Nisan 14, 2021

Sean’s Encounter

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Chapter 1

Getting out of his car, Sean was glad to finally get home. It had been a hectic day at work. The cruisers air conditioner had been on the blitz and all the wanted to do was get into the cool confines of his home and relax.

Opening the door to his apartment, he instantly realized that someone else was in the apartment, but who could it be? His parents lived in New Hampshire, and from their conversation last night, they had not planned a visit. He didn’t have any female companions living close by, and the only one he was interested in lived in North Carolina, and from their communication on the internet she didn’t mention coming to Florida anytime soon.

Slipping quietly down the hall, he peeked into the bathroom. Through the steam he could see that the invader was female. Spotting a duffel bag on the floor he reached inside and grabbed the ID. Gasping he realized it was Christy, the woman from North Carolina.

Slipping into the bathroom he quietly removed his clothes. He didn’t wanna startle her, but surely she was gonna pay for surprising him like this. Reaching for the door he carefully slid it open and stepped in behind her.

Chapter 2

As soon as the door slid open Christy knew she was caught. Flipping around she squealed as Sean reached for her. Blushing crimson red she told him that he wasn’t playing fair, she was suppose to surprise him, not the other way around.

Sean kissed her lightly and told her that trespassers always bostancı escort bayan get caught

and that she was gonna have to pay. Acting innocent Christy batted her eyes and said officer, what is gonna be my punishment?

Going down on his knees Sean said first I’ll start with a body search. Since you’ve been nice enough to remove the clothes ahead of time, I’ll start my search here. Spreading her legs a little he takes his fingers and spreads the lips apart and takes his tongue stroking her labia. Glancing into her eyes he says, “Hmm.. what do we have here?”

Taking a finger he slowly, methodically inserts it gently into Christy’s body, making her quiver. Sean then inserts another finger and turns them to where he can reach her G-spot. Continuing to lick and suck on her lips while stroking her inside he bring Christy to a shattering orgasm.

Standing up Sean picks Christy up and places her against the wall, telling her that he has to do a much deeper search. Kissing her deeply he rubs his shaft against her nub making her squirm. Wrapping her legs around Sean, he slowly starts to fuck Christy. The water pelting down onto Sean’s back entices him more. Their bodies speed up as Sean joins Christy in her second orgasm.

Chapter 3

Once Christy is able to stand on her own, They both rinse themselves off and turn off the already cooling water. Stepping out of the shower Sean hands Christy a towel. Quickly drying off Sean wraps the towel ümraniye escort around his waist and helps Christy dry off. Grabbing Christy’s hand he pulls her into the bedroom.

Pulling back the sheets Sean sits down on the bed. Pulling Christy on his lap facing him they start kissing. This is the type of kiss that seems to reach the core of your being. Its like nothing ever seemed to exist till that moment in time. Regaining her composure, Christy pulls back and stands up. Going to her knees she takes Sean’s shaft between her hands slowly massaging it. Then she takes his balls and kneads it in her palm while she licks the length of his shaft, before enveloping it inside her mouth. Sean grabbed the edge of the bed.

Man, Christy was driving him wild. He didn’t wanna lose it too fast, so he was really trying to pace his mind and enjoy the way she was lavishing him with her tongue. Looking into his eyes, Christy could tell he was barely holding on. Slowing down the pace she took her time kissing the head and licking the juice flowing from his shaft. Once he regained his composure, Christy worked him back into her mouth, deep throating him.

Chapter 4

Without warning, Sean reached down and pulled Christy up to him. He would not last another minute, and he wanted to make this night last unto they both collapsed with exhaustion. Laying her back on the bed, he winked at her and told her for being naughty he was gonna have to handcuff her. Giggling Christy escort kartal batted her eyes and told him he wasn’t being fair. Reaching into his nightstand he grabbed his handcuffs. Pulling her hands up he fastened the handcuffs to both bedposts, then he pulled her feet apart and fastened them to the straps at the foot of the bed.

Slipping between her thighs he started off by sucking on one of her gorgeous tits. kneading the other so it would get attention also. Moaning Christy tried to grab Sean’s head, but the cuffs prevented it. Kissing his way down to her belly, he paid special attention to her navel. Slowly Sean worked his way to the inner part of her thighs kissing them and teasing her with a few licks here and there. Christy was going crazy with desire. Sean would tease her with a lick then blow on her bud just enough to make her nub swell. Laughing Sean looked at her and told her that she was really getting wet. When he went back down between her thighs, he starting sucking on her nub. Christy started writhing around on the bed. Taking a finger he pushed it inside her teasing her inside, till he worked in two more fingers.

Working them in and out he upped the pace and watched her face. She was really trying to keep control. She was obviously wanting to make it last. Difference was he wasn’t gonna let her keep control. Placing his lips back over her labia he started sucking till she almost lost it. Removing his fingers she groaned with need. Raising her legs over his shoulder he put his tongue deep inside her, causing her to buck. Tongue fucking her for a few minutes he went back to sucking her labia, nibbling a little. Feeling her throb, Sean knew she was about to lose it when he latched on her nub sending her over the edge.

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