Mart 22, 2021

Serving Gina Ch. 02

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It was ten days later when I was sitting home on a Monday night and the phone rang. It wasn’t quite late, around ten, but still rather late for most of my friends to be calling. I answered with my customary hello and I recognized her husky alto immediately, “Come to me now.”

There was no hesitation in my reply, “yes, Mistress.”

I tore into my bedroom and slipped in to my slinkiest, tightest, most beguiling tight little black dress, grabbed my purse and ran down to the lobby, hailing a cab. I was at her place in no time and she quickly buzzed me up. When I entered her loft, she was no where in sight but I knew the drill and immediately removed my clothing and knelt on the throw rug set upon the floor by the door.

She appeared without a sound, wearing the same silky robe as last time. I kept my eyes down, in awe of her beauty and power. She crossed to me, one finger on my chin lifting it, and murmured, “Turn and place yourself on all fours, thighs spread, head low.”

I did as instructed in a neat, fast yet graceful movement, exposing my own clean shaven cunt to her eyes as I tucked my head low to the floor. She was quiet for a few moments and all I could hear in the cavernous antalya escort room was our breathing. Then I felt her touch my moist cunt lips and I shivered with delight.

“You are hungry for me, sweet?” she asked unnecessarily as I whispered my positive response. “I am pleased.”

Shortly, I felt a cool cloth rolling across my face. She secured it about my eyes, blindfolding me.

I felt her finger slip inside me once more and I couldn’t stop myself from moaning. It was quickly removed and replaced with something thick, hard and plastic. She pushed it inside me quickly, her hands holding my hips in place as she rammed the dildo deep inside my wetness. I screamed with pleasure as her hips begin to rock against me and the strap-on she was wearing began to fuck me with sweet deliciousness. Faster and harder she pushed in and pulled out, fucking me brutally with the plastic strap on and yet I was enjoying every minute of it. She was using me, taking me, filling me and I could not get enough. Soon, I began to moan louder and my hips pushed back to meet her thrusts as she drove my hot wet cunt to the brink of ecstasy.

So delicious, I had never felt so full, so completely fethiye escort well fucked. She kept hammering into me again and again, my body rocking back and forth upon the cool tiled floor as she drove into me. Each thrust seemed deeper, harder. But I loved it and I never wanted it to end. Yet I felt myself drawing closer and closer to my orgasm and finally it exploded, wave after wave floated through every nerve ending in my body as my cunt spasmed around the strap on and my fluids coated it thoroughly.

Slowly, softly, my body drifted back to Earth from the heavenly peaks Gina had driven it to. I felt her slip the strap on from my well used cunt. She pulled my body up into a kneel and wrapped a rope around my wrists, securing my arms tightly behind my back. Still blindfolded, she stepped around to the front of my body until I felt the wet strap on pressing against my mouth. I parted my lips and she quickly pushed the slick plastic past them and over my tongue into my throat. Her hands grasped my head as she filled my mouth, my eyes covered, my hands secured, I had no choice. I was her prisoner. But I was glad of it.

She pushed the entire length kaş escort of the strap on into my mouth until it began to fill my throat. I gagged a bit and then she began to move her hips back. I breathed a sigh of relief as the plastic cleared my throat but it was short lived as she pushed it back in again. She continued this thrusting pattern much like she had fucked my cunt, only this time she was fucking my mouth. I could taste my pleasure on the plastic but the sour taste of the rubber overwhelmed it. I gagged and choked repeatedly as she used the strap on to fuck my mouth and throat but she did not desist. She continued on, over and over again, until my throat was raw and tears of pain began to fill my eyes.

Then suddenly, it was gone. She pulled it from my mouth and I heard the faint whisper of her silk robe as she moved about the large room. Her hands slid down my back to untie my hands as she bent and breathed into my ear, “You may go.”

I was tired and sore and a little shocked therefore I did not reply. Rather, my hands moved to the blindfold, quickly removing it as I stood. I looked about the entryway and I was alone. She had vanished into thin air once more.

I suppose I should have felt used or ashamed but instead I sighed in pure bliss as I dressed, knowing I had never been so well used before and wondered if I would be again. As I stepped out the door of Gina’s loft, a smile lit up my face. And I slept like a baby that night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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