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Sethy – Part Twelve – Hiro

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Sethy – Part Twelve – Hiro
AUTHOR’S NOTE – This story is partly fantasy, partly true. For best effect, read parts 1-11 before this part. The main characters, Sethy and Shinny, are based upon the real women who are active members of the XHamster community, and much of these characters reflect the true women. The photos included in this story of Sethy and Shinny are of the real women and are here with their permission.

This story is the property of the author and cannot be copied or used in part or in entirety without express written consent of the author.

Sethy – Part Twelve – Hiro

The next morning we met Shinny, Sethy’s BFF, at Chao’s for breakfast. Shinny had arrived before us and had a table by the window looking out over the ocean. It was a picture-perfect day – turquoise blue sky, a few white puffy clouds for contrast, brilliant warm sunshine with temperatures in the low 80’s. It just did not get better than this. Shinny greeted us with a wide smile when she saw us approaching. Sethy had mentioned Shinny to me before but this was my first time meeting her.

Shinny, like Sethy, was both beautiful and sexy. A great figure, perfect skin, attractive face, inviting eyes and a beautiful smile. I pitied other women in Pohnpei because if they saw Sethy and Shinny together, they would certainly have to feel inadequate. These two together were stunning.

Sethy and Shinny had been friends since they were in elementary school. They had grown up together and matured into two beautiful women. Both were petite women with Asian ethnicity – Sethy was half Japanese half American while Shinny’s parents were Korean and American. One interesting thing about the two of them was that both were buxom. In high school the boys sometimes called them the Tit Twins because their breasts were so much larger than most of the other girls.

Shinny got up to greet us. She gave me the traditional greeting of a hug and a kiss on both cheeks. Maybe it was my imagination, but the hug seemed a little longer and tighter and I felt both of her breasts pressed snugly into my chest. She also looked into my eyes and seemed to hold my gaze a little longer than friends usually do. The look in her eyes seemed a little mischievous, but perhaps all of this was just a product of my imagination. One thing I knew was true was that before I could take my seat I felt my cock stiffening in my shorts.

We all sat down, ordered and enjoyed a lovely breakfast. I had not eaten such good papaya since my days working in Indonesia. While I was enjoying my second cup of coffee, Shinny leaned over her plate towards Sethy and said in a low voice, “Hiro contacted me yesterday”. I saw Sethy’s face freeze. She did not respond to Shinny, so I did. “Hiro? Who is Hiro?” I asked Shinny. Shinny just looked at me with wide eyes. Her mouth opened slightly but she did not say anything. She looked at me and then turned her gaze to Sethy. I followed Shinny’s eyes to Sethy, who just sat there still like a deer in the headlights.

“Sethy, who is Hiro?” I asked again. Her lack of a quick response was a bit concerning.

“Ah, Hiro…Hiro is a previous boyfriend of mine” she stammered. Shinny continued to look at Sethy with big eyes, like she was expecting something. The alarm bells inside me were ringing loudly now! There’s something going on here that I don’t know about.

“Is it unusual that Hiro would contact Shinny? Is there something that I need to know?” Shinny said nothing and just looked at Sethy.

Sethy finally responded. “Hiro was my boyfriend but I broke up with him a few months before I met you online, Rod. Yes, there are a few things you should know”. Sethy breathed deeply, like she was composing herself. “When I broke up with Hiro, he did not want to break up with me. In fact, he became very angry and threatened me. He said if I broke up with him then I would have nobody because he would not allow me to have another lover. After I broke up with him two different guys asked me out on a date, but both times when we were out, Hiro showed up and threatened them. Neither guy ever contacted me again.”

“Well, that’s not right!” I responded. “We can’t let him intimidate you!”

Sethy leveled her eyes at me and spoke very deliberately, “Rod, you don’t understand how things work here. This is not the USA. This is Pohnpei and Micronesia. Things here are different. Also, Hiro is a powerful guy here. He is a top aide to the Attorney General. He is also the oldest son of Akio Watanabe, and the Watanabe’s are one of the richest and most powerful families in Pohnpei.”

“Well, we still cannot let him push you around and control your life” I said.

“Rod”, Sethy said patiently, ”the Attorney General is the highest ranking kaçak casino justice and law enforcement official in Micronesia. They basically do whatever they want unless the Governor or a judge wants to take them on. Don’t get me wrong – most of our Attorneys General have been good, decent men – but this one, Julian Clarke, is known to be corrupt and immoral. And Hiro is one of his top lieutenants. Also, the Watanabe family has been here along time. They own all the fruit plantations up near Tiridian Point which is also one of the most beautiful places on the island. They have traditionally grown bananas, pineapples and papaya there but now they are knocking down the trees and building expensive homes there and selling them to rich foreigners. The Watanabe’s are getting richer and richer. They are very powerful.”

I looked over at Shinny, who had been looking at Sethy and I. “Why did Hiro contact you?” I was very curious to better understand what was going on here.

Shinny looked over at Sethy and did not say anything but was clearly looking for direction from Sethy. Shinny said, “Ah…well…” and then Sethy interrupted her, “Hiro wanted to know if I was seeing a man. Is that right Shinny?” Shinny was visibly relieved that Sethy had answered my question. Shinny cast her gaze down towards the floor. “Yes, that’s right. But I did not tell him anything. He gave me a lot of pressure, but I did not tell him about Rod”.

Sethy reached over and took Shinny’s hand. “Thank you Shinny. I’m sure you did not say anything. You are my good friend” and she squeezed Shinny’s hand. “Hiro has his network and he knows just about everything that goes on in this tiny island.”

We finished our breakfast and said our goodbyes. Shinny gave me another warm hug. This time I was watching her a little more closely when we embraced. She looked up into my eyes and gave me a little smile when she hugged me. Maybe this was just my imagination and this was all in my head.

Sethy called a taxi and the three of us got in. I sat up front with the driver while the girls sat in the back chattering and laughing. As we drove through the tree-lined streets on this tropical island, I thought of how incredibly lucky I was to be here and to be with a woman as beautiful and sexy as Sethy. I felt truly blessed.

We stopped at Shinny’s apartment building first and she got out and gave us a warm smile and wave. I couldn’t help but notice Shinny’s very shapely body and her hot ass in a pair of short shorts after she started walking towards the front door.

She was hot- no doubt about it. A woman this hot has her pick of men, so I was sure that the “attention” which I thought she may have been giving me was indeed just my imagination. Sethy had told me before that Shinny was “very experienced” so I supposed that she likely had at least one lover now and maybe more.

We arrived at the hotel and exited the taxi. Sethy had her own short shorts going on. “God, the girl has an ass!” I thought to myself as I watched Sethy after I paid the cabbie.

It was not a minute after we entered our room that I heard a knock at the door. I opened it and saw three men in sunglasses. I was caught completely by surprise when one of them stepped past me into the room. “Wait a minute!” I said. I took two steps over to him and stood with my face about three inches from his. “I did not invite you in. Who do you think you are?” I felt a couple of pairs of hands grab my arms from behind and pull me back and away from the first man.

The first guy said, “You can ask Sethy who I am. Where is she?”

“Fuck you! Get the fuck out of here!” I yelled. The first guy replied, “Boys teach Grandpa some manners and show him how things are done here in Pohnpei”. I felt two heavy punches into my k**neys and someone kicked my legs out from under me from behind. I was on the floor before I could react. Just then Sethy stepped out of the bathroom. When she saw the first guy I saw her face go pale. “Hiro!” she said.

Hiro smiled and said, “Hello Sethy. It’s good to see you again. Tell Grandpa here who I am and that he really needs to be more polite to guests”.

She ran over to me. I could see trouble and concern in Sethy’s eyes. “Rod, are you OK? This is Hiro Watanabe. I told you about him earlier today”.

Hiro continued. “Oh, you told Grandpa about me, did you? I’m flattered. Sethy, I’m surprised. Have you told your father that you are fucking a guy that is old enough to be his age? I may drop by his apartment later and let him know. Yasuo, take care of Grandpa.”


Yasuo pushed me away from Rod, who was still on the floor and groggy after getting punched and kicked. Yasuo pulled Rod up from the floor roughly and put one handcuff casino oyna around one wrist. He slipped the other end through a metal shelf which was bolted to the wall and then cuffed Rod’s other wrist. Rod was now standing on shaky legs with his wrists handcuffed and secured to the metal shelf.

“So, Grandpa, did Sethy also tell you that she used to fuck me whenever I could find the time for her? Even better, perhaps you’d like to see? Boys?” Hiro gestured to the two other men who grabbed me and pulled me over to face Hiro. I was still wearing my cutoff jeans and my orange striped bikini top. Hiro reached into my pocket and pulled out what looked like a thin six-inch mother-of-pearl case. He pressed a button and a six-inch blade sprung out! Hiro took off his sunglasses and put them on the table. I looked up into his cold eyes. They were reptilian – cold and full of menace. He moved the blade between my breasts. Oh my God I thought I might pass out! I did not know what he might do. Was he going to cut me? Slice one or both of my boobs? I didn’t think he was going to stab me because of the angle of the knife, but with Hiro I could not be sure of anything.

He slipped the knife blade beneath the fabric connecting the two cups of my bikini top. I could feel the cold metal on the back side of the knife on my skin between my tits. Hiro then started lifting the knife up and it cut through the fabric of my bikini top like butter. When the connecting fabric between the two cups was severed by Hiro’s switch blade the two cups over my tits fell to the sides exposing both my tits. What was even worse was that my nipples were really high and hard – the feel of the cold knife on the skin between my tits only moments earlier had caused my nipples to go on high alert. I could see my two dark nipples standing up and really hard. I was so embarrassed!! Here I was being threatened by Hiro, a man that I really did not like anymore, and my nipples were revealing to everyone in the room that I was turned on and excited. I was so humiliated!

“Ah Sethy” Hiro continued, “It’s good to see some things do not change. You still get a lot of sexual stimulation and excitement when you are in a humiliating situation. Yes, I remember seeing you in many situations like this, and your nipples never failed to get rock hard and your pussy was always drenched.” Hiro looked over towards Rod, “Grandpa, did she tell you about her fetish? If not, you can see it now. Let’s see if that pretty pussy is as wet as it used to get.” Hiro then put the tip of the blade underneath the middle of the bottom of the left leg of my cutoff jeans and began pushing the knife blade up towards the waist band. As he did so the knife began to cut the jeans. Oh my God I was terrified that the tip of the blade was going to get stuck on my skin and the knife was going to cut my skin also! However, Hiro must have done this before and soon the blade cut through the waist band of my cutoffs. Then he did the same thing to the right side of my shorts. Once the right side of the waistband of my shorts was cut, then my shorts just fell off me to the floor. The top string of my bikini top was still tied at the back of the base of my neck but the bikini had been hanging loose and useless after Hiro had cut it. Hiro then reached behind me and cut away the top string of my bikini. It also fell to the floor at my feet. Now I was completely naked in front of Hiro, his two lieutenants, and Rob, who was handcuffed to the wall.

“Boys. Put her over the table, face down with her feet on the floor.” Hiro commanded coldly. The other two men took me and threw me down over the table. “Spread her legs” Hiro commanded again. “Sethy, grab the edge of the table with your two hands. Don’t let go. If you do you will make me angry and I will vent my anger on Grandpa here.” I extended my arms to the other side of the table and felt the edge. I grabbed the table edge with both hands. I had seen Hiro angry before and I did not want Rob to feel the brunt of his wrath. I felt Hiro’s finger slide into my pussy. Oh God! Here I was, naked, bent over a table and gripping the edges with my former boyfriend’s finger in my pussy and my current lover seeing me in this humiliating situation. I was filled with emotions. I was ashamed to be at the mercy of Hiro. I was humiliated that I had not done anything to fight back. I was scared that Hiro or his men might hurt me or Rod or to both of us. But I could not deny that I was super excited to be in this situation – my wet pussy and my hard nipples betrayed me. I was also frustrated because I knew that I was enjoying something that most people would say that I should not enjoy. Oh God!

I heard canlı casino siteleri Hiro speaking behind me. “Well, Grandpa, Sethy has not changed at all. She’s as wet as the Pacific. Let’s see if she still fucks as well as she used to”.

Oh my God! Hiro was going to fuck me!! I felt his cock slide in and then he started to pump me. Hiro was such a fucking shit.

Just when I thought that the situation could not get much worse, it did. Hiro said, “Grandpa, have you tried the back door yet? It was pretty good before. Pretty tight. I used to use a lube when I was fucking Sethy’s ass but I forgot to bring some today, so I’ll just have to hope that all that pussy juice on my cock now provides enough lubrication while I pound her ass.”

I felt Hiro’s cock at my asshole as he started to try to push in. This was not going to be good. That fucker. I heard him spit and felt something wet on my ass so I guessed that he had just spit on my asshole for additional lubrication. Then I felt the head of his cock begin to penetrate my asshole. Luckily for me Hiro’s cock was significantly smaller than Rod’s so even though it was uncomfortable, I was able to take Hiro’s cock in my ass even without a lube. That prick Hiro started to pump my ass now. The tops of my thighs were banging against the edge of the table with every thrust from Hiro. I hated him for doing this but I also knew that he knew that the entire humiliating situation was a huge turn on for me. Hiro had seen me in situations like this more than a few times when we were lovers. Hiro enjoyed playing the part of the cuckold lover and taking photos and videos of me with another man. I had to admit that I enjoyed it and Hiro always enjoyed being the spectator seeing me getting fucked.

Hiro also knew that I was heavily conflicted about this. I could not deny that there was something about getting fucked by another man in front of my lover that just made my pussy flood. Maybe because it was “bad” or forbidden or socially unacceptable, this taboo act just seemed more enticing. The illicit nature of the act just made it more exciting to me. This crazy mixture of excitement, shame, humiliation and forbidden fruit never failed to get me super-excited which almost always resulted in me cumming really really quickly. In fact, I could already feel the wave building. In my weaker moments I sometimes felt like such a slut. Why did I get so turned on by being put into a compromising situation? Why did I enjoy this when most people would say this was bad and immoral? Was I really a “bad” girl? These questions really bothered me when I was younger. In recent years I had found a way to quiet those demons in my head.

I was going to cum soon and I also knew that Hiro would likely cum soon. He never did last very long.

“Ready Sethy? I’m going to fill your ass with my jizz! You always liked that!”

Hiro was such a shit. He knew I was always excited by talk like this. Oh fuck! I was cumming now but I didn’t want to show it. I hoped that Hiro wouldn’t feel my deluge of juices. I was lucky. Hiro grunted and pumped a couple of times and came. That bastard. At least he didn’t cum in my pussy, and I don’t think he realized that I came about the same time.

The next thing I knew I felt a hand grab my hair and pull me head towards Hiro’s now flaccid cock. It was Hiro. “OK Sethy, use that lovely mouth and tongue and clean my cock. Grandpa, take a look and remember the next time that you kiss her that her mouth was sucking my sperm off my cock after it was in her ass.”

There was nothing else I could do. I sucked Hiro’s cock clean.

“Good girl Sethy. You are still the whore I knew you are”. Hiro zipped up and turned towards Rod. “Well, Grandpa, we have to go now. It’s been fun. Sorry we cannot stay longer. Yasuo, you can get those cuffs back from Grandpa now.”
Yasuo unlocked the cuffs and took them off of Rod’s wrists. As the three men were walking towards the door, Rod took a step and punched Hiro on the side of his face. Uh-oh, that was the wrong thing to do. Hiro’s two men quickly grabbed Rod and held him while Hiro punched Rod hard in the stomach and on his face. Rod took a bad beating and on Hiro’s cue the men released Rod who fell to the floor. Hiro kicked Rod hard in the ribs, then walked towards the door. “Grandpa, any more shit from you and I will have you arrested and put on the first plane out of here.” The door closed and the three men were gone.

I went over to Rod and helped him up off the floor. He looked awful. He had two big red whelps on his face, his left eye was swollen and his bottom lip was cut and bleeding. He looked at me with his good right eye, “Are you OK dear?” he asked and broke into a little smile.

“Oh Rod, I’m fine. How are you? Hiro beat you savagely!” I said.

“Oh, it’s nothing that a few days rest and some TLC cannot cure. Don’t worry about Hiro dear. What goes around comes around and Hiro will get his.” Rod responded.

To be continued.

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