Nisan 14, 2021

School Girl Charms

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It’s 9:00, Saturday Evening, and I’m on my way to the airport. This will be your first time back home in 4 months. After 17 years of marriage, 4 months is a really long time to be apart. We have both been very lonely, in more ways than one. I’ve decided to make tonight extra special. I definitely have a few tricks up my sleeve that you will not be expecting.

I pull up outside the airport to wait for you. Luckily, it’s late and not very crowded. I see you come out and I honk the horn. You make your way to the van and open the back to put your luggage in. I wait until you walk up the driver’s door and I then open the door and hop down. You are definitely shocked at what you see. You have told me for years that a schoolgirl uniform really turns you on. I decided to wear just that. I have on little black patent shoes with white knee high socks. I have a blue plaid skirt, but mine is just long enough to cover my ass and pussy. I have on the white button up shirt and a loosely tied blue plaid tie to match the skirt. The top buttons on the shirt are undone to just between my breasts, and you can see that I am not wearing a bra. As I hop down out of the van, the wind catches the skirt and blows it up to my waist, revealing my completely shaven pussy and that I am not wearing any panties.

You pull me into your arms and start kissing me very passionately. As we kiss, both of our hands start to explore, a lot. After all, it has been over 4 months!! When we finally separate ourselves from one another, you look in my eyes and tell me how much you’ve missed me. I tell you that I have missed you, too. After a couple more hugs, gropes and kisses, we climb into the van. I tell you to go to long-term parking.

You slyly ask “what for?”

I just smile and say, “You know.”

“You’re not serious?” You shake your head.

“I’m dead serious. Just look at what I’m wearing. Look in the back.”

You turn around and see the middle seats folded down and the back seat covered in a blanket and a bag on the floor. You look at me and your jaw just drops as you realize that I am really serious. You ask, “Are you sure?” I nod, and you pull away from the curb.

You pull into the parking lot and find a spot in the back. You grab my hand and lead me to the back seat. We sit down bostancı escort bayan beside one another and start kissing. It takes no time at all for our hands to start wandering. You finish unbuttoning my shirt. I help you get out of your clothes.

Then, I get down on the floor in front of you and almost inhale your throbbing rock-hard cock into my mouth. You moan with pleasure almost instantly. As I suck hard on the head of your cock, I start stroking the shaft with one hand, and I start squeezing and kneading your balls with the other. I very slowly move my mouth up to the tip. I start to move my tongue in circles around the smooth skin, then I lick my way down the front. Now, as I stroke your shaft with one had, I gently suck one ball into my mouth and then the other. Then I move to your inner thigh and plant a few tender kisses and lick the area between your balls and asshole. Then, I move back up to your waiting cock plunge you deep into my throat. You let out a deep, load guttural sound. Now, I have my hand working your shaft in rhythm with my mouth. At the same time, I am gently kneading your balls with my other hand. Every couple strokes, I slide my mouth down the whole length of your shaft. You love it when I deep throat you and the feeling of your dick moving down my throat quickly starts to push you over the top. Normally, I would stop at this point, but I wanted tonight to be special, so I continue. I keep my mouth and hand sliding vigorously up and down your shaft. I use my tongue and circle the head on every upward motion and lick the shaft as I go down. Now, I feel your cock harden a little and your balls tense up. I can tell that you are very close. I slide my mouth all the way down the length of your cock and suck as hard as I can. I hear a loud groan and feel you push into me more, and then I feel a huge stream of cum blast down my throat.

Now, I climb on top of you and straddle your waist. I lean over and kiss you. You turn us around. So that I am now seated and you are on the floor kneeling in front of me. You lean down and start kissing and licking my thighs. Slowly working your way upwards. You very gently and lightly start to lick the area where the thigh and pussy meet. First one leg, then the other. As you move from ümraniye escort one leg to the other, your face is so close that I fell your breath against my clit. My body trembles, this drives me crazy and you know it. After a few moments, I can’t take it anymore. So, I push you back and tell you I have another surprise for you. I reach into the bag on the floor and pull out some lube and hand it to you. Then, I turn around onto my knees. Now, I am on my knees with my hands on the back of the seat. My ass is directly in front of our face.

You ask me if I’m sure, and when I say yes, you lean down and start kissing my ass cheeks. Then, you gently spread my cheeks apart and I feel your lips touch my hole. I jerk a little and let out a small moan because it feels so good. Then, you start licking aggressive circles all over my little bud. Very softly at first, then with a little more force. By now, I am moaning more loudly and my whole body is trembling from the pleasure. Then, you push your tongue into my ass! It surprises me at first, then my body relaxes as I realize that this feels really good. You continue to tongue fuck my ass harder and faster and I push my ass back against your face as my first orgasm overtakes me. As my body starts to relax a little, I feel the coolness of the lube as you squirt a liberal amount on my hole and start rubbing it around. First, you ever so gently insert one finger and start moving it in and out. As I start to enjoy this, you slip a second finger in and then a third. After a few moments, I am almost ready to cum again. You remove your fingers, and slowly push against my hole. I am extremely horny at this point and I push back against you until you are fully inside me. At this point, my whole body is trembling and I am moaning very loudly. For a moment, you just hold still inside me and let the orgasm take over my body. Then, I push back against you and tell you to bang my ass as hard and fast as you can. You start pounding my ass furiously. I start to scream as another orgasm overtakes me and that pushes you over the edge. Finally, we both collapse onto the car seat.

After just a moment, you slide back down between my legs. You decide you’re going to tease me a little. First, you ever so gently tickle the skin where my thighs escort kartal and pussy meet. Then, you lick my outer lips only at first. You ever so slowly part my pussy lips using only your tongue. Then, you lick from my hole to just below the clit. You circle my pussy with your tongue. Now and then, I feel your tongue slip inside me. I lay my head back and let out soft moans. After the rough pounding of my ass, the soft tenderness feels exhilarating. As your tongue explores my pussy, you feel your cock starting to throb again. At this point, your tongue has been allover my pussy, but you have purposely avoided my clit. This has started to make me a little frustrated and I start to buck my hips towards your wandering tongue. Finally, your tongue makes its first contact with my swollen clit and my whole body starts to tremble again as I let out a loud moan of approval. You slide your tongue over my clit a couple times and then you suck it into you mouth and start to roll it around a little. In no time at all, I am again pushed aver the edge as another orgasm engulfs my body. You continue to suck my clit and push your fingers into my soaked pussy and start to finger fuck me fast and hard. When my orgasm has subsided. I push you away and have you sit down.

I then climb on top of you and straddle your waist with my back to you. I slowly ease myself down onto your waiting cock. We both moan our pleasure. It has been so long since we’ve had each other and it feels so good! I want to make this moment last, so I start slowly moving up and down on your cock. After a moment, I feel your chest press against my back. I feel your arms wrap around me from behind. You start to ever so softly massage my breasts and kiss the back of my neck. Then, your hands slide down my stomach and find their way to my clit. You start rubbing and teasing my clit. As I feel my orgasm approaching, I start riding up and down on your shaft faster and faster. Then, as your orgasm approaches, you grab a hold of my hips and start pounding into me hard and fast. Before we know it, we have both orgasmed together, again.

We fall back into the seat and just lay there for a moment to catch our breath. Then, we clean up and get dressed. As we climb back into the front seats, we realize the van is completely lit up. When we look through the window, we see that the SUV parked in front of us has their lights on. The couple sitting in the front seat is making out pretty heavily. You recognize them from your flight in. It occurs to us, that they have just watched the whole thing!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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