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Sara’s Sexual Education Ch. 02

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“No way, you mean you finally did it!” Sara pulled the phone away from her ear as her friend Katie screamed down it at her. “Oh my god, not with that loser Darren?” Katie asked, Sara groaned down the phone.

“Not a chance, if he couldn’t bother waiting then tough he lost his chance.” Katie laughed in response

“Then who with, you didn’t just pick up someone not you?” Now Sara laughed.

“No, you know David?” She told her friend.

“You mean the cute guy who works with your dad?”

“Yes, him.” Katie screamed again even more loudly.

“I don’t believe it you lucky cow. I’d let him seduce me any day.” She said her voice dripping with jealousy.

“He didn’t seduce me, I seduced him.” Katie laughed at this.

“I’m having a bad effect on you girlfriend.” She said to her. “Was he good? Was it good? Give me all the details?” Sara laughed and filled her friend in on what had happened the night before at David’s. She sat on her bed telling her best friend all about how she had given her virginity to her dad’s work friend on her eighteenth birthday. As she spoke her friend gasped and made little comments all through the tale. When Sara had finished Katie whistled softly down the phone to her.

“Shit me girl, you wild thing you. One question though?” Katie said to her.


“Why the hell didn’t you let him fuck your ass girl!” Sara gasped.

“I thought it’d hurt to much.” She replied Katie laughed again.

“Shit Sara losing your virginity is supposed to hurt. Hell it was my third time before I actually came, you got four on the first go. Unless your lying I think he would have made sure it didn’t hurt. And when it doesn’t hurt god it feels good. Having a hard cock inside your ass feels different to your cunt, but god does it feel good.” Sara was silent for a few seconds.

“You serious?” She asked finally.

“You bet, trust me. I’m the one with all the experience aren’t I?” Sara had to agree. She had known Katie since school and in that time knew of several lovers Katie had slept with. While Sara had not wanted to just give away her virginity Katie had almost thrown it away. And kept throwing herself at blokes even now. “So who’s the best one of us to advise about sex. Get off the phone to me and phone him. Get him to do it and you’ll see.” Sara said nothing but manoeuvred the conversation away from the subject. She needed time to think about it otherwise Katie would push her into it, like she had done before.

Afterwards she sat in her room thinking and remembering the night before. She had heard some horror stories about people losing their virginity, and how much it had hurt them. It had been so different from the stories she had been told. In fact last night had been great actually it had been fucking awesome. The more she thought about it the more she realised that Katie was right about one thing. If she did get David to fuck her ass he would work to make sure it did not hurt and felt as good as possible. Which led to another question: did she really want to let him, or anyone, fuck her ass. She looked down at her mobile staring at David’s number wondering if she should or could phone him. As she pushed the dial button she realised what had decided her. Katie would never recommend anything to do with sex that she did not think was good. After a few seconds David answered. Sara spoke to him quickly before she could change her mind and arranged to meet him.

Half an hour later after she had quickly dressed in her only other skirt and a strapless black top with fastenings down the front. Her make up was a quick touch up effort nothing to fancy she did not have the time. She had deliberately made sure she would have no time to change her mind before she went to see David. So she stood on his doorstep and took a deep breath before knocking on the door. David opened the door quickly with a worried expression oh his face.

“What’s up?” He asked ushering her into the lounge. “You OK, I didn’t hurt you or anything last night did I?” His tone was worried but not selfish. Sara could tell he was more concerned about how she felt than if he was in trouble.

“I’m fine, and last night was great. You were perfect and if I had to do it again I’d pick you.” As she spoke she saw him relax a little. “Which is why I’m here, I’ve got another favour to ask you.” He looked at her quizzically asking with his face what she wanted. “I’m here cos I want to..” She stopped now she was at the moment of asking she felt suddenly scared. What if he did not want to? Just as he was about to speak she spoke. “I want you to fuck my ass.”

David froze his mouth open the words he was about to speak caught by what she had said. Sara looked at him for a second. When he did not say anything she looked away, he was not as interested as she thought he would be. I shouldn’t of said anything I’ve gone and ruined everything she thought.

“Are you serious?” David said Sara nodded in reply. “Fuck yes I’d love casino şirketleri to Sara.” She snapped her head back to look at him and found him grinning widely at her. “I love anal sex but rarely get it my girl friend. Only if I can get her drunk and horny do I have a chance of fucking her ass.” Sara smiled back at him as he spoke. “Fuck me if I was single I’d be chasing you hard. First you let me take your virginity then you want to let me fuck your ass.”

“One thing,” Sara said interrupting him. “I’m worried about it hurting. It won’t will it?” David sat back watching her.

“I can’t guarantee that but I’ll do my best to make sure it doesn’t.”

“Well if your best is as good as last night it will be fucking wonderful.” Sara replied with a laugh. David laughed in reply then stopped with a thoughtful look.

“Um.” He said, “we can’t do it here if my girlfriend catches us we’ll both be up shit creak with her and your dad.” He chewed his bottom lip thinking for a few seconds then grinning. “Got it, “he laughed suddenly making Sara looked at him in surprise.

“What?” She asked.

“Just thought as you going for two firsts in two nights you can have a third as well. First you lose your virginity then you want me to fuck your ass for the first time. So how about making it your first time in the back of a car as well. My four by four has got loads of room, plenty for us to fuck in.” Sara grinned and nodded as David jumped out his chair. “OK give us a minute to get something and we can get going.” He headed upstairs and she could hear him searching around for something then after a couple of minutes he came back downstairs clutching something in his hand.

“Lubrication!” He said to her as a explanation that explained nothing to her. He grabbed his keys and they headed out of his house and got into his car. As she sat in the passenger seat Sara gave a quick glance and figured that he was right. The inside was massive; definitely large enough for them to have sex. David set off heading quickly out to the country. He obviously knew where he was going and soon pulled off into a small track which ended with a nice view out over the town below. He switched the engine off and turned to looked at her.

“Like the view?” He asked, “I used to come her with an ex a few years ago now. She loved the view and it seemed to make her very horny.”

“I think it’s more likely that she knew you’d bring her up here to fuck her.” Sara said they both laughed slightly. Then David leaned forwards to kiss her. Gently at first but then with more passion his hand moving to cup her head and pull her into the kiss. She put her hand around his neck kissing him back just as passionately. After about a minute he slowly moved his hand down her neck and down to her breast. She felt his hand cupping it and his fingers gently kneading her soft flesh through the material of her top.

Suddenly she felt the seat lowering backwards and she sank down until she was lying on her back with him half on top of her. Sara felt herself smiling a little thinking that he had done that a few times before as it was so seamless. His hand had not came off her breast and he had kept kissing her even as he had lowered her seat right down. Now his hand moved over to the fastening of her top and he quickly started to flick the hooks and eyes open running his hand down her top. Sara could feel the urgency in his movements and copied it she wanted him as much as he wanted her. His hands opened her top and exposed her naked breasts which he quickly began to kiss and lick. Sara hissed softly at the feeling as he sucked each breast into his mouth and licked at her hard sensitive nipples. His one hand began to move slowly down her side then down her leg until it was on her thigh below her skirt. As he ran it back up her thigh she opened her legs slightly knowing what he was about to find. His hand moved higher up the inside of her thigh pushing her skirt up until he reached her cunt. She felt his moment of surprise when he discovered that she had not put any underwear on. He looked up at her with a smile.

“Going commando are we?” He said and Sara smiled back.

“Just thought I’d make it easier for you.” He laughed then kissed her hard before lowering his mouth back down to her breasts. At the same time his fingers began to rub at her exposed cunt. Sara gasped softly at the touch of his fingers on her hot flesh. She could feel him probing and rubbing at her and the sensation soon had her reacting. He pushed deeper rubbing over her clitoris and down to slid two fingers into her. She pushed her pelvis up at him taking his fingers deep into her. He began to switch from sliding his fingers in her to rubbing at her clitoris. Sara gasped and moaned at the swelling sensations he was causing in her. All the time he was kissing and licking her breasts adding to her feelings. He added another finger inside her and then a fourth pushing them into her and opening her wide. Sara moaned loudly casino firmaları as the sensations began to overwhelm her. She was totally at their control and just wanted him to keep going. As he pushed his hand into her cunt his thumb somehow began to rub at her clitoris. Sara gasped and rocked her pelvis against his hand. He began to kiss her neck and chest but kept coming back to her hard nipples. She could feel her orgasm growing inside her and knew it would not be long until she came. Then without warning she felt him push his whole hand up her. She gasped hard and arched her back as she was stretched as wide as she could go. He began to thrust his hand in and out and Sara writhed at the sensation. Then she was coming her orgasm exploding in a squeal of passion and feeling. He kept his hand inside her pushing it into her which added to her orgasm. The waves of pleasure swept through her and she rode them for all they were worth. He waited until she had finished coming before pulling his hand out of her.

“Oh god,” Sara gasped “that was fucking great.” David kissed her hard.

“And we’ve just started.” He told her.

“Well then you better fuck me,” she gasped in reply. “I want to feel your dick inside me.” She added as she said this he quickly undid his trousers and pushed them down exposing his hard dick. Then rolled to lay on top of her. She could feel the heat of his dick against her skin as he positioned himself against her. Then he pushed upwards and Sara gave a soft moan as she felt the head of his dick opening her cunt. He thrust deeply into her and Sara gasped feeling him filling her. She lifted her legs up wrapping them around his legs as he began to thrust deeply into her. His mouth was kissing her neck and shoulders as he fucked her deeply. Sara clung to him feeling him right inside her the same as last night. Each thrust brought back memories of her feelings the previous night but now magnified by the small experience she had. She began to rock her groin up as he thrust downwards which made his dick feel like it was right inside her. He cupped her one breasts squeezing and kneading it roughly as he thrust into her. Sara moaned loudly and arched her head back. She gasped when he lent down to suck on her nipple drawing it right into his mouth and licking his tongue around it.

“Oh god David fuck me harder, please just ram it in me.” She said breathlessly. His responded instantly ramming right into her as hard as he could. Sara gave a small squeal as he started to ram deep in her. He lay on top of her his hand wrapped in her hair as he slammed his dick inside her. She clung to him her fingers digging into his shoulders and her legs linked around his waist. Each thrust into her increased the feeling inside her. That, now almost familiar, fire in her groin began to blaze and she did her best to fuel it. As he thrust into her she pushed back at him. He moved his one hand back down to her breasts as he kissed and sucked on her neck. She could feel the love bite he was giving her.

“Sara, Jesus I’m going to come in a minute.” David hissed in her ear. Sara was nearly too far gone to acknowledge what he said but she managed to hiss back.

“Yes come in me. I want to feel your come in me.” Then her orgasm burst and any other words vanished into a squeal of pure pleasure. He pinned her with his weight and kept ramming in as she came. Just as she felt her orgasm dying his began. She felt him shudder and he gave a sharp hiss then his come began to pump into her. Sara gasped feeling the hot jet inside her. He rammed into her one last time as he emptied his come then sank to one side gasping hard for breath. It was a few seconds before either of them could speak then Sara said to him.

“Shit! Sex with you just seems to get better.” David nodded in agreement.

“Fuck yes. You were a good fuck the first time. And each time you get better and better.” He gave a small laugh. “And I’ve still got to fuck your ass tonight.” He said Sara looked up at him.

“Want to now?”

“Oh hell yes,” was his enthusiastic reply. “You need to be on all fours I can’t fuck your ass with you facing me. Well not unless your a gymnast.” Sara giggled a little nervously as she roll over onto her hands and knees. She looked back at him as he picked up the small tube he had grabbed at his.

“What’s that?” She asked him.

“Lubricant,” he said in reply then realised from her expression that she was still confused. “I can’t just stick my cock into your ass like I do your vagina.” He explained, “it will be too dry and I’ll hurt you. This stuff is made to lubricate you so it hopefully won’t hurt. I’ll use a load to try and make sure it hurts as little as possible OK?” Sara nodded slowly watching as he squeezed a large lump of the clear jelly like substance onto his finger. “Trust me this is designed for sex so it’s safe. I’m just going to push my finger in first to smear some into you. Just relax a little.” Sara nodded again and took a few güvenilir casino deep breaths to relax herself. She felt his finger rubbing at the entrance to her ass the lubricant felt cold. Slowly he pushed his finger into her. Sara bit her lip at the feeling, she had never had anything go up her ass before and it felt very strange and a little painful. He stopped and asked her if she was OK she nodded not trusting herself to speak. He pushed the finger further into her and slowly twisted it round to put as much lubricant inside her as he could. Then he pulled his finger out. Sara gave a small gasp as he pulled out and looked round at him.

“You sure you want me to do this?” He asked her, “just say if you have any doubts.”

“No do it, while I’m OK with it. If I stop now I’ll never do it and I want to try everything.” She whispered back to him smiling to cover the small knot of fear in her stomach. He nodded and began to smear the lubricant over his hard dick covering it in the shine jelly until his dick was totally covered. He moved to kneel behind her she could feel his one leg cocked up over hers.

“Right I’m going to start now, tell me if you want me to stop at any point and I will.” Sara nodded and did her best to ignore the knot of fear and relax. He rubbed the head of his dick against her ass then pushed forwards. Sara hissed as she felt her ass opening around him. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath at the sharp pain it caused. He pushed into her slowly forcing his dick inside her. Sara dug her fingers into the seat cover as she felt the head going deeper. Then almost with a pop he was in her ass. He stopped for a few seconds before pushing deeper. Sara felt each inch sliding into her as he gently but firmly pushed in. She held her breath as the last couple of inches slid in then took a deep shuddering breath.

“Are you OK?” David asked she nodded and looked round at him smiling.

“Yes it feels weird but not very painful.” She told him.

“Good, right if you’re ready I’ll give it a couple of thrusts to see how you feel.” Sara nodded and forced herself to watch as he gripped her waist with his hands. He pulled out and thrust back into her, not hard but deeply. Sara felt him sliding inside her ass. It hurt a little but not so much she could not stand it. He did it again, a little harder and then a third time again a little harder. With each thrust there was a sharp feeling but nothing she could not handle. He stopped and smiled at her.

“That OK?” He asked checking she nodded. “Now if you want I’ll take it slowly and not push to hard as it’s your first time.” She nodded smiling back over her shoulder at him. Then she gasped as he thrust into her pushing deeply into her but not to hard. He began to thrust in and out of her slowly carefully fucking her ass. Sara bit her bottom lip and gasped softly with each thrust. He began to speed up thrusting harder into her. She moaned and gasped as the power increased. She could hear him breathing hard as he fucked her ass. His fingers dug into her hips as he thrust in and out. He thrust even harder pushing her forwards with each thrust until she was pressed up against the back seat. As the power and force of his thrusts increased so did the sensation of him being in her. It began to hurt slightly making her hiss and groan but she hid it by burying her face in the seat back. She could feel his thrusts increasing in strength and felt her pain increasing as well. His thrusts pushed her into the seat back and she clung to it moaning hard through clenched teeth.

“Jesus you’re so tight, your ass feels so tight around my cock.” David gasped thrusting into her hard. Sara moaned loudly as he thrust harder into her. She could feel him filling her ass thrusting into her hard and deep.

“You’re so hard in me,” She groaned back at him. “So deep in me,” she hissed as he thrust in deep. The pain was still there but it was dulling and his thrusts were beginning to feel good.

“It doesn’t hurt does it?” David hissed to her.

“A little, but it feels good as well.” Sara replied looking back at him.

“I want to really fuck your ass hard Sara.” David said looking at her. “I want to ram into you and fuck it deeply.”

“Do it,” Sara gasped to him. She knew he really wanted to and also knew that if she was to get used to it she had to do it now.

“But it’ll hurt and I don’t want to hurt you.”

“It hurts anyhow, but it’ll get me used to it. If I’m gonna let you fuck my ass again I’ve got to get used to it.” She told him , he stared at her for a couple of seconds.

“You sure?” He asked and Sara nodded in reply. David looked around the car. “It’s too cramped in her I can’t thrust in hard enough.” He said as much to himself as to her. Then he pulled out off her and clambered out of the car. He reached in and pulled her out of the car. She stumbled out and he half helped her up and half pushed her over the bonnet of the car. She felt him move behind her and slide up her skirt to expose her ass. Then she felt his dick probing at her flesh. His hands pealed open her buttocks and he pushed the head of his dick into her. He reached up to grip her neck with both hands holding her down over the bonnet.

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