Nisan 3, 2021

Scent of This Woman, Love and Lust

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As far as I can remember, she was the only woman I ever wanted or craved for. Ever since that day, almost six months ago, when I opened the bathroom door, not knowing that someone was inside. She was in the midst of taking off her panties, bending forward and raising one leg slightly, her frontal completely exposed. In awe, I just stood there, transfixed, staring at my mother, her complexion, so pale like alabaster. Her pubic hair was bushy and black, a contrast against the paleness of her body. I could not take my eyes off her, taking in the beauty. Her breasts, full and hanging down from her chest as she stood, bending down and those nipples, pointing out like small thumbs.

She was lost for words as our eyes met. No man had ever seen her naked except for her husband. I drank in her nakedness. Then she let go of her panties, caught at her ankles and her hands tried to cover her breasts and crotch. She reminded me of a girl that I had seen in an internet porn site, undressing before being fucked. I mumbled my apologies and quickly turned to shut the door. As I walked away, I heard her locking the latch.

I headed for my room. Once inside, I just leaned against the wall. The image of mom nude was imprinted in my head and I realized that I had gone hard. I could not help it as I locked my door and dropped my pants. Taking a wad of tissue, I masturbated with the freshness of her image before my eyes. Within moments, the tissue was soaked with my sperm. As I gasped, I knew that what I did was wrong, but it felt so, so good. I cleaned myself and crept into bed. I tried to sleep but I kept seeing her in my mind. At 18 and hormones raging, I stroked myself again, this time not even bothering to grab the tissue as I spurted all over my stomach.

There was only the three of us staying in the house, dad, mom and I. I was an only child. Mom had married young and had given birth to me when she was only 20. At 38, she was elegantly beautiful, with a figure that drew admiring looks. Dad was in the banking sector and we lived well. I was about to leave for the university soon.

Mom never mentioned about the incident and in time, I suppose she had forgotten about it. But on the day it happened, and subsequently for sometime, I felt she was uncomfortable whenever we were alone, when dad was not around. I was a nervous wreck myself, unable to look her in the eye. But my feelings for her had changed drastically. I see her, not as a parent figure but as someone whom I yearned and longed for and almost every night from that day. I had fucked, ravished and cum for her in the solitude of my room.

I made it a point to be aware of the time of day when she took her bath. One day when both of them were out, I took the drill and made a small hole on the bathroom wall wooden panel and covered it with sticker, almost unnoticed if one did not look for the tell tale sign. I had peeked through the hole whenever I hear the shower flowing and when only both of us were in the house. This had gone on for the past six months. I knew every detail of her body. I had lost interest with girls that I had been going out with as I was consumed with my illicit longing for her. Everyday, I rush home from school just to satisfy my need to peep secretly at her nude form.

Mom noticed that I was always at home and not going out as I used to do before. She asked me whether I was having any problems with my friends. I told her that I was more interested in my computer than running around. One day, dad told us over dinner that the bank was opening a new branch in the neighboring state and that he had to organize the setup. He will be gone for a week. Both mom and I sent him to the airport. As we drove home, mom said that she will soon be missing me too as I will be leaving for university in a month’s time. I replied that the feeling was mutual but my heart was aching, knowing that the woman sitting beside me, smiling at me lovingly will soon be so far away from me. My mind began to wonder and I almost ran the traffic lights. Mom looked at me and said, “Penny for your thoughts, you almost ran the traffic lights. You seem to be preoccupied with something, I can sense it. Matt, is anything bothering you.”

I kept silent for a while, not knowing what to say. “Nothing mom, maybe it’s because I’ll be leaving you and I really am going to miss you,” I said, turning slightly to look at her. I could feel my heart beating rapidly, just being so close to her.

Mom put the palms of her hand on my neck and caressed it. “I will miss you too, son, I love you,” she smiled at me.

God, I could feel a slight tremble running through my body as I felt her soft hand on my neck. If only you knew, mom, if only you knew, I said to myself. When we reached home, she made us a hot drink and said that she was retiring for the night. I went to my room and as almost every night, I shuddered as my sperm spurted out of me for my mother.

On the third day after dad had left, it was 10pm and I was watching a show on the television. czech pool porno I was startled by a noise of something falling from mom’s room. I quickly made my way and knocked on her door. I called out, “Mom, are you okay, I thought I heard something fell.” There was no answer. Then I heard a muted cry. I turned the knob of her bedroom door and opened it so that I can look inside. Mom was sitting on the floor, holding her ankle. I quickly went to her.

As I knelt down beside her, she grimaced and said, “I knocked against the chair and fell. That was really clumsy of me.”

I tried to pull her up gently but she stopped me.

“No, let me sit here for awhile, my ankle hurts a bit,” she said.

“I’ll go get the medicated lotion and give it a rub,” I told her. “You just rest, mom.” I went to the medicine cabinet and got the oil.

“Let’s get you on the bed so you can lie down,” I smiled at her. I was well build for an 18 year old and could easily lift mom up as I carried her in my arms and placed her onto her bed.

During the commotion, I did not see that she was in her negligee. Now, I tried to put it out of my mind as I gently rubbed a thin coating of oil onto her right ankle. Her skin felt as soft as silk. She sighed and I saw that her eyes were closed. As I turned my head I saw her bra and panties were draped across the chair’s armrest. God, I realized that mom was not wearing anything underneath her negligee. As I lifted both her legs to place upon my lap, the sheer white satin material she had on slipped aside, exposing her pubic area. My eyes drank in her secret. My hands felt feverish as I moved from her ankle to her lower leg, massaging tenderly. The softness of her flesh intoxicated me.

When I reached her thigh, she opened her eyes. She looked down in horror to see that her nakedness was laid bare for me to see as she felt my hands softly kneading her right thigh. She was in shock. Her voice pierced my fogged mind, almost in a whisper, “Matt, what are you doing…?” as she tried to lift her leg off my lap but I held her legs together.

I knew that I had crossed the line and I did not want to turn back. I could not, even if I wanted to. I was about to commit the unpardonable sin, I wanted to make love to this woman, lying there in front of me. Mom tried to struggle, but I held her legs firmly with my left hand. My right hand reached for the ends of her negligee and slowly pushed it up her until it bunched around her belly button. Now I could really see the black luxuriant hair covering her womanly treasure.

In her mesmerized state, mom could hardly offer any resistance as she could only moan. “No Matt, no!!!.” Her wide eyes pleading as tears began running down her cheeks.

Taking a deep breath, I placed the palm of my hand on her crotch, caressing her tenderly, feeling the rich texture of her pubic hairs. An anguished cry of helplessness emitted from her hoarsely as she felt me caressing her between her exposed thighs. My hand lingered gently and my thumb moved downwards, searching for folds of her vagina. I felt a wetness matting the lower ends of her down hairs. The liquid had the texture of light syrup. My heart was beating furiously. Mom had nothing to do with it, I was the predator and I had made her cum in spite of her unwillingness to participate in my incestuous assault of her body. As she whimpered incoherently, I felt her body stiffened and jerked.

I was beside myself as I held her legs and got off the bed, kneeling on the floor at the edge. I pulled her slowly towards me as I lifted her legs up, bending her knees, and pushing them slowly towards her chest. Her vagina gaped open before my eyes. Leaning downwards between her thighs, my mouth closed onto her opening. I kissed the lips of her vagina as though it was her mouth. The tangy musk of her sex was like an aphrodisiac, making me drunk as I sucked on her. I could see her stomach undulating in rhythm with my sucking and then distending taut when my tongue penetrated inside her. Her syrup flowed freely, wetting my face when my lips clamped onto her stiffened clitoris.

Mom gasped, beads of sweat making her body glistened. Her thighs now caught my head in a firm grip as she shuddered involuntarily. I lifted my head off her. I looked at her face and saw that her eyes was dazed and dilated. In a rush of lust, I raised her buttocks further upwards as my tongue lapped and lashed her sticky wetness from the top of her pubic region to the puckered star of her anus. She quivered when I circled her anus with my tongue, kissing and lightly pushing against it. When I sucked her bitter end, her body shook uncontrollable, as she went into spasms of a second orgasm.

Holding on to her tightly, I let her savor the exquisite feeling I knew she was going through, just as I was experiencing it myself. A minute of two passed as she gasped, her hands clutching at the bed sheets, her mouth opened, her eyelids fluttering. I released my hold czech sharking porno on her and stood up on weakened legs. I placed her legs down, as they dangled onto the floor. My fingers gently pushed aside her matted pubic hair as I needed to see the object of my loving. Her vagina lips were red and swollen, glistening with the wetness of my saliva and her secretions. Like a magnet, I leaned down to lick away the remains of her flow.

Standing up, I could see the bed sheet beneath her buttocks was stained with the evidence of my forbidden activity. I leaned towards her and holding her face between the palms of my hands, I kissed her mouth, leaving the stickiness of our liquid on her lips. With my heart thumping wildly, I took a last look at mom. She laid there spread eagled, her satin negligee still bunched up around her stomach. I could not comprehend why I thought she looked like a prostitute after having been ravished against her consent by a brute of a man.

I closed her door and ran to my room. I sat down on the chair, completely exhausted. Only then did I see that my pants were stained and wet. I had ejaculated copious amount of sperm into my underwear. Standing up, I walked around my room, not knowing what to do. I took a shower and put on a fresh pair of clothes. I almost ran out of the house. Walking along aimlessly, I finally found myself somewhere a few blocks away, my thoughts almost suicidal. What had I done? Was mom going to report me to the authorities? Was she phoning dad now? Will I end up in jail? I kept walking in a daze.

I felt something shaking me. I opened my eyes to see a policeman standing beside me. “What are you doing here Matt?” he said.

Blinking into the flashlight, my mind was in limbo. Looking around, I saw that I was lying in an alley by the roadside. “Uhh, uhh,” I replied incoherently. As the cobwebs receded, I saw that it was Officer James, the neighborhood policeman, whom we all knew.

“Are you drunk, young man,” he said. “It’s two in the morning, come on, I’ll take you home.”

Listlessly, I got up and slipped into his patrol car.

“I didn’t know that you drink, Matt. If you promise me that this will not happen again, I won’t tell your parents,” he said in a fatherly tone.

“I promise, sir,” I replied, resigned to the fact that worse was going to be expected when we reached home.

He dropped me off when we reached the house. He gave me a pat and waved as he sped off. I stood looking at the house, the porch lights were on and I could see that the light in mom’s room was also on. There was no place for me to go, so with much trepidation, I opened the front door. It was not locked. I went in and switched off the porch lights. As I approached my room, the door of mom’s room opened and she came out. Time stood still as we looked at each other.

I could see that she had been crying. Her eyes were swollen. She was clad in her bathrobe. Her hair was pulled back, tied in a pony tail. She looked so vulnerable and sad. I supposed that she had taken a shower, trying to clean herself of the despicable act that I had performed on her earlier, trying to erase away the memory.

“Where did you go Matt, I was beside myself with worry,” she said softly. “I called Officer James to look for you. I just told him that we had a misunderstanding and that probably you were somewhere in town getting drunk.”

My eyes evaded hers, as I stood trembling, unable to say a word. I almost ran towards her and sank to my knees. Clasping her legs to my body, I cried, my body shaking. “Forgive me mother, I beg you, please,” as the words were torn from deep within me.

She stepped back slowly and I released her. She did not answer me, as she walked back into her room. She closed the door and then the lights. In the darkness, I got up and headed for my room. Sleep did not come easy and I tossed and turned. I just hoped that tomorrow will never come.

It was raining heavily as I woke up. The events of yesterday were clear in my mind. As I showered, the images played in my head, and I could still scent her aroma. My penis grew very hard it throbbed painfully. I pressed the shaving lather into the palm of my hand and stroked myself to a blinding release, my mouth whimpering her name, “Marilyn, oh my love Marilyn,” as I spurted strings onto the bath floor.

I did not venture out of my room for breakfast. Although, all sorts of worrisome scenarios played on my mind, the dark thoughts of making love to my mother were uppermost in my head. I assumed that she would not reveal what transpired between us to anyone, it was our unholy secret. Her upbringing would not want society to know the sin we had committed, although none of it was of her making. She would rather bear it to her grave. As I thought about it, a great burden was lifted off my chest. The more I reflect upon it, my feelings for her kept growing.

I heard the knock on my door. I opened it and mom stood in front of me. czech streets porno

“Lunch is ready,” she said and she turned and walked away.

She was sitting at the table as I appeared. I pulled the chair and sat down. She had prepared a tray of roast beef. We ate in silence. Unable to restrain myself, I kept taking stolen looks in her direction. But she kept her head down, looking only at her plate. At last, I could not take it anymore.

“Please talk to me mom,” I said as I pushed plate away.

She remained quiet.

Encouraged by the fact that she still loved me as her son and that our secret will remain between us, I poured out my pent-up feelings that I held within me all this while.

“I love you so much, mom,” I said softly. “I have loved you forever. But in the past few months, I could not understand this feeling that I had for you. I know it is so wrong and sinful, but my love for you have grown into something I could not comprehend myself. I love you as a woman, someone whom I want as a wife, as a lover.”

She could not believe the words that had come out of my mouth, her own son, her flesh and blood. Words failed her as she clasped her hands to cover her ears. She shook her head, got up, left the table and went into her room, locking her door.

I kept sitting there alone, wondering where all this was leading to. I wanted to love her so badly that tears ran down my face.

That night I paced around in my room, every nerve end in me taut and on ends. Dad would be home in a few days time. I will be gone soon. But I could not banish away the incredible and carnal love making I had experienced yesterday. My needs were greater than whatever fallout that would befall me in the future. My mind was made up even as I headed for her room.

I stood outside her door, my heart thumping madly. Without knocking I twisted the knob and it was not locked. Mom was on her bed and she looked towards me. The light was bright in her room and I could see her uneasiness. I pushed the door shut and locked it. As I approached her bed, she sat up and sat in the middle of her bed, her eyes wide and fearful.

“What do you want,” she said, almost inaudible.

She was dressed in another negligee and once more my eyes looked towards the chair. Her bra and panties were neatly placed on the seat. My breath caught in my throat as I stood by her bed.

Without a word, I switched on the bedside lamp and closed off the main room light. The subdued glow gave the room an intimacy. Mom looked at me, her eyes wide and bright, like a fawn. I unbuttoned my pajama top and let it drop on the floor. Then I remove my bottom and stood naked in front of her. My penis was throbbing, turgid and heavy. It was big. I could see fear in her eyes as I climbed onto her bed.

“God, don’t do this to me,” she uttered as she moved against the headset, pulling herself into a ball, hugging her knees to her chest.

I had lost all sense of reasoning. I wanted her. Naked, I reached her and clasped her face in my hands. She pushed her hands against my chest as I sank down to kiss her lips. She tried to twist her head away but I held her firmly as my mouth sought hers. Her lips as soft as butter as I messed hers with mine, tasted her for the first time in a feverish and heated pressure. Even as her dainty hands beat against my chest, my tongue forced her mouth open as it penetrated inside hers. I knew I was rough, sucking on her mouth and tasting her tongue until her hands stopped her feeble thumping on my chest.

Our kiss was long and passionate as I tasted her saliva. Finally, she surrendered, lying limply in my arms as I kissed her at will. She was breathing heavily as I laid her head on the pillow. I looked into her eyes as she stared at me. I slowly pulled up her negligee, raising her body and pulling it off, over her head. Her lovely long hair was spread out on the pillow.

My goddess was finally completely naked before me. My hands reached out to tenderly caress those wonderful breasts, and as my fingers traced her nipples, they grew out, long and hard. Mom whimpered as I rolled her nipples between my thumbs and fingers. My lips descended on them, one after the other as I sucked, like I did 18 years ago. I kneaded her breasts as I sucked on her nipples, as though I was drawing milk from them. Mom kept moaning and I took her limp hands and placed them on my hot phallus, directing her fingers to rub the pre-cum seeping out. Her soft hands were wet with my sticky fluid. Then I kissed her breasts, down to her stomach, her belly button until I reached the top sprouting of her pubic hairs.

Once again, I could smell the aroma of sex as it wafted up to my nostrils. I was drunk with intoxication as my mouth seeked her clitoris. The tiny bud had popped out, like a miniature penis. When my lips clamped on it, her buttocks jerked upwards, as though she was fucking my mouth. She was now grasping my thick shaft, coating it with my pre-cum, making it slippery in her hands. I stopped and placed my legs over her body in a sixty nine position. Grasping her thighs, I pulled it upwards over my shoulders and sank my head onto her sex. I kissed and licked the lips of her vagina. As the thin film of her secretions leaked out, I thrust my tongue in, fucking her with it.

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