Nisan 14, 2021

Sax and Sex

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As a kid I picked up the saxophone and played in the school bands (Yeah I was one of those high school band nerds). I got interested in Jazz and Blues at the age of 14 and started listening to records of all the great jazz sax players. I played in big bands through college and did some Latin salsa gigs with a funky band in San Bernardino (wasn’t even 21 yet). We did a bunch of Tower of Power and Sons of Champlain mixed in with salsa.

I came here to go to school to study art. Once out of school I continued to play in original music bands around town. So I had played a lot and had plenty of chops do just about any kind of music. I hooked up with an old highschool buddy who is a fantastic guitar player. With a couple of other guys we formed a punk rhythm and blues band called “The Hornhounds”.

This was about 1982 and we were beginning to make a scene around town. We did not make much money (we all had day jobs), but it was a gas, and there were lots of perks…..

* * * * *

It was a cool March Saturday night and the club was packed early. The Hornhounds were headlining, and it was great to know that the energy at the club was for us. There was always an opening band, so it gave us time to work the crowd, drink and schmooze with all the beautiful girls.

I noticed a real cutie with short blond hair sitting at the bar. She was dressed in a modest business suit, kind of out of place for this joint, but figured she must have just come from work. There was a stool next to her, open, so I stepped up and ordered a draft.

” Hey you’re the sax player!” I smiled; at least I had that going on. When I turned to look at her closely I noticed she had full, fresh breasts and a peaches and cream complexion, She must have been at least 7 or 8 years younger than me. ( I was an old 29)

She held out her petite hand.

“I’m Cindy.”

“Is that Cindy with a ‘C’ or an ‘S’.” I joked. She gives me a pouty frown.

“Hey Cindy, I’m the little bighorn.” I grasped her hand firmly

“I know, I come here almost every night to watch you…. guys”

We chatted and I checked her out. She was a nice little package, small but voluptuous. Nice round ass. I have a real pussy fetish and tried to get a glimpse of her mound. She had her legs together, so I could not really check it out. I was horny. Seriously horny, 911 horny. I had split up with the high school girlfriend for about the 10th time in 12 years and had not been with a woman in 13 months. So any kind of exchange with a woman had me hard as a rock.

I was prone to bostancı escort wearing tight jeans, boots and t-shirts while playing. I had been working construction as a carpenter for a few years and I was really muscled and tight. I was glad to flaunt it. I had been a pretty skinny nerdy kid growing up, and found this new body exciting.

We kept talking about music and art and I was becoming intrigued with her, and so was my dick. I tried to conceal the bulge in my tight pants, but it wasn’t easy.

“You going to be able to play like that?” she was looking down at my crotch.

I blushed and then laughed

“Tell me how I did when the show is over!” It was time to go to work.

The first few tunes were always real barnburners that got the whole crowd up and dancing. I just loved watching a room rock out to our music. From up on the stage, I stood right up front and always had a premier view of the crowd. I could easily look down the blouses of all the chippies and most of them did not wear bras. It was a feast for the eyes.

I had the horn in my mouth and was blowing a ride on a real funky tune. Usually I would close my eyes and play and get into the music, but this time I was looking for Cindy. She was about 10 feet from the stage, dancing with some guy, but our eyes locked and we were in a private world, in the middle of about 200 people. As I played, we just watched each other, she started touching her breasts, squeezing them, ran her hands down her hips and then one hand on her mound.

She was mouthing “Fuck me, Fuck me”. My dick was ready to explode as I hit the high hard one in the middle of the solo, I saw her eyes roll back, and she screamed something, nobody really paid attention because the music was so loud. I saw her point at me.. at my crotch and cover her mouth. I turned away from the crowd, I hadn’t cum, but had a quarter dollar size spot on my faded jeans at the tip of my cock! Somebody in the band saw me started laughing and threw water on me, actually the best thing to do. After the gig, Cindy was waiting outside.

“Walk to my car?” sure I said.

“I guess you can play LIKE THAT”

We got to her car and did not say anything, but launched into a major liplock. My dick, which was now sore from being hard, all night sprang back up, she could feel it.

Mmmmmm. I don’t want this to stop, but I’ve got to work tomorrow.”

Damn. She promised to come and see us the following evening, which was a Friday night, and promised some fulfillment. I went home, wanting to jerk off. ümraniye escort bayan I stroked my cock a bit but was too tired and drunk, and thought, If I am going to end my celibacy tomorrow night, I want plenty of cum to shoot onto that beautiful woman.

The next evenings gig was rather dull. We were playing at an art opening a few miles up the coast, and most of the patrons were way too square for the music we were into. I was wondering if Cindy would show up and them I saw her. She was wearing black high heels, white pants that outlined all her curvaceous blessings and a spaghetti strap black blouse. It was obvious she was not wearing a bra, by the way her titties jiggled and her nipples nosed through the fabric. Her blonde hair bobbed just below her ears and set off her blue eyes, delicate nose and full moist lips. Tonight she was dressed as Sin-dee. Dressed to kill, or at least mame.

After the gig we jumped into my 1961 Ford F-100pick up. It had a bench seat, so she slid in right next to me.

“Where you takin me littlebighorn”

“To the moon baby”

“Mmmmm I haven’t been to the moon in a long time” she sighed longingly.

“Well my rocket’s ready to ride!” I laughed and through the truck in gear and headed down highway 101. I had some slow blues on the tape deck. Cindy was swaying drunkenly to the guitar rhythms. She started rubbing my leg and kissing me on the neck. Her tongue probed my ear.

“I want that bighorn tonight ” her voice smoldered with the music. She reached for my crotch, unzipped me and let the bighorn out for an evening ride. Streetlights illuminated the cab occasionally, and she was working me with both hands. I swayed in the road a bit, the car next to me honked and I came back to reality.

I drove the truck straight with one hand and tried to drive her with the other. My fingers went between her legs; I could feel the moist warmth through her pants. She writhed in her seat a bit.

“I’m so wet.” And with that she reached down the front of her pants and started playing with her wetness. I was amazed we had not crashed the truck. I had one hand on the wheel, one hand between her legs. She had one hand on my cock and one hand down her pants. We were both writhing and squirming. She pulls her hand from her pants, takes a long whiff of her fingers

” I love the smell of hot pussy” she moans, and then offers the sticky fingers to me. Indeed her aroma was dark, musty and enticing. That was it, I could not drive any further. I made for a dark parking lot.

” Is this kartal escort where you live?”

“No but it’s where we are going to ride the rocket to the moon!”

The engine had barely stopped and her mouth was instantky around my aching member. Her full pouty lips were massaging my corona, She sensed that I was about to lose it, and brought her lips to mine.

“No,no Daddy, I want you to blow that horn inside of me.”

Then she lay back on the seat, unfastened her pants, and with some trouble slid them past her voluptuous ass. In the darkness I could make out that she was wearing a white thong. She then slid the blouse over her head and revealed the most perfect pair of breasts I have ever seen. They were so white, they glowed in the dark, and her big nipples rode on top of two very puffy areoli. She was gorgeous. I started lapping in her cleavage and moved back and forth between her two gumdrops. I was trying to move around the steering wheel and hit the horn. She jumped, I slipped to the floor of the cab, and found my nose between her moist mound, I licked her through the drenched panties, and then pulled them aside. Her lips were so big and engorged; it was all I could see between her legs,

“Oh yeah lick me Daddy, lick me, tongue me”. I did not need any more of an invitation than that and sank my mouth in to her hot, quivering, quim. I was pleased that she liked it so much, I knew that she would be ripe by the time I slid my throbbing mojostick into her.

“Oh, Y-E-S, You are going to make me come!” she was so close one more nibble of her clit would finish her off, but I remembered her wish. I crawled up from the floor, grabbed her legs and spread them wide against the car seat, and entered her slowly. I gave her just the tip and she bucked up for more. She was so well lubricated, I slipped out for a moment’

“Oh. No. more” she whimpered

“Do you want it all now”

“Yes Daddy. All of it” I thrust deep inside of her. She started moving her ass, hips and vagina in an exquisite rhythm, massaging my dick with hot wet pulsations and contractions. My body tensed, readying for the stream of jism that I was about to unload

“Oh yes, BLOW that HORN!” she was exclaiming just as I shuddered at the first wave of a liquid explosion

“OHHH, YEAHH” I came hard again. Just as I splashed the wall of her sex with my juice, she began to buck furiously, riding the rocket to the moon.

“Ahhh! Ooooooh! I’m CUUUMMMIING! She was manically humping my still rigid horn.

The truck windows were sweating as much as we were dripping. We were in a crumpled heap in the trusty Ford. I sat up, fastened my pants. Started the truck up and looked over at my naked, beautiful, sweating passenger.

“One way ticket Back to Planet Earth?” I teased her.

“No. Round trip. please.”

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