Mart 13, 2021

Roxy The Cheerleader

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Alvin Jones, one of the greatest basketball players of all time, had the ball in his hands once again setting up for the last shot. His professional basketball league team, the Avatars, were down one point with four seconds on the clock. Roxy Seaver, a stunning, busty and caramel-flavored Avs cheerleader, had seen this tape many times and knew how this replay would end. Guarded by the leading defensive player in the league, Alvin faked a drive to the right, then crossed over to the left and pulled up for the jumper that could be the game winner.

As the crowd fell eerily silent, everything seemed to move in slow motion. The arc of the spinning sphere was so high, no one was sure it could possibly find the bottom of the net. As the big men boxed out and prepared to battle for the rebound, their effort was in vain, as the ball swished through the rim. The crowd in the packed arena went bonkers, high-fiving and screaming, “A-J! A-J! A-J!…”

Celebrating with the other gorgeous cheerleaders, Roxy saw Michael Elkington, a handsome 6’6″ local business executive and season ticket holder, headed her way.

“Hey Mike! We won! So predictable, right?” she giddily gushed.

“Yeah, happens every time,” he replied.

Michael and Roxy had previously seen each other at Avs special events for season ticket holders, part of the team’s marketing effort. Still single at 48, Mike really liked Roxy’s style. At half his age, she stood 5’10” without heels, had lean curves in all the right places and sported washboard abs. While her bust line was certainly attractive with adequate cleavage created by her natural 36Ds, Roxy’s ass was her most admired body part. Rarely would a man, or woman for that matter, not give her derrière a second or third look. She possessed the kind of perfect heart-shaped booty some women pay tens of thousands to obtain.

“Say, um, Roxy, um, I was, um, wondering if, um, you were available for, um, dinner tonight or sometime this week?”

Michael didn’t know exactly why he was nervous, after all he dealt with complex business and people situations everyday, and he certainly had asked out plenty of beautiful women. Perhaps he remembered all the fans and ballers he’d seen Roxy blow off, and thought he’d get rejected as well. Although he was a bit intimidated by Roxy’s apparent perfection, Michael felt the risk of failure was worth it. Since first laying eyes on Roxy, he’d developed somewhat of a grade school crush on her. Actually, truth be told, he had a very adult grade lust for her flesh, particularly her phat ass.

Little did Michael know, Roxy had experienced a long string of bad relationships and dates with guys who simply couldn’t connect with her. Something weird inside her head caused her to literally lose sexual self control when it came to certain types of men. A highly intelligent woman, she had big dreams of working as a fitness model and eventually becoming an actress. Cheerleading was simply a stepping stone.

Michael was unaware Roxy had been checking him out at past events, noticing his good looks, flair for fashion and love of sports. She knew he was a successful business owner, since he used an arena skybox to entertain clients. But, most importantly, she liked Michael’s calm demeanor and intelligence.

So, in response to Michael’s request she said, “Wow Mike, that’s mighty nice of you. Tonight isn’t good for me…”

Anticipating the virtual slap in the face Michael interrupted, “No, no, I don’t know what I was thinking. It’s OK.”

Similar to Roxy’s situation, Michael hadn’t managed to find the right long term partner. He came close to getting married twice, but the marriage plans fizzled just before the nuptials. Not wanting to strike out a third time, he was very picky and cautious. Both of his previous fiancées had fucked him over real good, each screwing one his closest friends, and mistaking his kindness for weakness.

But Roxy was determined not to miss a chance to go out with Michael. She was selective as well, having been screwed literally and figuratively more times than she really wanted to admit. But she perceived a certain good-heartedness about Mike. He had honest eyes, and was quite the gentleman. She figured this might be a once in a lifetime chance to settle down with a mature established guy. She thought his nervousness was kinda cute.

“What I was about to say Mike is I’d love to hang out with you tomorrow. It’ll give me a chance to get out of this sweaty outfit and clean up a bit, if you know what I mean.”

Michael was so relieved he wanted to do a happy dance, but managed to play it cool. “Yeah, I know exactly what you mean. I could use a little cleaning up myself.”

Both, smiling ear to ear, agreed to meet at his dinner club the next day at 7pm. Suddenly, to Michael’s surprise, Roxy leaned in and gave him a light kiss on the cheek, whispering, “You sure you’re ready for me big man?” After a very naughty shared stare, and a flirty lip lick by Roxy, the two separated sensing something magical was about to happen.

Unable to take his eyes off Roxy’s fine ass as she sauntered away, Mike tried to imagine what it would be like to fuck such a physically fit, statuesque woman. Would she be a total freak or just a so-so lover? Would she take his endowment deep and swallow every last drop of his seed? He wondered if she could take an ass pounding, satisfying his penchant for anal annihilation. His sex life recently had been a bit anemic and he was ready to throw down multiple times a day. He hoped she wasn’t one of those once-a-week type chicks. Mike knew he’d soon discover whether Roxy was a hit or a miss.

Roxy and Michael both arrived 15 minutes early for their dinner date, bumping into each other at the ground floor entrance to the elevator for the 40th floor club and restaurant. “I see you’re an early bird,” Michael said laughing. “Well, I was really looking forward to seeing you,” Roxy purred.

Michael immediately sensed Roxy was ready to pick up where she left off after the basketball game with that surprise peck on his cheek and little flirtations. His eyes scanned her from head to toe, noticing her long curly hair, tasteful diamond necklace, gold-colored spaghetti-strap cocktail dress, and a plunging neckline that accentuated her braless boobage. Her firm natural tits swayed under her dress with her every feminine movement, but only slightly, as if corralled by an invisible force. Unharnessed her breasts separated, creating a deep cleavage trough. They possessed an eye-pleasing tear drop curvature, only partially hidden behind the shimmering fabric of Roxy’s mid-thigh length dress.

Roxy’s hard nipples caught Michaels eye, as both of the double-eraser sized nips seemed to be desperately seeking freedom. In a flash his horny mind imagined the half inch tit-caps trapped between his lips, being lovingly licked by his tantalizing tongue tip. It was hard for Mike to avoid getting turned on as he made a mental note of Roxy’s athletically-thin waist, nicely flared hips, and smooth long legs, end-capped by dainty feet and toes painted red, matching her red-soled 5-inch stilettos.

“Roxy, you look fabulous tonight babe.”

“Thanks Mike. You’re looking mighty fine yourself handsome,” Roxy reciprocated, blushing and smiling provocatively. Her senses were busy too, checking out Mike’s shadow beard and the sophisticated fragrance of his cologne. She admired his bulging pecs, accentuated by a form-fitting shirt and sports jacket. She liked being in the company of a strong successful man, having spent so much of time around apex male professional athletes.

Dropping her eyes to Michael’s crouch, Roxy noticed a shift or pulsing of Michael’s so-called package, causing her to experience a twitch and early signs of wetness in her tight and deep tall girl vagina. As she looked into his eyes, those trustworthy windows to his soul, she felt the urge to connect with him right then and there. She wanted and needed him.

Drawn together as if powered by magnetic force, the two locked lips, setting the tone for an evening of electrifying sexual intimacy.
Roxy was completely unconcerned about messing up her lipstick as she opened her mouth, signaling to Michael she wanted his tongue. He hesitated at first, but when Roxy’s soaking wet oral muscle thrust through his lips, he got with the program and took the lead in orchestrating a passionate, downright nasty, deep french kiss.

With his third leg rising, Michael didn’t hesitate reaching for Roxy’s shapely rear end, gently caressing her smooth muscular rump. Not to be outdone, she repeatedly brushed the back of her hand against his stiffening manhood. Channeling Mae West she said, balçova escort bayan “Ooh Mike! Is that a gun in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?” Laughing hysterically, with the ice now broken, the hungry soon-to-be lovers stepped into the elevator holding hands.

The maitre d’ welcomed Michael and Roxy to the dinner club. “Good evening Mr. Elkington. Good evening Madame. Please follow me to your table.”

The well-appointed club was one of Michael’s favorite dinner spots. His membership provided top notch service and a perfect atmosphere for entertaining. Roxy noticed the dark wood paneling and elegant decor, especially several upscale floral arrangements. The view from the 40th floor overlooking the city and lake was spectacular.

Shortly after Michael and Roxy were seated, Kevin Spearman, an Avs guard, walked into the club with his pretty girlfriend Sybil. Immediately spotting Roxy, whom he’d dated and speared before (pun intended), he headed to her table to say hello. After introductions all around, the couples enjoyed quiet dinners at separate tables, but still in eyesight of each other.

Roxy was trying to focus on what Michael was sensuously rapping, but she kept looking over at Kevin and Sybil wondering what they were saying and doing. Flashbacks from the intense orgasms Kevin inflicted on Roxy’s love-starved body just four months earlier kept popping into her head. Kevin was a super-aggressive, BDSM-loving sex addict, a perfect match for Roxy’s sexual insatiability. The flashbacks were growing more intense, somewhat like a post traumatic stress syndrome episode. She could only imagine how intensely Kevin was probably fucking Sybil every chance he got. Roxy felt a twinge of jealousy and a surge of wetness, as she envisioned the cutie tied up on a cross, being whipped, clamped, and anally violated. She hoped Michael was at least up for giving her a good ass spanking.

Needing a break from the mind torture of having masochistic sexual thoughts about two different men at the same time, Roxy called a mental timeout. “Can you excuse me for a few minutes Mike, I need to go to the ladies room.” Holding Roxy’s chair for her as she got up, Michael gave her a peck on the forehead and said, “I’ll be right here baby.”

Across the room, Kevin had been rubbing his cock under the white tablecloth-covered dinner table, while keeping an eye on his ex-fuckbuddy and her new friend. He observed that Michael seemed completely enthralled with the cherubim-faced cheerleader and had no clue about her dark sexual past.

When Kevin went over to say hello earlier in the evening, his pro athlete thoroughbred nostrils were filled once again with the aphrodisiac combination of Roxy’s intoxicating perfume and the impossible to completely wash off athletic funk from the gallons of sweat she produced while cheerleading. If that wasn’t enough of a boner inducer, while greeting Roxy with a warm embrace, she playfully squeezed Kevin’s left nipple, surreptitiously slipping her right hand under his sports jacket, as Sybil and Michael exchanged pleasantries right next to them. While part of his brain was focused on being courteous to Michael, the other half of his mind was once again fucking the living shit out of Roxy’s fun buns. With a direct neural connection between Kevin’s nipple and his dick, Roxy’s playfulness unwittingly set off a chain of emotional and physical reactions in Kevin that would lead to a very close encounter of the sensuous kind.

After Roxy entered the ladies room, Kevin, whose heart was racing, fueled by sexual adrenaline, waited 15 seconds then excused himself from the table with his attractive date. He pretended to enter the men’s room, then diverted to the ladies room.

“ROXY! Where the fuck are you BITCH?” Kevin called out to her. Kevin’s emphatic last word “bitch”, was received by Roxy’s brain as a familiar psychological or hypnotic trigger, causing her to instantly shift into submissive mode and to follow Kevin’s commands without question. During their previous times together, he loved playing the dominant role, sometimes adding in bondage and sadism, to Roxy’s submission-loving delight. She had a high tolerance for pain. Kevin knew she was a total freak, willing to do anything to please him. They once spent 48 hours straight locked in his house playing BDSM games and performing sexual gymnastics, until they were completely exhausted. She was so flexible, it seemed they fucked in a thousand different positions, including one where she locked her ankles behind her head.

“I’m right here Daddy! What do you want Daddy?” she automatically replied. Without a word, he pushed her into a stall and said, “Don’t you say a mother fucking word hoe!” He pulled up her dress and located her panty-less, dripping wet pussy. Nearly fisting her, Kevin shoved four of his huge basketball-palming fingers up her vagina. After a few thrusts, he moved his fully lubricated 5-inch index finger from Roxy’s hot box, and smoothly inserted it to the hilt through her pulsating sphincter muscle. Silently, as commanded, enjoying Kevin’s deep triple-digit vaginal and single-digit anal penetration, Roxy unzipped his pants and found the source of her psychological addiction, Kevin’s engorged 9-inch cock. She loved Kevin’s penis because it filled her up and consistently hit all the right places, especially her G-spot, due to its upward curve and large spongy head. When she became sexually active in her late teens, Roxy discovered she had a voracious sexual appetite and, as a tall woman, she could easily take a really long and phat dick. Over the years she summarily dismissed countless wannabe lovers due to their inadequately sized mating equipment.

“Fuck me Daddy, please fuck me! Give me that big fucking dick!” Roxy begged, still entranced by multiple auto-response stimuli programmed in her head. Kevin loved it when Roxy was in deep submission mode and groveled for his cock like a sex-starved bitch. If they weren’t in a restaurant he would have spewed obscenities at her, smacked her face and whipped her ass, all juicy treats from Roxy’s perspective. In full command of the moment, Kevin answered, “Naw you big stank-ass bitch, got no time to tear your nasty-ass pussy up right now. Suck this dick! And bitch, you’d better make me cum in 10 strokes or I’m gonna fucking go berserk on yo’ ass!” Roxy adored the dirty dominant talk. It sounded like music to her ears, truly a sensual symphony of aural pleasure.

Stepping up to the challenge, with no thought of Michael waiting back at the table, Roxy slowly vacuumed Kevin’s massive cock into her mouth, rolling her hot moist tongue over the highly contoured surface of his world class sperm delivery organ. Even after just one stroke from his fellatio-loving domination playmate, Kevin felt the first contraction under his nut sack. Turns out two strokes is all that would be needed for Kevin to pop, as Roxy slid Kevin’s engorged meatus past her voice box and halfway down her throat. A few mini-strokes in that hilted position and Kevin’s protein-enriched goo was on its way to her digestive track. Like a champ, Roxy reverse-snaked Kevin’s shrinking sex rifle from her face and re-holstered it in his pants. Having played this game many times, the two giggled with delight and shared a brief wet kiss. They agreed to time their exits from the ladies room with Roxy leaving first, after she took a minute to freshen her lipstick and straighten her clothing.

“I was starting to worry about you pretty lady,” Michael shared when Roxy returned to their dinner table, oblivious to her impromptu fingering and blow job in the ladies room. “Oh, I’m fine, no worries. Thank you,” Roxy replied, beginning to feel the pleasure-pain of the micro-tears Kevin’s muscular digits inflicted in her pussy and asshole. She was glad she satisfied Kevin in two quick deep-throat strokes to avoid being hoarse. “Mike, can we get out of here, I want to give you some dessert.” Still a bit charged up from their earlier DFK, Michael began to anticipate bedding Roxy that night.

Michael knew Roxy was hot, but had no idea about her hellacious burning desires. He didn’t know Roxy was clinically diagnosed as a sex addict. He was also unaware her primary motivation for choosing the Pro basketball cheerleading path to a career in fitness modeling and acting was access to some of the biggest cocks on the planet. Her reasoning that pro basketball players collectively were likely in the 99th percentile for penis size, proved absolutely correct. She had become accustomed to total vaginal destruction by different players, multiple times a week, but was beginning to want a more emotional connection. This was a key reason she agreed escort balçova to a date with Michael. He seemed like the type of guy who could be a keeper and monogamous lover. Feeling very glad her dominant former play pal Kevin hadn’t demanded intercourse in the ladies room, potentially creating a two-man mix of sperm soup in her reproductive system, Roxy too was looking forward to sharing a bed with Michael that night.

As they sat in his family room drinking champagne, both Michael and Roxy wanted the final hours of their first date to be super-special, and hopefully the beginning of a long-term relationship.

“Do you like massages?” he asked her, knowing his question was like asking a baby if it liked milk. “Of course, silly! Why? You gonna give me one?” Seeing her eagerness, Michael replied, “Sure, I even have a professional massage table.” The lustbirds kissed, then Michael gave Roxy a robe and showed her where to undress.

Roxy didn’t have much to take off, given her braless cocktail dress and, as Kevin discovered earlier, no panties. Her pussy, still moist and reddened from her submission encounter, was ready for an epic fucking.

Michael was ready as well, removing all his clothes and revealing his stallion-like equipment, a left-curving 10-incher he hoped would come close to filling Roxy’s deep vaginal crevasse. Gasping at the sight of Michael’s substantial endowment, Roxy gushed hinting at her masochistic tendencies, “I hope you hurt me real good with that thing! It’s so big!” Laughing and stroking his curved cock, Michael assured Roxy he was gentle and that she would have a good time.

As Roxy began removing the borrowed robe, she consciously took it off very slowly, demonstrating striptease mastery. While slipping the robe off each shoulder showing more of her flawless caramel skin, she looked Michael in the eye and lickied her red lips. Beginning to drip lady cum, Roxy thought about skipping the massage and just jumping on his delicious looking cock. But she continued the show by letting the robe haltingly fall to the floor revealing her large perfect breasts and her bare pussy lips. “Well, what do you think handsome,” pirouetting for Michael.

Michael’s eyes widened, and his manhood twitched leaking drops of pre-cum, upon seeing Roxy fully naked before him. Michael told her, “You’re sooo fucking gorgeous, and after this massage, I’m gonna fuck you real good!” She loved his confidence.

As Roxy climbed on the massage table, she pressed her firm tits against the towel covered surface and settled her wide hips with her legs parted just enough for Michael to see her moist, inviting outer labia. Her abundant pussy meat was the kind you could pull up into a big heart shape or suck deep. Michael couldn’t wait to play with her pussy.

Sensuously pouring warm oil in the muscular hollow of Roxy’s back, Michael began the massage with gentle rubs spreading the oil on her shoulders and upper arms. He could feel the underlying rippling sinew of her athletic upper body. Working his way down her back, he sensed the hour glass drop to her 23-inch waist and flare out to 38-inch hips. As Michael was about to press his greased hands all over her mini-mountain gluteus maximus, he paused to memorialize that very moment, the second in time he fell in love with Roxy.

His wood fully hardened, Michael’s first rubs of Roxy’s ass included finger dips between her generous pussy folds. “Hmmm, baby that feels sooo good,” Roxy moaned. Teasingly he glided his fingertips along her ultra sensitive inner thighs, and licked her smooth skin just behind her knees. “Ooh! That tickles,” she chirped.

Michael used his large strong hands to knead Roxy’s long bulging calf muscles and sexy feet. In recent years he’d acquired a growing foot fetish, so he was delighted to begin sucking Roxy’s red painted toes. “Damn Mike, that’s hot! Keep up all this teasing and you’re gonna make me cum”

Rolling her over, he oiled her firm boobs, repeatedly squeezing her half inch nipples, which were backstopped by slightly lighter brown three inch diameter aureolas. Roxy moaned, “Ooh shit, you’re so good at this,” when Michael’s tongue twirled around each hard nip. His tongue next found her navel and then her bejeweled clit hood. Pushing the hood back to expose her flaming red clit resembling a mini-dick, Michael sucked her love button with gusto. Her clit was so large Michael suspected Roxy had dabbled in steroids at some point in her cheerleading career. By now her pussy was streaming love juice down her butt crack and onto the massage table, a flow of pussy nectar he couldn’t resist. Lapping the sweet flow, Michael stroked his circumcised Excalibur-like cock, testing its hardness and readiness for battle.

“Please put your legs behind your head baby and lock your ankles,” Michael politely requested.

Out of nowhere, Roxy grabbed Michael by the balls, then hauled back and bitch-slapped him. “WHAT THE FUCK! I need a damn Daddy, not a pussy-boy!” Roxy exclaimed. “If you want something, take it; and stop being so fucking nice about it. I can’t stand that whimpy-ass shit!” Mike was completely taken by surprise, but was more than happy to show his sexual dark side too.

Roxy had no idea who she was fucking with. Seizing dominance back from Roxy, he returned the bitch-slap and upped the ante by flipping her over and spanking her ass so hard he left hand prints.


A devilish grin appeared on Roxy’s face, thrilled to see Michael shifting into dominant mode. She wanted him in charge of her body. “Oh, so you like it rough, huh? OK, get on your back, BITCH, and lock your fucking ankles behind your head.”


Michael didn’t realize it, but he’d stumbled upon Roxy’s sexual hypnotic trigger word. Roxy instantly complied, and once in the position she demanded, “Fuck me Big Daddy! Fuck me real good!” She had just gotten the ass spanking she envisioned earlier, and now was looking for more domination.

Michael climbed on the massage table and fucked the shit out of Roxy. His cock fit her pussy like a glove. So much so, she had more orgasms than ever before. Having just slightly over 10 inches to work with, Michael did an excellent job of listening to Roxy’s body, using changes in rhythm and depth of penetration to drive her crazy. It was the best sex she’d ever had. She simply couldn’t get enough of him. They fucked throughout the night and half the next day, trying every imaginable position. She loved the taste of Michael’s cum, whether getting it directly in her mouth or slurping up cum shots to her body or face.

Roxy also discovered a real love for anal sex, because Michael knew how to prepare her asshole and how to carefully penetrate her. She adored waking up in the morning spooning with Michael, and feeling him shoot a load in her ass or pussy, and sometimes both. A confessed sex addict, Roxy was surprised how much she learned from him. Michael’s earlier questions about Roxy’s libido were put to rest. She was ready to fuck anytime, anywhere, and they did just that.

Over a period of six months their relationship grew steadily. They became monogamous, a real challenge for Roxy, and saw each other nearly everyday. One night, lying in bed Roxy confessed, “I love you so much Mike. I want you to be my Big Daddy forever!” Sweetly he replied, “I love you too babe. We’ve really grown together over the past several months. You are da bomb! Yeah I’ll be your Big Daddy always, BITCH!” They both laughed, having long ago become consciously aware of Roxy’s domination-play trigger word.

Owners of the Akron Avatars franchise had done an excellent job in the area of community affairs, involving players, coaches, fans, cheerleaders and other staff in a wide variety of events. At a gala dinner fundraiser for a local after school program, Roxy and Michael enjoyed mingling with attendees connected to the team and chatting with people from across the Greater Cleveland metropolitan area. Roxy, looking sexier than ever at the black-tie event, was dressed-to-kill in a black sequined gown with a front neckline that plunged below her navel. The back of the dress was also open down to just above her butt crack. She was wearing jewelry Michael had given her, a diamond encrusted choker with matching earrings and bracelet. Her firm breasts didn’t require any support, but her large aureolas were occasionally seen peeking from beneath her gown. These nip slips caught Michael’s attention, along with nearly every other male in the ballroom, including Kevin.

“Roxy. Michael. Great to see you!” Kevin said, greeting them with hugs. “Yeah, nice to see you too Kevin. Congrats on your awesome season. balçova escort You’re holding it down bro!” Michael replied.

“Good to see you Kevin,” Roxy half-heartedly offered, snuggling against Michael’s muscular arm trying hard not to send any sexual signals to Kevin. She even adjusted her dress, trying, unsuccessfully, to hide her cleavage while chatting with Kevin. Her attempts to cover her assets were futile, given that every inch of her body was ingrained in Kevin’s memory. He knew her curvy body like the back of his hand. He had counted the 37 micro-nips on her aureolas and knew she had two small moles, one on each vaginally lip.

Beginning to plot a dominant-submissive quickie, Kevin said, “Hope you lovebirds have a great time!” Then looking directly at Roxy, with a lustful stare she’d seen many times before, Kevin said, “See you later, Bi-um Roxy!” Those words were tortuous for Roxy because her sexual addiction was propelling her towards another encounter with Kevin, while her love for her new Big Daddy, Michael, was driving her to remain faithful. Roxy wasn’t afraid of Kevin, but she feared not having any control over her actions if he cornered her and started domination play. She wanted to confide in Michael, but couldn’t be sure how he’d react. She was so torn emotionally, she wanted to curl up in a fetal position and just cry. “What’s the matter babe?” Michael asked. “Oh, nothing honey. I was just having a moment. I’ll be fine,” Roxy wishfully replied.

The gala event was held at the Winthrop Mansion, a 30-room home overlooking Lake Erie with 10 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms and a labyrinth of other spaces. As the after-dinner party was starting, Roxy excused herself to the ladies room to freshen up. Down the hall she passed an amazing library filled with the world’s best literature. With a glowing fire casting dancing shadows on the books and walls, she sat on a couch to take a brief break from the party crowd. Seconds later she heard the door of the library close, and heard firm footsteps walking towards her. Hoping it was Michael, she quickly turned and saw it was Kevin. Her heart skipped a beat and started racing, as adrenaline flooded her blood stream.

“I’ve had my eye on you all night, BITCH!” Kevin pronounced. In her mind Roxy responded, “No Kevin! Michael is my man now!” But, what actually proceeded from her mouth was, “Hi Big Daddy! What do you want?” The part of herself loyal to Michael was helpless in stopping the dominant-submissive session about to begin.

“I want all of you this time BITCH!” Kevin announced. Roxy immediately pulled the shoulder straps down on her dress and let the designer gown fall to the floor. Completely nude she tore off Kevin’s tux and pulled him down on the zebra hide rug in front of the flickering fireplace. Mounting him in a 69 position, she swallowed his long fat cock, squeezing it with her lips, mouth and throat. Kevin tongue-fucked his playmate, slurping every drop of her honey flow. With the help of the fire light, he found her enormous clit and beat it with his tongue, causing Roxy to moan, “I want your dick in me Daddy!”

Turning around, Roxy sat on Kevin’s cock and rode him like a professional rodeo competitor. She was particularly rough on him, nearly breaking his rod with the thunderous slams of her wide hips and phat ass. Pinned to the animal hide, Kevin was gasping for air as he felt cum spasms beginning. “Cum in my pussy Daddy! Fill me with your cum. Give it to me now mother fucker!”

Thrown over the edge by Roxy’s words, Kevin shot his load deep in her pussy. As usual, Kevin’s dick repeatedly smacked her G-spot and gave her an intense orgasm. “I’m cumming too baby! I’m CUUUUMMMIIING! Arrgghh!” Turning again to a 69 position, Roxy let their combined love juices drip into Kevin’s mouth, while she licked his cock clean.

Snapping out of her submissive trance after cumming, tears welled in Roxy’s eyes as she thought about Michael, knowing she disappointed herself and broke her commitment to him. As Roxy and Kevin were getting dressed, they heard a rustling in a dark corner of the library. It was Michael. In the heat of their passion, the playmates didn’t hear Michael quietly slip into the room. He had been watching the pair since they went down on the animal rug. He had a ringside seat at their fuck-a-roma.

“I hope you had a good time Roxy. We’re DONE!” As he closed the door, Roxy cried out, “Michael, I’m sorry! Please don’t leave me!”

She melted in a heap balling her eyes out, completely distraught over her lack of will power. Looking up she saw Kevin standing next to her laughing. With fake empathy, Kevin offered to help ease her pain with another round, “Want some more of this big dick BITCH?” When the trigger word hit her brain, she had no reaction. It was as though she was finally free from submissive hell. Roxy scowled at him and screamed, “FUCK YOU Kevin! I’m not your fucking plaything anymore! Don’t ever come near me again!” Running from the library and mansion she was determined to keep her man.

Stumbling to Michael’s front door as she exited the Uber car, Roxy rang the doorbell. No answer. She rang it again. Pounding on the door, she screamed his name, “MICHAEL! MICHAEL! MICHAEL!” Not wanting to wake the neighbors at 4am, Michael finally answered the door, “What do you want Roxy?”

She begged, “Michael, I’m so sorry! Please let me come in!” Letting her inside he told her, “Make it quick.” Reaching for him and clinging to his body, she tried to explain her past relationship with Kevin and the domination game they played. She told Michael about her addiction and how the great sex with him had helped her be satisfied by him alone. Weakening, Michael said, “I don’t know Roxy. I need time to think.”

Sensing a crack in Michael’s armor, Roxy kissed him full force. She squeezed his nipples as hard as she could, then reached for his growing cock. Feverishly, Roxy sucked his rod like her life depended on it. All she could think about was making up for her sexual transgression. She desperately wanted Michael to keep loving her. She needed him in her life more than he could possibly imagine. Touched by her passion, Michael grabbed her head and drove his cock down her throat to the hilt. In pain and unable to breathe her mind was prepared for reprogramming.

“Roxy, you are MY WOMAN! Got that? MY WOMAN! MY WOMAN!” A new melody was now playing in Roxy’s head. The love of her life had forgiven her and said she was his woman. With Michael’s cock still shoved as far as it could go down her throat, she weeped tears of joy.

Releasing her and allowing her to breathe, Michael now took the lead to let his love know how much he cared for her, and that nothing would come between them.

“I love you Roxy! You are MY WOMAN!” With these magical, deeply sensual, new trigger words, Michael laid Roxy on the cold foyer floor and plunged his cock into her athletic love box, scraping her heaving clit with every stroke. Biting her long nipples, he screamed, “MY WOMAN! Got that? MY WOMAN”

Speeding up his rhythm, he felt Roxy pushing him off as she reached orgasm and squirted a powerful stream of piss six feet in the air. “I’m yours Big Daddy! I’m only yours Big Daddy.”

His heart fully melted, and his lover fully forgiven, Kevin carried Roxy into his living room and fucked her doggy style on the carpeted floor. Her big tits dangling and jerking with every thrust, Michael gave Roxy a pussy pounding she’d never forget. He wanted her to know how much he cared for her.

Spitting on her rosebud, Kevin eased out of Roxy’s sore dripping snatch and gently pressed his dick head up her ass. Without a flinch, despite some pain, she said, “Take this ass Big Daddy! Fuck my ass!” Michael stroked her ass like he’d never done before, laying phat pipe like an experienced anal plumber. Her butt hole seemed to just open up and he was able, for the first time ever, to insert every inch of his 10-inch cock in a woman’s ass.

“Oooh shit, fuck my ass Big Daddy! Fuck me!!” Sensing they were about to cum, Michael pulled his cock nearly out of her anal orifice then slammed it home again, and again, until Roxy screamed, “Ahhh! I’m CUMMMIING! Don’t stop! Don’t you dare fucking stop BIG Daddy! Cum in my ass! Please cum in my ass!”

Watching the full length of his manhood enter and exit Roxy’s asshole had Michael ready to shoot his seed all over her. “I’m cumming too! Arrgghh!!” Cumming together the reconciled couple bucked and shuttered before Michael pulled out and splattered twisted ropes of jizz across Roxy’s face. She scraped all the cum into her mouth, then sucked the final drops out of his shrinking cock.

Collapsed in a tangled heap, Roxy and Michael kissed sweetly and reassured each other. They had managed to survive a significant relationship challenge, and were stronger for it. Looking her in the eyes, Michael told Roxy, “I love you Roxy! You are MY WOMAN!


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