Şubat 23, 2021

School of Higher Learning

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I learned a Great deal in High School

My Junior year was one that was a tremendous growth year, it started in World History class. I was in a lecture type of class that had approx. 150 students per class. And so it was easy to sit close to the back and not think about anything, except the body of the teachers assistant. I will call her Sheila for lack of a better choice, the need for anonymity will become obvious soon.

I should say, at this point, that due to some illnesses early in life my schooling started late and therefore I had just turned 18 at the beginning of my junior year.

From the time I first entered the classroom, my eyes would search the room for her. Platinum blonde hair, approximately 5’3” with a tiny frame that probably did not weigh over 118 pounds soaking wet with rocks in her pockets. As the days progressed, I found that she was the mother of one of my classmates, although he and I were never what you would consider friends, I was acquainted with him, and we did speak when we saw each other in the hallways.

My tendancy toward wild living and juvenile delinquency were well known throughout the school, and the use of my fathers stash of adult magazines helped with my sexual education so it was easy for me to enter into a fantasy life that included Sheila.

My grades were failing because I did not attend school most of the time, and World History was a solid F after just a few months into the year. So it was not surprising when Sheila approached me and asked me to stop by after school. I thought she would be giving me a pep talk about doing better and studying harder. Since many of my fantasies had begun with just such an occurrence, when I arrived at the room on the appointed day, my mind was definitely not on school work. She was seated at her desk to the left of the doorway into the lecture hall when I arrived. I entered and she motioned for me to sit down. I should mention that she was a natural platinum blonde. And had the pale almost translucent skin that goes along with that. Wearing a proper while blouse with the top buttons open she looked demurely at me and then turning to face me, gave me a look at her crossed legs. She mentioned that she had been noticing my grades and the fact that I seldom handed in any homework. I shrugged, not really paying too much attention to what she was saying, paying considerably more attention to the legs in front of me. It was with surprise that I drug my attention back to what she was saying…”You need to make up some tests in order to get even a D in this class and I would be willing to help you do that, and to pass the tests if you were interested.” I was not sure what she meant and said so, she smiled and handed me one of the pre-printed tests I had taken earlier. “Take the test for me, and we will see how you do.”

With that I sat at the edge of her desk and proceeded to answer the questions to the best of my ability, they were multiple choice and so I guessed at most of them. At one point she got up from her chair and moved to look over my right shoulder at my paper, Bending over closer in order to see, her blouse opened affording me a view of her small yet attractive cleavage. I looked unashamedly down her blouse as she seemed to not pay any attention to where my eyes were focused. Clucking her tongue at me she said, “You seem to be in need of more help than I thought at first…..have you not been paying attention in class at all?” “No, “ I responded, “his lectures would put a speed freak to sleep, and I have not been here that much either.” Returning to her chair she opened a file drawer and removed an answer key from it, handing it to me, she said. “Miss a few so it doesn’t look obvious.” Just as I was completing the test and had handed the answer key back to her, Mr. James, the head of the World History Dept. walked in. Sheila had just slipped the sheet back in the drawer as he entered. “Hello Stan,” he said, “what brings you after class of all things?” Sheila spoke up first. “He needed to make up a couple of the tests he has missed, and since I needed to be here anyway, I suggested he do it today.” “I didn’t think you were going to be using the office today.” “I wasn’t planning to,” he replied with a bit of annoyance in his tone that I didn’t understand, “I just forgot some papers and had to come back for them.” “How many more tests does Stan have to do?” Sheila appeared to consult a list and said “Three I casino şirketleri believe, should be done by 5:00 or so.” “Very well then, but in the future, I prefer tests to be made up during class time, I thought I had made that clear to you before.” Mr. James was pointed in his statement and it was evident that he was not pleased. “Yes sir, I understand.” Sheila replied to his departing back as he left the building.” “That was too close for comfort,” She said to me after the door had closed behind him, “but I am glad you were here.” She leaned closer in a conspiratory manner and said, “He tends to get a bit fresh if I am here alone.” “ Stan,” she said, “do you know where I live?” “Sure, why?” I replied, thinking maybe a fantasy was about to come true. “I will take a couple more tests and answer keys to my apartment, and you give me about 30 minutes and then come and see me, park up the street and walk so no one sees your car.” “ I can’t risk being caught allowing you to see the answers.” I agreed and within the hour I was seated at her kitchen table.

The two tests she had brought home were quickly completed and we were chatting, she asked me if I drank beer, and I said I did, at which time she offered me one. This being Thursday and a school night, she said I must keep it to one and to enjoy it. “So, Mr. James gets a bit fresh when you are alone?” I asked, and she replied. “Yes, the bald old fart thinks I should sleep with him because his wife won’t.” “At least, that’s the excuse he uses.” “I am not in the least interested.” She said, I smiled and said, “Well you are pretty enough, you should be able to pick and choose who you want to spend time with.” Her eyes really looked into mine for a few seconds before she said. “Thank you, I am glad you think so.” “I Bet you say that to all the girls though.” “Yeah, right,” I replied, “I am so over run with dates, you know, my dad says there are two good looking girls in this town, one is dead and they haven’t found the other one yet. Present company excepted, of course.” I hastily added. “Noted.” she smiled, “You have got to be kidding me, I bet you have a stable full.” “Thanks for the vote of confidence, but I really don’t, I have not had much experience at all, and the experience I had was not all that great.” I said, sipping my beer. “What was so bad about the experience you had?” She asked, seeming interested in me. I was nervous about taking this step, but I figured that If I didn’t try, I couldn’t possibly succeed. “Well, I have never been able to climax with a girl, no matter how long we have sex.” As I said this, I was studying the top of my beer can and wondering if I had over stepped, but this was the fantasy I had about her, and the reply to her question seemed completely natural. It seems that role-playing in sales training, and mental practice both have their basis in fantasy, because my answer to her question was accepted by her quite naturally. “Why is that?” She asked. “I don’t know, I have just never been able to.” I said. “Is it because you are nervous?” She asked. “No I am not nervous.” Then I told her about the time several of my friends and a girl had gotten together and she took all of us on, I was still in her and pumping away when she said that she was tired and wanted to stop. There were some more questions and answers but in the end, I finished my beer and she showed me to the door. Thinking that I had failed at the culmination of my fantasy I drove home and then masturbated when I arrived there to thoughts of her, and the memory of the view of her cleavage.

The following morning, as I arrived for class, she called to me from her office, I stuck my head in the door and she told me that there were still some tests to make up and if I wanted to come to her place after school, we could get them done. I readily agreed and waited impatiently for 3:00 to come.

At 4:00 that afternoon, I was again knocking at her door, my car being dutifully parked down the street from her house. Upon entering I took a seat at the kitchen table where there were test papers, answer keys, and an open beer waiting. She excused herself to go into the other room and I went to work on the papers and the beer, half way through the tests, she came back in and placed another can of beer in front of me. “Not too many beers if you are going to drive.” She said. I had finished the last of the tests and was drinking my third beer when her son came casino firmaları home.

Jeff and I said hello, as I said he and I were acquainted and had not spent much time in school together. Jeff went to his mother gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek. He asked what was for dinner and if she minded if he went to the game. She suggested pizza, and he readily agreed. She then asked if I would like to join them. We suggested perhaps some more bear would be in order, to which she replied let’s go.

As the three of us piled into Sheila’s car, Jeff asked if we could buy extra beer so some friends could come by after the game. With one eyebrow raised as she asked how many friends, to which Jeff replied perhaps five or six. She needn’t have worried however, when the 15 friends arrived they had brought their own refreshments. When 10:00 PM arrived, the game was over, and then there was a fairly loud party going on in their tiny apartment. Sheila slipped her arm through mine and suggested that she and I take a walk as I had had a considerable amount of beer to drink. Looking up into my eyes she smiled and said, I really think this is a good idea. Shrugging my shoulders and acting a bit more intoxicated and I really was I followed her out the door toward the rear of the apartment complex. While I had done it over several hours I had consumed approximately a six-pack of beer. So I was not as under the influence as I appeared, my act was unnecessary as everyone else had consumed quite a bit more than I had and were beginning to find their way out and home.

The laundry room located at the rear of the apartment complex afforded a bit of privacy, Sheila, having not released her grip on my arm, steered me into the laundry room. I went willingly of course, she came into my arms once we were inside and I held her close. I felt her pelvis press against my male hardness as I bent my head down to kiss her lips. During the kiss her hand slipped down in between us and she rubbed my hard cock through my jeans. Breaking our kiss she looked up at me and said, “that feels like it works ok to me.” I said, “that part does, it is when I try to cum that it doesn’t.” We continued to kiss there in the laundry room and she breathed harder and harder as she strained against me. Finally she moved back from me, breathlessly saying, “We can’t get caught doing this.” I had no idea how long we had been gone but as we made our way back to the apartment, we discovered that we were the only ones there. She held her finger to her lips and then went into the hall. She returned and whispered that Jeff was in bed, Sheila then turned her back to me asking me to unzip her.
“Wait here.” She said as she walked across the living room floor slowly swaying her hips and smiling over her shoulder. I sat down on the couch to wait.

She returned soon in a powder blue Baby Doll nightgown and nothing else, I could see just a hint of the pink of her nipples, but as I looked lower I saw the triangle of hair that I had been fantasizing about for several months. Stepping toward me she tilted her head up for a kiss and I let my lips brush hers as I inhaled her scent. My head was spinning and it was not from the beer, my cock ached as it pressed against my zipper, she reached down and stroked it again as we kissed, out tongues fighting each other for control of the same territory, eventually she leaned back and said, “Come with me.”

Her bedroom was a typical apartment bedroom, dominated by a double bed with a dresser to the right of the bed and night stands on either side….the only light in the room coming from the street light outside the window. She turned as we entered the room and stepping around me gently closed the door. “Why don’t you take off your clothes and join me?”

I started removing my clothes, and when I stood up to remove my jeans after having removed my shoes and socks I turned to face her before moving them down over my hips. I am well endowed and the erection I was sporting caused her to take a deep breath and smile. She held out her arms to me and I laid down beside her on the bed. Her baby doll outfit was loose fitting and very sheer, she had small but firm breasts and I had heard that they were more sensitive than large ones, so I decided to experiment…as I kissed her I slid my hand down her side and then back up under her top, caressing her left breast as we kissed, then as we broke the kiss, she said…”Suck my nipples.” güvenilir casino I dutifully did my best to suck and lick each one individually, giving fair attention to each one as she pulled her top off and began to squirm. I kept sucking her and in the process moved between her legs…her moans became louder as I pressed my cock into her center and she gripped my ass with her hands, and drug me into her.

“I get really noisy when I make love and we don’t want to wake Jeff so when I start to get too loud just put your hand over my mouth.” My cock was settling into the depth of her as she said the last, and true to her word, as I began to slide in and out of her slick channel she began to moan, quietly at first and then faster and quite a bit louder. I looked at the clock radio and it said 1:35 AM. As she began to get hotter, she gripped me around the waist with her legs and held on to me tightly. She was grinding up against my pubic bone with her clit and being impaled as she was on my cock, she was able to rock back and forth under me and have one climax after another. I had started kissing her as she began to get more vocal and in between kisses she would beg me to come. “unnnngggghhhhhhk, it feels so big and hot…..ohhhhhhh keep it in me…..are you going to cum yet?” “I want you to fill me with you cum…..ohhhh, fuck me baby, oh I want it, come on and fill me up.” Then she would get louder and I would have to cover her mouth while she came. After one particularly hard climax she put her hands on my shoulders and pushed me up until she could look me in the eyes. “You beautiful, beautiful, man.” “I have never been fucked like this in my life, but I don’t know how much more I can take, I am really tired.” I smiled and told her that we could rest some if she liked and rolling off of her to the side she snuggled up into the crook of my arm and breathed a sigh of contentment.

After a while she reached down and began to play with my cock, which was still hard, and kissing my chest. “Are you ever going to cum for me?” “I don’t know,” I replied, “I have never done that with a woman yet.” “But you can cum by your self, by jacking off?” She asked. “Sure, everything works just fine that way.” I answered. “What will make you cum with me then?” She pressed, and I said “well, maybe if you sucked it.” I could feel her stiffen and she said, “Now that is something I have never done before.” “Well,” I said, “I have never had that done either but it is supposed to feel really good so that might do the trick.” She seemed to consider for a moment and then inched her way down to my cock and holding it up tentatively kissed it with her lips, and then she opened her mouth and lowered over me, her inexperience was apparent, and even though I did not know at the time, there is such a thing as a bad blow job. She tried but she could not bring me to orgasm with her mouth and so I just laid there and reveled in the knowledge that I was in the mouth that my history teacher most wanted…..and grinned real big in the night.

I glanced over at the clock and it was after 3:00 AM when she quit fellating me and straddled me, once again, impaling herself on my hard cock. She began to rock back and forth on my cock as I enjoyed the show, I watched as her face went through all the expressions as she used my body for her own needs. The feeling of her velvety smooth pussy gripping me and stroking me was incredible as she rode me to one climax after another…each time my hand would leave her hip or her breast to cover her mouth as the throes of her climax elicited loud vocalizations….after several of those she collapsed on top of me saying. “Never, never, have I cum so much or had such a great time in bed….thank you.” “You are most welcome, and thank you, I know now what it is like to make love to a real woman, and I will not forget this night.” I said holding her tight. She rolled off of me and I pulled the covers up listening as she fell asleep, then slipping from her bed, I put my clothes on and drove home.

I later learned that the things that were causing my problems were simply focus, more than anything, but it did give me the ability to engage in marathon sex, because, until I want to focus on a climax, I will just stay hard and fuck. That was the first of many experiences of this kind. I found that older women loved a hard cock that would stay that way until they were done with it, and so my teenage years were filled with one adventure after another. My friends mother’s, at least a few of them, got to enjoy it, and I them. But those are other stories. If you liked this vote or send feedback, and I may put pen to paper and submit some of the subsequent adventures. Thanks

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