Mart 11, 2021

Robin , Lisa Ch. 04

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“One. Two. Punch. Punch. One. Two. Punch. Punch.” Robyn said leading her aerobics class.

Her expression was determined as always when she instructed a class, but there was a noticeable bounce to her step today causing her pace to be quicker than her usual routine.

The twenty or so members attending the class had begun to grow weary ten minutes in. There were a few jokers in the back row attending only to ogle at the girls which seemed to becoming the norm. Although they did the exercises, their lackadaisical flailing showed no devotion or respect to the workout. Robyn normally pointed them out in front of the class, but today she was satisfied to ignore them and concentrate on the workout.

“Looking good Mrs. Nolan. If any of you feel you can’t keep up, just march in place and pick up when you feel ready.” Robyn said with an energetic smile.

A week had past since receiving the alluring yet cryptic voicemail. It was the rainy night that chased her into the arms of a coffee shop Latina which blossomed into a warm and satisfying session of unexpected bliss, but lightning struck twice that night. The call she had been hoping and wishing for came. The call was not what she expected or even thought it would be. It was better. It was so sexy and hot Robyn was glad the call was recorded on her voicemail.

Was it a message at all? Robyn shrugged at the thought. She listened to the message over and over again feeling her body tingle every time. She imagined Lisa’s pretty face moaning at the brink of coming. “Was she totally naked? Was she using anything?” Robyn thought.

The scene changed every time she replayed it in her head. Lisa would be lying on her back totally nude stroking her clitoris with one hand and holding the phone with other while another thought was her sitting in a chair with her hand inside her unbuttoned jeans serenely moaning into the phone at her ear. Whatever the scene was, not one of Robyn’s thoughts contained any fruit or vegetables.

The guys in the back row were mumbling to one another and shared a laugh while staring at her body. Robyn looked directly at them, but they made no eye contact with her.

“Okay, ready to bring up the pace?” Robyn said changing the routine.

She noticed her nipples had been poking through her sports top a bit too much making her breast easily imaginable. Robyn concluded it was what the guys in the back were staring at and she increased the pace leg lifting high in the air.

“Let’s keep it up there in the back. We’ve got grandmas and granddads doing better.” She jabbed and continued with the routine.

Although Lisa left the titillating message, Robyn still did not know why. The only thing Lisa said was, “Fuck me Robyn.” which she uttered with a breathy voice.

After the message, the rest of the night passed without a follow up call. Robyn hoped and anticipated Lisa would call one more time. The next day, after listening to the message countless times after countless orgasms, Robyn decided to call back.

“Hi this is Lisa’s phone. I’m not here. Please leave a message.” Lisa’s voicemail responded.

Robyn felt the butterflies fluttering as she waited to leave her message.

“Hi!” Robyn said nervous and overenthusiastic, “It’s Robyn. Um, I got your message. It was really good to hear you again. Um…I’ve been thinking about you since the night in the motel. Call me back, okay? I’ll be waiting. Bye.”

Later that day, Lisa exited her last lecture for the day and turned her phone back on. She heard the message like a jolt of cold water pouring over her. It was a confirmation that her previous message went through and Robyn heard everything.

Lisa walked back to her dorm with an ill feeling hovering around her neck. Nothing happened and nothing bad occurred, but Lisa was pink with embarrassment. She tried to convince herself that it was no big deal, but the thought of someone else knowing could not be shaken out of her immediate thoughts.

“Why did I call her?” Lisa thought frustrated at her self caused dilemma.

Lisa began thinking about Robyn remembering how she yearned to sleep with her, but seemed considerate though direct in her manners. Lisa then recalled the girl in the pub. She was party girl surrounded by guy and girl friends.

“What did she tell them when she got back from her room that night?” Lisa thought.

Lisa returned to her dorm tossing her books on the desk and lied on the bed. She stared at the ceiling unable to resolve the situation and unable to concentrate on anything else. She imagined Robyn returning to her friends’ room holding up her vibrator in a triumphant pose and bragging how she followed her to her room and claimed her as her own property.

Lisa narrowed her eyes and pursed her lips at the thought. Those thoughts were possible, but Lisa replayed Robyn’s message in her head once more. There was timidity in her voice and her mind flashed the memory of Robyn’s eyes when she flat out told Lisa what her intentions were that night in the motel. Those yearning eyes were in that message.

“If ataşehir escort bayan I called her back, what would I say?” Lisa thought.

It was a question that she could not answer the question as she turned her head to the side looking at her phone, but she did not reach for it and rather hoped for the situation to resolve itself.

Robyn anticipated a reply later that day, but nobody called. The next day came and she was equally optimistic Lisa would call today, but the day came and went without a ring. Robyn looking at her phone and gritted her teeth.


Robyn pressed redial on her phone and held it to her ear with a murderous grip. She leaned her head on the phone waiting for the phone to connect. The phone began ringing this time and the frustration subsided a bit, but after three rings, her voicemail message picked up and her anger was present again.

“Hello, Yellow. It’s me!” Robyn said, “I’m getting really pissed off so call me back or don’t call at all!”

Robyn spoke her mind feeling her frustration subside. She thought about the things she said and felt troubled at the possible result. It was an idle threat, but who knows how Lisa would receive that message she thought.

Lisa was poured over a book when the call buzzed her phone in her jeans. She reached in and pulled out her phone and an icy cloud hovered over her when she saw who it was. She bit her lip and shook her leg trying to break the ill feeling of her worried heart. If she answered, she thought, she could face it and be done with it right then and there, but her body did not conjure any confidence at the call.

Lisa allowed the phone to vibrate in her hand until it stopped. She set it down on the desk hoping that would be the end of it, but her phone chimed in alerting her that a message was left. She ran a hand through her hair, stood up and gathered her belongings. She pocketed her phone and began walking out of the library when her phone buzzed again.

The icy feeling crept onto her shoulders again and she pulled the phone out of her pocket. Again, she was calling and Lisa balled her hand into a fist. Lisa realized the situation would not go away on its own as she stepped out into to the evening air. She could feel her hand tremble as she raised the phone toward her ear and flipped it open.


There was a pause after Lisa’s words, which was soon broken with a perky woman’s voice.

“Yellow? I mean, Lisa?” Robyn said.

“Uh, yeah. Hi.”

“Hi! It’s me, Robyn. The short girl from the pub, remember?”

“Yeah, I remember. How are you?” Lisa said trying to be polite.

“Oh, I’m okay. I’ve been better since I got your message. I don’t know how many times I’ve listened to it. I’ve probably used up all of my minutes for the month.”

Lisa closed her eyes and walked quickly to a spot less traveled. Although other students were total strangers, their eyes made her feel uneasy.

“Are you still there?” Robyn asked.

“Yeah. I’m here.”

“Hey, about the message I left. I didn’t mean it. I was just hoping you’d call sooner. I’m not mad or anything.”

“Oh. Okay.” Lisa said.

“So, do you want to meet up?”

“Oh. Maybe that’s not a good idea. You know, I’ve got school and stuff.”

“You got exams coming up?”

“Yeah. You know how it is.”

“Hmm… How about next week then?”

“Next week?”


“I don’t know.” Lisa said dragging her words, “I don’t know my schedule yet.”

“I see.” Robyn said.

Lisa fidgeted and grimaced at the awkward conversation while Robyn began to fume with frustration.

“Are you still there?” Lisa said after a long pause.



“You left me a message a couple of days ago. It was you, wasn’t it?”

“You know, about that message…”

“Wait wait. It was you, right?”

“Yeah, but it was a mistake, you see.”

“Wait. Wait. Wait.” Robyn said cutting her off, “We can discuss it, but not on the phone. I want to see you.”

“Look, I’m sorry about calling you, but…”

“Don’t be sorry. I’m not sorry. I’m glad you called me! But I want to talk about it in person.”

Lisa took a deep breath and sighed into the phone.

“Please Yellow. I’ll give you your pocket rocket back?”

Lisa laughed and felt a bit more comfortable.

“Okay. Okay.”

“Alright. That’s my Yellow!” Robyn shouted then calmed herself, “So when should I come over?”

“Oh no. Not my place. I’m in the dorms.”

“Okay. My place. When?”

“Your place? Can’t we discuss this over a cup of coffee somewhere?”

“Well I thought that maybe we should talk about this, y’know, in private.”

“We’re only going to talk, right?”

“What. Are you afraid to be alone with me?”


“You left me a sexy message. I should be the one afraid of what you’ll do to me.”

“I know. I know. It’s just that…oh never mind. Your place then.”

“Finally. It’s like pulling teeth with you. So when’s a good time for you?”

“Well, escort kadıköy how about Friday evening?”

“This coming Friday?”

“Is that okay?”

“That’s perfect.” Robyn said and gave her the directions to her apartment.

“Okay. I got it.” Lisa said.

“Please come, okay? If you don’t show up, I think I’d cry. Really.”


“You promise?”


“Can you say it for me?”

“I promise.” Lisa said growing annoyed.

“Friday then. I can’t wait.” Robyn said with a giggle.

“Okay. Bye.”

“See you then Yellow.”

The conversation was three days ago and Robyn’s attitude showed just how thrilled she was. Her energy level was at a non-stop sugar rush pace. Her workout routines moved at an advanced pace wearing out her class attendees at the ten minute mark.

“You guys in the back. Still with me?” Robyn said beginning her high impact aerobic routine.

The oglers huffed and puffed and doubled over to catch their breath. Robyn had worked them so hard their sexual energy seemed to have spent even though her nipples grew even more prominent under her top.

After the routine was finished and the class had their cool down stretches, Robyn thanked the attendees and gave words of encouragement to the ones that stuck with it all the way through. She was glad to see the clowns from the back had already departed and that it was her last class of the day.

Lisa closed her textbook and packed her belongings while everybody began filing out of the lecture hall. She picked up her bag and turned to leave when somebody called her name.

“Lisa.” a man’s voice said from behind her.

She turned to look and saw comfortably dressed brown haired man and said, “Oh, hi.”

“Hi. Name’s Dan. We’ve got the same Finance class.” he said with a polite grin.

“Oh yeah. That’s right. How are you?”

“Okay, I guess except for these theoretical applications. Do you understand them?”

“Somewhat I guess.” she said shrugging her shoulders.

“Maybe we could help each other and compare notes later tonight?”

“Oh, I can’t tonight. I got plans.”

“Can you break them?”

Lisa narrowed her eyes in thought but it was mostly in disgust then shook her head. “No. I don’t think I can.”

“That’s too bad.” he said with a dejected look.

“Is that too bad for me or too bad for you?” she said with definite tone of spite in her voice.

“Both.” he said recovering quickly, “Talking this stuff over with somebody else really helps it to sink the comprehension in.”

“Yeah. Well, sorry I can’t help you.” Lisa slinging her backpack over her shoulder.

“See ya later.” she said not even bothering to make eye contact.


“Dick.” She said under her breath as she walked away.

Lisa had been complimented on her looks many times and had many admirers as far back as grade school and it was understandable that boys were not too eloquent in their demeanor. Now in her senior year, Lisa did not find a suave suitor she felt worthy of her hand.

“Is asking for a gentleman that much to ask for?” She thought as her brow furrowed unintentionally. She entered her dorm room tossing her bag on the bed and bounced near her alarm clock. The red digital numbers read 5:46 pm. Lisa stretched her arms up in air and let out a breathy sigh and resigned for her fateful appointment.

6:51, the clock hands read on Robyn’s dining room apartment. She puttered around stowing and clearing the clutter around the apartment. Her excitement swelled as the time ticked by. Lisa should be on her way here and a gentle knock at her door was only a few minutes away. She took a deep breath with a big smile on her face and dashed into the bathroom for a quick last minute tidying.

She looked in the mirror and fixed a few misplaced strands of hair and leaned in to check her eyes and teeth. Everything was fine. Her hair was silky and soft and her eye shadow added a nice subtle hint of dark brown drawing the extra attention to her face. Her lashes were dark and free of clumps and her cheeks were smooth with an unnoticeable light brush of foundation. From her face, Robyn did not look like the tough gym instructor and more like a Cosmopolitan glamour reader. Only her casual T-shirt and jeans erased the nightclub look from her, but there was no question that even without her shirt filling body, her face alone would turn a head or two.

Robyn hurried into the bedroom giving it a last look. She brushed some lint off the corner of her pink satin sheets and puffed up her pillow. Her hanging ivy plant was watered and trimmed of any dead leaves and her dresser drawers were closed and free of any peeking panties. The room was set to her liking when the knock was heard at the front door.

“Be right there!” Robyn shouted with a bursting smile and darted into the kitchen. She took out a matchbook and lit a couple of cabernet scented candles and placed them on her dining and coffee tables. She took a deep breath trying to compose the little girl giggling bostancı escort inside her and she opened the door.

“Hi Yellow!” Robyn said overjoyed taking in the tall, slender blonde at her door.

Lisa looked almost as if she had just left her last lecture still in the same t-shirt and tan shorts. She had been wearing her clothes all day, she still looked clean and spruce.

“Hi.” Lisa replied smiling enveloped in Robyn’s infectious aura.

“Come in. Come in!”

Lisa entered walking through a cloud of Robyn’s flowery perfume and giving the apartment a look.

“This is your place, right?”


“Do you live by yourself?”

“Uh-huh. Just me.”

It was a small one bedroom apartment, but the small furnishings gave the place a roomy feel. It was cozy and inviting which did not fit the party girl’s pad she was expecting.

“It’s nice. Not what I expected.” Lisa said.

“I hope you’ll feel at home whenever you come by.”

Lisa gave Robyn an awkward smile then gave Robyn a once over, “Is this a bad time? It looks like you’re ready to go out.”

“No, it’s fine. I’ve just been waiting for you.” Robyn said taking her arm and tugging her toward the loveseat, “Here, sit. You want anything? I’ve got beer, wine coolers, anything?”

“I’m okay for now, thanks.” Lisa said sitting on the loveseat.

Robyn sat down next to her beaming at Lisa and she could not help but smile back. “So, how have you been?” Lisa said.

“I’m feeling really good. Actually, I’ve been feeling really good ever since I got your message.”

Lisa’s gaze dropped down, “Oh, you know…about that. That was…I mean it wasn’t supposed to be…you know…” she said wringing her hands together.

“Wait.” Robyn whispered and pried Lisa’s hands apart. She pulled them towards her and held them gently on her lap. “Does me liking you make you uncomfortable?”

“Maybe a little.” Lisa said not quite sure of herself.

“That’s okay.” Robyn said giving Lisa’s hand a comforting squeeze. “I know I’m putting you on the spot here, but I want you to be comfortable around me. I want you to feel you can let your hair down.”

Lisa smiled and said sincerely, “I know.”

Robyn scooted closer to Lisa and began feeling Lisa’s bare naked legs. She looked lost focusing her attention on the tactile senses of her fingers as the stroked Lisa’s smooth cream thigh. Lisa placed her hand on top of Robyn’s and held it steady. She smiled politely at Robyn which seemed to break her little trance.

“Sorry.” Robyn said and giggled.

“You didn’t get all dolled up for me, did you?” Lisa said.

Robyn blushed with a smirk, “Are you hungry? You sure you don’t want anything?”

Lisa shook her head and felt her nervousness beginning to melt away. “Now, about that message,” she said focused.


“I’m sorry, but I was a bit out of my head when I called you.”

“I’ll say, but don’t apologize. I loved it.” Robyn beamed.

“No. I mean I didn’t leave that message intentionally. It wasn’t meant for you to hear.”

“Robyn blinked and felt the blood draining from her face. She looked at Lisa trying to keep her smile, “What are you saying?”

Lisa dropped her head searching for the right words to say, “I guess what I’m saying is it was a mistake. I’m sorry.”

Robyn looked away feeling her heart sinking like a stone in a lake. Her eyes grew watery almost immediately.

“Hey. It’s my fault.” Lisa said feeling the pain she had caused.

“It’s stupid, y’know.” Robyn said with a forced smile, “I hardly even know you.”

“I know.” Lisa agreed trying to lighten the mood.

“But I know.” Robyn said looking at Lisa straight in the eyes, “I know how I feel about you and you feel something too. It might not be much, but it was enough for you to call me.”

“It was a mistake. An accident.”

Robyn stared at her with an intense gaze. “I’m sorry.” Lisa said.

Robyn rose from the loveseat and walked over to the kitchen counter and took her cellphone. She dialed her voicemail and strode back turning on her speakerphone.

“No, don’t. Please.” Lisa said waving a dismissive hand at Robyn, but she ignored her plea and played Lisa’s message in the apartment.

Soon, heavy breathing echoed out of the phone’s speaker and Lisa covered her face in her hands. Robyn sat down next to her and Lisa’s voice began to moan louder and louder.

“Here it comes. Listen.” Robyn said, but Lisa did not budge from under her hands.

“Fuck me Robyn.” Lisa’s voice murmured on the phone right before a series of wracking orgasmic grunts.

“Damn, I could listen to you all day, Yellow.” Robyn said making Lisa laugh and she took her hands off her face.

Lisa’s face was beet red and she giggled in embarrassment. Robyn stared at her imagining the voice and the person together.

“Why did you say my name if it was an accident? You called me. You wanted me to fuck you, right?” Robyn said placing a hand on Lisa’s knee.

“Okay, I did mean to call you, but…”

“But what?”

“I don’t know. I don’t know why. I don’t know what I wanted.”

The two women looked at each other for a moment. Lisa rested her body on the loveseat while Robyn sat up leaning toward Lisa.

“So, what about now? Do you know now?”

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