Mart 12, 2021

Sarah’s Catfight Adventures Pt. 03

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A week had gone by. Things started to feel normal again Sarah. The 18 year-old brunette senior had a good week of school. She had a good volleyball game on Tuesday and aced two tests in Math and History on Friday. Although she had a good week, Sarah still couldn’t believe what happened last weekend.

Sarah had not seen or heard from Britney in a week. She couldn’t get her mind off Britney. Sarah wondered if last weekend was just a once in a lifetime event. She wondered if Britney and her would ever speak again.

It was Sunday afternoon. Sarah had a relaxing weekend. She was at home getting her mind prepared for another busy week of school. Sarah was pretty much ready for the weekend to be over when something unexpected happened. She checked her social media and saw that she had a message.


It was from none other than Britney. What did she possibly want? Sarah was shocked.

“Hi,” Sarah answered.

The two began having a small civil conversation.

“How are you?”

“I’m good, and you?”

Things were going okay, but Sarah felt weird about the conversation. Sarah decided to break the tension by issuing an apology.

“I’m sorry about our fight last weekend,” said Sarah. “Hopefully we can move forward and be friends someday.”

“I’m not interested in being friends with you,” answered Britney.

Sarah became confused.

“Well, why did you message me?” asked Sarah.

“I was waiting for your apology from last week and now I got it,” answered Britney.

“Brit, it was a pretty mutual fight,” answered Sarah. “I’m apologizing for my part of the fight, but you should take responsibility for your actions too,” responded Sarah.

“Why would I apologize for you attacking me?” Britney answered, not acknowledging any wrongdoing of her own.

The conversation continued and Sarah only grew more upset as Britney, the 18 year-old blonde, twisted the story into Sarah starting the fight. Britney then accused Sarah of attacking her unfairly.

“You only beat me because you challenged me to a fight when I wasn’t ready,” Britney messaged.

Sarah became really angry.

“Well, let’s have a fair match and I’ll beat you fair and square this time,” said Sarah.

“Come over, and this time I’ll win,” answered Britney.

Sarah knew this was immature to get into another fight with Britney, but she couldn’t stop herself. She immediately went to Britney’s house and knocked on the door.

Sarah was wearing a button up navy-blue, short-sleeve shirt with small black short. Britney answered the door wearing a white tank top with white short shorts. Britney also had her hair in pig tails.

“Cute pig tails,” Sarah said as she met eyes with Britney.

“Thanks bitch,” answered Britney.

“Hope you’re ready to get your ass kicked this time,” said Sarah with a smirk on her face.

“You won’t be so lucky this time,” Britney responded.

“No excuses this time,” Sarah said.

Britney with an angry face said, “MY BEDROOM, RIGHT NOW!”

The two walked into Britney’s room and immediately got on the bed. They stared into each other’s eyes.

“Are you ready for another spanking from mommy?” asked Sarah with a giggle.

Britney became full of rage and tackled Sarah. The two ladies began pulling each other’s hair moaning in pain as they tried to gain the upper hand. They began rolling around on top of each other.



Britney got on top of Sarah and began slapping her in the face.


“OW OW OW OW!” Sarah yelled as the smacks landed pendik escort on her face.

Sarah slapped Britney back.


“OWWWW!” Britney yelled as she continued to slap Sarah.

Britney pinned Sarah’s wrists down over her head and flipped her hair back.

“Got you bitch,” Britney whispered to Sarah.

Sarah attempted to push Britney off of her with a pelvic thrust. Britney was bumped into the air, but she landed back on Sarah.

“Don’t hump me off of you!” Britney yelled.

Sarah pelvic thrusted Britney again. Britney slammed her bottom on top of Sarah’s stomach. Sarah kept trying to thrust Britney off, but Britney was able to keep landing on top of Sarah. The two girls looked like they were humping each other.

“STOP HUMPING ME!” yelled Britney.

“YOU STOP HUMPING ME!” yelled Sarah.

Sarah got one of her arms free and grabbed one of Britney’s pig tails.

“OWWW!” Britney yelled as Sarah was able to roll her over and get on top.

Sarah was pulling Britney’s pig tail with one hand and slapping her in the face with the other hand.


Britney screamed as she was getting slapped in the face. Britney then wrapped her legs around Sarah’s waist and gave her the hardest squeeze she could give.

“OHHHHH!” Sarah moaned as she tried to catch her breath.

Britney then grabbed Sarah by the hair and flipped her over onto her stomach. Britney straddled Sarah’s back and started pulling her hair.

“OWWWWW!” Sarah yelled in pain.

Britney then turned around and straddled Sarah, facing her ass. She reached around her shorts to unbuttoned them.

“NOOO!” Sarah screamed as she tried to squirm away.

Britney was able to hold Sarah down tightly as she unbuttoned her shorts and began slipping them down. Britney giggled as she mocked Sarah and pulled her shorts completely off revealing a sexy pair of baby blue lace panties.

“AHHH!” screamed Sarah.

“Oh, sexy panties,” said Britney as she continued to mock Sarah.

Britney then SMACKED Sarah’s ass hard!

“OW!” Sarah squealed.


Britney landed several more smacks on Sarah’s ass as Sarah squirmed in pain. Sarah was able to get on all fours and tried attempted crawling away. Britney stayed on top of Sarah’s back, riding her as she landed two more smacks on Sarah’s ass. Sarah was able to buck Britney off of her as she crawled away fast. Britney fell off but got back up and jumped right back on Sarah.

Sarah and Britney were once again rolling around pulling each other’s hair and moaning in pain. This time Sarah was able to wrap her legs around Britney giving her a strong squeeze.

“OHHHHHH!” Britney moaned as Sarah squeezed.

As Sarah squeezed, Britney started unbuttoning Sarah’s shirt.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” Sarah yelled.

Sarah let go of Britney and the two got up to their knees, pulling each other’s hair. Sarah then let go of Britney’s hair and gave her a really hard shove, forcing Britney to fall on her back. Sarah’s shirt had become unbuttoned showing a matching lacey bra underneath.

Sarah quickly approached Britney and grabbed her little white shorts.

“AHHH, LET GO!” Britney yelled.

Sarah began to pull Britney’s shorts off. Sarah forced Britney to lift her legs straight up in the air as she pulled her little white shorts off, revealing a cute pair of bright red lace panties. Britney was kicking and screaming like a child. Sarah held Britney’s legs together in the air with one hand and began smacking her ass with the other hand.

SPANK SPANK maltepe escort SPANK!

“OW OW OWWW!” screamed Britney as she was spanked like a little baby.

Britney get her legs free and began kicking again until she was able to roll away from Sarah. The two were back on their knees again pulling at each other’s hair. Then they began grabbing each other’s shirts trying to pull them off. Sarah was finally able to get Britney’s tank top from over her head revealing a matching bright red bra. Britney did not let go of Sarah’s unbuttoned shirt. Not only did Britney get Sarah’s shirt off, Sarah’s bra was almost ripped off as well.

Sarah’s bra straps were down her arms allowing her breasts to start falling out of the bra.

“Nice nipples,” Britney said while laughing at Sarah.

Sarah became embarrassed and tried to fix her bra. Britney didn’t allow this, forcing Sarah’s bra down even further, fulling exposing her breasts. Sarah in desperation put her hands over her on breasts trying to cover up.

Britney started slapping Sarah in the face.


Sarah wanted to protect her face, but she didn’t want to have her nipples exposed. Britney then pulled Sarah’s hands away from her and slapped her left breast.

“OWW!” screamed Sarah as she protected her breast again.

Britney took this opportunity to lift Sarah up over her shoulder. Sarah was kicking her feet and screaming in fear as Britney held her over her shoulder.

“Shhhh,” Britney said she patted Sarah’s ass.

Sarah was scared because she knew Britney was about to do to her what she did to Britney. Sarah hung her head in shame. Britney then slammed Sarah onto her back, on the bed.

“OHHHHH!” Sarah moaned in pain as she panted in pain with her breast still falling out of her bra. Britney on her knees stood over Sarah victoriously.

“I’m not done bitch,” Britney said with an evil look on her face.

Sarah became scared and was no longer able to defend herself.

“It’s your turn,” Britney said as she pulled Sarah over her knees.

“NOOO,” Sarah pleaded. “I’m SORRY!”


Britney started spanking Sarah’s ass hard, one cheek at a time. Sarah kicked and screamed like a little girl. She squirmed as she was being spanked over Britney’s lap. Britney used her left arm to hold Sarah’s body down firmly and she used her right hand to punish Sarah’s bottom.


“OW OW OW OWWWW!!” Sarah screamed in pain.





Sarah began to cry as Britney spanked her ass harder and harder.


Britney stopped spanking Sarah for a second and rested her hand on Sarah’s red cheeks.

“I don’t want to be called Brit right now” said Britney. “I think you should call me something else.”

Sarah became confused as she tried to stop crying.


“I think YOU should call ME mommy now” Britney said mocking the suffering Sarah.

Britney then began SPANKING Sarah hard again.

“OW OW OW please stop mommy.”

“I can’t hear you!”



Britney spanked Sarah so hard that she noticed Sarah’s breasts bouncing back and forth from the force going through her body. Britney enjoyed the sight so much that she spanked Sarah harder and harder, causing Sarah’s now fully exposed and hanging breasts to bounce back and forth with every smack.

Sarah screamed with every kartal escort smack crying harder and harder and pleaded her new mommy to have mercy on her naughty behind. As Sarah tried to hang her head in shame, Britney grabbed her by the hair pulling her head up. Britney held a big chunk of Sarah’s hair with her left hand and continued spanking Sarah with her right hand.



Britney finally stopped spanking Sarah. She laughed and mocked Sarah as she rubbed her red-hot ass for her. Sarah sobbed over the knees of Britney in total humiliation. Britney let Sarah up over her knees. Sarah had tears in her eyes as she looked as Britney with shame.

“I hope you learned your lesson,” Britney said to Sarah.

“Yes mommy,” Sarah said as she sniffled.

“If you mess with me, I’m going to smack this ass again,” Britney said as she put her arm around Sarah and rubbed her ass again.

Sarah gasped with shock and fear.

“Yes mommy,” she said with shame in her voice and tears in her eyes.

Sarah hugged Britney as Britney continued to rub her punished bottom.

“Now go get me some lemonade out of the fridge,” Britney commanded Sarah.

“Yes mommy,” Sarah said, wanting to be obedient in defeat.

As Sarah left the room Britney got comfortable by taking her bra off and putting her white tank top on. Britney began lying down on her bed with her hands behind her head.

Sarah entered the room with a prepared glass of lemonade for her new mommy. She noticed Britney lying there with her nipples pointing through her white tank top. She handed Britney the drink.

“Good girl,” Britney said as she took the drink from Sarah’s hand.

Britney then commanded Sarah to clean her room and organize her clothes. Sarah followed Britney’s commands, not only to be a good girl, but to make sure she wasn’t punished by her new mommy again. Sarah’s sore bottom couldn’t handle another spanking.

Britney finally allowed Sarah to go home. Sarah needed to get home to prepare for school the next day. Sarah showered and got into her t-shirt and panties to get into bed. She lied in bed rubbing her red ass as she thought about the prissy blonde that spanked her so good.

Britney was in bed pleased with the way she handled Sarah that night, proving that she was in charge. As Britney was lying in bed in nothing but a white tank top and red panties, she began to get that weird feeling going through her body again. This time she thought about Sarah’s breasts falling out of her bra. She thought about Sarah’s red ass bent over her knees. She thought about Sarah’s large breasts bouncing back and forth with every spank her body received. She thought about Sarah’s fit body that she totally dominated. She thought about Sarah begging her new mommy for mercy as she spanked her ass in those sexy baby blue panties she had on. Britney’s eyes were closed, and her nipples were pointing straight up at the ceiling. Britney began moaning as she couldn’t take the temptation anymore.

Britney wasn’t sure what was going on, but she did know that she had to touch herself again. She put her hand between her legs and rubbed. Britney moaned louder as she rubbed herself more and more. As she replayed everything that happened with Sarah in her head, a large orgasm went through Britney’s body causing her body to flinch hard as she let out a long sensual moan.

Britney wasn’t sure what had just happened, but she knew that this was the most satisfied she had felt since the last time she played with herself while thinking about Sarah. Britney began falling asleep from the exhaustion of her orgasm. Before she fell asleep Britney promised herself that she wouldn’t play with herself to the thought of Sarah ever again. More importantly, Britney promised herself she would never let anyone know that she did that, especially Sarah.

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