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All characters in this fictional work are represented as being of the majority age of eighteen years (18), or older and are treated as consenting adults. All characters are fictional and any resemblance to real persons, either living or deceased, is coincidental on the part of the author.


Okay, so college came as a complete culture shock to me. Quiet, hometown girl, suddenly plunged into a world of keg-parties and ‘Rush Week’ bullshit with the local ‘Greeks’. I had the unequaled joy of being flashed and mooned by the annual ‘Naked Mile Run’ during the first quarter as I was returning to my dorm room from the library. I had promised my parents to stay out of the sorority system during my first year and was therefore still living in the co-ed housing on the northern edge of the campus. There were not as many parties but the ones that did get past our Residency Adviser were epic and – especially if you had to study – were guaranteed to fuck your studying schedule six ways to Sunday.

Aside from the hijinks and campus lifestyle adjustments, my personal life had sort of taken a shit too. My boyfriend came clean two weeks into my year by confessing that he and my (former) best friend had been fucking one another for the better part of the last year. While his confession explained a lot of their weird behaviors around me it made me feel like an idiot for not realizing it sooner. It also left me without my physical release outlet for school induced stress. For someone that had been getting laid on a regular basis since her sophomore year in high school, this enforced celibacy was driving me ape-shit!

When you grew up in small-town, middle class, America you had two choices. Get high or get laid. I had opted for the safer of the two choices and sex had very quickly become my drug of choice. My brunette hair hangs straight and is just past shoulder length. It matches my hazel eyes and accents my naturally pale skin. My legs are long and my narrow hips and well-rounded ass have been admired by guys, and commented on, for years. If not those curves then there were always my 34B breasts. Not the best or the biggest, but enough to fill out my favorite tight t-shirts. The longer the drought went on the worse my body ached and I found myself looking in directions where I normally would not have dared!

“Hey Celeste” chirped my roomy, Giselle as she came in from the Quad. “Big party tonight at the Alpha’s, you want to go?”

“No. All they want to do is smoke weed and fuck cheerleaders” I said. Though I was pretty sure that if I gift wrapped myself and put it out there someone would hit it before the night was over.

“I think I am just going to stay in and watch movies.”

Giselle bostancı escort looked dejected but informed me that she and a guy from down the hallway, Teddy, were at least going to go and check it out for a couple of hours. I tried to act nonchalant but could not help looking at her rounded hips and swaying ass as she got ready to make the walk over to Greek Row. I was looking through my limited selection of movies when a knock sounded on our door. I opened it to see a skinny kid wearing a college sweater standing there. Not too bad on the eyes but just looking at him I figured he wasn’t much in the sack. For a guy picking up a girl for a party he wasn’t even filling out his khakis enough to raise my blood pressure.

Giselle reappeared – sans pants – and shamelessly paraded herself in front of poor ‘Teddy’ in her lacey panties while she pretended to think about what pants she wanted to wear to the party. Judging from the number of nights I had come home late only to find ‘the Sock’ on the knob of our door, Giselle was a pro and knew just what she wanted out of the evening. Going to the party was a ruse to get this poor bastard relaxed before she pounced on his sorry ass! I just hoped for Teddy’s sake that she wasn’t a ‘burner’. Giselle finally poured herself into a pair of skin-tight jeans and I waved the two of them off while discreetly dropping a couple of rubbers into her purse on their way out the door. Once they were gone it was time for me to see to some release before I fucking exploded!

Turning up my music a little louder than was kosher for a dormitory, I started stripping off. Knowing that I was a bit of a moaner I did not need to be disturbing our neighbors or having the RA on my ass for be too damn noisy after eleven o’clock. My shirt was off in a trice and my own jeans joined that shortly thereafter. It had been so damn long since I had last masturbated I was worried about being out of practice. I had a small bottle of personal lube just in case and I did like to think that I had a pretty good imagination! The last thing that hit the floor were my white cotton panties and then I was leaning back on my bed while looking at myself in Giselle’s full-length mirror. My legs were thrown open and while my fingers found my already weeping slit I took a personal note to have a trim the next time that I was alone in the shower – things had grown into a jungle down there – and nobody was going to see me without my undies on again until some badly needed grooming got done!

The tips of my fingers on my right hand traced lightly over my swollen lips, parting them, until they raked over my clit and I groaned under my breath as the first waves of pleasure hit me…

“Oh ümraniye escort bayan Christ” I moaned as my womb contracted and I felt everything south of my navel and north of my upper thighs tense up as those curious little digits were suddenly moistened by my own natural lube!

My left hand was busy rubbing over my flat stomach and bouncing breasts, pinching my nipples, and pulling on those. My eyes drifted close and in short order my mind had gone to a place where it was someone else’s hand between my legs and on my tits! I felt the first diffuse waves of tension building low inside of me – signaling the beginning of an orgasm – when the room door banged open and Giselle stood framed in it. Her make-up was a mess and it was obvious that she had run back from Greek Row – alone. Is it wrong then that my first reaction was along the lines of; ‘OH SHIT! I fucking forgot to lock the damn door!’

Giselle’s eyes slipped down to what I was still doing and amazingly a small smile slipped across her lips as she stepped inside and closed the door behind her. She turned the lock in the knob and then fell into the desk chair that the two of us shared.

“Been a while, has it?” She started in, still looking at my busy fingers.

“I have a hell of a time getting off with an audience – unless they are helping – so either leave or… oh… never mind, just leave please! Give me… uh… another five minutes!”

Though in all honesty those first stirrings of orgasm had begun to vanish the moment that the door had flown open. Giselle might have sensed the difficulties that I was experiencing and instead of leaving walked over to her dresser and pulled open the bottom drawer.

“At least I am not the only one suffering from a lack of action” she said and started stripping off her own clothes.

My fingers came to a complete halt at this reaction and I watched, dumbfounded, as she continued to get naked until she was standing in front of me – in not but her skin – with a big smile on her face and holding a gel dildo in one hand and its leather harness in her other.

“Mind if I give you a hand?” She asked.

Not knowing what to think of the entire situation I just nodded dumbly and looked on as Giselle stepped into her toy, fixed everything in place, and then crawled up onto my bed with me.

Giselle used my small bottle of lube in order to work her ‘toy’ into a suitable condition to be used. I might have told her that I was wet enough but since I still couldn’t find my voice, I just surrendered it to her and decided that there was no such thing as too much lube where these things were concerned. She was between my still parted legs in a second and I felt the kartal escort head pressing against me in another moment. My body – much to my own amazement – relaxed and allowed her to press that thing into me and as my vaginal canal opened to admit it and my muscles found a grip on it to pull it still deeper inside of me. I moaned at the long missed sensation of being so filled up! Tears sprang to my eyes but my hips ground against this sudden and welcome intrusion, and I hooked Giselle’s ass with my heels before pulling her flush against me…

“Just there” I groaned! As I made small, shameless, circles with my pussy, grinding it against the toy and the leather which was holding it in place on my friend and inside of me.

“Oh yes” moaned Giselle! She made small thrusts with her toy and managed to press a thumb against the rock-hard nub that was my clit as we ground our pelvis together.

My first orgasm came roaring back from the brink of extinction as Giselle raised herself up on her arms and made a deeper thrust by re positioning for more direct contact on both my clit and my g-spot. The pressure of her thumb against my clit was what put me over the edge and I felt heat pouring out of me as my juices splashed against the leather harness and soaked Giselle’s own hips and pussy!

“OH SHIT” I gasped and then was lost in the sensation of my climax, only vaguely aware of my twitching hips and grasping cunt as my roommate and her toy teased a long overdue release from my hungry snatch and willing young body!

The head of that fake cock was pressed fully against the neck of my womb and the only thing I wished that it could do was cum so that I could feel a man’s release inside of me for the first time in what had, obviously, been too damn long. It might have been an hour or it might have only been ten minutes before I same down and was able to function again. Giselle had already stepped into our small bathroom and her toy lay on the floor between our beds – looking somewhat forlorn and forgotten. My pussy ached from being used so vigorously after such a long time without my regular supply of sex, but it was a ‘hurts so good’ feeling and one that I was perfectly willing to live with and welcome again if my social situation did not drastically improve sometime in the near future.

I reached down, picking it up, and admired its six inches of length and girth of three inches. It was still slick from the lube – both the bottled shit as well as my own – and smelled of my sex and orgasm. A pleasant, slightly musky, smell that spoke of pleasure, arousal, and fulfillment! Hearing the shower being turned off I dared to slip it on and adjusted the straps for a perfect fit. After all, if it had been good enough for me, then Giselle was probably in desperate need of some release of her own. As the bathroom door opened I stood at the foot of her bed and greeted her with a warm smile and a gesture for her to lose the towel and join me back in bed…

The End

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