particular man’s touch, more than the arm caresses and gentle brushing of his fingers against hers he’d been doing all night. She wanted to feel his mouth on hers as he enveloped her body with his. The idea of unbuttoning his shirt to reveal the chest hair that had been teasing her all night and feeling his naked skin on hers made her wet with anticipation. She was almost afraid escort pendik to picture his cock for fear he’d be able to tell she was thinking about all the naughty, wonderful things she wanted to do to it.

Here goes nothing.

“I don’t know if you’re in any better condition to drive than I am,” she laughed. Then quietly added, without looking at him, “Maybe we should get a room across the street.”

She tried to be just vague enough that she left herself an out in case she had totally misread the signs. That way she could fall back on she just meant until they sobered up enough to drive, she didn’t mean anything sexual.

John’s ears perked up. Did he just hear what he think he just heard? A room across the street?! What is she saying?

Unfortunately, he hesitated just a tad too long to respond because she quickly blurted out, “I mean, I’m sure we could get coffee in their lounge. I think they’re open late. Just until we’re in better shape to drive.”

Oh my god, I want to die from embarrassment. Could I look any more desperate? Who asks a man she just met to get a hotel room?! Sabrina quickly excused herself to use the ladies’ room in an attempt to regain some of her dignity.

Meanwhile, John was kicking himself for not seizing the opportunity that was presented to him on a golden platter. This is still salvageable. I just have to play my cards right.

He paid the check and was waiting in the lobby when she exited. “Come on, let’s go get that coffee,” he said as he slipped his arm around her waist and steered her out the door. No sooner had they stepped into the night air when he swung her in front of him and held her head as he leaned down to kiss her gently on the mouth. Without hesitation, she kissed him back and when his tongue began searching hers out, she instinctively wrapped her arms around his neck as he grabbed a handful of her hair and began to kiss her more urgently. She melted into his body and still didn’t feel like she could get close enough to him. Taking her cue, John yanked her close and pressed her hard against him as his kisses got more passionate. They only came up for air when another couple exited the restaurant.

Not letting her go, he growled in her ear, “Let’s go across the street.”

All Sabrina could do was nod her head yes. She was so intoxicated by him that he could have said, ‘Let’s go play in the street,’ and she would have agreed.

She buried her head in his chest and shivered. The unusual combination of how turned on, yet how safe he made her feel, was almost overwhelming. He directed her into the hotel and sat her down in the lobby to wait as he went to the front desk. While sitting there, she was glad that she’d had just enough to drink that it allowed her to not overthink what she was doing. As much as she wanted this, now that it was actually happening it would have been easy to have second thoughts. Fortunately, John was back and offering her his hand before she gave the idea any more attention.

In the elevator he took her back in his embrace and gently kissed her again. Searching her face, he quietly assured her, “Only what you’re comfortable with. What happens next is up to you.”

When they entered the hotel room, she suddenly felt very awkward and shy. How was this going to transpire? Were they just going to get naked and go for it? She hoped not but didn’t know what to expect next, especially since he all but told her she was driving this bus. How was she going to let him know that she wanted this without actually having to say the words?

John must have sensed her sudden uneasiness because he opened the minibar and asked what she wanted to drink. Vodka would work. He picked up the ice bucket and kissed her again, “Don’t go away.”

It quickly became important to her that he understood she had no regrets about being there and wanted him to make love to her. Maybe she really wanted him to fuck her. Maybe both. She heard him come back in the room, took a deep breath and walked out of the bathroom, clad only in the complimentary bathrobe.

She felt very unsure of herself as she boldly walked barefoot up to him and put her hand around his neck, pulling his head down to kiss him. She was not comfortable with the role as aggressor but she wanted to make her desire to be intimate with him crystal clear so there was no hesitation on his part.

Just like at the restaurant, their kisses heated up quickly. She liked the way he kissed; he used just enough tongue to be passionate but not so much that she felt like she was making out with a St. Bernard. It drove her crazy when he sucked on her lip and soon she was wanting more than just his kisses.

Pulling away from his mouth, she started unbuttoning his shirt. She had been fantasizing about this since she noticed him in the stands at the ballpark. When the last button was finally undone, she stood admiring him for a small moment; with just the right amount of definition and hair on his chest and stomach, his masculinity was undeniable. He was wonderful to look at and touch. Sabrina started to kiss his chest while tracing her fingers from his nipples to his waistband then moved to the swelling in his pants to fondle and squeeze him over the fabric. It was a nice bulge and she was anxious to become better acquainted with it.

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