Şubat 26, 2021

Roxann Prepares…

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This story is a prequel of my first story, “Going Up”. I decided to write another one after a very nice comment on this story. Some of the feedback in the forum I got included the need for more depth of character and what the roles of the characters are. I hope to have filled in some blanks with this story. If you like the stories, please let me know. I have some more ideas where this weekend could be heading, so there could be more to come. If you have any tips, advice or requests for future or other stories, please let me know.

All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

Finally, I would like to thank my editor, Dawn Johnson, for again helping me with my story. Dawn, good luck with your thesis!

Roxann prepares

Slowly I start moving up from the deep depths of sleep, as morning’s sunlight filters through my closed eyelids. I remember faintly that something good was going to happen today, but it is just beyond my reach as I stir under my sheets.

Then I remember: you and I are having our first weekend away together! And I am going to take our relationship to another level, take you into new sexual territory, where you have never been before. I think you are ready for it and will enjoy it!

I open my eyes with that last thought in my head, giving me a tingle of excitement for a brief moment. As I stretch and yawn, I throw back the sheets and get out of bed. Peeking out of the window to look at the weather, then heading to the bathroom, my mind wanders back to you and what has happened between us over the past month.

It has gone so fast, from “just friends” to lovers. The day after our first night together as lovers, you didn’t even know what to do with yourself! I giggle when I think back to that look on your face the next morning, like you had died and gone to heaven. And at the same time you looked almost embarrassed, once I woke up. I took the boy to bed the night before, and woke up with you as a man that morning.

But all our talks before, all those questions you asked me about everything even remotely sexual have paid off; you did everything right that first night. Wow, the things you could already do to me… it sends a shiver of lust down my spine thinking back on that night. You are already so much more involved and caring when we make love, compared to my previous lovers. The way your fingers explored my body that night, gently caressing every inch, it felt like sparks were shooting from your fingertips to my skin; you made me feel so beautiful, sexy and loved, then.

Coming back from the bathroom I see my already packed suitcase, ready for the trip and waiting in the corner of the room. I get a text message from you. I quickly read it, confirming my thoughts: you will be here at 11 to pick me up. It should give me enough time, as I quickly glance over to the clock on my nightstand. Yup, just enough time to prepare myself for you, in ways which you cannot imagine yet…

I got my ideas for what to do this coming weekend after our long talks together, and those looks you had when we were shopping. Whilst I was looking through a rack of dresses I could see you wander around, from the corner of my eye, looking at dresses and sneaking a peek to see if anyone was watching you. Then you would touch the fabric of a dress you liked, and linger around it, hoping that I would notice your choice.

Another subtle hint was during the time we were at my parents place and I took out the formal dress I bought for a black tie event to get a box out of the attic, I saw your eyes pop and took note of that for future use.

Of course, I could also see your eyes wander over women walking the streets, lingering when you saw a woman wearing something you liked.

Not that that happened much, you only had eyes for me, even then, when we were just friends. But all those little things have added up, and now I am going to make use of them, to move things up a level with you.

And putting my plan in action, I spent a lot of time in the shops and online stores, searching, selecting, trying on, rejecting, finally finding and then buying a lot of different things to wear. I had a lot of fun buying and even more fun trying everything on at home. Wearing them, I can now see why you like some of the things I bought, when you saw other women wearing them. I first did not really get the point. I mean, I do like to be well-dressed, but for instance a cotton night-dress is just as good as a satin one, I thought. How wrong I was…you are taking me into new sexual territory as well, even though you do not know, yet. But after this weekend, that will have changed.

As I make some tea and toast, I think back to how everything started with us. How did we end up as lovers finally, and why did it take so long anyway? It feels like I have lost precious time already by not having acknowledged our love sooner.

The first time was two years ago, when Al invited casino şirketleri you to come along. He couldn’t find the bar I had suggested, since he didn’t know the city we were both living in. I had my chaperone with me, after just breaking up a steady relationship, I could use the distraction. And so you walked in… just switched to another college, moving like you were still 40 lbs too heavy, which you weren’t anymore, and dressed on clothes two sizes too large, in the way mom likes to dress you. In short, awkward and geeky in almost every way. But your eyes, they had a certain something when I looked into them. A deeper sense of … recognition of a kindred spirit? I am a real down-to-earth girl, but that first meeting seemed almost like destiny. And we had a good time, we really got going together, we had a click, call it what you want.

We started to meet regularly and chatted a lot online. It seemed inevitable for the outsider that we were going to end up being a couple. But we managed to keep it off a very long time, after the promise you made a month or so after we met. We were becoming closer and I was afraid to get into another situation in which someone becomes infatuated with me, while I just wanted to remain friends. I hated to hurt your feelings, you seemed so naïve and vulnerable then, and I did not want to lose you. No, you would not fall in love with me, we would remain friends, you promised me solemnly that evening on my couch. And we remained friends, but became very close, while you took your first steps in dating women and letting me help you get rid of your geekiness. You finally were starting to come out of your shell, you kept asking me advice about women, how to act, what to do, like I was your best buddy, instead of a woman.

On the other hand, I could call you in the middle of the night, you would listen to all my moaning and complaining about my love life and then ask me to come over, sit me down with a good movie and a bucket of popcorn, and we could enjoy being together, thereby making me forget my troubles.

We were great friends together, shared a lot of good times, and bad as well. I laugh as I remember the time I bruised my ankle during a night out and you ended up taking me piggy-back all the way back to the car, making neighing sounds all the way. People around us said we were a couple. We just did not know it yet, but we certainly behaved like one.

We very physical then, cuddling a lot and never letting each other out of our sight. Everybody was right, we just did not realize it back then.

I thought of you as my big brother and could tell you anything. But then things changed subtly. After a short fling I was fed up and dumped that guy. He was just not connecting with me, in a way you could. I felt I could not pour my heart out with him. Oh, sex was great, ballistic, that is what kept us going for so long. I am not a wallflower when it comes to sex. I have done a lot of things; I have been very experimental, both in and out of bed. That last guy could keep up with my sexual hunger. But it grew old eventually. I ended up comparing him to you, and started getting frustrated with the situation, seeing more and more things that were lacking. Why can’t men be more like you?

You even knew how to turn me on, to my surprise. We were at your place, where I had crashed on your couch after ending another disastrous fling with another guy. I had changed into my cotton sleep shirt, and was in my sleeping bag. You were sitting at my feet and we ended up discussing foreplay, how you would like to perform with a woman. And as you were telling me about it, I started imagining it as I closed my eyes: I would sit on my bed, naked. As you stand behind me and tie a silk scarf around my head to cover my eyes, you softly tell me to lie down. I lie there, waiting for what comes next, all my senses heightened. Then I feel something softly touch my cheek, stroking it gently. As it traces the contour of my cheek and tracks my lips, I realize it is a large feather. It slowly then goes down my neck, tracing the arch of my collarbone, down between my arm, lightly brushing my breast. I hear my breath catch in my throat as the feather starts moving sideways, gently caressing the underside of my breasts, before starting to go up between them. I feel my nipples harden when the feather starts to get closer to them, and a warm feeling in between my legs starts to radiate outwards.

My skin feels charged, my breathing deepens as the feather starts nearing my nipple…

I snapped out of my daydream with the realization that I was becoming wet and my nipples were hard, caused by you!

“Stop…just stop talking,” I exclaimed suddenly as I opened my eyes and laid my hand on your knee.

“Why, what’s wrong?” you asked, puzzled.

“Oh, ehm..nothing, I am just tired, and the way that this night’s date went with that guy is still bothering me. I just want to sleep now, sorry.” My excuse sounded paper-thin to me and I was afraid you would casino firmaları see right through it. I crawled into my sleeping bag and tried to look tired.

You shrugged your shoulders, “Oh, okay, I understand. You do not want to hear me moan about what I would do once I get the chance.” You stood up from the couch and zipped my sleeping bag up for me.

“Sleep well, wake me if you need anything, okay?” you said as you leaned over me to adjust my pillow.

You kissed me goodnight and went to bed. As soon as I heard your door close and the light go off, I had to do something to release that pent-up energy in me. It did not take long, I was so hot after your story. I was soaking wet, and it took a lot of control to reach my orgasm without making too much noise. I imagined it was your hand pleasuring me, as I lay there writhing with pleasure on your couch.

Afterwards I felt empty, wishing someone could give me both the physical satisfaction the other guys gave me, and the emotional bond I had with you.

Not long after that, you took me to a party and I needed some instant gratification to quench my sexual hunger, so I ended up getting drunk and started French kissing a random guy in a back room. The look on your face when you accidentally walked in — I could see the jealousy burning off your face. That party was over before it even begun, as we left. I felt ashamed when you took me home.

The ride back was quiet and awkward, but I already knew then that you felt the same way about me as I did about you, things were changing between us. Your failed attempts at dating weren’t helping. I had a good feeling about what caused that. But what about our promise? I knew you were a man of your word, and was worried the promise would stand between us. At the same time, I did not want to lose you and your friendship. When we got back to my place, you let me out and took me to my door. As I opened the door and looked back in your eyes, I saw my feelings reflected in yours: you wish you could take it a step further but was afraid to. The goodnight hug we had then was normal routine by then for us, but I could feel the longing in your arms and we lingered far longer in each other’s grasp. I tried to get more than a peck on the cheek from you, but failed then. I went to bed that evening feeling torn and miserable.

The next weekend was the breakthrough I was hoping for. You were coming over for a movie weekend, a regular date we have. I was nervous that afternoon when I went out shopping for that evening, I had even forgotten my shopping list, which took me ages to make in the first place, I just could not focus. I kept thinking of you and wondering what the evening would bring. I dared to wear a sweater with a very wide neck, so it would hang to one side and show a bare shoulder, just a bit more effort but not too much, to see if you would notice. When you finally arrived, the evening started off as usual. I cooked something for us to eat whilst watching the movie as you busied yourself with setting up the DVD. You then came hanging around in the kitchen, passing time chatting with me. But I could tell things were different for you as well, by subtle changes. The pauses between sentences were longer, the looks you gave me lingered longer, there was tension in the air. As you leaned forward to grab the plates, you placed a hand on my waist, which stayed there longer then I was used too. Your closeness to me gave me goose bumps, where your hand rested my skin felt almost on fire.

As we finally sat down on the couch and started the movie, we enjoyed the meal and then cuddled together as we usually did, under an old blanket. We had a bottle of wine, which did not last long. The mood was rising, I decided to crack open the bottle of whiskey I was saving for special times.

The booze got to me, I would not say I got drunk that night, but I did have far less restraint than usual. As we sat there, on the couch, talking the night away, enjoying each other’s company, I started feeling that same emptiness again, which was stronger now I was with you and yet nót with you, if you understand what I mean. I tried to push it away, but you were so gentle, holding me, playing with my hair, that I started crying.

“What’s wrong?”

“It …is …just ….that….why…can’t….I ..find someone…like….like….”

“Like what?” you asked gently, as you hold me tight.

“Like y….YOU!” I blurt out finally.

I felt you tense up, and I was afraid I had crossed a line. For what felt like an eternity, we sat like that. Then you held me tighter for till I calmed down, let me go and then looked at me.

“I think you are a wonderful woman. You certainly are going to find someone that deserves you. I really wish that I could find a woman like you; you tick all the boxes for me. But,” you stood up, taking me with you, “for now, we are going to bed to sleep. We have both had too much to drink. Tomorrow you will feel a lot better, aside from the hangover we are güvenilir casino definitely going to have.”

You pecked me on the cheek and wanted to go to your bedroom. I did not let go of your hand as you wanted to walk away. You stopped, looked at my hand holding yours, then looked me in the eye, puzzled.

“Would you please…sleep in my bed with me tonight? I feel alone and I do not want to sleep alone”.

You thought for a moment, but it seemed to last too long. Finally you nodded with a smile.

“I’ll get an extra pillow for me, you brush your teeth and change.” You gave me an encouraging squeeze in my hand and then I could let go.

After you had gone, I quickly darted into the bathroom, changed, brushed and got to your room. You had made the bed up for two, and pulled the sheet up to let me crawl in. You went to the bathroom and came back after five minutes. As I lay in bed waiting for you, I felt so nervous like I was still a virgin waiting for her first lover. I still did not know where the night was leading to, what you were going to do, what I was going to do, if anything at all was going to happen.

Of course I hoped that something would happen, but I did not have a real clue to what, just a feeling of hope that it would work out, in some way, for the best for both of us.

You came into the room, and switched off the main light, only the light on your bedside table was left on. You walked over to your side of the bed, lifted the sheets and get in with me. “This is it,” I thought to myself , as I feel my heart skip a beat…

…Wow, time flies when you are daydreaming! I put the dish and cup in the dishwasher and quickly run a bath. I want to get ready for you! I take a peek at the clock above my kitchen counter to see how much time

I still have before you get here. Satisfied, I go to my bedroom.

I lay out my travelling wardrobe for the trip to the hotel, I have a feeling you will love it. The natural silk fabric of the dress I found is just what you love. The boots I bought are lying in their box, still in their wrapping paper. I can’t wait to see your face when you see me wearing them.

And, as a finishing touch, the red satin panties. I can feel a

mischievous grin on my face as I imagine myself wearing the complete ensemble. I pick up the panties, these were a real find, I love the feel of them. I can’t wait to wear them as well, and to feel you taking them off me even more.

The bath is ready. I quickly take off my satin nightdress, one of my other new purchases, thanks to you, although you do not know it yet.

There is so much for you to find out, all the surprises I have in store for you, I cannot wait! It is true what they say, giving is far better than receiving. And you have given me so much, now is the time for me to give back to you.

First I take my razor, and shave off my pubic hair, I want to be smooth as silk, everywhere. I think the panties will look better that way.

Gently, taking my time, I remove the hairs, which have grown back quite a bit. I haven’t shaved in a long time, as you never asked for it. This is going to be one of other my surprises for you. I tried to keep everything as normal as possible, just like vanilla ice, but even that gets boring after a while and could use some more spice, don’t you think?

Once I am finished, I put on some soothing music, do a quick time, check and get in to soak. As the warm water soothes me, I feel my skin to see if I have left any stubble. As my finger glides over my lips, I glance over to the bed and see my clothes lying there, waiting for you to admire. Another tingle of excitement, this time more sensual and deeper, races through my body, as I lazily caress my skin, closing my eyes…

My mind wanders back to my daydream I was having of that night, once you got in bed with me. As you got in bed, you pecked me on the cheek and turned the light off, making the room dark. I could swear you could hear my heart racing as I lay there with you. I snuggled against you, as you wrapped your arm around me. Now what do I do? What are you going to do?

Nothing, it looked like. It did not take long before I could hear your breathing deepen, as you fell asleep. I lay my head on my pillow and started to sink away as well. I started to imagine what should have happened, imagine you again, with that feather, teasing me. This time I started dreaming, and I let my dream carry me on. In my dream, the feather went on, down my belly, over my hip, on to the inside of my leg, before starting its way up again. I felt myself getting hot, aroused, screaming to be touched. I couldn’t help it and my hand slid down, stroked my lips, then parted them, as my finger found what it was looking for. I dreamt that your hand then slid down my arm, gently pushing it aside, and you took over. I breathed harder as I felt the tension build. I started writhing on the bed, waves of pleasure emanating from between my legs as your fingers worked their magic.

Then, I slowly woke, as I realized that your hand really was between my legs! I moaned as another wave rushed through me, as I pressed my hips against your hand. I looked sideways, trying to see you in the dark.

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