Mayıs 23, 2021

Run-In At The Bar

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*His POV*

My name is Francis. I’m 5’8″ with a slender, muscular build – thanks to being in sports since a young age. I have black short wavy hair. And I met her eight years ago. She was the single most beautiful girl I have ever laid eyes on. I never told her that though. As the years passed, we stopped talking but ran into each other at our local university. She was with a mutual friend and when that mutual friend asked us how we knew each other, she looked at me as for me to answer. I told our friend, “We used to love each other.” The mutual friend was shocked but she gave me a knowing smile. See, she told me in 8th grade that I was the first person she has ever been in love with, despite never having the chance to date. We acted like it, though.

*Her POV*

He’s like my guardian angel, always there to save me whether from outside attacks or from myself. I am forever indebted to him. We flirted a lot through the years but nothing happened. We are 21 now. My life not near the way I thought it would be. I’m in an addictively abusive relationship. I’m no longer attending college courses. I don’t really have life goals anymore.

*His POV*

Tonight’s homework was piled high and so stressful. After getting through half of it, I decided it was time for a break. I got dressed and walked to a nearby bar. I didn’t go to drink, just to be surrounded in a feel-good atmosphere and stayed in a corner. After almost an hour of watching baseball, I saw her enter the bar. She was still short, standing at 5’0″ but her heels brought her to 5’4″. She had medium length, straight black hair. She was wearing a white peplum top and dark blue denim shorts, all of which complemented her hour glass figure. She went straight to the bartender and with the way things went; I assumed she had a tab. After another half hour, two guys approached her and they started talking. I could tell she was already drunk and I knew these guys were not going to leave her alone. I stood up and walked to her.

I placed my hands at her sides and spoke low to her ear. “It’s nice to see you again.” She froze. I grabbed her hand. “Honey, I was wondering what was taking so long. I see you made some new acquaintances.”

“Back off, bub. She’s ours now,” the one to her left said. He looked about 190 lbs and it’s probable he was in a motorcycle gang. I growled lowly, something she taught me to scare people away. I started to walk off with her. We made our way to the parking lot, not with ease. She could hardly walk straight.

“Baby, give me your keys.” She handed me her purse and smiled.

She slurred, “My angel, always watching out for me.” I found her keys and unlocked her car from a distance. I carried her to the car and sat her in the passenger seat. “I can drive,” another slurred statement. I shook my head and closed her door. We made our way to my apartment. It was a short drive but she managed to fall asleep. I had to carry her up three flights of stairs. I placed her on my bed, took off her heels and let her sleep. I turned on the small lamp near my desk to finish up my homework. I decided it was best to sleep on the couch. I walked over to her, bent down to kiss her forehead, and left the room.

*Her POV*

It was bright behind my closed eyes. My head was pounding. Fuck, I thought to myself. I tried to massage my temples. I sat up and opened my eyes. This bed was not my own. Just then, the door opened. I saw him, he smiled at me and had aspirin and a glass of water in his hands. “Francis,” I said his name softly.

“Hey, I’ll explain everything after you take this.” So, I did and continued to drink the water. When I was finished, he placed the glass on his desk then sat on the bed so we faced each other. “You came to the bar. I saw you drink beyond what you should be. Two guys were going to take advantage of you so I drove your car here, to my home. Are you feeling any better?”

“Yes. You know, this is the first time I’ve been to your house.” He laughed when I said that.

“Out of all of that, that’s your response?” He shook his head.

I shrugged, “I get in trouble, you save me. What’s new? I mean, sure, it’s been years since we’ve seen each other but I guess this hasn’t changed.” He gave me a look of concern. “I’ve missed you. How are you?”

“I’m stressed. Finals are coming up. I’m living paycheck to paycheck. You’re still getting in trouble.”

I felt like a disappointment to him. I looked down at my hands. “I’m sorry if I’m such an inconvenience to you. I don’t mean it. You don’t always have to save me, you know? You could just let me learn the bursa escort hard way.”

He saw this took a negative turn. “Whoa, hey,” he tipped my chin up, “I wasn’t complaining. I don’t want you to be in danger. I care too much for you.”

“If you care so much, why haven’t you talked to me since I left college?” I asked.

“You’re dating a psycho,” he said flatly. I laughed.

“Dated, if you want to be accurate. Last night was my first night of freedom. Enough was enough, I couldn’t take it anymore. Fuck the one reason I stayed. All the reasons that told me to leave were far more logical,” I explained. He didn’t say anything. “I’ll never understand why we never dated. We seemed so compatible. I mean, you said it yourself and I quote ‘We used to love each other.’ I’m sad that changed.”

“I said that because you were already dating someone else when we ran into each other. You will ALWAYS have a special place in my heart,” he said.

Instead of getting mad since he dated other people too, I said, “And you’re the first person I ever truly fell in love with. That’s definitely a spot in my heart just for you.” I scooted closer to him.

“I don’t understand that,” he laughed quietly. “How can you love me without dating me?”

“It’s kind of like having a crush on someone, but more serious. I can tell you anything and you won’t judge me. We share the same sense of humor. I saw you for who you are, deep down. I loved the way you spoke. I’m never uncomfortable around you. I loved the way you walked. I loved how you were my best friend.” I smiled at him. I put my hand against his cheek and said, “And even though years have passed, not a lot of that is different.” He brought his hand to the one I put on his cheek and held it. Then, he gently rubbed his face against my hand. “I don’t mean to ruin the moment we’re having, but is it okay if I take a shower? I reek of alcohol, I have extra clothes in my car.”

*His POV*

We got the clothes from her car. “Um, remember how I told you I live paycheck to paycheck?” She nodded at my question. “Well, I kind of do some things to save me money, including the way I shower.”

“The last thing I want to do is impose. Tell me and I’ll follow your rules,” she held my hand. I guided her to my bathroom and turned on the water. There was a bucket collecting the water.

“Well, I only use whatever water is in the bucket for my entire shower,” I said as I pointed to the bucket.

“Okay. You smell like smoke,” she laughed and playfully plugged her nose. “You could use a bath yourself. We can try using the water together. We just won’t look at each other.” I thought about it and it was true. So, I nodded. She took off her shirt and shorts with her front facing me and I guess I made a face because she said, “It’s nothing you wouldn’t see if I were wearing a bikini.” Her 36C breasts were being contained in a baby blue bra and she wore the matching panty. I said nothing and took off my shirt and pants. “Your abs haven’t changed either,” she said and moved towards me. She placed her hands on my stomach. They felt so soft, all I could do is look down at her hands and smiled.

She moved her hands up and down, tracing my muscles and collarbone. I stayed as still as possible. “Do you like what you’re feeling?” I asked her. She came out of her daze and looked up at me. Her hands were on my stomach and she closed all possible distance between us. I wrapped my arms around her. She closed her eyes and placed her head on my chest, as if she was listening to my heart beat.

“Feels just as safe as all the other times,” she sighed contently. She turned her head to look at me again.

I couldn’t resist. “You’re so beautiful,” I said before I cupped her face. She tippy toed expectantly and tilted her head to her right. I smiled at her, brought my head down to hers, titled, and our lips were connected. I felt her smile so I kissed her harder. She kissed me harder, too.

She smiled again before breaking the kiss. “Wow, I can’t believe I waited eight years to do that but it was worth it,” she said then gently gave me a peck kind of kiss. “We have a shower to take. Wait here.” She went inside, closed the shower curtain and turned off the water. A few seconds passed before her underwear was thrown over the curtain. I took off my boxers and got in behind her. The sight before me was jaw dropping. She definitely did her fair share of squats. She had a cup with water ready and asked, “Now?” I took the cup from her and turned around. She held my free hand and braced herself for cold water. I poured the water over us and bursa escort bayan felt her shiver. I turned and gave her back the cup.

I fell to my knees. I couldn’t believe what was happening. I was showering with the most amazing woman in my life. “Francis, are you okay? I heard a thud,” she exclaimed. I tried to answer her but I couldn’t find words. She turned around and looked down at me. “What happened?” she asked. Her clean shaven pussy was in front of my face. I went closer to her, held her ankles and spread them as far as the tub would let me. My hands traveled upward. “Francis?” she asked in a slightly higher tone but she didn’t push my hands away. I was getting closer to my goal. My hands landed on her hips.

*Her POV*

His tongue felt good on my pussy lips, hot and cool at the same time. He licked from the hood holding my clit to my pussy hole and back again. I put one hand against the wall and the other in his hair for balance. This time, when he licked, he put a little of his tongue in my pussy and I pulled on his hair. “Baby, that feels so good,” I told him. He found my hood again and sucked gently on it while putting some pressure with his tongue. My body was in bliss. I gasped when I felt a finger in my pussy. He was tonguing my clit and fingering my pussy. A moan escaped my lips. I felt him smile on my clit and it encouraged him to suck a little harder and knead my hood with his tongue.

I could feel my release building. I stopped him and kneeled down. He kissed me and I could taste my juices on his tongue. I put my lips around his tongue and sucked my juices off. He laughed and kissed me again. I let my hands explore his body. I didn’t touch his dick just yet. His hands went on an adventure of their own. He tested the weight of my boobs and squeezed them. He broke the kiss, motioned me back, got the cup, filled it with more water and poured it slowly over my upper body. My nipples hardened with the shock of cold. I moaned when I felt his mouth attach to one of my nipples. He tongued and sucked it just as well as he did with my pussy. His other hand was squeezing and releasing my boob then he switched. Another moan. The moans continued with his play on my chest. His lips left my chest.

“Tell me a weak spot,” he commanded in a soft voice.

“Do that to my neck,” I obediently responded. And he did. Both of my hands were in his hair and pulled gently as more moans came from me. I could feel a hickey forming and smiled at the thought. A hickey from someone I loved for so long. These physical actions coming from someone I love. Someone who won’t fuck me, but make love to me. I smiled again and pulled him from my neck. We stared at each other before kissing again, our tongues massaging each other. My hands around his neck and his hooked behind my back. We stood up together and for the first time, I felt his hardness on my skin. “I can do cold water, we’re going to need it after we’re done,” I said then smiled naughtily at him.

I let go and took his hands, having him following me to his bed. We were dripping wet. “I know you’re used to being fucked hard, you must be from that stupid boy. But I am a gentleman and I plan on treating you as a proper lady. I can’t treat you any other way, babe,” he said. I’m pretty sure that statement added to my wetness.

“I’m tired of being a fuck toy. I want to make love with you, my angel,” I told him. We kissed again. He carried me by my ass and I wrapped my legs around him. I felt his hardness again and moaned. He backed me up against the wall. He probed me until he found what he wanted, the head right at my entrance. “Baby?” I needed his attention. He looked at me. I lowered myself onto him and saw him smile. I felt myself taking him in. Widening when I needed and before I knew it, his nine inches were in.

“I love you,” we said simultaneously. We smiled again and kissed. I brought myself up and down slowly on his dick. Our little moans trapped by our kisses. We made out harder and passionately but our groins continued their slow and steady pace. I brought us closer together so I could feel his heat around me. I loved being able to sense him around me.

“You’re so tight. You feel so good,” he said fast so we could continue kissing.

“You do too, my angel,” I told him between kisses. He took me off the wall and laid me down onto the bed.

*His POV*

I placed her left leg at a 90 degree angle and used my right hand to dig lightly into her skin. My left hand traveled with my lips around her neck, across her collarbone, to the middle of her chest. I kissed around her escort bursa areolas and lightly around her nipples. I loved teasing her. I could hear her quiet moans. She wasn’t going to make it easy for me. I loved that she was challenging me.

I kissed her down to her ribs and around her torso until I made my way back to her pussy. I tentatively licked and she moaned. I used my tongue to separate her lips. I used my hands to put her legs on my shoulders then to bring her pussy closer to me. I ate her out some more using my tongue to take turns between circling her clit and going inside her pussy. I brought my hands up to play with her nipples. I flicked them, rubbed them, and pulled them softly.

Her moans were getting louder. I played with her nipples a little harder and started to push her boobs together and in circles. I used my tongue to move her hood and gently suck on her clit. A louder moan. I smiled then continued my assault on her clit. I wanted to make her cum like this. I could tell she was getting worked up, depending on what her hands were doing. They were in my hair. She was enjoying my tongue when her hands would play with my hair. She felt better pleasure when she would gently pull my hair. As she was getting closer, it was more hair pulling than playing. She moved her pussy up and down and my tongue never left her clit.

Out of nowhere, she pushed my head away and crooked her index finger playfully. I dragged my tongue across her skin as I moved onto her. Our lips met and our tongues danced together. I was about to enter her, but she pushed me softly so my back hit the bed. She was on top of me now, but she wasn’t facing me. As her ass slowly came closer to my face, I understood. My lips made contact with her pussy and I prepared to feel her lips around my cock.

I felt her lips purse around my head and I moaned into her pussy. She licked around the edges of my head then gently sucked on it. She continued to go down my shaft and she used her hands to stroke me at the same time. I felt the back of her throat relax as she went further down on me. She deep throated my entire length then she slowly came back up and continued to use her hand work my dick. When her mouth was on my head, she sucked a little harder and came off it with a pop! That really turned me on. She used her mouth and hands to pleasure me. She used one hand to cup my balls. She would gently squeeze them. Then, her mouth was off my dick and she put my balls in her mouth. She used her tongue to spread wetness and gently sucked and tugged at them. She knew exactly what I needed.

I didn’t want to cum first so I went faster on her clit. Before I knew it, she dropped my boys out of her mouth and started to moan. She rode my face and I knew she wasn’t going to turn back now. I felt her nails claw into my thighs. Her body tensed and her nails clawed deeper. Then her body started to quiver as she came. I continued to lick her softly while making sure I got every last drop. Her body went limp. I called out, “Baby?”

“Mmmm?” I heard her respond.

“Just making sure you didn’t black out. Come rest on me.” She got off of me, turned around, and put herself on me. I’m pretty sure she could hear my heartbeat again. I used one arm to hold her and the other to play with her hair and softly stroke her back. She moaned again, I assume in contention. We stayed like that for a few minutes until she got up and straddled my hips.

“I hope to give you the ride of your life,” she said. She placed her sex above my still hard dick and lowered herself on me. I used my hands to help me sit up, I placed her arms around my neck and placed my hands on her hips. We came closer together until I was balls deep in her. We both used our hands and hips to time out thrusts so we could come together each time. We were at a steady pace when she kissed me. Our lips, hands, and hips helping each other to gain ultimate satisfaction. Our kisses were interrupted by constant moans of pleasure but we still kept kissing. I could feel my release building and I knew hers was as well. We started to go faster with our hips. Her tightness around my dick felt so good and she would clench her pussy muscles tighter when she had the energy to. “I’m going to cum again,” she told me almost breathlessly. I was close, too. Her head flew back and she cried out. I felt her pussy clench around my dick harder as I continued to thrust in and out of her. I placed my lips on her neck and licked and sucked it. My sucking was interrupted by my own release. I moaned and grunted as I shot my seed into my love. I breathed hard on her neck as I pumped all of my load into her. We stayed there, breathing hard, my dick still in her pussy.

“Thank you, my love,” I told her and placed a gentle kiss on her neck.

“Anything for you, my angel,” she responded.

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