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I found out, though, that the night on the golf course wasn’t the last of the manipulations by Abby, Sarah, and Ben. Undoubtedly encouraged by Nick. Nick and I had talked about that event several times. He came to believe me that it was like something flipping a switch inside me. I had been made to do a lot of things in my past, a lot that I wasn’t proud of, but what was happening now was completely different. Now, I was told to mate with two dogs in front of strangers and I had done it eagerly. And, with both dogs I had orgasmed hard and wonderfully. I now had a deep understanding, acceptance, and realization that I could enjoy whatever Nick put in front of me, but more than just enjoy, feel completely safe and protected in the process.

Nick came to me with the latest proposal to challenge and excite me. It was several weeks after the dinner we had with the three. They had contacted Nick with their idea and Nick was interested enough to bring it to me. The three of them had contacted the third couple from their original sharing group and re-ignited their mutual interest. Abby lived in a townhouse in Green Valley. It turned out that the Adamly’s also lived in a townhouse but very near us. They were also members at this same club, explaining their familiarity with the course grounds. The third couple, Stan and Betty Grassley, owned a little acreage east of Tucson. They expressed a feeling of being tired with the hustle and bustle of the city after they retired. They found this property and it fit their desire of finding a bit of remote living while still being close enough to the city to enjoy it when they wanted. They had four acres east of the city in a valley between two mountains. They had three dogs they had rescued from bad situations and nursed back to health and vitality. The property gave the then peace and the dogs plenty of room to roam and run as much as they wanted while also having a place to come back to. And, they always did.

Despite that they were all in their 60’s, their first reunion ended up talking about the old days and the sex they had enjoyed. Every time they entered into memories and relating details, it would inevitably also highlight that Abby’s husband was no longer with them. After a few shared tears and hugs, that too became accepted and they moved on. They had their first tentative sexual experience soon after. It was almost more than tentative; it was awkward and clumsy. Only the Grassley couple were active with each other and none of them looked the way they had before. There was a lot of self-consciousness even among these once close friends and lovers. They succeeded, however, in getting past those feelings and revitalizing their experience, ultimately sharing the entire night as a group, a free-flow of movement from one to the other, Abby moving among the couples.

It was after that successful experience that Abby and the Adamly’s brought up their experience with Nick and me. Their imaginations and considerations of opportunities for all of us bloomed from there. With the three dogs the Grassley’s had, plus Harley, and the remoteness of the property, they presented the idea to Nick for a weekend adventure.

My expectation of challenges expanding my experience was nowhere near keeping up with the rapid way in which it was actually expanding. But, one thing remained true after that experience on the golf course with the Great Dane: I didn’t doubt or question Nick. So, when he came to me with this latest idea, we had plenty to talk about, but little to really question.

I had an arousing day from the start. I woke up before Nick’s alarm which seemed to happen about half the time now. I wasn’t working so I was intent on making Nick’s life and experience the very best possible. I used the bathroom and snuck out to the kitchen, naked, of course. I was about 15 minutes ahead of the alarm, which was enough time to have the coffee ready and a hot breakfast cooking for him. This morning a decided on French Toast and slices of fresh fruit. I was flipping the last of the slices of French Toast onto a plate when I felt a pair of hands grab my hips, his feet pushing my feet apart and his cock poking into my bottom. I turned off the burner, removed the pan, moved two feet to the left, and leaned over the counter with legs spread even wider. He entered me without any more preparation. It had started out to be a joke, but we both came to realize that it was more reality than we might have originally expected. I was nearly always ready for penetration. This morning was no different. Sex, with Nick or Harley, was such a delightful occurrence in my life that I was expecting it to happen if either of them were around. It was another reason why I seldom wore panties. One was for availability to them, but the other was that they were constantly wet with my juices.

He came inside me quickly, then holding me tightly in his arms, leaned against my back and kissed my neck. “Good morning, love.”

“Hmmmmm … what a lovely way to say ‘good morning’.”

When Nick left, Harley picked up on the telltale scent and before it was even 8:00 AM, I had two loads of male seed inside my pussy.

Harley did me the honor of his cock later in the day, as well. I was on my knees, protected from the crushed rock by a foam pad, while attending to some plants in the back. I felt Harley behind me, then his nose sniffing at me before his tongue swiped the length of my pussy. I didn’t hardly miss a beat, but dropped the tools I was using, spread my knees to the extent possible for the pad, and braced myself to be mounted. And I was. My hand going between my legs found not only his cock, but that it was already well out of the sheath. He must have been watching me and doing his own preparation. Do dogs do that?

At any rate, I was in a frame of mind to continue this day to the max. I used the shower to clean my pussy out. There was a handheld shower head that detached from the wall. By taking the shower head off, it left a rounded end that easily and comfortably could be inserted into my pussy. It did wonders for me, but also was excellent at cleaning me out and being fresh for a lover wishing to use his mouth on my pussy.

This kurtköy escort bayan day, I decided to dress special for Nick. I would find he would have special news for me. I dressed in a black, sheer baby-doll. It only came down to the middle of my butt and it tied about half way down my front. This meant that the front gapped at my breasts and at my pussy. I selected a black, sheer thong that barely covered me in front. The strings were so small that it all but disappeared. I wore sheer, lace thigh-high stockings and heels. Dinner was ready with candle-light and wine when Nick entered from the garage. I stopped him in his tracks. I love it when that happens!

He took in the sight of me, holding our two drinks, before coming to me for a kiss and quick feel of the bare body underneath the almost nothing gown. When his eyes met mine, I could see the lust already showing and knew this would be a good night. I settled him at the table and brought the food out, serving him each of the items rather than having him dish it up himself. This was another modification to ritual. As I dished up the food or poured the wine, his hands roamed my body. It seemed so blatant and obvious, but we both enjoyed it and I started doing it more and more at times like this. This night, like others when I have a short gown on, his hand didn’t just move over bare skin, but his fingers found soft, moist hidden locations of my body. This night I was charged so much in anticipation of what I wanted and hope to give to him, that when his finger found my pussy opening, I placed the dish on the table edge and leaned down, supporting myself as my feet separated a little more. He moved first one finger, then a second into me, sawing in and out, before slipping out and caressing my clit. He then put his fingers up to me and I licked them clean for him. It was a final blatant display of lusty behavior before I moved to my own chair on somewhat shaky legs. As a final display of my arousal, though, he directed me to place my napkins on the chair to protect it. It interested me that I can be dressed to be fucked, fingered while serving him, but a comment like that can make me blush.

“I got a call from Abby, today.” Abby seemed to be the official communicator with Nick about ‘ideas’. She had several, but so far the Great Dane episode on the course was the only one to actually happen. I didn’t know details, but she and Nick had conversations. Despite conversations I had with Abby, she held those discussions for just with Nick. She understood that my activities and challenges were vetted by Nick first.

I looked up at him, a small smile appearing on my face at the implication of that announcement. I knew they had conversations, but if he was bringing the fact up, it must mean that he was planning on seeing this one through.

“Their little group has finally become sexual, again. And, as things happen when one door is opened, other barriers drop very easily. They started making plans for themselves, but also discussed with fondness the experiences Abby, Sarah, and Ben had with you. After some drinks and mutual sharing, the ideas flowed. They wanted a weekend that would be unique and they all felt you could enhance that for them.”

“And … she described their idea?”

“She did. In some specifics.” He stopped and looked at me, our eyes meeting. He watched me and I waited for him. I knew he was teasing me, making me anticipate what might be coming next, what I would be expected to do. “This weekend is free for us, as luck would have it.” He smiled. A lusting, leering smile. He already has his mind made up and knows that I will accept it. The plans are established; he is just giving me the expectations. “They are meeting at the Grassley’s Friday night. They will have their own fun that night, then we will come at noon on Saturday. The place is remote and seclude in the valley. We will bring Harley with us. We’ll return Sunday afternoon.”

Harley is coming with us and we are staying more than 24 hours. That means four dogs. That means three men and three women besides myself. I am not sure they necessarily have any consideration of me getting any sleep. I meet his eyes. There is softness and ease in them, but no question. He isn’t really looking for an answer or acceptance. He holds my gaze and there is the opportunity for me to comment or object, but that is the only thing he’s looking for, not acceptance but if I might object. He always said I would have the option to reject an experience so he wasn’t expecting me to verbalize an acceptance, just giving me the opportunity to reject. And … he didn’t expect me to even do that, not really.

I returned my own nasty little smile. It was all the response he needed. It was the only response he expected. He smiled a smile that was a bit new. Something was going to happen. It was a feeling that came from my soul with certainty.

We were nearly done with dinner, close enough apparently, because he stood, took my hand and led me out of the dining room. He stopped in the kitchen for the bottle of bourbon and two glasses, then led me out onto the patio. We sat me in a chair and moved another directly in front of mine, not five feet away. It was different, sitting directly in front of each other this way. There was nowhere else to look but at each other. We sipped our drinks and spoke occasionally, but about nothing. Then, I realized what the thing was. He wasn’t leading or directing or assisting the conversation. He was letting me take it or not. And, in the process, I felt the weight of the attention totally focused on me, whether it was my body exposed to him or any conversation I might try to generate. The effect had me flustered. My conversational attempts were futile and went nowhere, having little effect on diverting the increasing attention to my body. The attention on my body, and his attention was bold and obvious, had a high effect of turning me on. Then, he took it back out of my hands.

“Take off the thong.” I put my glass down, raised my butt from the chair, and slid the almost nothing bit of material down my legs and off. He held out his hand and I placed the material into it. While looking me in the eyes as I sat back down, he raised it to his nose and inhaled kartal escort bayan deeply. His eyes were twinkling as I stared back at him.

He smiled. “We need another splash each of bourbon.” I uncrossed my legs to stand up. Two things interesting: I wasn’t aware that I had protectively crossed my legs; and, he didn’t say I should pour the drinks, I just jumped to do it. He held his glass close, requiring me to come even closer. As I lowered the bottle to his glass, his hand went to the inside of my thigh. I gasped and shivered at his touch, forcing me to focus with increasing attention on pouring the amber liquid into his glass as his hand slowly moved up the inside of my thigh. He got more than a splash when his fingers reached my pussy and gently parted my outside lips.

I felt a finger slip inside and I gasped. He smiled up at me but my eyes were closed and I was holding onto the bottle with both hands, not trusting my grip with one under the circumstances. With his hand and fingers not moving, I looked down at him and saw his smiling eyes. I realized that I had spread my feet to allow him better access and was holding the bottle to my breast. I gave him an embarrassed smile, put the bottle back on the patio table and retook my seat in front of him. I started to cross my legs, but he stopped me.

“From now on, I want you to unlearn the discreet action of demurely crossing your legs when sitting. In public, you may keep your knees together … unless I suggest otherwise.” I shivered. ‘Suggest’? He must know that his ‘suggestion’ is telling me. “But, at home or play with others like the couples, your knees are to be relaxed, naturally open.” He watched my eyes and I gazed into his. I didn’t flinch. “Do you understand? Is this next step a problem?”

I didn’t hesitate, “I understand.” I opened my knees until they hit the arm rests. “There is no problem.” I looked down at myself, my breasts nearly outside the wispy gown, my pussy on display in the mixed light of the patio, his crotch in the Dockers he wore to work, and finally his face. “One thing, though …”

He smiled, “Anything.”

“I am sure I have said it before, but with each seeming new step I feel a need to reinforce it …” His eyes dropped to my breasts and I realized that u*********sly I had taken a nipple in my fingers. I left it there and stared into his eyes. “Each new step is such a turn-on for me. You are giving me what I always felt I needed and doing it so I will be safe and protected. I will do whatever you want, surely you already know that, I am just stating the obvious, but you might still need the reassurance of how I feel.” I smiled at a thought for words to use. “Just ‘suggest’ whatever you want … I’ll give it to you.” I was feeling completely flushed by his words and my words back to him. If his fingers were inside me now, they would come out wet with my juices.

He smiled. “Good. Then, move your knees over the arm rests and we’ll finish our drinks.” He was setting the tone for our future, not just this coming weekend, but beyond. He was setting a tone for more deviance and explicitness. As my knees went over the arms of the chair, fully opening my pussy to his view, it became impossible to keep my free hand from touch it. When two fingers dove into my hole, I froze and looked up as if I had gone too far.

“Excellent idea, I would love to watch you arouse yourself further. Until it is time for Harley to finish you off with his tongue.” I didn’t shiver that time, I shook. But, I continued. As two fingers dove in and out of my pussy, my thumb circled and rubbed my clit. My hips were flexing in this awkward position and I was ready to cum, I needed to cum, and only partly for myself, more importantly was to cum for Nick. But then I remembered his comment.

I didn’t stop, but I looked up at him with eyes half closed with lust and need and gasped out a single name, “Harley …”

He understood. He called him over and Harley needed no introduction. He understood very well what to do with a woman’s pussy and his tongue lapped at me, his snout pushing my hand away in the process. His tongue seemed to go crazy to get at my juices and to stay with my bouncing hips. When I came, I had to cover my mouth after the first explosive cry. Thank goodness our neighbors were used to spending their nights inside.

* * * *

I was antsy as the days went by. We had done things, but they were always at or near home and it was for just part of a night. This was different. We would be at someone’s home and it was to be over night. Although I had an inkling of what might be in store for me, Nick didn’t tell me any of the specifics. He decided to keep my mind firmly focused on sexual responses to magnify this new step, however. He brought me a toy; a vibrating egg. It was remote controlled, wireless with a small decorative chain that hung out the pussy. I was to insert it before he left for work on Friday and not take it out unless instructed by him, except if or when Harley wanted to mate with me. I was to have my phone nearby always and I would receive texts from him to control the level of the vibration. It was about five inches long and three inches in circumference. It had seven settings from a low steady vibration, into pulsing, and extreme steady. The packaging wasn’t shy about the product’s potential, “This toy rocks and is the best remote control vibe out there! This wireless, waterproof and 7 function bullet is discreet enough to take anywhere and powerful enough to deliver incredible sensations. With 7 patterns of vibration to choose from, the possibilities are endless! Tease your lover from across the room and control the fun!” I had to admit that holding this and thinking about the possibilities had me curious. I inserted it into my moist pussy, making sure the little chain with the heart at the end was outside. I set it at the ‘1’ setting as I had been instructed, then waited for instructions. I didn’t have long to wait. I received texts throughout the day at various times changing the settings continuously. I was drenching wet all day, not daring to put pants or shorts on even for a short while.

It had quite an effect on Harley, as well. Not directly, of course, but indirectly. Because I was always wet, my scent kaynarca escort bayan must have been continuous and inviting. He mated with me three times and I was tied to him when Nick came into the house, and not seeing me, found us on the patio. I was near exhaustion and dinner wasn’t even a thought. Besides the three times with Harley, the eggs brought me to two orgasms.

He said we were going to a nice restaurant for dinner. I showered quickly and found him waiting with my clothes for the evening. Laid out on the bed was one of the new basic little black dresses that is a mainstay for any enticing evening out. It had thin spaghetti straps and essentially backless, dropping down to my waist. The top was fitted, with a deep V-neck that went between my breasts. The hem was a mid-thigh and flared. The material will a soft rayon/nylon/spandex. This was one of his favorites. Not only because of how it looked on me, how it showed off my cleavage, back, and legs, but because the flared skirt could easily fly up if the wind caught it right.

I saw no nylons, which wasn’t a surprise given the shortness of the dress. He prefers me in stay-up stockings if I wear them. I have tanned well since being here and spending time in the back completely naked and using lotion, my legs look good without stockings. On the floor by the bed was my 4 inch black heels. Otherwise, there was nothing. He had my jewelry chest open and was in the process of selecting an appropriate necklace. He liked something long and obvious to dangle between my breast, drawing attention to them. What I didn’t see was underwear … of any kind, no panties or thong. What was on the bed was the egg. I looked to him as he turned with his selection of a necklace and also saw him slip the remote into his pants pocket. I looked back at the bed and the egg, then back at him. Standing in front of him naked, my hair ready, my makeup ready, but naked looking at how he wanted me dressed tonight.

As he approached, he held the necklace up and I turned my back to him and pulled my hair up and out of the way so he could close the clasp. I turned around and he looked down at the necklace … or my breasts … I couldn’t quite tell for sure. He handed me the matching dangly earrings. I went to the mirror and put them on, leaning into the mirror slightly, my butt sticking out to him. Too much temptation, apparently, as I felt his hands cup my buttocks and rub. I turned around and went into a model pose showing my jewelry.

“Mmmmm … this would be a more tempting look for the evening, but … we wouldn’t want to be arrested before the big day.”

I put my arms around his neck and kissed him. “Being arrested would not be fun. You need to find someplace we can be where this would be legal. Wait …” I moved to the bed and stepped into my heels and turned around. “Okay … now. This is how I should be dressed somewhere for dinner and dancing.” The look in his eyes as he took me in told me he might search such a place out. But, if I knew Nick and I do, he would add stockings. I smiled. He just might find the place.

I slipped the dress over my head, walked up the mirror and did a twirl. The skirt flew up like I expected. I was going to have to be careful. When I turned around, he was hold the egg.

“You’re serious?”

“Not much reason for me to have the remote if you don’t have the egg inside you.” He said it so matter-of-factly, like who could argue with that logic. I shook my head but took it from his hand and inserted it. Even as I held it, I felt it humming.

I was shocked that he wanted to take the motorcycle. He was dressed in a suit. The helmets were required by Nick. Arizona doesn’t require them, but Nick won’t ride without one. It was going to mash my hair, but my style is a bit wild and curly, anyway. He moved the bike out of the garage, closed the garage door and had me get on behind him. He coasted down the drive and we found Jane and Tom with the k**s walking out onto the cul-de-sac. The k**s were pointing and Jane had one hand over her mouth and the other on Tom’s arm. Tom was just looking at my exposed leg. I waved but as Nick started into gear, I grabbed him around the chest. And, I could feel the wind as we sped down the street … and my skirt flying up behind me, but no way was I releasing my hold on him.

Needless to say, we had a lot of honks on our 20 minute cruise through town. I actually started to wonder if he took the long way. Several cars of teenage and college boys fought to stay close to us. Finally, Nick made a couple of turns to lose the oglers.

The ride with the egg made it interesting, too. The egg was set on low, but the motorcycle put off its own vibration that was at a different frequency. The combination was very nice, but I had the feeling I was going to be embarrassed when I got off the seat and saw the wet spot.

Dinner was wonderful. It was a nice restaurant and they had dancing in the lounge part that finished off our evening. Yes, he played with the settings on the egg through the night and several times at discreet moments moved the setting to maximum. I was holding onto the edge of the table tightly trying not to cry out, when the waitress returned unexpected, surprising both Nick and me. He fumbled for the remote and lowered it all the way to zero, but even then I couldn’t answer her question about an after dinner drink. Nick ordered for both of us. He then reached over the table and suggested that I perhaps might like to go to the restroom and ‘tidy up a little bit’, as he put it.

Then, he couldn’t control himself dancing, either. He spun me several times and dipped me on occasion. I wasn’t sure about the dips, but I was pretty sure that the spins showed a lot more than I wanted to be shown. The question was if anyone knew I wasn’t wearing a thong. I didn’t dare look at any of the people to gage the answer.

Once back home, I asked him a question that had been on my mind since about mid-day. If tomorrow was to be an intense day, why have me so excited and climaxing throughout the day and night?

“Simple, my love. I wanted you to understand what your beautiful body is not only capable of enjoying, but that it is made for doing just that.”

We made love that night, too. He didn’t push it; he might not have wanted to push it, given everything else I had experienced that day. But I did. I had to. The day wasn’t going to be complete without him inside and to sleep with his seed filling me.

* * CHAPTER THIRTEEN: PACK BITCH FUN will follow * * Thanks for reading.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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