Mart 12, 2021

Santa’s Not The Only One Who Came.

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A letter to my erotic friend…

I hope you had a lovely Christmas and I promise to respond to your recent, mmmm thought provoking and fantasy fueling email describing how you would “manipulate” and “pleasurably/painfully” play with my nipples while tit-fucking my breasts. I am sure you can imagine the erotic influence it had? But that is for another email.

I just had to tell you about what happened on Friday night (the 24th) when we went to visit dear friends of mine to wish them holiday cheer. I knew it would be something you’d enjoy almost as much as I did!!!!

Some background..Fergie and I met years ago before either of our husbands even came on to the scene and became really good friends while working at the mall, in different stores. Somehow we just connected the first time I had my nails done at her place of employment. Fergie was funny, outgoing and could see I was going through a rough time after my divorce (from my ex husband) and she was just the kind of friend and shoulder to lean on at that time. We would take lunch breaks together, checking out the shops and the guys (LOL) and would go to the movies or just hang out with my daughters on the weekends, partaking of some “herbal” refreshments and laughing like fools for hours (Fergie and I, not my daughters).

Fergie is about 5’7 1/2″, very very curvy, long reddish blonde hair, a very sweet smile, a “Jay Lo” booty and 36 DD’s (which was just a factoid at the time but became a real playtime fantasy for me, as you may imagine). Sort of like Marilyn Monroe in “Some Like It Hot” (a personal favorite and probably one of my first female masturbation fantasies!) Those tits, those hips, what I wouldn’t have given to to spend hours tasting/teasing her…hmmmmm but I digress.

Anyway, we became good/close friends but nothing came of the teasing we used to do about making a promise to get married on the top of the Empire State Building on New Years Eve 1999-2000 if neither one of us had marital prospects by then. I probably would not have minded given the brief but very pleasurable view of her breasts and nipples as she changed in front of me and made both my mouth water and my pussy lubricate? The red curly bush drove my imagination into overdrive and despite my controlled response (yeah right) ataşehir escort bayan she could see I was staring and most likely drooling, although I can only recall the fullness of her tits and the pink erect nipples she had and the fullness of her bush! But because she lived at home still, her father was overly strict and kept telling us to get our butts moving and get downstairs (she was 26 and I was 40 at the time) and I can’t help but wonder what might have happened that night, given what happened this past Friday


Were was I..oh yeah Friday night. We got to her and her husbands house about 9 pm and she had company, some I knew, others I did not but they were all in a celebratory mood by then so it was a “jolly” time for all. I knew her husband was attracted to me, he told me in confidence one night that if anything were to happen to our spouses, he would make sure he proposed and married me ASAP! His comment, “I can imagine you in bed”! So of course there was and always has been sexual tension between him and I but she is my friend and I would not be unfaithful to my husband without his permission and or cooperation (and since I do not see that happening any time soon!) we simply enjoy the sexual tension and teasing!

But….Fergie and the thought of me and her, well that is an okay fantasy but not possibility for my husband. He is afraid I might begin to “like” her more and she and I would “hook-up” without him and become a cause for a divorce for one or both marriages. Truth be told, Fergie’s husband has already hinted at his desire to see her and I together to just watch and masturbate all night. LOL

Anyway, we had our herbal refreshments, most had liquid refreshments but because I cannot drink (my father was part Native American and I think THAT in my background makes me allergic to alcohol and I get very sick when I try to drink anything)the party attitude got more and more festive over time. Most of her guests were neighbors and friends who could pretty much walk home but it was getting late and the party started breaking up about 11 and my husband and I decided to stay and chat a while since we do not have a chance to get together often. So we did and the guys turned on the History channel and Fergie and I went escort kadıköy upstairs to check on her boys and she asked for help finishing up some wrapping while the guys vegged out on the couch.

No problem, she was wearing this cute clingy red camisole that did nothing to hide her breasts or her nipples which had gotten darker since the birth of her boys and the nursing she did. So of course my eyes were catching glimpses of her nipples and between my mouth getting dry and my pussy getting wet, I had to excuse myself and went into the bathroom to masturbate leaving the door slightly open so I could watch her move around her bedroom and hopefully bend over so I could see her cleavage just long enough to make myself come at least once.

I was not paying attention as I got closer to orgasm when the door opened and there stood Fergie with this smile on her face and hand between my legs, and my face as red as an apple! I stopped my hand, stuttered and she came into the bathroom and very gently shushed me and asked what I was doing. I figured I would be honest and told her I was fingering my pussy and watching her. She looked at me with these wide eyes and asked me to describe what made me do that and what I was fantasizing about and I told her, I saw her tits and her nipples and could not help myself but wonder what they would taste like.

What happened next makes my pussy slick because I did not expect her reaction!! She took off her camisole and her bra and there they were, close enough to my mouth to make my knees weak!!! She took them in her hands, and who says “over a mouthful is wasteful” is out of their minds because she had two full handfuls and she moved closer to me and asked me if I wanted to suck them while I played with my pussy.

I didn’t have enough spit to answer so I shook my head and she placed her right nipple between my lips and I just made love to her breast as she leaned back against the wall and let me lick and suck and bite those sweet dark brown stiff nipples until I could feel myself coming without so much as touching my pussy!! I had stopped playing with my pussy, listening to the tv downstairs or the conversation the guys were having (or so I imagined cause the only thing I could concentrate on was her tits maltepe escort and her moans)!

I guess I got brave because the next thing I knew my hands were down her pants and between her pussy lips which were soaked through and my mouth was licking her tits one at a time and biting the nipples as she closed her eyes and spread her legs further for me to play with her clit!!! OMG what this was doing and I asked…well begged actually for a taste of her juices and she slid her pants down and I got on my knees and started licking her pussy like a starving dog!!! I couldn’t believe what was happening and I didn’t care at that point if an earthquake started because all I could do was suck her juices, lick her clit, listen to her moans and finger fuck myself. All of this in her bathroom mind you..but I could not stop and did not want to at that point!!

What I did not know was her husband had come upstairs at some point and peered in through the open door and had his cock in his hand and was stroking away like there was no tomorrow. He whispered to me not to stop, it was okay and that my husband had fallen asleep on the couch so he would not be coming upstairs. That was all I needed, knowing he was turned on and about to come, Fergies was fucking my face, my hands were between my legs and just at that moment, her husband stepped closer, shot his come all over her pussy and my face and I licked it up like I hadn’t eaten in days!!! What a fucking over the top orgasm I had and couldn’t help but lick my fingers and share my juices with Fergie and her husband!!!

It was amazing!!! I never expected that. But we all cleaned up as quietly as possible and while her husband went downstairs to be sure and keep and eye on my husband while I tried to get come out of my hair..LOL and Fergie got dressed, to my disappointment of course, and I explained the wet hair as sparkle glue from the packages getting in all over because I am such a klutz when it comes to decorating gifts. And he never suspected. I feel bad in a way but do not feel I cheated, per se since I really only played with Fergie and just licked up her husbands mess which was meant to cover his wife’s pussy, right?

Let me get back to my guests but I JUST HAD to tell you about this past Friday!!! Write back soon, have a great New Year’s Eve, be safe, be careful and stroke it once for me..imagine my mouth open, my tits wrapped around your stiff cock and you pulling my nipple rings until it hurts…oh fuck yes!!..mmm better make a quick stop in the bathroom and take care of my pussy..

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