Mayıs 11, 2021

School Days Ch. 04

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Jeff awoke to a pleasurable tingling between his legs. April’s strawberry blonde hair obscured his view, but the feeling was heavenly, her lips sliding along his shaft then taking his sensitive head between them. With excruciating slowness she pressed them down his shaft, her saliva coating his thick rod. More spit leaked from her mouth as she pulled back to the tip, letting his cock fall from her mouth.

Sliding up his body she wrapped her meaty tits around his wet cock, rocking back and forth nuzzling his dick in her cleavage. The hot hard skin of his thick tool felt good against her soft bosom as she increased the pace of her pumping. Jeff met her thrusts, bucking his hips in time with her. “That’s it baby,” she said breathlessly, “fuck my tits. Slide that hard cock between my soft creamy udders.”

“Oh God, April that feels so good,” he moaned.

“I know it does baby. Now come on and give me what I want, you know what I like,” April said as she climbed off him and lay back down on the bed, her head hanging over the edge. Jeff was quickly astride her, pressing his thick cock back into her cleavage. He grabbed her tits and wrapped them around his swollen member, resuming his pumping of her chest.

Her hands covered his as they pressed her breasts tight around his shaft. With practiced hands, he rolled her sensitive nipples between his thumb and forefinger as April squirmed beneath him. He kneaded her tits harder and April knew this was the sign he was on the edge.

“Give it to me, Jeff,” she hissed. “Fuck my tits and blow that creamy white load on me. Spew your hot seed on my neck, gimme my pearl necklace!”

Jeff tensed and the first pulse barely made it out of April’s cleavage. The second erupted onto her neck, coating it with his issue, as the remaining blasts left a trail from her neck to the top of her breasts. He remained astride of her, watching his semen pool in the hollow of her neck until April propped herself up on her elbows and it all streamed down her chest.

Jeff slipped off her and lay back on the bed. April gathered her bag, Jeff’s semen dripping from her chest, and disappeared into the bathroom. Jeff heard the door lock and that struck him as odd as he drifted back to sleep.

The water cascaded over April as she cleaned herself of the morning’s tryst. Her hand slipped between her legs, gently rubbing her steamy pussy. She wasn’t sure if the arousal was from the tit fucking her boyfriend just gave her or her thoughts of the nubile Tina and what she was going to do to her. Either way she decided it would be better if she arrived at Tina’s room already in a state of arousal and reluctantly pulled her hand from between her thighs.

Turning the water off she dried herself and began rummaging through her bag for something to wear. She pulled on a pair of light purple, bikini panties. The simple black bra struggled to hold her big tits. Her jeans slid easily over her satin clad bottom and she admired herself in the mirror as she zipped them up.

Her hair was a mess and she began to blow it dry when Jeff pounded on the door. “Hey there’s other people that might want to get in there you know,” he shouted.

“Fine,” she hollered back, “I’ll finish out there and you can have the bathroom.”

She stuffed her extra things into the bag and opened the door. The look on Jeff’s face was priceless as he ogled her breasts trying to escape from their prison of elastic and satin. “You look like you’ve never seen my tits before,” she chided him.

Before he could reply they had switched places and she pulled the door closed. April finished her hair and put on a little makeup before getting another of Jeff’s shirts from the closet. The thick material hid her bra despite the pink color of the shirt. She smiled to herself as she buttoned and tied it in the same manner as the one last night. Grabbing her purse, she poked her head in the bathroom to say goodbye to Jeff.

“I’ll see you later swee…,” her voice trailed off as she took in the sight of him. He must have just gotten out of the shower, droplets of water glistened on his skin, his meaty cock dangling between his legs. It took all her willpower to tear her eyes away from him.

“I’ll be back later this afternoon. Make reservations somewhere nice for dinner and I’ll buy a sexy dress to wear for you.”

“Deal,” Jeff replied, chuckling to himself at April’s obvious ogling of him.

She shut the door and practically ran from the dorm room and down the stairs. Tina’s dorm was just a short walk across the campus, but when she arrived April already had a thin sheen of perspiration from the warm spring sun beginning to climb in the sky. The mousy blonde girl at the reception desk directed her to Tina’s room and she anxiously knocked on the door.

The door cracked slightly and she could see the nervousness in Tina’s eyes as she slipped the security chain and let April in. The door was quickly closed behind pendik escort her, the chain refastened before Tina spoke.

“You’re late,” she said accusatorily. “I thought you weren’t coming.”

“I’m not, but hopefully that will change,” April said with a glint in her eye. She drank in the vision of Tina. She was wrapped in a long soft terry cloth robe and April’s mind raced with the possibility of what she was or wasn’t wearing underneath. Her smooth black hair fell just above her shoulders. April looked deep into her brown eyes, eyes that seemed on the verge of tears.

“So what should we…,” April began. Tina held a finger to her lips silencing her.

“Don’t say anything,” Tina said softly. “I’ve dreamt of this since I first saw your picture in Jeff’s wallet. Since the day I saw you posing in that bikini, your big tits almost falling out of the top, hard nipples poking through the fabric, I’ve wanted to touch them.”

April smiled and hastily unbuttoned her shirt. Tina approached April’s chest with an almost reverent demeanor. Gently she pushed the shirt aside, sliding it off April’s arms and letting it fall to floor. Tenderly, her fingers traced the edges of the bra, sending shivers up and down April’s spine. Her fingertips slid down each of the straps to the top of the cups, then across the soft flesh of her bosom, meeting in the cleavage. Over and over, Tina slid her fingers across the smooth skin, April’s pussy moistening with each stroke.

Unable to stand the teasing touch anymore, April reached behind her and unsnapped the bra. With a shrug of her shoulders the black satin fell away from her chest exposing the hard nipples to Tina. Tina’s tongue flicked from her mouth and fleetingly pressed against the swelling pink nub. The moan escaping from April encouraged Tina, who leaned forward to surround the nipple with her full soft lips. April let out another moan and clutched Tina to her bosom as her mouth opened to suck in as much of the warm full tit as possible.

With hands on her head, April slowly guided Tina to the other breast where she again greedily sucked. They soon developed a rhythm of sucking for a while and then shifting to the other side. After a few minutes, April felt hands on her pants. Tina was struggling to unzip the jeans as she nursed at April’s chest. With a rough tug the zipper finally parted and Tina pushed the denim over April’s hips, the pants lying in a heap next to the shirt.

She quickly skimmed the panties off and April stood naked in the middle of Tina’s dorm room. April shuddered as Tina rubbed her hand along her swollen pussy lips. “Someone’s awfully wet,” Tina remarked as she slipped a finger inside April. “Ummhmm,” was all April could muster in response as Tina moved behind her, tracing the wet finger up over her hip.

April felt the hot lips on the base of her neck, the tongue traveling down her spine, the lips again when Tina reached her ass. Tina kissed and nipped down April’s firm ass, slipping her tongue into the crevice between her two perfect cheeks and licking down to her slick pussy. The second she felt the pressure, April moaned in delight. Her hips involuntarily pushed back, her legs spreading apart, allowing Tina to slide her tongue up and down the moist slit, tasting April’s tangy nectar. She sucked briefly on April’s hard clit before kissing her way back up to her neck.

“I talked to Anne last night,” Tina said in a whisper. “You want to know what she told me?” Tina asked as she reached around and grabbed April’s breast, eliciting a whimper as she nodded her head. “She said that what you really like is when a girl straps on a long, thick cock and fucks you from behind.” There was only silence. “Is that what you like? Would you like it if I fucked you?”

Tina had moved in front of April as she spoke and, when she had the big-titted blonde’s full attention, shrugged off her robe. April’s eyes widened at the size of the tool strapped to Tina. It was at least ten inches long and black as night. The thick head looked as if it could split her in two, she had to have it.

Her mouth dry with anticipation, April asked, “Where do you want me?”

A thin smile of victory crossed Tina’s face. “On the bed,” she commanded, “face down, ass up.”

April quickly complied; her legs spread wide, breasts pressed into the soft cotton of Tina’s sheets. Tina slid some pillows under April’s hips, raising her for easier penetration, and climbed between her legs. With her legs spread wide, April’s pussy was already exposed and Tina could see the juices leaking from it.

Gazing down at her conquest, Tina now understood why Jeff was so enamored with this girl. Her toned and tanned legs were long and led up to a tight shapely ass. Her hips curved to a tiny waist and, though she couldn’t see it now, a tight stomach. Then there were the breasts. Two large, firm, perfect peaks of flesh.

Teasingly she rubbed the thick head along April’s escort pendik wet hole and April tried pushing back onto it. With a hard smack on the ass, Tina told April to sit still.

The sting of Tina’s slap had only heightened April’s arousal and looking over her shoulder she pleadingly asked, “Tina, put it in me.”

“Put what in you,” she asked rubbing the head against April’s hard clit. “This big cock, is that what you want in you?” Roughly she shoved the first two inches in the slick hole in front of her. “Like that is that what you wanted?”

“More,” April begged, her body trembling with anticipation.

Tina obliged her, pushing the thick cock deeper and deeper until her pussy had completely swallowed it. April writhed beneath her in a delicious combination of pain and pleasure as her pussy struggled to accept the huge intruder. Once her pussy had stretched to accommodate the immense tool, she wanted to feel it pounding her.

“Fuck me,” April hissed over her shoulder. “You’ve got it in me, now let’s see if you know how to use it, come on and fuck me girl.”

Tina needed no further encouragement. She had planned a slow leisurely pace, but if April wanted it hard and fast she would get it. In seconds April was moaning with delight as the big cock probed her pussy fast and deep. Tina’s fingers sunk deep into the flesh of April’s hips and ass, pulling her roughly onto the gleaming black shaft. April’s whimpers and unintelligible groans left no mistaking her arousal. It took only a few minutes for the first orgasm to explode through her, her body quivering with release as Tina continued plowing into her.

Her pussy stretched to its limit, April was thrusting back at Tina, meeting each push, feeling her thighs slam into her ass. Soon the second orgasm was washing over her and she felt the cock pulling completely out of her. “No,” she gasped, “I’m not done.”

“Neither am I,” Tina reassured her. “Roll over; I want to see those tits while I fuck you.”

April quickly rolled over onto her back, her ass still lifted by the pillows. The moment Tina was between her thighs April wrapped her legs around her, pulling her tight. The thick dildo slid along her pussy and grazed across her clit, sending shudders of delight through her.

“Put it back in me,” April pleaded, “and play with my clit while you fuck me, I love having my clit massaged while a big cock’s filling my pussy.”

Tina slowly slid the big dildo back into her. Her arousal made it easier this time, the juices from April’s orgasms coating the shaft as it slid deeper and deeper. Once she was in all the way, Tina began a slow in and out motion and, as requested, began to rub April’s clit with slow circles.

She responded with a low guttural moan and her hands went to her jiggling breasts. April squeezed and tugged at her heavy chest as the thick cock slid in and out of her and in no time she was shuddering with the release of another orgasm, her pussy gushing its juices over the huge dildo that Tina had pushed deep and held there when she saw the telltale look in April’s face.

As the orgasm passed, April relaxed her hold on Tina allowing the cock to slip from her stretched cunt. “Once more and I want to be on top,” April demanded.

Tina was more than willing to lie back and let April ride herself to another orgasm, her big tits flopping around as she bounced up and down. She quickly extricated herself from between April’s thighs and sat on the bed, her back against the headboard. With equal speed, April had straddled her, holding the head of her strap-on at the entrance to her pussy. Tina couldn’t pull her gaze from the red, swollen lips; droplets of arousal clinging to the downy tufts of neatly trimmed hair.

She watched as the head passed the labia and slowly disappeared into April’s tight wet pussy. As the fake cock filled her, April reached out and clasped Tina’s hands bringing them her chest. “Play with my tits while I ride you,” April said in a hushed tone.

Tina readily sunk her fingers into the soft warm flesh of April’s breasts, squeezing and fondling them as April began to slide up and down the cock strapped to Tina’s hips. The pace was much slower; April savoring the feeling as Tina played with her tits and the long, thick cock filled her pussy. All that changed though, when she felt Tina’s mouth encircle her breast.

“Ohhh God,” she exclaimed as her nipple was sucked and pulled into the wet warmth of Tina’s mouth. “That’s it, yes. Suck my tits.”

April’s pace quickened as she pushed down hard on Tina, her hips gyrating as she thrust the cock into herself. She pulled Tina tight to her chest, smothering her as the bolts of pleasure ran through her again. “Oh fuck yeah, I’m coming,” she screamed, pumping her hips faster as her hand slipped between her legs and flicked at her clit. The light touch across her swollen love button set off a chain reaction of orgasm after orgasm, her body spasming pendik escort bayan with release until she collapsed on Tina.

Undaunted, Tina continued licking and kissing the perfect tits in front of her until April pushed her away saying, “No more.”

They both slid down the bed, the cock slipping from April’s used pussy, and held each other close as they regained their strength. They lay in each other’s arms for several minutes, neither one sure of what to say.

April spoke first. “You’re still going shopping with me right?” She asked jokingly.

They both giggled. “Yeah,” Tina said, “I’ll go with you, if you promise to lick my pussy first.”

“I thought you’d never ask,” April said as she slid down the bed. She quickly pulled the surrogate cock off Tina’s hips and greedily attacked her wet hole.

“Fuck yeah,” Tina squealed as the tongue flicked across her tiny clit. Most boys never even looked for it, but those that found it were rewarded with an orgasm machine. Tina’s clit was so sensitive that about three seconds of direct stimulation brought about an orgasm. April had found the little nub and wasn’t about to let go of it.

Tina thrashed on the bed as her pussy convulsed and her body was awash in pleasure. She massaged her thick nipples as April continued licking her to orgasm after orgasm until her body could take no more. April sensed this and slowly kissed her way up Tina’s body until she was able to take one of her tits into her mouth. April sucked on the B-cup breast that filled her mouth, twirling the thick hard nipple with her tongue until Tina pulled her up to her mouth and kissed her passionately.

“Thank you,” Tina said breaking the kiss, “you’ve made a fantasy come true.”

“Glad to help,” April said snuggling up against Tina.

After a few minutes of silence Tina pulled herself from April’s embrace and got dressed under her lustful gaze. She returned the strap-on it to its hiding place in one of her drawers. From the same drawer she pulled a thong and stepped into it, pulling it up over her hips and between her small pert ass cheeks. Next was the short denim skirt that stopped about mid-thigh. Over her bare chest she pulled another of her stretchy camisole tops. The burgundy material was pulled taut across her small, firm chest, her nipples sticking out prominently as she turned to face April who was still lying on the bed watching her.

“Well, do I look okay?”

Tina felt her mouth go dry as April said nothing and got up from the bed. As she strode to Tina, her beautiful breasts rocked and bounced enticingly, her hips swaying seductively. She stood naked before Tina and, leaning closer, whispered in her ear, “With those cute tits and hard nipples you look good enough to eat. Which is what I’m going to do to you again tomorrow before I leave.”

Tina shuddered as April left her and pulled her panties and jeans back on. She walked back over to Tina, still bare-chested, and asked to borrow one of her camisole tops. With trembling hands she pulled a light blue one from the drawer and handed it to April.

The elastic material was strained by April’s prodigious chest; the breasts forced together creating a deep crevice of cleavage. Her thick nipples were hard and poking through the material. April’s midriff also showed, the extra material needed to cover her chest making the shirt shorter. She slipped Jeff’s oxford shirt over it and tied it at the waist but left the buttons undone. Tina’s licentious stare made a look in the mirror unnecessary and she slipped her shoes on and made her way out the door, Tina following quickly behind.

The two girls made their way to April’s car and were soon trundling down the highway bound for the mall, which was about an hour away. They idly chatted about school, boys, and a bunch of other things, but Tina’s tan legs and the short skirt that showed them off soon distracted April. Her hand left the steering wheel and stroked the inside of Tina’s thigh.

“Mmmm, that feels good,” she said spreading her legs and pulling April’s hand up her leg.

“It’s supposed to,” April replied, rubbing Tina’s steamy pussy through her thin panties.

Tina’s hand rubbed her tits through the satiny top as April pushed two fingers into her tight hole. Tina gasped as a third finger pushed its way into her and the three began massaging her pussy. She had been primed since fucking the big-breasted blonde, and her juices flowed freely coating April’s hand. April slid her fingers in and out of Tina’s wet hole, occasionally pulling out and massaging her clit, before plunging back into the warm wet pussy.

Tina squirmed in the seat as her orgasm neared. “OhhhOhhhOhhh,” she screamed as she clutched at the dash, her pussy contracting around April’s fingers, the orgasm shooting through her with warm tingles of relaxation. April left her fingers in Tina’s soaked snatch until her orgasm subsided.

“That was awesome,” Tina announced when she had regained her composure.

The pleasurable feeling quickly went away though, when the girls heard the wail of the siren behind them and April looked at the speedometer. The needle was well past eighty.

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