Nisan 14, 2021

Serendipity Ch. 08

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: Serendipity – Vegas here I come

Many thanks go to RF-Fast for his editing and suggestions that enhanced the story. Any bad grammar left is wholly on me and my artistic style.

LEGALESE: Don’t read this if you are underage, if it is illegal in your area, if it is offensive to you, or if you cannot distinguish fiction from reality. This is a work of fiction. All characters active are 18 years of age or older.

Copyright (c) 2014 by Acup


I remember Mickey getting up to leave in the morning, I just went back to sleep. But then I woke up with a warm body cuddled up behind me and a hand massaging my cock to hardness. It’s been a while since I experienced waking up like this. Then it started coming back to me, what Mickey had done… but there were hard nipples in my back not big soft lumps. This wasn’t Mickey, it was “my little chocolate pixie!”

“Why do you call me that?”

“Because it suits you and it makes you smile. Even in the dark I can tell you’re smiling,” feeling the heat of her shaved mound against my ass.

“Well I’m going to be doing more than smiling mister.”, as she pushed me on my back and mounted me. “I’ve been thinking about this all night.” As she sank down on me. “Ohhh yes, fill my pussy!” she was small enough to have to work me in to herself, groaning as I bottomed out in her as her clit settled into my pubic hair. I’m still not the best morning person, but who can complain to waking up as the day is just starting to get light, watching my little chocolate pixie bouncing away on top of me, those small mounds jiggling with every move. She started cumming little ones almost right away, little spasms of her pussy traveling up and down my cock. “Come on Danny, I’m going to walk around all day with your cum in me. Fill me up the way you fill my throat! Fill my pussy so I can strap my plug in and keep you with me all day.” Then she clamped down even tighter on my cock.

That did it for me, the thought of Nicole walking around all day with a plug and my load in her chocolate pussy was too much. I started shooting like I hadn’t cum in months.

“Oh yeah, fill me up lover boy. Fuck that pussy that’s been waiting for you.” I grabbed her hips and did my best to fill that tight little pussy, feeling her tremble in my hands and on my cock. I tried to lift her off a bit to get a deep stroke in her, but that tight pussy was having none of it. I could lift her a bit, but anything more than getting half way out and her pussy just wouldn’t let go… almost like she was trying to milk every last drop of cum out of my aching cock. When I finally finished she collapsed on top of me, while doing her best to keep me in her and semi hard, flexing her pussy around my cock and her hard nipples planted in my chest. “I’ve been needing that for a while.” She reached up and grabbed a plug off the headboard, scooted forward a little until I was just barely in her, then quickly put the plug in as she slid off of me the last little bit. I was about to lean forward for a nibble on those same nipples above my lips, when she did something that surprised me. She turned around and swallowed me whole again after I had just come in her pussy. “Had to get the last drop,” she said matter-of-fact as she licked her lips. “You know we are pretty good together!” and she hopped back up and headed for her room holding the plug in.

I did manage to make it out of bed and stumble into the bathroom and into the shower. After sufficient time to get with the living, I got out to dry off and saw Nicole standing in front of the mirror doing her hair. That wasn’t the part that got my attention, the part that got my attention was that she was wearing a white garter belt with the clips on the edges of that pink plug to hold it in. The whole arrangement standing out against her chocolate skin until it looked like it was glowing.

“What?” You’re not the only one that can think outside the box!”

I just shook my head, hung up my towel, and went back to my room. Just then the phone rang. It was Bob the software guy I had talked with. “Hey Danny, glad you called. We’re still interested. You mind coming out to Vegas to talk?”

“No, I don’t mind coming out to Vegas,” I said as Nicole’s head popped through the door. “I’m not sure what flight I would be taking or when though?” With that Nicole dropped to her knees in front of me, reaching up to cup my balls and stroke my soft cock.

“Don’t worry about that, just be up near the north end of the terminal Monday and I’ll meet you there.” Nicole swallowed me down and started giving me a blow job trying to get me hard again while I was on the phone! “and if you want you can bring your girlfriend along.”

I just about dropped the phone. “OK, I’ll let the girlfriend know we’re heading to Vegas Monday. See you then.” I managed to set the phone down and grab the top of Nicole’s head before I popped off a second time, I was amazed at cumming in her so quickly, barely more than firm but kartal escort shooting off in that little chocolate pixie does something to me..

“Now that’s the way to go to work, a load in either end! So who are you taking to Vegas?” she asked licking a stray dribble from her lips like a cat getting the last of the cream.

“I was hoping my little chocolate pixie?” cupping her chin and raising my eyebrows.

“I think I could arrange that, I’ve got a few vacation days coming.”

“I’ll see you at work.” as she jumped up, grabbed a little tube dress that did nothing to hide her nipples, slipped on her low heels, and ran out the door. the image of her running around in not only something that skimpy, but knowing she had my load and a plug in her pussy almost made me want to run out the door after her and drag her back in for another round… but I’d have to get dressed first.

When I got to work I went in to see Shelly. “Hey Danny, keeping bankers hours are we?” she said with a grin.

“Huh? Well I uh…”

Shelly raised a hand to stop me. “Nothing to worry about, Nicole said that things kinda came to a head but seem to be working out and that you might be a little late this morning. Everything is working out isn’t it?” She got up to close the blinds on her front glass wall and lock her door.

Was it just me or was Shelly hitting on me, wiggling her ass as she went to close the blinds? “Yeah we’re getting all the kinks worked out. My job offer called back and I might need to run out to Vegas the first part of next week, any problem with that?”

“That depends. The mall management up at store number eight is balking about the remodeling we’re doing and is causing problems with the crew. You want to see if you can finger out the problem?” As she walked back over behind her desk, she was bouncing like she was braless and a nice lump of nipple!

OK, did she just say what I think she said, let’s find out. “Well you know how it is with some of these sticky problems. Sometimes you need to take a stick to them, other times it just takes a little lip service.” Let’s see what she does with that one!

Shelly sat back for a moment, reached for a file on her desk, then stood up and leaned over giving me a good look at her braless tits down her top looking me right in the eyes. “This one is probably a lip service problem. I’ve highlighted a few points of interest that may help things along.” As she handed me a copy of the lease with a few things highlighted… I was still looking down her top as her nipples hardened… she didn’t move when I looked up into her eyes and then back down her top before turning to the paperwork she just handed me.

While I was looking at the lease she came around and sat with one cheek on the edge of her desk spreading her legs and making her shorter than usual skirt ride up to give me a good look at her bare pussy, resting her hand on her thigh just below the hem.

I looked at her hand, her pussy, and then up to her eyes. She looked like she was pleading with me. I put my hand on hers. “And you feel this is a problem that needs lip service?”

She slid her hand out from under mine and placed it on top and pulled it right up to her pussy. “I’m told you have special talent with lip service that I haven’t had the privilege of experiencing yet.” At then she placed my fingers IN her pussy, and groaned.

“You’re going to have to be quiet, the receptionist is just on the other side of the glass.” She just nodded and took her phone off the hook. “Now lay back and I’ll see what I can do.” Shelly scooted over, pulled her skirt up enough not to be sitting on it, and then lay back across her desk, putting her feet on the arms of my chair. I lifted and spread her legs for even more access and she grabbed her knees almost involuntarily. I spread her pussy with my fingers and made her squeak when I breathed lightly on her soaking pussy, inhaling the aroma of the delicious dish spread before me. I then started right above her ass and made a slow broad tongue lick from there all the way up to her clit, dipping into her pussy a bit before I got to it, giving it a flick as I finished.


“I hope that’s not your idea of quiet or we’re going to have an audience in here pretty quick.” Shelly reached back and grabbed her jacket from the back of her chair and put it over her face. “Good girl, now I can have fun!” I dived into her pussy with all I had. Alternating between putting my tongue in as far as I could, to sucking and nibbling at her inner lips. Then stopping to suck and nibble on her clit until she was real close.

I’m assuming it was good from all the noises that were escaping her jacket over her face and the way she was mauling her own tits through her top. Time to go for broke. I curled two fingers up into her pussy and pressed little circles on her g-spot as I sucked her clit while flicking the tip with my tongue. JACKPOT!!

Her maltepe escort bayan legs started flailing and then clamped around my head as her pussy flowed enough I almost couldn’t keep up with the flow, then flailing and clamping, followed by more clamping and flailing with some interesting noises coming from under her jacket every time I bit lightly on her clit. When she started showing signs of running out of energy, I backed off, my face soaking from her juices. I let her come down slowly, still playing with her g-spot a bit and then sat back in the chair, looking at one of my favorite sights; a spread, nicely trimmed, and dribbling pussy. Above that a heaving chest with hard nipples doing their best to break free of her top, one hand still cupped under one side giving it a few light squeezes and her pussy quivered in front of me.

God I love my work! I got up and retrieved two towels from the little bathroom off her office. I put one on her chair behind her desk and used the other to wipe us down a little before helping her up off the desk and back around to her chair. Of course I wasn’t very through with my face, I wanted a bit of an aroma of pussy if I could get away with it.

“Damn Danny! Why didn’t I get some of that before?” she gasped, managing to lean back, tits and nipples still rising and falling with each deep breath, making no move to close her splayed legs or lower her skirt bunched around her waist.

“Probably because you are my boss, but I have a feeling that is about to change?” I reached down and cupped a braless tit through her top, rolling her nipple between my fingers while giving her a kiss that probably tasted a bit of her own pussy. She moaned into my kiss and cupped my hand with hers, encouraging me to keep squeezing.

“Damn, can’t slip anything by you.” She had to stop for a few breaths and a long drink of water and to put her phone back on the hook, still holding my hand to her tit before finally letting it drop and lean forward to her desk. “I got a call late yesterday for a reference on you. I gave you a glowing reference, and told them that I wish we had something to keep you on but a major project was winding up and you had basically worked yourself out of a job you did it so well.”

I sat on the edge of her desk like she did in front of me, my hard cock very obvious in my slacks. “Damn girl, I’d hire me after that!” she smiled up at me, placed her hand over my slacks on my cock and leaned forward a bit, giving me another look down her top at her braless chest.

“Well it’s true. If you had just did the things like the software company had planned you, and unfortunately they, would still be working on things for many months to come. I also told them that.”

“So where do we stand?” I asked putting my hand over hers and smiling down at her.

“Well like I said before, you have vacation and sick time on the books, and that adds up to about a month. And then there’s your completion bonus. The board had a long discussion about how much would be fair. Once we considered how long this project would have taken, how frustrating it would have been, and we would have had to pay full price without your getting the ‘discounts’ for various things they did wrong, we came up with a number.” The whole time she was saying this she was looking up at me looking down her top and massaging my cock.

“Well that number leaves quite a gap depending on how valuable you make my time out to be.”

She smiled, licked her lips, and gave my cock a squeeze again before resuming her stroking me as if this were a normal conversation. “Not just your time. We also calculated in how much time you saved me and Nicole in not having to deal with those idiots. By the way, I put the word out to several other companies that were in the process of dealing with them that they had originally provided as references. Seems the software company is not to happy with us for putting out the word how well our upgrade went when we made them put it on ghost networks to work out the kinks before going live and BEFORE making the incremental payments! You’ve gained a bit of a reputation in the retail software implementation arena.”

“Too bad I couldn’t get a bonus from them as well!” reaching down into her top to grope and squeeze a nice handful.

Shelly gasped and leaned into my hand before continuing. “True, but many of them did want to pass on their thanks, and we have outlined some agreement on some things between our companies that we hadn’t thought of before thanks to you. So in a way they are helping in this.”

“Almost makes me want to stick around.”

“Like I said, if we had a way to do it we would. But since we can’t all we can do is express our thanks.”, and leaned forward to hold her mouth over my cock, letting me feel her breath through the material.

“So where does that leave me?”

She turned her head sideways, still over my cock and smiled before sitting back up, but not enough to dislodge escort pendik my hand from inside her top “Well you have the second to the last remodel finishing up in a day or so, the last one should run around a week, and that problem we were discussing is real on the last one. After that you would be free to go if you need to… but you weren’t asking about that were you?” giving me another squeeze as I rolled her nipple between my fingers, giving it a bit of a pinch this time.

“How did you say it, ‘Damn I can’t slip anything by you can I?'”

Shelly just rolled her eyes and moaned, and from the shiver I think maybe even another little orgasm. “I did say that didn’t I? Well the board came up with a number I think you’ll be pleased with. What do you say we roll your vacation, sick time, and bonus together and give you something equal to… say a little over six months salary? Would that be acceptable?”

“I’m sorry, did you say six months?” I was shocked enough that I looked up into her eyes and evidentially pulled my hand from her tit.

Shelly just grinned and put her hand on her top, pushing my hand back to what it was doing. “Like I said you saved us a lot, and a few of the new contacts with these other companies look to be very lucrative, might work out into some nice relationships in the future…” giving me a nice squeeze when she said ‘relationships’.

“But I’ve only been with you for nine. Are you sure about that number?”

“Danny, it’s just a number, the service is what we look at. And don’t forget bringing Nicole to our attention and helping us uncover what the heifer was doing. That savings and that find will be with us for many years to come I hope. Now go take care of another problem for us while I still have you on the payroll. And don’t forget to stop and say Hi to Nicole on your way out!” she said with a smile as she pulled my hand from her top and released my now aching cock from her grip. “And don’t give her to hard a time, yes she knew about the number, but both she and I lobbied for more.” She stood chest and nipples out, letting her skirt drop a bit cockeyed on her hips, but making no attempt to pull it down the rest of the way to completely cover her pussy, her juices now running down her thighs.

I went by Nicole’s office to say hi, but she was on the phone. I just came up behind her and looked down her top at her nipple rings, “Hmm yellow today!” I whispered in her other ear while she was on the phone. That got me a dirty look and a bit of a slap and pointed at the door for me to leave her alone. I walked to the door and stuck my tongue out at her. She just turned her chair to me and flashed me her plug filled pussy for a second and then turned back to her call as if nothing had happened. Those white garter straps holding it in against her chocolate skin are AMAZING! Almost like directional arrows to the prize!

I drove over to the mall management office while I was thinking about my bonus package. Six months pay all at once would go a long way to making the transition to Vegas. I mean if Shelly’s comments on the reference call were any indication, this looks like it could be something. And for some reason I had one hell of a grin on my face, couldn’t be because I had my bosses juicy pussy on her own desk, and then carrying on a conversation while groping each other… NAAA!

I went into the management office with a copy of the lease, even though I knew what the problem was. I found a lovely young lady in a nice low cut dress showing plenty of cleavage, but after my ‘meeting’ with Shelly and the taste of her pussy still on my lips I just admired the view.

‘I’m here to see Ms. Burroughs about a problem with The Boutique remodel.”

“Ah Ms. Burroughs is no longer with us. Mr. James has taken over that position. I’ll let him know you’re here.” She ducked in one of the back offices, heels clicking and ass wiggling because of them, and came back out a few seconds later with a strange look on her face. “He’ll be with you in a few minutes as soon as he’s finished with a call.” Sitting down quick enough to let her chest bounce once or twice.

“OK.” Only problem was there were no lines lit up on the phone on her desk. So he was one of those that liked to feel important, I’m going to have to take care of that. In a couple of minutes he came out of his office to get me and walk me back to his office. Oh yea, lots of pictures of him and somebody, lost of different somebody’s! He really liked to feel important. I slipped my little tape recorder on the desk behind one of the pictures as he went around to his side of the desk. “I got a message there was a problem with the remodel we were planning. I wasn’t aware of anything that would cause a problem.”

“Well the remodel itself isn’t a problem, but you’re going to exceed the electrical service that currently feeds that unit.”


“I’ve talked with our in house electrician and it will involve pulling a new feed all the way from the service room about five hundred feet down the corridor.”

“I take it that will not be a small undertaking?”

“No, quite expensive. The electrician tells me it will be several thousand dollars just in material, plus the after hours labor for our electrician.”

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