Nisan 14, 2021

Scott Gets Some Candy

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Surrounded by their friends, their eyes locked together. For a split second, all they saw was each other. He saw her golden hair shining in the moonlight framing her fair skinned face. She saw his strong jaw line and mysterious smile gazing in her direction. The reverie came to a screeching halt when she also noticed his wife next to him, smiling and chatting away with their friends.

Candace slowly turned and walked away. She smiled to herself because she knew it wouldn’t be long until she was finally alone with Scott. She only hoped it would be soon. She was aching with desire, she wanted him more than anything else in the world. Candace longed to feel his soft skin against hers, to feel his heart beat quicken, to feel his hands caress her all over.

Amidst the slew of people, Candace found a few good friends sitting around a table talking about something pointless. Politics most likely, not her strong suit, but not her weakest either. She set her beer down and partook of the conversation. There were several girls she didn’t know sitting at the table and assumed they were more of Scott’s friends, since they were at his house after all. Candace strained to hear their conversation as one girl leaned to another and whispered “That’s her, she’s the one he’s been cheating on Savannah with.”

Candace froze after hearing that. Did everyone really know? How did they figure out is was her? They had always been so discrete when they got together, all except maybe one time when they had a lapse in judgment and decided to be exhibitionists at the beach. Candace quickly excused herself from the table and headed towards the rest room. Her cheeks were burning red and she only hoped no one had noticed her embarrassment. The door was locked, someone was obviously trying to make her suffer without escape from the vicious females and their rumor filled mouths. The light clicked off and the door swung open. There stood Scott.

Her heart leaped into her throat, she wanted to grab him and wrestle him into the bathroom, she didn’t care who was looking. “I need you soon, baby,” she whispered into his ear as he started to walk by her.

Quietly he replied, “Don’t worry, Candy, soon. Just give me some time to get rid of her then we can spend all night together. I need you just as bad as you need me.” He turned and walked away.

Minutes felt like hours as she ached for him. No one else would ever compare to Scott, ever. He was her favorite release of all time, somehow he always made her feel like she was on top of the world. One night with him and she would be smiling the rest of the week despite anything else. She milled around the party, trying to seem social. She grabbed another beer from the makeshift bar he had setup in the kitchen, she would need it if she ran into Savannah again. The uptight lawyer looked like she would be as fun in bed as a box of rocks, she never did understand why Scott would marry such a woman. Candace found herself outside again, standing in a circle with Scott and Savannah. The conversation was boring, but she took the opportunity the minute Savannah walked back into the house to grab a drink. Making sure no one could see, Candace reached down and grabbed Scott’s package. She smiled that coy little smile of hers as she felt him stiffen in her hand. He stared at her, wishing he could just throw her down on the bench and fuck her until she screamed. He knew neither of them felt like waiting much longer for their release, and he was desperately trying to find a reason for them to wander off alone together.

Then Savannah gave them the perfect opportunity. “Scott, dear, can you go run to the store and pick up some more cranberry juice, we’re all out and you know how much I like my cranberry and vodkas,” she said to him. He nodded to her and plucked his keys out of his pants pocket.

“I need to go pick up a pack of cigarettes, mind if I ride with you?” Candace asked him as she grinned a big stupid smile.

“No problem, hop in,” he said and gestured bostancı escort bayan to his truck. He pressed the unlock button and instantly, they both hopped in. She barely waited until they had pulled around the corner before she undid his zipper and had hold of his beautiful cock. “Oh fuck baby, I’ve missed you!” he moaned as Candace began to lick around the head of his cock and stroke his shaft with her free hand.

She looked up at him, the head of his penis still in her mouth. He loved that sight, he loved the lust filled look in her eye when she would look up at him like that. She quickened the pace and soon he almost forgot where he was supposed to be driving too. “Ease up, Candy, or we’re never gonna make it to the store!” he said. Candy sat back up and pouted.

“But I’ve been waiting all night for you. Do you have any idea how hard it is to watch that mink pelt wearing bitch sling her arm around you like you’re her latest pool boy?” Candace said slightly angrily.

“She’s my wife! What am I supposed to do?” he asked helplessly.

“I don’t know, divorce her maybe? I’ll never understand why you put a ring on that wench’s finger to begin with.”

“You know its not that simple. She’s a damn good lawyer, and what am I? I’m a damn carpenter. I put cabinets in rich people’s houses. Rich people like her!” he said in exasperation.

“I’m sorry baby, I know its rough for you. We’ll get through this, and you know I’ll be here for you ever step of the way,” Candy said apologetically. “So what store are we going to for the damn juice?” she asked.

“We aren’t going to any damn store. You think its a coincidence that we ran out of something? Back of my truck there’s two bottles of the stuff, I took ’em out of the house earlier knowing she would make me leave to go get more.”

Candace began to laugh. “Damn, you’re almost as devious as I am!” she exclaimed and pretended to hit him in the arm.

“The question is more like, What dark place are we going to go park at and have some fun?” he said. He glanced over at her, seeing the lust in her eyes he quickly scanned out ahead for an empty parking lot or something of the sort. His hand reached over and slid down her skirt. He always loved when she wore skirts or shorts, always easier access for him, especially while he was trying to drive with one hand and please her with the other.

Immediately his fingers found her clit and slowly started circling the small bundle of nerves. A sigh escaped her lips as she tilted her back against the seat. “Please babe, find somewhere to park,” she begged. Her eyes half closed and those pretty red lips of hers slightly parted.

Up ahead he saw the parking lot for an old warehouse that was closed down. He turned off the main road and down the feeder road until he got to the lot. He found the most secluded area with a few trees near it for coverage and threw the truck into park.

It was a race to disrobe the fastest, and she definitely won. She climbed quickly into the back seat of the vehicle, knowing they didn’t have a minute to waste. She knew they had to be back within a reasonably timely fashion or the suspicions would be confirmed- everyone would know she was the tramp sleeping with the married man.

Slowly he started sucking on her nipple, the metal barbell clicked against his teeth as he played with it. She was already moaning and twisting around in the back of the truck. “I need you now baby!” she moaned into his ear. “Please, take me. Anyway you want, just take me!”

He sat down in the seat and pulled her on top of him. She eased herself down into his waiting shaft. Her pussy lips glistening with moisture, slowly parted to allow him inside of her. She went all the way down to the hilt before stopping to catch her breath. Scott always made her seem so full, sometimes it took a minute for her to get used to him again. He let out a long moan and she ground her hips down on his.

“You feel so good, baby. I can’t ümraniye escort believe we waited this long,” she whispered to him. She began to move back and forth on his cock, just the way he liked it. His hand reached up from her hips and started to play with her clit. The stimulation was too much for her and immediately she started to buck her hips up and down, desperately trying to cum. Her ass cheeks slapped against his legs and she bounced faster and faster, gasping for air as she got closer. His other hand was now pinching her tiny little pierced nipples, gently tugging on them, twisting them, trying to help her get off.

The first orgasm flooded through her body. She moaned loudly and scratched him lightly down his chest. Instantly, he grabbed her by the back of the hair, pulled her off of him, and forced her to swing around so she was now kneeling on the seat and he was kneeling behind her. Her cute little ass was now in front of him as she continued to moan and writhe from her first orgasm. He reached down and stuck a finger in her to get it wet. Quickly he rammed his cock back inside of her and took his glistening wet finger and held it to the ring of her asshole. She gasped and stopped for a second.

“I won’t do it if you don’t want me to, baby” he said to her. He kept a light pressure against her hole and continued to plunge his dick in and out of her tight pussy.

“Its okay baby, do whatever you want. You know I’ll like it,” she said back while she struggled to get her breath. She wished they had all night to be together, but they had a half hour at best. At least until his wife went to sleep, then there might be some time for round two.

He stuck his index finger inside her ass. It squeezed his finger tightly and he wasn’t sure if he would be able to resist fucking her tight little asshole. He saw her hand reach up and start playing with her clit. The need to cum was overtaking her, if he had a shot at the backdoor, now was the time. He eased back until the head of his cock was all the way out of her. She stopped and looked back to see what was wrong. “Don’t worry baby, I’ll be gentle,” he said as he lined the head of his dick up with the opening of her asshole. He slowly started to ease into her, being very careful not to hurt her.

She whimpered slightly but when asked if he should stop, she violently shook her head no. “Its a good pain?” he asked her, she shook her head ‘yes’. He took hold of her hips and began pumping in and out of her. She continued to play with her clit, trying to cum again before he did. He grabbed her hair and twisted it around his fist. “You like it, bitch? You like my cock in your ass?” he hissed at her. It always made her wild when he talked like that in bed.

“I- love- your- cock- in- my- ass,” she gasped in between thrusts. He yanked her head back so he could look into her eyes. As soon as he did so, her body began to shake violently with the surge of her next orgasm. She planned on riding this one out for a while, knowing it might be her last for a long time. He slowly let out a guttural moan, she could tell he was close. She loved when they would both cum at the same time, nothing pleased her more.

“Tell me its mine,” he demanded. “Tell me who this beautiful ass belongs to,” he whispered into her ear as he smacked her ass. She moaned loudly in response to the sudden assault on her pale flesh. “That wasn’t an answer, tell me this all belongs to me,” he whispered in her ear, sending shivers down her spine all the way to the now stinging flesh of her ass

“It’s yours, Scott, all yours, I am yours,” she moaned as he continued thrusting. Her fingers on her clit had stopped, her hypersensitivity was kicking in and doing the work for her. Scott took his fingertips and dragged them down her back, from her shoulders to her ass, then grabbed her hips tightly and began thrusting faster. “Oh fuck, baby! Oh God yeah!” she gasped as he fucked her ass harder than he ever had before. The pain was almost unbearable, escort kartal except that the pleasure it was bringing her was far too great for her to make him stop.

Still inside of her tight little asshole, he gently grabbed her shoulders, slowed down the pace and lifted her upright so her back was pressed tightly against his chest. She could feel his lungs heaving and his whole body began to stiffen, she knew it wasn’t much longer. His agile fingers massaged her breasts and caressed her stomach and pussy. Then she felt her own muscles start to tense as another orgasm was above to come crashing through her body.

He began to moan deeply, the moans she knew meant the grand finale was coming soon. “You want me to cum in your ass?” he asked her. She shook her head no. “You want me to cum in your mouth?” he asked. Again she shook her head no, while silently smiling to herself. She knew what would put both of them over the edge.

“I want you to cum all over me, baby.” She felt so delightfully dirty after she had said it.

As he was about to blow his load, he slipped his cock out of her ass and immediately began spraying his milky white cum all over her beautiful skin. Feeling the hot sticky liquid all over her back finally put her over the edge and she began to shake, her knees went weak, and she let out several sighs of pleasure. He slipped two fingers into her pussy and instantly hit her g-spot to help her ride this one as long as possible, he knew she deserved it.

Eventually, she collapsed on the back seat of his truck with that dumb smile on her face as he slowly wiped the semen off her back with a spare t-shirt he had in the back of the vehicle. He brushed her hair aside and leaned down to kiss her neck, pausing for a second to nibble at her fair skin a little.

She looked up at him and smiled. Her face was glowing with adoration for her “friend”, the one who was always there when she needed him. She sat back up and leaned on his chest as he held one arm around her. The corner of her mouth perked up a bit and a tiny mischievous grin came to her face. She put her head in his lap and ever so gently began to lick and suck away any evidence of their escapade. His eyes immediately closed and his head tilted back as he catalogued this image in his head to remember forever. His beautiful sex kitten, cleaning up their mess.

Their night was quickly dampened when they looked at the clock in the front of the truck, “Shit, we should have been back twenty minutes ago,” he said. Although she knew they had risked a lot by the chances of being caught, she knew it was worth it for both of them. They slowly found their clothing scattered all over the place and managed to get redressed and head down the road. Candy reached into her purse to grab a cigarette.

“Is it okay if I smoke in here tonight?” she asked him, knowing he had just quit less than a year ago.

“Shit baby, after that, light me up one too!” he exclaimed.

She laughed and pretended to lecture him as she lit a marlboro and handed it to him. “I guess I won’t tell your wife about you picking up the cancer sticks again,” she said jokingly.

“I guess you won’t.” His cocky grin make her furrow her eyebrows in hopes of convincing him that she was mad he had called her bluff.

The two rode back to his house, all the while praying like hell everyone else was too drunk to notice the length of their absence.

As they pulled into the driveway she glanced at him then looked out the window into the night. “You know we’re gonna get caught sometime, right?” she hesitantly asked

“Let’s just hope its not tonight,” he replied. She looked over at him, his confidence seemed shaky at that moment, they both knew that their whole worlds could come crashing down at any moment. “Let’s not think about that right now, babe. Let’s just enjoy our secret and whatever happens, happens.”

Scott regained his confidence, reached into the back and grabbed a grocery bag with cranberry juice in it, and got out of the truck. Candy lingered for a moment, having fleeting thoughts of how wonderful it would be to finally bring their relationship out in the open. Quickly she shook her head at the thought. Afterall, half the thrill was knowing they could get caught.

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