Mart 11, 2021

Road Trip: The Diner Ch. 01

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It had been ten years since she had taken a real road trip. She was twenty eight and into her custom clothing design company 24/7. It had been totally consuming her life. She loved her successes but not having any sort of a life outside of work was draining her willpower to continue.

So when a representative from Lace & Satin appeared out of the blue and made her the offer, she didn’t hesitate. She accepted the check of nine million and handed them the keys.

Anna was now in her prime with no responsibilities and a bulging bank account. She was five-ten, slender, athletic and gorgeous. Short dirty blond hair, petite features and a pent up desire to have fun.

A week after she closed on the sale of her business she thought about the road trip she had taken with her best friend, Katy, right after her high school graduation. It only took a few minutes for her to reach the decision that another road trip should be in her immediate future.

She was placing the last of four suitcases into the trunk of her newly purchased BMW Z4 convertible as her neighbor, Claire watched at the curb. “Are you sure about this?” Clair asked.

Anna looked at her friend. “No.” she replied. “But.” She paused. She stepped onto the sidewalk and hugged Clair. She kissed Claire on the cheek. “This has nothing to do with us.” She said. “I need to do this.”

Claire just nodded and watched Anna climb into her new sports car and speed away.

Anna had no plan, no schedule, and no destination. Just like ten years ago, she was heading to nowhere but a good time.

When she steered her car to the on-ramp to I-15 East, Las Vegas, she pushed down the accelerator and let the wind blow through her hair. An hour later, she took the exit for Midway California and pulled into a parking space in front of the Desert Diner. A well named place she thought. The air was filled with dust as she got out and headed to the door.

Inside, the place was quite small. The back wall was all grills and deep fryers fronted by a long counter with 50’s style stools. The opposite wall was a line of booths against windows with lovely views of the dusty parking lot.

Anna saw there was no one else in the diner except for a young girl in a pink summer dress short enough to entice truckers into buying more than they could eat and to leave big tips. She was bent over a booth, wiping it off and clearing a stack of dirty plates. When she straightened and looked at Anna, she presented one of those ‘Hi, I’m under educated and proud of it’ smiles. She tilted her head. “Sit anywhere.” She giggled and took the arm full of dishes into the kitchen.

When she returned, Anna was on a stool staring her cell phone. The girl came up to the counter and leaned on her elbows, an order pad in her left hand, a pen in her right. She twirled the pen in her fingers.

Anna looked at her. “Is there ataşehir escort bayan a menu.” She finally asked.

The girl giggled again. “Not from around here are you.” She reached for a laminated single page menu from under the counter. She placed in to the well-worn Formica counter top. A quick glance of the menu indicated the girl was not entirely an airhead. “I recommend the avocado salad.” She said. “Everything else has been dead at least a week or two.”

Anna looked at her. The girl smiled. “I’ll have that then.” The girl turned and yelled Anna’s order into the kitchen. So much for the order pad.

She turned back to Anna, elbows back on the counter. “Drink?” She said.

“Water?” Anna said.

“We are in a desert.” The girl giggled again. Anna was starting to like the sound of her.

“A small glass then.” Anna said.

She rose up on her toes. Looked over as if to inspect Anna. “Nice.” She said and turned to get her water.

When she returned and sat it on the counter in front of Anna, Anna asked. “What was that about?”

Her elbows back on the counter. “You mean the, nice?” she asked.

“Yea, what was that about?” Anna asked.

She smiled. It was one that seemed very sincere to Anna for some reason. Her opinion about the girl was changing. She was not a bubble head at all. She was clever and confidant and actually sweet.

The girl leaned over the counter. She whispered. “I like girls.” She said. She remained there, staring at Anna. She didn’t blink, she didn’t look away. She was sending a message?”

“Pick up.” The voice came from a small opening behind the girl as Anna’s salad was placed on a serving shelf.

She winked at Anna. “Be right back.” She retrieved Anna’s order and set it in front of her. Then she set a paper napkin and fork beside the plate. As Anna, amazed by the girl’s forwardness, watched her, the girl retrieved a bottle of salad dressing from the fridge and returned to add it to the growing assortment in front of Anna. “Enjoy.” She offered.

Anna concentrated on her salad which was surprisingly quite good. When the girl, setting at the end of the counter reading a People magazine, noticed Anna had stopped eating and had pushed the plate away, she returned in front of Anna, and yes, her elbows were back on the counter.

The girl looked at the nearly empty plate. “You like?” she asked.

“Tasty.” Anna said.

The girl smiled at her. “I bet you are.”

“Are you hitting on me?” Anna asked

She smiled again. She rose onto her toes once more. “You’re still not sure?” she asked.

Anna was caught off guard. The girl untied a small apron and tossed it on the back counter. “Darren, I’ll be right back.”

A voice came from the kitchen. “What the fuck? You can’t just leave in the middle of the shift.”

The girl replied. “Learn to escort kadıköy take a fucking order.” She came around the counter and took Anna’s hand. “Come with me.”

“I’m not sure about this.” Anna said.

“Well you should be.” The girl replied.

“What about your job?” Anna asked.

“Fuck him.” She said as the two reached the front door. “He can’t fire me.”

You sure?” Anna asked. “He sounded very upset.”

The girl wrapped her arm around Anna, pulling her close as they walked around the building. There in front of Anna was a small Coleman Camper at the rear of the lot. “He isn’t mad.” She offered. “He’s my husband.” She giggled.

When she opened the trailer door and guided Anna inside. Anna was very surprised that the place was neat and clean and quite livable.

“I don’t have a lot of time.” The girl was saying as Anna turned to look at her. She had already pulled her dress off of her shoulders and was working it over her hips. “She grinned. “Get undressed.”

Anna was hesitant. She waited.

“Look.” The girl said. “I’m willing to do you. No questions asked. My husband is willing to let me. No questions asked. She giggled again. “The least you could do is take those jeans off.

The girl stepped out of her dress and was pealing her sports bra. She was adorable. When she thumbed the top of her panties, Anna reached for her belt buckle. She was down to her panties as the girl pulled off her last sock.

The girl pulled the cover from a small bed. The sheets were clean and crisp as if she had been planning to meet someone today. The girl motioned Anna to her. Anna came. She wrapped her arms around Anna and let their lips slowly ease closer. Ever so slowly until they finally touched. She had the softest mouth Anna had ever experience.

This was far from Anna’s first encounter with a girl. Anna had been a long time bi-lesbian. It was just that with her spending so much time with her business, it had been nearly that long since she had the opportunity to have a real untethered encounter with another beautiful girl.

The girl’s tongue was now exploring Anna’s mouth. Kissing her, searching her. She finally pulled away. “I want to make you feel really good. I love making beautiful girls cum.” She pushed gently on Anna’s ribs and eased her backwards onto the bed. Anna went without resistance. The girl knelt, her hands slipping under Anna’s thighs. She lifted them, pushing them to the sides. Anna was opened, vulnerable, aroused.

The girl kissed the inside of her leg at her knee. “I wish I wasn’t in such a hurry.” The girl whispered. “I would make you cum all night.

When the girl’s mouth encircled Anna’s sex, her tongue running the length of her labia, Anna moaned. She pulled her knees up, her legs falling to the sides. The girl inserted her impressive tongue deep into Anna’s vagina. She bostancı escort curled it upwards finding Anna’s G-spot. Anna gasped and the girl placed a hand on Anna’s abdomen. She held Anna pinned to the bed as she lapped at the juices now flowing from her sex onto the girl’s tongue.

Anna reached and found the girl’s hair. She entwined the fingers of both hands into those locks. She was Humping and grunting and working her ass in circles. It felt so fucking good to have a hot young girl’s mouth on her pussy.

She froze, her abdominal muscles tight, her legs wrapped around the girl’s head, she was fucking the girl as she came hard. Very hard. It lasted and lasted, volt after volt of intense aftershocks rolled through her body. The girl’s tongue continued its assault on her sex.

Just as she was calming, the girl wrapped her lips around her now swollen clitoris and sucked at it while the tip of her tongue lashed at that pearl. Anna felt a second climax crash over her. She tossed her head side to side. She was in ecstasy for several minutes while the girl tried feverishly to make it last.

When she was finally finished and exhausted, her legs released their grip on the girl and fell onto the bed. She was breathing deeply. “Holy fuck.” She whispered.

The girl looked up from between Anna’s legs. “Well not really.” She said and giggled once more. She slowly stood and went to wash her face at the sink. Anna watched. The girl began to dress, gathering her panties and bra. “You can stay.” She offered. “As long as you want.” She stepped into her panties. “I have to get back to work.”

Anna just smiled at her.

As she finished with her dress, she looked at Anna. “Any chance you will be here where we close up?”

Anna Was already regretting it as she shook her head no.

“I figured.” The girl said. “I would have told Darren to go visit his brother tonight.”

“Sorry.” Anna offered.

“No need for that.” The girl said.

“What’s your name?” Anna asked.

“Stacy.” The girl replied.

“Stacy.” Anna started. “I’m sorry I have to leave.”

“No problem.” Stacy said. She knelt on the bed and her lips found Anna’s cheek. She kissed a trail along her jaw and down her neck and over her chest. Her lips encircled her nipple, her tongue lapped at it. When she again stood she whispered. “Not to worry, I’m very popular around here.”

Anna nodded understanding her point. “Only problem,” Stacy added. “It really pisses Darren off.”

It was Anna’s turn to laugh but it wasn’t as innocent and youthful as Stacy’s giggle. “Let me guess, that’s another plus?”

Stacy was at the door. “Darren pissed? You bet sweetie.” Stacy pulled the door closed as she left.

When Anna had washed off and was dressed again, she left the little trailer and went to her car. She didn’t go back inside the diner but as she put the car in reverse she saw Stacy at a booth near the window. She was chatting with three girls who appeared to be very cute.

Anna smiled to herself and pulled back on the highway. Next stop Vegas.

All by herself, she spoke out loud. “God I love road trips.”

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