Nisan 14, 2021

Samantha’s Sapphic Awakening

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Jackie had returned home refreshed and exhilarated after a hiking weekend with her students. The whole experience had been rewarding for her and character building for the girls. It had been refreshing and interesting to spend so much time with them. She realised how quickly they were growing up now they were sixth-formers. She had tried to treat them as adults and she found it stimulating.

Now when she took the girls for hockey practice she was seeing them in a different light as if the weekend had opened her eyes. She noticed their curves as they changed into their kit, how their breasts were developing, how their bottoms had become that little bit more pert. They even seemed to walk with more of a swing of the hips than before. She checked herself one day when she found herself studying Samantha Harper in the changing rooms as she dressed for another session in the field. She had almost gone into a daydream as the girl pulled on her slightly too short hockey skirt, which just revealed the crease between her bum and the back of her legs. Sam had a perfect figure; long shapely legs; a firm bust and long, flowing blonde hair. Joanne Cole, a slightly mischievous student had noticed the teacher staring.

‘Hey Sammy, I reckon Miss Lovedon’s into you’.

‘Don’t be silly’, retorted Sam, Miss aint like that’.

‘Well she looked like she was giving you a good once over to me when you were getting changed’.

‘Nah, I don’t believe it’.

‘I’m telling you Sam, she was looking at you like those builders look at us when we walk to school.’

‘Still think you must be mistaken, Miss Lovedon aint a lezzer.’

Joanne shrugged her shoulders and the girls followed by Jackie trotted onto the hockey field for the game.

After about ten minutes there was a robust challenge between Sam and a somewhat chunky girl — Helen. Sam went tumbling over and cried out as she fell against her stick. Jackie ran over to see if she was OK. Sam was now lying prone, face upwards.

‘This is not rugby Helen, don’t go in like the cavalry on those tackles alright?’

The fat girl had a look on her face somewhere between triumph and contrition.

Jackie turned her attention to the injured party.

‘I think you’ll have a nasty bruise there that’s all’

She rubbed Sam’s leg gently, which was red and grazed. Her skin was soft like silk. She paused and looked the girl in the eye, who stared back and gulped. There was some spark at that moment, a feeling that Sam couldn’t understand. Jackie’s hand had strayed away from the grazed area and had involuntarily moved to the inner thigh, which she stroked tenderly.

Jackie became flushed and pulled her hand away. Sam got up, feeling a little awkward.

‘OK, I’ll be alright Miss thanks’.

She looked back towards her teacher with an uncertain smile as she ran back to her position.

After the game Sam thought about what Joanne had said to her. Could it be true that her tutor had the hots for her? She had no inclination of any sexual feelings towards her own gender, yet she didn’t feel disgusted by it. She had only been sexually active with guys for eight months anyway, but she was sure she was straight. Or she thought she was sure. She was shocked when Jackie had stroked her leg in the way she had. The thing is, it felt good and that confused her.

Jackie spent the afternoon at home preparing her dinner, her thoughts occupied by the events of the afternoon. Jackie had never been attracted by another girl, never mind one seven years her junior and one within her care at that. Her feelings concerned her, and she couldn’t quite come to terms with them. It was like she was on the beginning of a mystery journey. In one way she wanted to stop, but in another way couldn’t wait to see what was round the corner. For now she would be cool and just see what happened. However, she was only too aware of her responsibilities and duties as a teacher and realised that she couldn’t let any human frailties get in their way.

It was Friday morning and Jackie was ready for the weekend. She had no hockey training till the following week and so wouldn’t have any need to come into contact with Sam. Perhaps that was not a bad thing, it would give her time to stand back and think it through. Perhaps she would ring her friend Stephen in the evening and ask his opinion. She knew he was one she could confide in and had been there for her in the past when her marriage broke up.

Her intentions to let things cool though, didn’t quite work out. She was in her study mid morning picking the following week’s netball team for the home match when there was a knock on the door.


The door opened. It was Sam.

‘Oh hi Sam, how’s the leg? This is escort ataşehir a surprise what can I do for you?’

‘It’s fine Miss, just a bit sore. Miss Ferguson asked me to bring you this, you left it in the staff room.’

Sam handed Jackie a small book. It was about diet and fitness. The tutor did not want to get too chatty with her student. She was still troubled from the previous day, but now here was the source of her problems standing before her. Sam’s blonde hair caught the light from the study window and her bright blue eyes seemed to sparkle. Jackie was suddenly mesmerised by the girl’s radiance. There was an awkward silence as both wondered what to say next.

‘Sorry Sam, I’m so busy I was miles away. Thanks. I was reading it earlier and must have left it behind.’

Sam could have just left but felt the urge to stay. She was suddenly fascinated by her Games Teacher and wanted to get some more evidence for Joanne’s claims that Miss Lovedon was into her. Jackie was herself an attractive woman. Nearly 25, she had just past shoulder-length brunette hair, with brown-green eyes and a fair complexion. She was not as tall as many of the girls and was certainly two inches shorter than Sam.

‘Miss Lovedon, I’ve been thinking, I’d quite like to get into PE when I leave in the summer, would I need to do lots of theory?’

‘Oh that’s nice to hear. Yes you bet. There’s three years of books and studying. It’s not just a question of playing games, you’ve got all the stuff on diet, physiology, sports science. It’s come on in the last few years too. That’s what this book’s for so I can keep up to date on the latest ideas’.

Then Sam took a chance. She rubbed her leg and winced.

‘Is it still sore?’ asked Jackie.

‘Yes Miss, I hope it’s alright. What do you think, should it be that colour?’

‘I’ll have a quick look if you like?’.

Jackie’s face flushed as soon as the words left her lips. They were not on the sports field now. Sam was wearing her uniform and her grey, pleated skirt finished half way up her thighs, but still a few inches below the graze.

‘OK Miss’.

Sam stepped towards where Jackie was sitting and lifted up the hem of her skirt. She deliberately lifted it up unnecessarily high, so that as well as revealing her legs, from where Jackie was sitting she could see the bottom of the ‘V’ of her panties.

The tutor looked at the graze, which was bruised red and blue. She put her hand on the girl’s leg and stroked the affected area. Her flesh was soft and warm. Jackie stared at the girl’s white panties and could see the cleft of her pussy lips pressing against them. Without thinking, her hand strayed up the inside of Sam’s leg until it became trapped between the top of her thighs, which were hot to the touch.

Sam knew her tutor had no need to put her hand where she had, but rather than feeling shocked or scared, she found she liked it and parted her legs slightly and pulled up her skirt a little further.

‘Will it leave a scar Miss?’

Jackie was suddenly shocked and pulled her hand away, feeling she had been led into an indiscretion. She was red with embarrassment.

‘I’m sorry Sam, I wasn’t thinking’.

‘It’s OK Miss I liked it. I don’t know why I liked it but I did. Do you like me Miss?’

‘You know I like you Sam’.

‘Yes, but I mean really like me’.

Jackie wasn’t quite sure what to say. She liked Sam, in fact she suddenly felt an amazing craving for her young body. She stood up and looked Sam in the eye.

‘I guess you know then’, said the teacher.

She had been fighting with her emotions but now felt things were out of her control and knew she had no way of resisting them.

‘We can’t stay here, but I think we need to talk.’

‘I could meet you in Ormond Park tomorrow if you like’, suggested Sam. ‘We could have a picnic by the river and chat.’

Sam now knew her tutor fancied her, but unlike Jackie she was not wrestling with any emotions or feelings of doubt. She would take the initiative and see where it led.

Jackie was surprised by this forward suggestion, but felt it was too tempting to turn down.

‘I’m not sure Sam, but it’s a nice idea, I guess it can’t do any harm. Where would we meet?’

‘By the swan statue at 11? I’ll tell my Mum I’m meeting one of the girls and she’ll do some sandwiches and cake. I’ll sneak a bottle of wine from the cellar too.’

Jackie suddenly felt this was not such a good idea but the horse was out of the stable now and she felt there was no going back.

‘OK Sam. Tomorrow at 11 by the Swan’.

The next morning Sam was full of anticipation. She had sneaked down early to get the white wine and hid it in her rucksack along with the kadıköy escort bayan food her mother had prepared for her picnic. She didn’t know what to expect or how things might turn out and it was that not knowing, which she found most exciting.

Jackie on the other hand was juggling with her emotions and felt a mixture of excitement and a little trepidation. She didn’t really understand how things had got to this point but felt that something had been awakened in her. She felt she was still straight but knew for sure that she was very into Sam. Maybe it was because she was so hot with her gorgeous athletic figure and angelic features. It wouldn’t have been so bad if she wasn’t one of the girls. Was she ready to cross that line? She was aware that her friend Stephen had done so with apparent impunity, but maybe he had been lucky. She would have liked to have discussed her predicament with him but felt she wanted to keep it to herself. If she was to have an affair with one of her students it would need to stay private. It was 10:40 and Jackie set out for the park.

She was a couple of minutes late. Sam was there already wearing a pink tie-up shoulder strap top and a white skirt, with fishtail hem. Where she stood a ray of sun shone through the trees, illuminating her lovely long legs. Jackie’s heart began to beat faster as she approached the girl.

‘Hi Sam, sorry I’m late, I misjudged how far it was.’

‘That’s alright Miss, I’ve only been here a few minutes. You look different not in your tracksuit Miss.’

‘Oh how?’

‘I don’t know sort of younger’.

‘Oh OK thanks. Bye the way it’s OK for you to call me Jackie out of school’.

‘Jackie it is — OK’.

‘Where shall we go then Sam?’

I know a nice area by the river under a big Weeping Willow, it’s nice and quiet there. I’ve sat there before and watched fish jump from the water; it’s cool’.

The girls walked along the sandy paths towards the river. It was a fresh but warm spring day. Birds were singing everywhere and little flurries of pink and white blossom fluttered in the breeze. Some had formed pastel carpets on the path.

‘It’s this way Jackie, down that slope, you see it’s really secluded there’.

‘Yes that looks nice and private’.

Jackie wondered why she had said private, but she knew she didn’t want to be disturbed. She felt an intense closeness to Sam, which was growing by the minute.

‘You seem very mature out of school, I wouldn’t have guessed you were in sixth form if I saw you out.’

‘Maybe it’s being out of uniform. I hate wearing it, I feel stifled. I like to be able to express myself.’

‘I know what you mean Sam but it’s the policy and I kind of understand it. It’s about discipline.’

‘What have you got in the rucksack?’ Asked Jackie, changing the subject abruptly.

Sam opened the bag and pulled out a cooler packet.

‘I’ve got the wine in here, and I’ve got some cheese and beetroot sandwiches and some cup cakes.’

‘How did you know I liked cheese and beetroot!?’

Sam beamed a big smile.

‘I didn’t, there my favourite too, so you just got lucky’.

The girls ate their picnic, drank some wine and chatted about life and holidays.

Jackie was wearing a short blue denim skirt and a light blue blouse. After she had eaten she stood up to bat the crumbs from her lap. She stood just inches from Sam and the younger girl leant back on her palms and could just see up her tutor’s skirt. Sam moved to a kneeling position. Looking up at Jackie, she placed a hand on her leg and gradually slid it upwards.

‘It was nice when you did this Miss — sorry — Jackie, do you like it too?’

Jackie felt a rush of excitement and uncertainty, but the wine had lowered her inhibitions. She took Sam’s hand and guided it further up until her student’s index finger was resting against the black silk of her panties.

‘It’s lovely Sam, you’ve got the lightest of touch.’

The younger girl took this as a green light and now wanted to explore her sexuality. She pushed her fingers against the fabric and rubbed the labia, which were already slightly puffy at being touched in this way. Sam rubbed rhythmically against her pussy. Her fingers suddenly pushed past the fabric and into Jackie’s rapidly moistening quim.

Sam stopped and looked up.

‘I’ve never done this before Jackie’.

Jackie knelt down beside Sam and stroked her beautifully long blonde hair.

‘You’re so beautiful Sam, I want to kiss you.’

Now it was Sam’s turn to feel nervous. She licked her lips.

‘Yes, please kiss me’.

They both closed their eyes, Jackie gently stroking the girl’s hair as their lips met. It was a soft and gentle smooch. This was escort bostancı like nothing either had experienced before. They were in heaven. They parted briefly and stared into each other’s eyes. The next kiss, began slowly, but quickly became more passionate as Jackie let her tongue delve into Sam’s mouth, the student responding instantly.

Without disengaging from the kiss Sam put her hand down to Jackie’s blouse and began fondling her breasts. She was wearing a soft, low cut bra. The two girls were now breathless as the kiss became hotter and hotter, each girl feeling uncontrolled waves of desire. Sam was the first to break for air. Her young face was flushed pink and she was trembling.

‘I want you Miss.’

Jackie put her hand on Sam’s skirt and traced her hand inside and up her leg, making a B-line for her panties. Sam stood up. Lifting her skirt a little she pulled her panties down and threw them on the grass. With Jackie still kneeling, Sam walked up to her tutor and stood with her pussy level with Jackie’s face. Jackie studied her lips, which had a fine border of golden hair. Sam had a divine, clean scent and without any hesitation Jackie pushed her face into her pussy and rolled her tongue over her clitty and along the inner labia.

Sam let out a little squeal of pleasure and put her hands around Jackie’s head pushing her against her ever moistening pudenda.

‘Oh Jackie, oh Miss Lovedon! That’s beautiful, oh aah!

Sam stood there, her young body quivering and covered with goose bumps as her Games Mistress turned lover, gave her the best orgasm of her life…

It was Monday morning and the bright, sunny weather of the weekend had been replaced by drizzle and grey clouds. It was typical Monday weather as Sam made her way to college, still on a high from the events of Saturday morning. She was full of sexual exuberance and for her this was part of her right of passage. She had tried it with guys and now she had been with a girl. She felt good about herself. She knew she was beautiful and sexy. She felt powerful.

She made a detour on her first break in the hope of bumping into Jackie. Jackie was alone in the gymnasium setting up some hurdles for indoor practise as the rain had become torrential making it pointless to train outside.

Sam pushed open the swing doors and entered the gym. She hated the smell of the place. It had a sweaty, rubbery smell and she turned her nose up.

Jackie looked up and smiled broadly.

‘Sam! Didn’t expect to see you here, is everything OK?’

‘Yes Miss Lovedon’.

Sam gave a wry smile and winked at the tutor.

‘I just wanted to see how you felt after Saturday. No regrets? You seemed happy when we parted’.

‘I am happy Sam, but we have to keep this out of school. I think we should cool it. If we let our feelings spill into here there could be problems for both of us, but mainly for me. You know I could get into big trouble. Many people don’t see the different shades that exist in the real world and they would say, “tutor plus student equals abuse”‘.

‘Abuse! That’s stupid you haven’t abused me, I’m eighteen!’

‘I know, I know, but the law’s not flexible on these things. We have to be careful’.

‘I think a lot of you Miss, I wouldn’t let them hurt you’.

‘Thank you Sam, that’s lovely. I have to crack on now, I’ll see you tomorrow for training’.

Sam looked a little deflated.

‘When will I see you again properly?’

‘Erm, I’m not sure.’

‘Oh, you do want to see me again?’ said Sam apprehensively.

‘Of course I do’, replied Jackie but I’m not sure it’s a good idea.’

‘WHY!!!’ she screamed, ‘I love you Miss!’

‘Sam, for heaven’s sake!’

‘I’m sorry’, said Sam soto voce.

‘Please don’t just leave things like this, I love you.’

‘It was wonderful on Saturday, the best sex, I’ve ever had, but you have to see sooner or later someone will find out and I’ll get the sack and probably nicked!’

Tears began to roll down Sam’s cheeks.

‘Oh Sam come here darling’.

The tutor hugged her charge, not knowing what to do. The girl was sobbing uncontrollably. For a while Jackie just held her tight.

‘Sam, Sammy, listen please.’

The girl rubbed her eyes and sniffed.


‘Please try to understand, what we’ve done isn’t wrong, but it can’t go on like this. You’ve got your exams soon. It’s April now and you leave in June. You will be nineteen and free. Can you wait two months? I want you to get good marks. The day you leave this place I want you to burn your uniform and give me a call. Is that a deal?’


‘Really. I want you too, but it can’t be here, not now. Once you’re not my student, well that’s different.’

‘Oh Jackie! I mean Miss Lovedon.’

The two giggled loudly. Suddenly there were more girls’ voices in the corridor and they curtailed their embrace.



Sam smiled a broad smile and walked out into the rain a happy young woman.

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