Mayıs 11, 2021

Rugby World Cup

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Wow. What a weekend! This was the weekend that England won the Rugby World Cup and I think everyone had a great time watching it, (with a fair bit of nail biting) and then a fantastic party afterwards. Rugby is not a game I watch a lot, but ever since the England team started playing in this tournament, I’ve been hooked and I’ve watched all of the UK games.

Of course the matches were played in Australia and so the final was televised live here at about 9 in the morning.

We had intended to lay in bed and watch it, but on Friday, a friend of John’s rang up and invited us to go the local Rugby Club to watch it on their big screen and John accepted for both of us.

We dragged ourselves out of bed early on Saturday morning and by the time we arrived, I had worked myself up into a good state of tension.

We actually arrived at the club at 8.30 and we were lucky to get in, cos the place was crowded and most of them had been drinking, there were two guys who had been there all night, needless to say they were practically unconscious, and in fact, they missed the game.. I didn’t fancy a drink at that time of the morning but John’s friend, Alan, got John a beer and me a coke and we grabbed the last two seats.

By the time they actually kicked off, I was on my second coke and everyone was so excited. The general feeling was that England could win, even against the current world champions on their home ground, but you can’t be sure.

We watched the game and we were all shouting, screaming, cheering and in at least two case, crying during the game. Alan and John kept us supplied with drinks and finally, as everyone knows, England scored and won with the last kick of the game and we were all cheering and jumping around and hugging everyone.

We all had to have a celebration drink — or two, or three) and we sat at a corner table and talked the game over again and again. I suddenly realised that I was drunk, and I discovered that Alan and John had been feeding me vodka and coke! At 9 o’clock in the morning for goodness sake, I was very annoyed with John, particularly because they hadn’t told me and I told him so.

I went to sit with a bunch of other people for a while, and after a while it was suggested that we have a boat race.

For those who don’t know, or call it something else, you split up into equal teams, each with a full drink, usually a pint. On the word, the first one on each team drinks and when the glass is empty put it upside down on their head. Then the second persons and so on. The first team to finish is the winner.

I was drinking vodka and coke and I was allowed to do that for boat race because they had a woman on the other team with baccardi and coke so it was equal.

We lost so we all bought our opposite number a drink. There was lots of singing going on of course, especially “Sweet bursa escort Chariot” Someone put some music on and we all sort of danced around, mainly holding each other up. I became aware after a while that the guy I was dancing with was playing with my breasts, and I told him off, but he carried on, so I just let him.

Then Lisa, who I know vaguely decided she was going to do a striptease, and climbed on a table and did a strip to whatever was playing. It wasn’t good dancing, but none of the guys objected and there was a rush to help her off the table when she finished and was naked.

After a while, Juliet, who was quite old was persuaded to do the same. Now I have to make a guess here and say she was over 40 years old, but quite a good figure and she did strip off completely. She was dancing around the table pushing her bush into guy’s faces and after a while they were pulling her closer by the bum and using their tongues on her. She ended up on her back on a table with guys waiting to take turns.

John came and asked me if I would do it too. He’d only told his mates that I had a better figure than any of the others and wanted me to show it off.. First of all I told him “NO” and then Alan came and begged me, and a couple of others, so I said I would — after they had all done it.

I must have been stupid”

In seconds they were all on tables and stripping off and waving their dicks around and inviting any of the women to taste.

I finally had no excuse and so I got up too and took it all off. There was a lot of interest because I was shaved, and I spent a lot of time slapping hands away. Eventually someone grabbed me and pushed his face into me and started to use his tongue, I started to push him away, but he gripped the cheeks of my bum tight and I couldn’t get him off even if I wanted to. He lowered me back on to the table and licked my slit top to bottom and sucked gently on my clit. I loved it, and when a couple of other guys started to play with a tit each I encouraged them. As was bound to happen, the guy with the tongue finally got his dick out and, because by this time I was soaking wet, he pushed it straight in and started to buck up and down to cheers from everyone else. Eventually I came, but he didn’t and he kept on going. Eventually I felt his come squirting into me and he pulled out, and I was about to get off when someone else got between my legs ready. I stopped him and said “No”, I could see that if he did, then everyone would want to and I didn’t want to be shagging all day.

I got off the table and looking around I saw that there was only one woman who wasn’t either shagging or getting ready to and that was old Mrs Crabtree. She was about 70 and was the type of woman that everyone knows and likes, I didn’t know it then, but she cleaned up the club after it was closed and that is why she bursa escort bayan was there. She was watching everyone and laughing her head off. I don’t expect she had ever seen anything like it before.

I pulled on my knickers and managed to get a drink and started to look for the rest of my clothes. It was a waste of time. In the back of the Club were the changing rooms and they each had a huge bath in them for when the guys finished their game. Someone had filled them up and I went to watch the guys larking about — all naked so it was worth watching. If I hadn’t been drunk, I would have known that I was being stupid, of course, someone grabbed me and put me in the bath too. In seconds my knickers were off and I was being groped from all directions and dicks were being offered to every possible place. Eventually they calmed down a bit, mainly I think because I was in danger of drowning, and we just splashed about with the occasional grope, mainly from me I have to say.

I got out after a while and dried myself on someone’s shirt and wrapping it around my waist, I went back into the bar which looked like a Roman orgy must have been. Nearly everyone was naked, all the women were shagging, in one case shagging and sucking., and, Mrs Crabtree was in her underwear and trying to get someone to do her too.

She wasn’t having any luck, so eventually she grabbed someone who was naked, and started to suck him. He was a bit put out at first, but I suppose it doesn’t matter who it is that sucks you and he started to enjoy it. I stood and watched as she sucked and played with his balls. Then all of a sudden she stopped sucking and he looked at her, obviously worried that he wasn’t going to get any more and she, still holding his dick fell on to her back and pulled him down so that his dick was in the right place and I saw that finally he pushed it in her and started to pump.

I thought this was good news, because I thought when you got to that age, you didn’t want to do it any more and she was obviously enjoying herself.

I noticed that there was nobody behind the bar, so I went round and helped myself to a long iced drink of lime juice to quench my thirst.

Suddenly, arms went around my waist, and someone kissed my neck and I knew instantly it was John.

“Wanna fuck girl?” he asked.

“You’re drunk!” I told him

“Yup, so’re you” he said undoing the shirt that was around my waist.

I held his dick and said “You’ve been shagging! Who was it?”

“So’ve you” he said “does it matter who it was?” and slipped me a finger.

I leaned back on the bar and opened so he could get at me properly and we ended up on the floor behind the bar with me on top, because I prefer that and we both came together and we just lay and cuddled for a while. I realised after a while that the mat we were laying on was beer escort bursa soaked and not very comfortable, so I got up. I stood by John looking down at him and he sat up and started with his finger again. Just then hands from behind grabbed my breasts and started to massage them. I was about to push the off but decided “what the hell” and let them carry on. I looked around and saw it was a guy I’d never seen before but he was enjoying himself and asked if I would turn around for him. I looked down at John who had his finger deep in me, and grinned. I lifted one leg and swung it over John’s head, turned around and leaned forward so that John could carry on, and the guy in front said “Thanks” and took a nipple in his mouth and started to suck and lick. He alternated breasts, and John was still fingering me and I felt I was going to come agai. John must have realised too, because he stood up and, although it wasn’t easy he entered me from the rear and started to pump. I think the guy sucking my nipples was a bit annoyed, he thought he was going to have me, but what could he say. He contented himself with my tits and when I did come, he kissed me on the lips, and winked at John as he walked away.

I noticed that over in a corner Julie was taking on all comers, sometimes on her back sometimes kneeling and sometimes on top. I don’t know how many times she did it, but she never stopped when I was watching her.

By about 7 o’clock in the evening we were all dead drunk, totally exhausted but still happy that England had won.

Someone decided that it was time we had some food and rang the local pizza shop and ordered lots of pizza. When it arrived, the young lad who delivered it was pop eyed at what he saw. We all found enough money to pay for the food and someone asked him if he would rather have a tip or Julie and he pointed her out, lying on her back, legs bent and apart with all sorts running out of her. The lad said he’d have a tip please and they all laughed at him. He got his tip, but as he turned to leave, one of the women grabbed the front of his trousers and, (she must have been well practiced) unzipped him and whipped out his dick, It got hard as we watched, and she said “How about a blow job son?” He stammered and stuttered and grabbed his trousers and ran for it.

We all stopped, sat down and stuffed ourselves with pizza — except Julie who was otherwise engaged, although one of the guys took her a couple of slices.

Finally, happy, drunk, tired and stuffed, I dozed off. When I woke up, and it was probably about 10 at night, there were only about four guys still awake, and predictably, they were next to Julie who was sucking one of them.

I stood up and found John and my jeans and shirt and we both got dressed and went out. The air hit us and we both staggered home, holding each other up and with John holding my breast. He insisted that I should keep my shirt open, “to let the air get to them” so I did, finally taking my shirt off completely. I still don’t know who we saw on the way home, but the next day, everyone knew how I was dressed.

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