Nisan 14, 2021

Secrets, Fantasies, Lust, , Mischief Ch. 03

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Hey guys. Sorry it’s been So long. Hopefully this short excerpt will hold you over until I can really get into the story. Thanks for your continued support! -Ciao*


It had been about a week since I saw Felicia last. I guess she was pretty occupied with her man-friend. I hadn’t gotten a good look at him yet; just a glance or two from a distance, so I don’t know if he was decent looking or not. But the way she was spending time with him, he had to be Terrell Carter fine! Damn, I need a man bad! Being new to the area, I didn’t know what to do with myself or where to go. It didn’t help that Felicia was the only person I knew either. I decided to get out on my own and do some discovering instead of sitting in the house like a grounded teenager. I liked to drive until I got lost, and then I’d use my Sat Nav to find my way back home; that’s how you find all the best places, and I was up for a drive since I had so much time on my hands. Since I didn’t work weekends, I thought today would be perfect to do it. It was Saturday morning, so I had an entire day to discover my surroundings.

I hopped in the shower for a quick wash, and was out within 10 minutes. I threw my wet hair up into a high bun and threw on some coral Victoria’s Secret sweats, a white tank-top and white Aldo diamante sandals. I didn’t feel like putting on any makeup so I just grabbed my NARS Niagara lipstick and topped it off with MAC lip glass in Kumquat; my favorite combination. I went in the kitchen grabbed my tan Aldo hobo bag that was sitting on the island countertop and poured some fresh coffee in my Starbucks thermos. I grabbed my keys and my I-Pod and was out the door. I began walking to my off-white Range Rover, and thought I saw something out of the corner of my eye.

You know that eerie feeling you get when you feel someone staring at you? Well, that’s exactly what I was feeling, and I felt it coming from Felicia’s house. I was parked on the street instead of my driveway like I usually was, so I had a clear view of the front of her house. The thing is, when I looked up toward her front escort bostancı left window, I saw one section of the blinds suddenly flick close. What the fuck?! I knew I wasn’t crazy and I knew I felt someone watching me. But why was she watching me, and why didn’t she come outside to say hi? I shook the feeling and continued toward the other side of my SUV to the driver’s side door.

I placed my coffee in the cup holder and threw the rest of my stuff on the passenger seat. I took my I-Pod and placed it on the jack and searched for You vs Them by Jhene Aiko. “This is my shit!” I began swaying back and forth while putting my seatbelt on and singing at the same time. After I was settled in and comfortable, I took off to have an adventure in the city.


I think she saw me! Or maybe she didn’t… Man I need to be more careful. I can’t let her know that I’m checking for her. I won’t lie either; she was looking fly as hell just now. She was making my dick hard when she was walking to the car. I wish she hadn’t turned around and looked toward my way, because I could stare at her all day! The crazy thing is, though, she look mad familiar. Not the familiar like you know someone that looks like someone; I’m talking about familiar like déjà vu, like it’s on then tip of my tongue of where I’ve seen her or where I know her from.

“Xavier! Xavier!” Damn, what the fuck this bitch want? I pretended that I couldn’t hear her. I was listening to Snoop Dogg Ups and Downs so I turned the shit up louder to drown her annoying ass out. I sat back down on the couch and relit my blunt.


I know this fool hears me calling him. Ugh I can’t stand it when he ignores me! And what the f¦ I know I do not smell what I think I smell! I ran out to the living room, and just as I expected, “What in the hell do you think you’re doing? You know I don’t allow that shit in my house!”

Smacking his lips, “Com’on ma, chill out. I think you need a hit.”-laughing

“You think this shit is funny Xavier? You know what? You can either-” I walked to the stereo ümraniye escort to turn the loud ass music down, “You can either put that shit out right now or leave! You choose!”

“Damn, you know how to blow a fuckin high! I’ll put the shit out then. Now do me a favor and take that big long ass stick out yo ass!”


I knew how to calm her dumb ass down. I put out my blunt, stood up, and walked over to her. She had a mean mug on her face, but once I was standing in front of her, she had another look, and I knew it all to well, “Turn that ass around!”

“Xavier, I don’t have time for this!”

I turn her around myself and took her hair and shifted it over her right shoulder. I tilted her head to the right and began licking her neck slowly. I knew she couldn’t resist. Even though she annoys the fuck out of me, she was still sexy as hell, and after seeing her girl Nik, I just had to have some pussy.

“You know you my queen, right?” I lied. This bitch had the nerve to hit me with a “hmm.” What the fuck ever! I don’t need to hear her big ass mouth anyway; I just need to bust a nut real quick so I can be out.

She was wearing these little ass booty shorts that were made out of a really thin cotton material and every time she moved even an inch, her ass would jiggle. I turned around and made my way over to the couch to sit down.

Felicia turned around confused, “I thought you w-“.

“Come stand in the middle of the floor.” I demanded. She slowly walked to where I pointed and stood there waiting for my next instructions.

“Turn around for me.” Smiling she did what she was told. I grabbed the speaker remote and changed the CD to Plies and played Get You Wet.

“Dance for me Felicia.”

She bent over and arched her back as hard as she could and it made her shorts ride up the middle of her ass. I instantly got a hard on because the fabric of her shorts got so tight that it hugged her pussy making it stick out.

She began to do a sexy ass grind, winding her hips slowly in a circle while she was still bent over. kartal escort bayan You could see the slit in-between those fat lips. She was grinding so hard that the movements were making her pussy lips protrude out the sides of her shorts, making it hard for me to not grab my dick and stroke it up and down. I walked over to her and grabbed her by her hips and brought her over to where I was sitting down.

I bent her over again and crept her shorts slowly down over her ass and spread her cheeks open to get better access to her pussy. Face to face with this beautiful site had my mouth watering bad; I just had to taste her! I saw a little of her pink slit and it had a dribble of white juices flowing down the middle; she was turned on just as much as I was. I pulled her hips close to me and made one long swipe from her clit all the way up to her ass, “Oh baby!” She jumped forward a little, but came back for more. This time, I took her thick clit and sucked it in and out of my mouth making her moan louder. Her knees buckled and I smiled

“Let’s go in the room.” I took her hand and guided her to the back room and laid her down on her back. I spread her legs as far apart as they would go and I took my middle finger and guided it between her slippery wet lips. I found her g-spot and began to stroke my thick long finger in and out against her sensitive area and watched her as she arched her back, making her hardened nipples point toward the ceiling. “Fuck Xavier! Fuck me baby! I need you so bad!”

I began to finger fuck her faster and began to flick her clit with the tip of my tongue. I knew she was on the verge of cumming because I felt her clit grow bigger and protrude out more and more. She began to pant so I knew she was close. I went from a flicking motion to a fast sucking motion and banged her harder with my finger, putting more pressure on her g-spot by pushing my finger up. Her legs began to shake and her pussy started to contract, closing tight around my finger and releasing it over and over in a rhythmic motion that could only be caused by an orgasm. She released all over the sheets and in my mouth and began to tremble, and then she passed out.

You have got to be kidding me! I made her cum so hard that I instantly put her to sleep. Although that wasn’t my intention, I patted myself on the back for a job well done.

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