Mart 13, 2021

School Bitch Gets Some Punishment

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“Okay, class.” Tom called out, as he stood up from behind his desk and picked up the stack of papers from in front of him. “Here are your essays. I finished grading them this weekend so I’m going to hand them back. Some of you did well, others did not.”

He began to walk down the rows of desks and passed back papers to each respective student in his senior english class. He could see students turn to their surrounding classmates and share grades and talk about what comments he had written. Some of them just sat quietly and looked down because they had done poorly. Finished passing the grades out, he returned to the chair behind his desk and sat down.

“Okay well that’s about all I have for you all today so I’m going to let you out to lunch a few minutes early. Remember there is a poetry quiz tomorrow and the book test is still scheduled for Friday so keep reading on that. Class dismissed.”

Tom turned to his computer to finish up some work as the students collected their things and shuffled out the door towards the cafeteria. As the last student was filing out, one girl came up to stand beside his desk and dropped her essay in front of him. He looked up to see that it was Clarrissa, a pretty brunette that sat in the front row.

“Something I can help you with, Clarrissa? He asked, leaning back in his chair.

“Mr. Phillips you gave me a sixty three on this assignment.” She replied.

“Yeah I found multiple punctuation and spelling errors and I felt that your conclusion was fairly weak. It didn’t tie the paper together like it needed to. I think that was a fair grade for what you wrote.”

“Please I need at least a 3.7 GPA to get into my number one college. This grade counts big on our semester grade and I really need to bring my average up in this class. It’s the only grade holding me back. Please can I do something to change this grade?”

“I’m sorry, Clarrissa but you know that I don’t do grade changes. If you want my advice, do exceptional on this poetry quiz and book test coming up and that should help to correct this paper.”


“No arguments on this. Now if there isn’t anything else, I have other papers to finish grading.”

Clarrissa snatched up her paper and stalked out of the room, angry and flustered. She put her books in her locker and walked to lunch. As she was about to enter the cafeteria, she heard footsteps running up behind her and someone put a hand on her shoulder. She turned to find one of the girls in her grade, Lisa, facing her.

“Clarrissa you have a car, right?” Lisa asked, a little breathless.

“Umm…yeah, why?” Clarrissa replied.

“Can you do me a huge favor? This is a really big thing and I need your help.” Lisa said.

“Uh… I guess…” Clarrissa said, with some apprehension.

Clarrissa had never really like Lisa that much. Lisa was a typical high school queen. She was a curvaceous beauty with long blonde hair and a perfect face. Her large, full breasts and curvy bubble butt paired with her slim form gave her the best body in the school and she knew it. She treated the other girls with disdain and would often take advantage of her popularity and looks to get what she wanted. Clarrissa knew that was what was happening now. Although Clarrissa was quite pretty herself, she knew that she didn’t compare to Lisa in the looks department and that Lisa was going to use her status to get something from the less popular girl.

“Great. I know this is a big favor but I really need to borrow a car for this weekend. Me and some friends are going to a concert and we need a mode of transportation. Please I really would appreciate it and I would owe you a favor. What do you say?”

The last thing Clarrissa wanted to do was let this bitch borrow her car. But as she contemplated refusing the request, an idea popped into her head. An idea that would let her get some revenge on Lisa and would possibly help her mend her botched essay grade in Mr. Phillips class.

“Fine.” Clarrissa replied. “But you owe me a favor. A big favor. And I expect my car to be cared for.”

Lisa smiled sweetly, knowing that she had won yet another encounter with someone.

“Of course, yeah, sure. Thank you, sweetie. I owe you one.” Lisa said, with fake appreciation.

With that, Lisa walked past Clarrissa into the cafeteria to go find her friends and let them know that she had gotten them a car for the weekend. Clarrissa followed a few seconds later and sat with a few of her friends. She spent the entirety of lunch mulling over her plan and how she should best go about this. She didn’t speak to anyone but just lost herself in her own thoughts until the end of the period and lunch had ended. She spent the remainder of the school day, lost in her own giddy thought with anticipation and some fear about what she was planning on doing but finally she had the whole thing cooked up in her mind and was ready to put it into action.

When school had ended, Clarrissa drove home, hoping that her parents weren’t in the house right now. To her relief, there were no cars in the driveway and the house was empty when she got there. She made her way to her parents room and began to search the room for what she thought she might need. She finally found her parents few sex toys in the closet in a drawer. She looked over the toys and picked up a pair of handcuffs and stuffed them in her bag. She was about to leave when something caught her eye. It was a ring gag and Lisa smiled wickedly to herself when she saw it. She picked that up as well and threw that in with the handcuffs before racing down the stairs and driving back to school.

Clarrissa walked down the hall to her english classroom to ensure that Mr. Phillips was still there and to her luck, he was still seated behind his desk grading the other class’s papers. She smiled to herself because she knew he would be there for a while finishing that up and that she would have time to wait for Lisa to get done with cheerleading practice. The next hour couldn’t go fast enough for Clarrissa. She tried to get some homework done but she was too on edge and full of fear and excitement.

Finally, she saw out the window that the cheerleaders had finished practice and were headed back to the locker room. She hurried to the athletic wing of the building to make sure she caught Lisa before she left. A minute or so after she arrived outside of the girls locker room, Lisa walked out in, still in her cheerleader’s outfit with her bag slung over her shoulder.

“Lisa.” Clarrissa called out.

“Oh hi, Clarrissa!” Lisa replied with mock happiness and a sweet smile. “Can I help you?”

“Yes actually.” Clarrissa replied, confidently. “You remember that favor you owe me? I’m calling it in now. I need your help with something.”

Lisa’s face darkened but she kept on an air of kindness. She hadn’t actually expected her to call in on the favor.

“Sure, sweetie. Anything you need.”

She expected Clarrissa to ask her to set her up with one of her many male friends. That was usually the request she got from other girls.

“Great!” Clarrissa said. “Follow me.”

Lisa sighed and reluctantly followed Clarrissa down the hall into the school. Eventually they got Mr. Phillips room. Clarrissa peeked in the window on the door and saw that he was still grading. She let out a sigh of relief. Everyone else in the building was long gone and she had expected him to be gone too. Pulled the handcuffs and ring gag out of her bag and turned to Lisa.

“I just need your help with a little presentation that I’m doing.” She explained.

She reached up with the ring gag and began to buckle it around Lisa’s head.

“Wait what is this? What do you want me to do?” asked Lisa as she backed away a step.

“It’s just a grade booster presentation I’m doing for my english grade. You don’t have to help me but I thought you still wanted to use my car this weekend.

“Fine, whatever.” Lisa sighed, and put her hair up into a ponytail with a rubber band. “But this better be fast. I want to get home.”

“Well I suppose that will be up to you how fast it takes.” Clarrissa replied and once again reached to buckle the ring gag on her.

Lisa wanted to ask what that meant but she instead allowed Clarrissa to put the ring gag in her mouth and buckle it behind her head. She then stepped behind Lisa and began to cuff Lisa’s hands behind her back.

“Aht’re ou oing?” Lisa asked, puzzled and a little nervous now.

“Sorry, babe but I can’t understand you.” Said Clarrissa, mockingly as she clicked the cuffs into place. “Now let’s go do the presentation.”

Clarrissa reached out and opened the door before taking Lisa by the elbow and pulling her in to the classroom behind her.

Tom looked up as the door opened, startled away from his work that he had been engrossed in. At first, he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Two girls had entered his class room and one of them was wearing a…ring gag…and handcuffs? What? He knew Clarrissa right away and recognized the other girl as Lisa Chamberlain. He didn’t teach her but he knew her reputation around the school as the sexy bitch who always gets what she wants. For a second he could not speak until they were standing in front of his desk.

“What…what is the meaning of this?” Tom asked, incredulously.

“This is me making up my essay grade, Mr. Phillips.” Clarrissa replied, confidently. “My friend Lisa here owes me a favor and has agreed to help me with this. Let’s make a deal. You give me a one hundred on my essay and the quiz and test we have this week, and you get to fuck Lisa. You can use whatever hole you please and you can cum wherever you want. What do you say?”

Lisa’s eyes widened in shock as she heard all this and she began to try to protest but Clarrissa reached up and grabbed her blonde ponytail, pulling it. It wasn’t a hard pull but it was a good enough tug to make her wince and stop whatever she was about to do. Using this moment, Clarrissa pushed the back of Lisa’s legs right at the joint causing her to stumble to her knees. Clarrissa got down behind her and took hold of her ponytail again to keep her in place. Lisa whimpered as her hair was pulled again.

“C’mon, Mr. Phillips.” Clarrissa said in a sweet, pouty voice. “Just look at her. Look at the way her big, beautiful breasts jut out like this. Look at the curve of her big, bouncy butt. See her full, soft lips and her pretty blue eyes? You know you want her, so just say yes and take your end of the bargain.”

Tom was in disbelief. He was only two years out of college and into teaching and never had ever imagined something like this would happen, let alone in the first two years of his career. His erection was throbbing in his pants and he couldn’t take his eyes off the blonde beauty on her knees in front of him. ‘I can’t do this,’ he thought. He stood up. ‘I could get fired,’ he reasoned. He walked in front of Lisa. ‘My whole career is on the line here,’ he argued. He unbuckled his pants and pulled his penis out. ‘I could go to jail!’ placed his hands on Lisa’s head. ‘This isn’t right!’ At that last thought, he pushed his throbbing head past the girl’s lips and into her mouth.

Tom’s mouth dropped open as his head was enveloped in Lisa’s hot, wet mouth. The ring gag had caused her to build up a lot of saliva and it covered the tip of his penis and bathed it in warmth. Lisa’s eyes opened wider in disbelief. She couldn’t believe that any of this was happening. She tried to push the intruding member out of her mouth with her tongue but all she managed to do was massage it further and draw a groan from Tom. The ring gag kept her from shutting her mouth and denying entry or biting down so she instead attempted to squirm side to side in an effort to escape. Clarrissa felt this, however, and tightened her grip on Lisa’s ponytail to keep her head steady. She then wrapped her arm around Lisa’s chest and kept her body still.

Tom still could not believe his own eyes and closed them. ‘I must be dead.’ He thought. ‘That’s it! I’ve died and I’m in heaven. Wow I made it to heaven?’ He could feel her tongue moving around and attempting to push him out but it just furthered his pleasure and coated him completely in warm, saliva. He opened his eyes and looked down in front of him at the blonde bombshell whose mouth he was in. Lisa gazed up at him with big pleading eyes, silently hoping that he would get the message and stop all this.

Tom, however, was beyond that kind of reason now and all it managed to do was to turn him on even more. His hands took up their light grip on her head and he began to slowly thrust into her wet hole. Every thrust of his pelvis sent another jolt of pleasure down his shaft and to his brain. He began to lose himself and started thrusting faster and faster.

Lisa was having a hard time keeping up with the throbbing member sliding between her lips. She had only ever given one blowjob and it was a short and unenthusiastic one at that. She was popular and sexy so she got away with only ever giving handjobs to her boyfriends. But now she had a thick, pounding dick in her mouth and she had no control over the situation. Her inexperienced mouth had quickly filled with saliva and it was spilling over her lower lip, covering her chin and soaking her cheerleading top.

After a few minutes, she felt him began to slow down and focus on the depth of his thrusts. He slowly inched forward with each motion, adding millimeter after millimeter into her mouth. Eventually, his thrusts began to poke at the entrance to her throat, causing her to immediately gag. Clarrissa smiled as she heard the wretching noises emanating from Lisa’s throat. This was a way for her to get revenge on Lisa for being a bitch to everyone and the sounds of discomfort coming from Lisa were like music buca escort to her ears. But she wanted a more.

“C’mon Mr. Phillips,” Clarrissa encouraged. “Give it to her harder and deeper. You must know her reputation as being a manipulative, teasing bitch. She deserves a harsh punishment for her demeanor and you are in the position to do it.”

Clarrissa used the arm around Lisa’s chest to pull her cheerleading top up, revealing Lisa’s incredible tits to Tom who gasped in surprise.

“Make her regret her attitude towards everyone she has wronged. Take your big, thick, hard cock and use it to teach this cunt a lesson!”

That sent Tom over the edge. He gripped Lisa’s head harder and began to thrust full speed, all the way to the back of her mouth. Every push in smashed his cock head into the entrance of her throat causing her to gag. But try as he might, he couldn’t get any deeper than that. Lisa’s inexperienced little throat was just too tight for him to force his penis down and so he only ever managed to get four of his nine inches in her mouth. This was getting Tom increasingly more and more annoyed. He wanted desperately to have his entire cock in a hole but despite his pounding, Lisa’s throat was simply too tight and never relented to his thick length.

Exasperated, Tom withdrew his soaked shaft from Lisa’s mouth and let go of her head. Clarrissa also released her grip and Lisa fell forward coughing and spilling saliva and pre-cum from her mouth. Tom looked down at the buxom teen in a face down, ass up position that accentuated her curvy, bubble butt. His sights narrowed in on the beautiful sight and he knew what he wanted next. He motioned for Clarrissa to move and positioned himself behind Lisa’s hips. His member was throbbing for her tight body. He pushed the small cheerleading skirt up and flipped it onto her back, revealing Lisa’s gorgeous butt and panties. He tore the panties along the seams and threw them to the side. Lisa felt what was happening and tried to struggle up, but Tom put a hand in the middle of her back and pushed her back down.

“Hold her down.” He told Clarrissa.

Clarrissa moved and straddled Lisa’s back so that she was facing Tom and pinned Lisa down. Tom stroked his erection back to full staff and began to line it up at Lisa’s tight pussy, but he stopped before he penetrated her, distracted by something even more enticing. He pulled his penis back and realigned it. This time, though, he placed the tip against Lisa’s tight, virgin ass. Lisa felt this and began to squirm more intensely but Clarrissa body weight on her back kept her in place. Tom began to apply more and more pressure, but his girth was simply not fitting. ‘I need some lube.’ He thought to himself and quickly looked for something in arm’s reach.

Tom’s eyes, finding nothing, quickly fell on Clarrissa, who was straddlingLisa’s back, staring intently at the action. Not finding anything else close that he could use to lubricate his shaft in, he reached up and took Clarrissa by the head. He tightened his grip on her neck and pulled her head down towards his groin. Clarrissa’s eyes widened in surprise at the unexpected action and she opened her mouth to protest. Tom then took her head in his hands and guided her open mouth directly onto his erect cock. Clarrissa let out noises of surprise and protest and attempted to push at his thighs, but she couldn’t break his grip.

Tom shoved his length in until he hit the opening of her throat and was stopped. He began to give short, quick power thrusts that smashed into her esophagus and made her nearly puke. Her eyes watered and struggled to push off. Tom wasn’t having any of it, though, and held her head in place. After only a few seconds of hard facefucking, Tom released Clarrissa’s head and allowed her to fly off his length. She gasped for breath and glared at him through teary eyes, but she didn’t say anything. It was all worth it to her if she got her grade fixed and Lisa got humiliated.

Tom gripped his now saliva-lubricated shaft and once again pressed it against Lisa’s ass. He applied more and more pressure until, finally, his head popped past her tight entrance and stuck in her tight hole. Lisa let out a high pitched scream and her tight, virgin asshole was viciously stretched by the thick girth of Tom’s cock. The pain incapacitated her and she just lay there with her butt in the air and resigned herself to being fucked.

The pressure on Tom’s cock was incredible. He couldn’t believe that there could be a hole this tight and this pleasurable. He only had two or so inches in her and already, he felt on fire with feeling. His hands came up from his sides to grip Lisa’s wide hips. He tightened his grip and used the leverage to begin pushing the rest of his length in. Every centimeter he forced in caused him to groan in pleasure and emitted a shriek of pain from Lisa. Clarrissa watched with bright eyes and a wicked smile as she heard Lisa scream at her butt being stretched out. She stuck one hand under her shirt to play with her smaller breasts and slipped her other hand down the front of her jeans to play with her sopping, little pussy.

Tom could slowly but surely feel Lisa’s butt becoming accommodated to being penetrated by his thick length. He took that as his que to begin speeding up. He increased his speed a bit so that now he was doing deep, long, full strokes into her ass. Every push in caused Lisa to let out groans and shrieks which only fueled Tom’s lust. He turned the dial up another couple notches and continued to increase his tempo of pounding her butt.

Soon Tom was hammering away at full speed. His whole length was sliding in and out of Lisa’s tight, hot asshole. His hips slammed into hers with every thrust, making her fat butt jiggle and bounce. Mesmerized by the sight, he reached back and brought his palm down onto her left cheek in a loud smack. Lisa perked up with a loud, surprised shriek as her ass began to instantly redden. Tom raised his other hand and brought it down on her right cheek as well which brought another yelp from Lisa’s mouth. Keeping his thrusting tempo at its normal high speed, Tom began to alternate spanking one cheek a few times before switching and reddening the other.

Clarrissa was busy playing with herself all the while. The hand down her pants had been fingering her tight, wet pussy all the while that her teacher had been violating Lisa’s ass. Clarrissa’s breathing was continually increasing along with the speed of her hand on her pussy. A couple minutes later, she thrust two fingers into her soaking cunt and released her built up orgasm. She covered her mouth with her free hand and gasped and moaned without abandon as the pleasure coursed through her. She ground her hips into her hand, prolonging her orgasm to its maximum and further increasing her pleasure. By the time she finally came down from her high, she was a tired mess and her panties were soaked in fluid.

With her hands free now, Clarrissa reached beneath Lisa’s raised hips and made her way to Lisa’s pussy. Without interrupting Tom’s anal pounding, she began to rub at Lisa’s clit. She wanted nothing more than to humiliate Lisa and she knew that making her cum from a butt pounding would be pretty humiliating. While the one hand played with Lisa’s clit, Clarrissa used her other and stuck a finger into Lisa’s tight cunt and began to push it in and out, massaging her pussy.

Lisa was moaning and groaning more and more at the continued assault on her ass and pussy. She couldn’t believe it, but she could feel an orgasm building up inside her. Clarrissa felt Lisa’s hips involuntarily buck a bit and giggled as she realized that she was about to cum. She took her finger and hooked it in Lisa’s pussy and began to tickle her g-spot. Lisa’s eyes flew open as she felt this and her orgasm immediately flew through her. Her eyes rolled into her head and she screamed and twitched on the floor as electricity filled her veins. The sensations were simply overwhelming to her young mind and she couldn’t handle it. As her peak came down and the high slowed, she was left gasping and drooling all over the floor, her mind thoroughly fucked and broken for the moment.

She slumped forward, falling off her knees and Tom’s cock pulled out of her butt. Clarrissa gasped, her eyes shining, as she stared at Lisa’s gaping, twitching asshole and shivering body. She took her hand and smacked Lisa’s ass one final time before fixing her cheerleading skirt over her backside. She stood up and turned her attention to her teacher, whom she noticed still hadn’t cum yet.

“Take a seat in your chair.” She told him and pushed him gently into his desk chair.

Clarrissa returned to Lisa’s twitching body and dragged her to her knees before pulling her towards Tom. She stopped Lisa when she was between Tom’s legs and shifted her grip to once again take Lisa’s pony tail.

“Just sit there and let it all go, Mr. Phillips.”

Clarrissa then guided Lisa’s dripping mouth to Tom’s waiting cock and enveloped his shaft in her warm saliva. She used Lisa’s head almost like a fleshlight, forcing it down on his cock and then pulling it off in an attempt to milk him of his cum. Clarrissa watched intently as she simultaneously pushed Lisa down on Tom’s length. She was almost drooling a bit thinking about his big, beautiful penis, but at the same time, she didn’t envy the abuse she knew Lisa’s mouth was taking right now. Lisa was still in her post-orgasmic almost broken state, though, and just allowed her mouth to be used like a pussy. She was nothing more than a pleasure pocket for her teacher’s cock. She was nothing more than a cum bucket to be used by her classmate to boost her grade and then have cum dumped in her. Her cheeks flooded in shame as she continued to gag on Tom’s cock and tears streamed down her cheeks.

Clarrissa began to notice the same thing that Tom had noticed earlier. No matter how hard she thrust Lisa’s head down, her throat was simply too tight and wouldn’t relent to the assault of his cock head. Clarrissa was forcing her down as hard as her arms could push and she could hear the discomfort and pain in Lisa’s retched noises. But despite the continued assault and the continually flowing saliva, Clarrissa simply couldn’t get her throat to relent.

Annoyed and out of patience, Clarrissa pushed Lisa’s head down one more time and left her there with a good four inches stuck in her mouth. Before she could pull off, Clarrissa planted her foot on the back of Lisa’s head and pushed hard with her superior leg strength. Lisa felt the immense pressure on the back of her head and she also slowly felt Tom’s cock head sliding into her throat. she began to panic and squirm weakly but she was unable to remove Clarrissa’s foot. Clarrissa felt the head of his penis slide into her throat and got excited. She reloaded and gave one final shove with her leg.

Lisa’s throat finally gave in and her head sank all the way down into Tom’s crotch until her nose was jammed into his groin. Her eyes flew wide and she looked around frantically and squirmed in an attempt to escape. Clarrissa was ecstatic and clapped happily as she watched her enemy struggle to breath with the huge nine inch sausage stuffing her airway. Tom’s cock was visibly stretching Lisa’s throat far beyond what it normally was. Clarrissa took her phone and began to take pictures of Lisa’s bulging throat before beginning to record.

This was all Tom could take and he groaned as his orgasm began to rush through him. His cock spewed a literal flood of splooge down the sexy teen’s tight, hot throat. Every time Lisa’s esophagus convulsed, it just milked another wave of jizz from his balls and it was deposited directly into her stomach. Lisa felt as though she had swallowed a gallon or more of thick, hot semen. Her stomach felt bloated and full and she was becoming more and more frantic by the second. She couldn’t breathe around the thick, girthy length that was stuffing her throat and she could feel herself quickly running out of oxygen. She tried to pull off, but Clarrissa held her foot in place and kept her lodged on his cock.

“Oh no you don’t, cunt.” Clarrissa snapped. “You’re not getting off that easily. You don’t get to breathe until Mr. Phillips here has emptied his big balls down your stupid throat and released all his stress. You’re not good for anything other than guzzling cum so this shouldn’t be a big deal to you. You get to breathe when I tell you to.”

Just as Lisa’s eyes were rolling up into her head and she was about to pass out, Tom finished cumming and nodded to Clarrissa. Clarrissa reluctantly removed her foot and allowed Lisa to slowly remove the thick piece of meat that was stretching her throat. Lisa fell to her bac and gasped for air. Her chest heaved, making her big tits move up and down. Clarrissa looked down in triumph at Lisa, who was a wreck. Her chin and cheerleading top were covered in saliva and cum and even her bared tits had a large amount on them. Her cheeks were streaked with tears and her pretty blonde hair was disheveled.

Clarrissa took several more pictures, including close ups of her face, tits and gaping asshole. Tom motioned for her and pointed to his softening cock and she got to her knees and proceeded to lick his cock clean of any remaining cum. She then stroked him once and kissed the head before tucking his penis back inside his saliva soaked boxers. She removed the ring gag from Lisa’s mouth and undid the cuffs.

“Now if you ever tell anyone, and I mean anyone, about this, those pictures and videos I took will be circulated around this whole school, including all the faculty before you can finishing the story. So keep your trap shut and get home, bitch.” Clarrissa stated before turning to leave.

“Oh, and by the way,” She said as she reached the door. “You’re not using my car, cunt.”

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