Mart 12, 2021

Sapphic Suburban Sighs Ch. 3

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Several days later Joanne came over to begin the interior decoration. I was intrigued with the lovely tall blonde. She was very smart and knowledgeable and I liked her, and her ideas. Her estimate was very satisfactory and we began the redecoration immediately. She was over almost every day to make sure that the workmen did the job to her specifications. She was very good with the workmen she had recommended, and who had worked with her before. They were taken with her too, and tried to always give their best. The work went well and very swiftly. As each room was finished I was amazed at how beautiful and stylish it looked. Joanne was a wonder.

I took her out to dinner one evening, as the redecoration was almost finished. I picked a restaurant that was intimate and cozy, and had the best food in the city. The maitre d’ knew her and welcomed us with smiles and bows. We chatted about the work and I told her how pleased I was with the work and her beautiful touches. She smiled and thanked me. She wore a beautiful dress that was low cut and showed her beautiful breasts to the best advantage. When she leaned over I could see almost to the nipples and it kept me aroused.

“You like my breasts?” She asked casually.

“Yes, I couldn’t help but notice with your low cut dress.” I laughed. “I’ve been caught. Guilty as charged!”

“I’d heard that you admired them.” She said looking me in the eye.

“Well that had to have come from Amanda or Sue. Have those two been telling tales out of school again?” I said keeping eye contact.

“Actually Amanda told me. She is a truly beautiful woman isn’t she?” She leaned closer. “And a very intimate, and a very close friend.”

“Well she told you correctly. You do have lovely breasts. I admit staring at them. If Amanda told you I liked them, I imagine she told you that she, Sue and I were very intimate the other evening.” I said softly lest anyone overhear our conversation.

“She said that during a very erotic experience you thought of me and wished I could be there to join you three. I wished I had known and could have been there. I have been attracted to you too. Amanda and Sue are both very discrete and would have never mention my Sapphic side to you or anyone else.” She said leaning close. I loved her subtle perfume, and being so close, I could see her beautiful breasts at close range. I got a glimpse of her brown aureoles and a quick glimpse of a nipple. I thought I saw a gleam of gold, but it was so fleeting I wasn’t sure. She wore a chemise under her dress, no bra. “Tell me, do you usually go bra-less or is it just around me? The other day when we were conferring, you had on that beautifully tailored suit with no bra on under it. I don’t imagine you usually do that around men unless you are planing a seduction.” I asked.

She smiled and pointed a finger at me. “Guilty as charged. No, when I have men clients I always wear a bra and a blouse that’s discrete. I usually wear that around most women too. You got under my skin. You’re a very sensual woman. This was before Amanda told me your little secret. I did want to see your reaction to it. I’m very selective who I’m trying to, not seduce, but shall we say sound out.” She said smiling at me. She straightened up a little as the waiter filled our glasses. I caught his eyes glancing down at her low dress line.

“Did Amanda tell you how I found out her little secret?” I asked as the waiter left.

“Yes. I’m surprised she didn’t know that. I certainly did. In my business there are others who even use scanners to try to find out business secrets. I’m very selective which phones I use for certain types of orders, and also certain intimate conversations. My cellular phone and the phone in my office have scramblers on them for certain conversations. I have to be very discrete also; Amanda told you my husband is a judge. Imagine what an improper phone conversation I might make could do to his reputation.”

“I can imagine. Does he know this other side of you?” I asked.

“Yes, he knew before we married. I have always been discrete, very discrete. Before we became engaged I told him. He is a very liberated man, and told me he had no objection as long as I was very discrete. I tell him the intimate details of the affairs, but never who is involved, and he does not want to know. It could affect his judgment if someone I’d been intimate with came before his court in any type of court case, pro or con.

“He dearly loves for me to tell him the most intimate details. Most men are turned on, as I’m sure you know, by the thoughts of two women making love. Every porno video has a lesbian scene in it. If they are secure in their manhood, it is no threat to them. He is very secure in his manhood, not overly, but secure. I think you would like him. He has a great sense of humor, and would find you a woman he could be comfortable to be around.” Joanne said laying her hand on my arm.

I thanked her for the complement. The escort ataşehir rest of the meal was wonderful. She has a quick wit and good sense of humor laced with a almost devilish mischievous. She told me of her eight-year-old twin girls, and naturally showed me pictures of them. They are beautiful girls. We kissed lightly as we parted, two women giving each other a quick kiss.

Finally the redecoration was finished. Joanne and I walked from room to room. She had a clipboard in hand and checked off each detail in each room, and asked if I had any comments. She made a few suggestions for furnishings, paintings, etc. to enhance the rooms further. I too had a note pad and wrote each one down.

Her suggestions were always eye opening. I marveled at her discerning eye. I also marveled at her grace and sensuous body, but she was all business as we finalized the job. When we were through, we sat on the new long sofa in the living room and she went over the billing with me, and I signed off on the job. I was exhausted yet exhilarated. The redecorating was done. The smell of new paint, new carpet was still in the air.

“Joanne, you have done an outstanding piece of work here. You are a true master of your craft. I told Amanda that I was not trying to outdo the job you did for her, but I really think you equaled if not out did it. The house is – well superlatives just don’t do the job justice. Thank you. You are a true artist.” I said then leaned over and panted a light kiss on her lovely full lips. I had wanted to do that for so long.

She kissed me back. It almost took my breath away. Just a simple kiss, but I was overwhelmed by it. She pulled back a long moment later. “Thank you, it not often that a lovely woman inspires me to really go beyond what I usually do, and you did inspire me. You are such a beautiful woman, in body and in spirit. You brought out the best in me. Amanda did the same when I worked on her house. In both cases it was a work of love. I found my mind working overtime to try and bring out the very best in your house, and the furnishings to match your superb beauty. I did some things that I have never tried before, with you in mind, they worked and worked beautifully.” She said leaning over and kissing me softly.

Her hand went behind my head and lightly held our lips in contact. Her full lips were soft and inviting. Her tongue slid out and brushed my lips sending a shiver down my spine. I melted. If she had asked me for the deed to the house at that moment I would have signed it over to her in a heartbeat. I put my hand on her shoulder and drew her to me. Our breasts touched and I felt her shudder.

By mutual consent, we moved together on the couch and she leaned back pulling me to her. I slid my hand down and cupped her breast and stroked it. She slid her tongue into my mouth. Our tongues fenced and explored lightly. Her subtle erotic/exotic perfume overwhelmed me.

She pulled back slightly and gazed into my eyes. ”I don’t have any appointments for the rest of the day. Do you have any pressing engagements?”

“If I did they would have to just wait. I hope you are thinking what I’m thinking.” I managed to say, my voice husky with passion.

“If you aren’t then I will have to rape you. God, I want you! Now! Here! Is the door locked?” She asked reaching up and cupping my face between her hands. Her hands were hot.

“Yes, I always keep it locked. I locked it to keep you here. I won’t let you leave till we’ve made love. I feel like a schoolgirl. I’m so wet. My insides are mush.” I gasped, knowing how foolish I sounded.

“Me too. Lets neck, pet, and then make out. I’m so wet too. I’ll bet my panties are soaked. I’ll let you find out though.” She said with a little naughty smile.

We moved together again and kissed and began to caress each other. It was like two teenagers instead of two grown women. She kissed me and her hand slid down the front of my dress and into my bra to stroke my breast. I stroked her breasts, her hair and back. We kissed for a very long time then slowly removed blouses and bras. When I removed hers my eyes widened. Her breasts were round, full, and in each nipple was a small gold ring. It was so unexpected. I had always associated it with women of a rather dubious character. I kissed the nipple licking it and feeling the small gold ring against my tongue. It was very erotic.

“Your breasts are superb. Amanda told me they were beautiful, but I had no idea they were this beautiful.” She said as she took my bra off and kissed my breasts softly and almost reverently.

We stretched out on the long sofa, side by side. I reached down and cupped her thinly clad mound. “You’re right, they are soaked.” I laughed then kissing her beautiful breasts. Her aureole were brown and crinkled, the nipple erect. The small gold rings contrasted with the darker brown. Her skin was white and velvet smooth.

Her hand moved to my mound. “You, Dearest kadıköy escort Lady are soaked too. I have it on good authority that your pussy is delicious and very juicy. I must try it out for myself. I believe in investigating rumors of this kind – in person. Unless of course, you object.” She said looking up at me with a naughty grin.

“Of course, we don’t want unfounded rumors to go un-investigated.” I laughed. “But stand up, I want to take your panties off and see you gloriously naked.”

She got off the sofa and stood tall and beautiful. I kissed her stomach as I slid her beautiful lacy panties off. She stepped out of them and turned slowly for me.

“God, you are beautiful. You must have modeled. You have a model’s body except your breasts are larger then they like. Walk for me, I want to see you walk naked.” I said my voice hoarse with passion. She was a vision of beauty. She smiled and walked around the room. Her luscious breasts bounced provocatively. She is tall and willowy and moves with a grace few women posses, and millions try to affect.

She still had on her heels and they made her legs look even longer. Her long legs lead up to her golden pussy hair, clipped in a bikini cut. Her pink inner lips peeped out just a little, and I could see a gleam of wetness there. She moved back and stood before me. She held out a hand and pulled me up. We melted together. She slid a hand down into my panties and stroked my buttocks.

We kissed for a long while, bodies pressing together. Her thigh insinuated itself between mine and her pubic mound pressed against my thigh. I pressed my pussy against her leg. We swayed and our passions rose. She pushed me away a little and squatted down. She slid my panties down and kissed my stomach, then lower to nuzzle my pussy. I spread my thighs and her head went to my pussy and I cried out as her tongue flicked against my pussy and parted the lips. She flicked her tongue up and down and I cried out again.

“Oh, I can’t stand it. The sofa. The sofa.” I cried out, my voice almost desperate in tone. I lay down on the sofa and she turned and lay down head to foot. “Yes, yes. Like this. I want to make love to you at the same time. Oh, God. Yes.” I moaned.

We shifted and pulled the others body close. I kissed her soft smooth thighs as I felt her do the same to me. Her thigh spread and I nuzzled her wet pussy. Her sex odor was wonderful, sensual, sexual, a healthy young woman in lust. I slid my tongue out and parted her wet lips. She groaned against my pussy. Her tongue was busy there, licking up and down its length. She was dripping. Her juices were deliciously salty, and tasty. I nibbled lightly on her outer lips. She moaned. I pressed my face into her wet spread flesh. I slid my tongue into her hot velvet core. I thrust, probed, and sucked her pussy.

Her lips, tongue and fingers were exploring my own pussy. She was skilled and quickly had me panting against her wet flesh. I slid my mouth up to her clit and found her nubbin hard and erect. I slipped my fingers into her pussy and she pushed her hips forward urging me on. I slipped two then three fingers into her. Her hip pressed harder against my hand. I slid my little finger in and had four fingers inside her. Her hips thrust back and forward against my hand as I licked and tongued her hard clit.

She came, crying out against my pussy, and her pussy muscles clamped down on my hand as I drove it on and out, her juices flowing out wetting my hand. I licked and sucked her clit as fast as I cold. She came and came. Finally she stopped, gasped for air, her face against my pussy. I removed my hand and licked her spread pussy, watching it close slowly. I could see into her pink vagina. Her juices ran out to my waiting tongue. I savored her delicious fluids.

When she had recovered she began to make skillful love to my pussy. She slid two fingers up inside me turning and probing gently while her lips and tongue flicked and sucked my clit. Her tongue vibrated against it and I screamed my pleasure as she drove me to a series of climaxes. When I could stand it no more, I pushed her hand away. She continued to gently lick my pussy till I had calmed down.

We lay together for a while and began to slowly arouse each other again. This time we made love slowly and gently, and came almost at the same time, bodies writhing together. It was very gratifying to come together. We turned and kissed, each tasting our pussy juices on our partners lips and face.

“Amanda was right, you do have a delicious and very juicy pussy. I really liked making love to you. You are a very good lover too. Thank you. I enjoyed that. I wanted to make love to you since I met you. You struck a chord in me that few women reach. I hope we will have many more afternoons and evenings of love.” Joanne said kissing me softly. “My husband isn’t jealous of my trysts with ladies. He loves the juicy details.”

“I certainly hope so! We shall, maltepe escort bayan if I have anything to do with it. I wanted to make love to you too. You are a very special woman. You have a sensual body that clothes do not hide. I didn’t know your proclivities but I had hoped, and Amanda didn’t tell me. I’m glad, for I too respect discretion.” I said kissing her back. We lay for a while gently kissing and caressing and talking. I enjoyed her warmth and the touch of her body and hands on me. I asked about her pierced nipples.

“I had them done after I had the twins. A friend of mine had hers pierced and I thought them very sexy. I didn’t ask my husband. I was away for a week at a convention of decorators. I asked around and found a clinic that did piercing. It was very clean and a RN did the piercing. By the time I got back they had healed and the soreness gone. My husband was shocked at first but then really aroused by them. I have studs, various sized rings and a small gold chain that runs from one nipple to the other. It’s very erotic. Did you like it?” Joanne asked.

“Yes, in the restaurant I thought I saw a gleam of gold but wasn’t sure. It’s sexy, but it does keep me from sucking your nipples hard and raking them lightly with my teeth. Do you like a little pain?” I asked.

“Sometimes. I have to be in the right mood. Occasionally when I get really horny, I like for my partner to get a little rough. Not really rough but a little pain adds spice. And you?” She asked raking her fingernails lightly across my stomach.

“I’m like you. I have to be in the mood too. Some partners want me to pull their nipples or pussy lips hard. I usually oblige. It does give one a little sense of power. I’m usually of the soft persuasion when it comes to making love.” I said kissing her lovely breast softly, licking the tasty skin lightly. We lay stroking and kissing. We kissed for a while longer and talked quietly.

Finally we got up and I led her into the newly decorated and stunning bathroom. We showered playfully together. She dressed, we kissed good-bye, and she left. I put on a long silk dressing gown, slipped into my soft slippers and grabbed a good book. I fixed myself a drink, and turned on the stereo playing soft classical music. I lay back on the same couch we had made love on and thought how luck I was to have such good friends. I fell asleep reading and awoke much later hungry, but rested and relaxed.

I invited a number of my new friends, male and female for an open house. I had it catered and it was a huge success. Joanne came with her husband, a tall good-looking man who looked more like a male model than he did a judge. I enjoyed his company. Amanda and Sue were invited naturally. The house was a huge success. Everyone was very impressed with Joanne’s work. Joanne and I both received complements from everyone.

“I’m green with envy.” Amanda announced melodramatically to a group including Joanne. “I think I’ll have to have Joanne redo my whole house. I can’t live in a shanty next to this palatial palace. I’d be mortified!” She winked at me and gave me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. “I’m thrilled. It’s magnificent. Didn’t I tell you she is a jewel? I’m really glad she did it for you. You deserve it. It suits your style. You are a real class act lady, and I’m so glad to have you for a friend.” Amanda said hugging me. She leaned close and whispered in my ear. “And a wonderful lover too!” I hugged her back. I looked over at Joanne and she winked conspiratorially at me. I winked back.

The party broke up after midnight. The caterers cleaned up and left. Amanda and Sue remained. We broke open the last bottle of champagne and toasted each other. I led them up stairs to the bedroom and we turned down the bed. I had put pastel silk sheets on the bed. We undressed and climbed into bed. We sat naked drinking champagne. We were all a little silly from all the excitement as well as the many drinks we’d had during the night.

“So you finally got to make love to Joanne. You really had the hots for her didn’t you?” Sue teased.

“She’s a real sensuous lady. You have to admit that. God, she moves like a goddess. So willowy. Yes, I had the hots for her. You two rats wouldn’t tell me a thing would you?” I laughed throwing a fake punch at Sue’s chin.

“I may be a slut, but I’m a lady slut. Lady sluts don’t fuck other ladies and tell.” Sue said looking at me slightly cross-eyed.

“You are not a slut. You are a very fine lady, and we both love you.” I said leaning over and hugging her. “Right Amanda, my loverly lover and very closest neighbor.”

“Yes, I’m a lady too and I’ll knock anyone who says you two are otherwise on their cans.” Amanda said her voice a little slurred. We all roared at that.

We were all too drunk to make love. We wound up pulling the covers up, cuddling close and falling asleep naked and happy.

The next morning we were all a little hung over. I awoke first and slipped down to the kitchen and filled the coffee maker to the top. When Sue and Amanda came down I had the breakfast ready to cook. We had waffles with sour cream and fresh strawberries, and Irish coffee to help chase the hangovers away. An hour later we were back in fine shape.

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