Nisan 14, 2021

Sarah’s New Life Ch. 02

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This is an original story written by me. It has been revised and almost totally rewritten from the first version titled “Sarah’s Revenge”. I hope you enjoy it as much if not more than the previous version.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank my new editor “LarryinSeattle”. Without his input and insight this story never would have been re-written in its present form.


As soon as I got home from Nicole’s lingerie shop, I stripped off all of my clothes and stood in front of the mirror looking at myself. “Could this be Sarah Michelle Richards? The submissive, frumpy, little housemaker and wife of Phillip Richards?” I asked. Outwardly I had worked hard to change after the divorce but after spending a night with Nicole I also knew that I had changed inside as well and would never be the same person I once had been.

While looking at myself, I saw the reflection of my old clothes hanging in the closet and knew what needed to be done. I spent the rest of the morning throwing out most of my old clothes and replaced them with the much slinkier outfits that I had purchased from Nicole to help show off my new figure. I also took the rest of my new body jewelry and hid it in the back of my closet. It wasn’t that I felt embarrassed by it but I wasn’t quite sure how Sam would react to knowing his mom wore such things.

It wasn’t until that moment that I had thought of Sam. “Where was he?” I wondered until I noticed it was well after the time he needed to leave for school.

When he got home that evening, I was shocked by his nonchalant attitude when he asked where I had been and even more so when he replied, “Good for you,” when I told him I had stayed with a friend.

After that, I visited Nicole’s shop weekly, sometimes to buy something new and sometimes to spend special girl-girl time with my lover. And after each visit, I found myself feeling more and more confident in who I was becoming and in the way I looked. Instead of the old, shapeless outfits that I had worn daily before my divorce I now wore sexy lingerie every day along with outfits that accentuated the curves of my body and, unknown to anyone but Nicole and myself, I wore my body jewelry under each and every outfit. The only difference being which piece of jewelry I wore. Some days it was simply a looped chain running from one nipple to the other, while on other days I wore the full-body piece that Nicole had given me that first night.

After six months of hard work, the big day that I had been waiting for finally arrived. My transformation was complete. While I still stood 5-foot, 6-inches tall I routinely wore high heels to make myself appear taller and give my legs a tighter, firmer look. I had toned my stomach and buttocks by going to the gym three times a week, as well as using the tanning bed, which I did in the nude. I let my hair grow longer and had it permed to a loose curl. Then I had my finger and toe nails manicured professionally and finally, I had the hair around my pussy waxed down to keep any stray hairs from sticking out of my thong underwear.

It was only then that I noticed that my breasts had developed a pronounced sag that I really didn’t want with my new body. So I went to see my doctor about a breast enlargement.

The moment she began to examine me I could tell she was intrigued by my nipple jewelry. Her touch was professional, yet soft and gentle and when she placed her stethoscope on my chest a shiver of excitement seemed to run through both of us.

Slowly I reached out and stroked her cheek as she closed her eyes and sighed, “If only I had more time.”

Reassured by her comment I whispered, “I’ll make sure the next time I come to see you that I’m your last client for the day.”

A low, guttural moan escaped from between her lips when I placed my hands on both sides of her face and brought her lips to mine.

“I’ll look forward to it,” she said before returning to her examination. Afterwards, she informed me that although a breast enlargement could be done, I might want to consider using hormone treatments instead which were easier, as well as less painful and less expensive. At the same time, she warned me that there could be some side effects which we discussed.

As the months passed, my efforts continued to pay off. My body had toned nicely, my breasts had grown and firmed, and my general appearance had changed drastically for the better. Now looking stunningly beautiful, I measured 36D-25-34, and felt full of renewed vigor and enthusiasm. Then, at Nicole’s suggestion, I went to her optometrist and got several sets of tinted contact lens including a set of vibrant cat’s-eye green that became my favorites.

Throughout my transformation, Nicole had been at my side encouraging me and giving me suggestions but I knew that I needed to talk to her about other things and became more nervous as the time drew near for me to see her. Finally I was unable to put it off any longer and went to visit her. I told her that I wanted to continue seeing her bostancı escort and being lovers but that I also needed to feel the embrace of a man and have a hard cock plunging into me before filling my pussy with a load of real cum.

Rather than being upset, Nicole was excited for me and reminded me that she was ‘bi’ as well and understood the same cravings. Then she gave me a sample of the newest addition to her shop’s jewelry collection. It was a set of soft, plastic coated clamps with small weights attached to them. “They’re for those occasions when your dress or top can’t hide a chain and you still want to feel that little extra kinky surge,” she joked.

Thankful, I slipped them into my purse before kissing her and heading home. As soon I got there she picked up the phone and dialed the number that I had gotten from Sam.

After the third ring, Dan answered the phone, “Hello.”

“Hi Dan, It’s Sam’s mother, Sarah. I know Sam and Matt went camping for the weekend and I don’t really feel like being alone tonight, so I was wondering if you’d like to come over for dinner?”

“Sure, I’d love to. What time?” he asked.

“Seven o’clock. Does that work for you?”

“No problem, see you then.”

As I hung up the phone, I began to pull off my clothes and headed for the shower. It had become one of my favorite places to enjoy my body as well as fantasize about what the future might hold for me. This time, though, it was different. I touched and played with my body until I came close to having an orgasm several times but always held off at the last moment in anticipation of the evening’s events. It was while I was playing with my nipples, that a small amount of milk began to spray from them.

Curious, I continued to pull on them as I remembered that the doctor had told me this could be one of the side-effects of the hormones that she had prescribed for me, but it had never happened until today. Instantly, I began to fantasize about how this could add a little extra excitement to the night’s activities. Not once did I stop to think about what I was doing as I continued to tease and play with my nipples until the milk was flowing in a continuous stream, squirting and spraying until it coated the shower door.

Stepping from the shower, I wrapped a towel around myself and went to the dresser to pick out some very special lingerie to wear for the evening. Quickly, I pulled out a pair of black seamed stockings, a black garter belt, a matching ¼ cup bra, and a very tiny g-string. Then I went to my closet and reached into my hiding spot and removed the two golden, non-piercing nipple rings.

While sitting on the edge of the bed, I marveled at how the nipple rings kept my nipples so hard and watched, fascinated, as a small drop of milk formed at the tip before dripping onto my lap. A shiver of excitement coursed through me as I slowly put on each piece of lingerie, thrilling at the soft, sensuous feel of them. When I was finished, I walked to the closet and reached for a shoebox on the top shelf. Inside was a brand new pair of 4-inch stiletto heels that I had purchased at Nicole’s. Then as I slipped them on, I remembered how Nicole had referred to them as “fuck me” shoes. If she had only known.

Afterwards, I spent almost 15 minutes looking at all of my new choices before deciding on a very short black satin skirt, a see-through white blouse, and a gold necklace that hung well into my cleavage. I dressed slowly, savoring the feel of the sensuous material against my body and paying attention to each detail to make sure that everything was in place. It was only when I looked into the mirror that I was satisfied and began fantasizing about what might happen after Dan arrived. Then, I began laughing at myself as I remembered that once-upon-a-time, I would have referred to anyone who wore such clothing as a complete slut, but for tonight that is exactly what I wanted to be. My skirt was so short that the tops of my stockings showed, my blouse was so transparent that the little bit of a bra that I wore could easily be seen while my bare tits were completely visible, and my shoes screamed “FUCK ME.” I also realized I had never felt so wanton, sexy and wicked in my life.

Dan arrived exactly at seven o’clock and he couldn’t believe his eyes when I opened the door. I was a completely changed woman from the last time he’d seen me. His eyes seemed to be riveted to my large breasts which were being held in place for his inspection by my bra and my nipples were clearly visible under the thin material of my the blouse with just the vaguest hint of something golden around them.

“H-h-h-hi,” he stammered.

“Hi, yourself. Would you like to come in,” I purred seductively. The double meaning slipped past him because he was so overcome by the changes that I had undergone.

“Yes, thank you,” he murmured as he stepped past me, brushing against my enlarged breasts as he did.

“Take a seat and make yourself comfortable while I finish dinner,” I said. “Would ümraniye escort bayan you like something to drink while we’re waiting?”

“Sure,” Dan replied, hardly able to pull his gaze from my breasts to look up at me.

I smiled as I slowly walked away, a flirtatious thought crossing my mind. Then half way to the liquor cabinet I acted as if I’d found something on the floor and bent over. “Shoot, I thought I’d cleaned everything off the floor.” But instead of picking something up I was looking between my legs as Dan got a good look up my skirt to the top of my stockings and the darkened, mysterious cleft above them. Faking innocence, I straightening up and pulled the skirt back down before continuing to the liquor cabinet.

“What would you like?”

“Ummmm, what do you have?”

Giggling, I said, “I have a lot to offer but we can talk about that later. What would you like to drink for now?”

Teasing back, Dan replied, “I’ll take anything that’s wet.”

His response caused my desires to heighten as I caught the double meaning and whispered to myself, “God, I hope so.” Quickly, I poured two small glasses of Amaretto and walked back towards him swaying my hips seductively as possible. The closer I got, the more apparent the effect of my behavior was as I noticed the bulge developing in his crotch. Now standing before him, I bent over at the waist to offer him his drink and to give him the opportunity to look down my blouse at my exposed breasts and nipples.

Dan’s eyes were instantly drawn to my breasts as they nestled in the very skimpy bra that I was wearing while at the same time giving him a chance to see the golden rings that were surrounding my nipples. He could also see my nipples as they began to harden and a small amount of moisture soaking through the front of my blouse.

“Dan … Dan …?”

As if awakened from a dream, he looked up from my exposed cleavage, and as he looked into my eyes I whispered, “Do you like what you see?”

Embarrassed, he replied very quietly, “Yes. I’d have to be dead not too.”

Setting the glasses down and then lightly running my fingertip across his lap, I smiled as I said, “Well, I’m glad you’re not dead because I want this to be a very enjoyable night for both of us.”

I could clearly see the lust in his eyes as I stood up and stepped back from him. Instantly he reached for me but I slipped away. Standing just outside his reach, I ran my hands up to my enlarged breasts, cupping them, and then gently squeezing them, before explaining “I went to the doctor several months ago and she told me about a hormone therapy that would help to tone up my breasts. I started taking them and look what happened. I’ve grown from a 35C to a 36D. Do you like my nice, big hard breasts, Dan? I hope you do, because I have very special plans for you and I tonight.”

“What do you mean?” Dan questioned.

Still caressing my breasts, I continued. “I overheard Matt telling Sam about how you’d like a chance at me and how you’ve been playing with your cock while thinking about me. Is that true? Do you play with your cock while thinking about me?”

Dan’s face turned a beet-red in embarrassment before he looked directly at me and said, “Yes, I do. You were a very beautiful woman before and even more so now, Sarah. I have jacked off thinking about you many, many times.”

As I continued to stand in front of him, massaging my breasts, my nipples grew harder while milk started leaking from them leaving a long wet stripe down the front of my blouse. At the same time, I felt my pussy juices begin to flow and the room filled with my musky scent.

From the way that I had dressed tonight, the way I was teasing him, and seeing how aroused I had become, Dan knew that I wanted him to fuck me. So it wasn’t surprising when he rose from his seat and moved towards me like a beast stalking it’s prey.

Wanting to make the evening last, I raised my hand in front of me to stop his progress. “Dan, wait, I want tonight to be special, very special, for both of us. All through my marriage I was a ‘respectable wife,’ a ‘proper lady’ both in and out of bed, but as you can see …” I gestured as I grasped one of my breasts and squeezed it while running the other down to the front of my skirt, “… I’m not a ‘proper lady’ any more. Tonight I want to be a slut, your personal slut. I want you to fuck me, Dan, not make love to me. I want you to talk dirty to me, I want you to treat me like someone you might pick up in a local bar with the sole purpose of filling my pussy with your cock. I want you to fuck me hard and deep and when you cum, I want you to pull out and cum on my body so I can rub it all over me just like those women in the porno movies do. Make me do whatever it is you want or desire. Make me do all the dirty and nasty things that a ‘proper lady’ would never do.” Then, moving my hand up from my skirt, I started to slowly and seductively unbutton my blouse. “Will you do that for me, Dan? Will you make me your slut?” I asked kartal escort with a seductive pout.

I’m sure that Dan couldn’t believe what he was hearing. I’m the woman that he had secretly lusted for since shortly after moving into the neighborhood years ago and here I was offering myself to him, offering to do what ever he wanted so long as he treated me like a slut. I know that this was his fantasy come true and his body was responding to every word I spoke. Feeling the power that I was giving him, the ability to do whatever he wanted to me, he must know that tonight will be a night of pure, animalistic lust and pleasure … a night they would long remember.

Sitting back down, it was evident that he knew that he would do everything to me that I wanted, and much more before the night was over.

Dan’s voice seemed to fill the room as he spoke. “OK, slut if that’s what you want then that’s what you’ll get. Take your top off and show me your tits. You’ve been teasing me with them since I came in the door, now I want to see them.”

Excited now by the way that Dan was beginning to dominate me, I undid the last button of my blouse and slowly opened it, watching his reaction as I revealed more and more skin until my breasts were completely exposed to him. The ¼ cup bra held them high for his examination and showed them off perfectly while my nipple rings encircled and high-lighted my distended nipples. Full, swollen, and tight from the medications I had been taking, my breasts now throbbed with the milk that was filling them while my nipples were darkened and hard from my excitement while a small drop of milk mysteriously formed at the tip of each.

Dan leaned forward to get a closer look and licked his lips like an animal preparing to pounce on a succulent piece of meat as the bulge in his pants grew larger in anticipation.

Grasping my breasts in my hands I squeezed them, offering them to him. “Do you like them, Dan? Do you? They’re so full, so swollen,” I purred as I squeezed them until milk leaked from the nipples. “They ache so much, but I’m sure there is something we can do tonight to take care of that problem.”

Dan leaned back in his seat and watched as I began to play with my tits. Ever so enticingly, I brought my hands to them and squeezed, causing a single drop of milk to form at the end of each nipple. Then I used just the tip of my forefinger to spread the milk across my chest before starting over again. The surprise for me was that the more I squeezed my tits the harder my nipples became and the more my milk leaked from them.

All too soon, I felt the stirrings of an orgasm already beginning deep within me. It had been much too long since a man had looked at me the way Dan was looking at me at that moment. I felt desirable, sexy, wicked … and horny.

In a very deep and commanding voice, he broke the supercharged silence in the room and said, “Take your skirt off. I want to see what you’ve got hiding under there.”

I barely heard him through my lust-filled haze, but gradually I slid my hands to the back of my skirt before turning my back to him. Teasingly, I unzipped the skirt revealing the garter belt and the string of my tiny g-string before easing it over my hips and letting it drop to the floor as I stepped out of it. Dressed in only the garter belt, stockings, ¼ cup bra, g-string, and stilettos, I spread my legs slightly as I bent over to pick up the skirt. Instantly, my tits spilled from my bra and the string from my panties pulled deep into the cleft of my ass.

“Mmmmmmm, nice, very nice. You look even better than I had imagined, now stand up and turn around so I can get a better look at you.”

Straightening up, I turned slowly as Dan had asked, and then stood directly in front of him.

Slowly, he got up from the couch and walked around me, examining every inch of my exposed flesh. Looking closely at my nipple jewelry he asked, “What is this for?”

As seductively as possible I took a fingertip and drew circles around the nipple ring as I purred, “It helps to keep the blood trapped in my nipples. That makes them harder which also makes them much more sensitive.”

Reaching out, he took my nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. He could feel how hard and swollen they were, and pinched them causing a small stream of milk to spray from them and land on the front of his shirt. I bet he had never felt like this with any other woman. Normally a tender, compassionate lover, now he must feel purely animalistic urges overpowering him as he twisted and pulled on my tits. And all the time he watched as I closed my eyes, ground my teeth together and purred, “Yessssss.” Slowly, Dan pulled my nipples farther and farther away from my tits before finally letting them go to pop back in place. Then he sat back down in an armchair and pointed to the coffee table directly in front of it. “Come here and sit down.”

I no longer felt as if I had any say in what was going to happen tonight so I timidly moved to where Dan had instructed, my hips swaying from to side to side. The gentle, seductive hissing sound from my stockings as they rubbed together seemed to fill the room before I sat down. Now, sitting on the edge of the table only three feet in front of him, I waited for his next command.

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