Nisan 14, 2021

Riding It Out

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I walk into the room right over to you, grab your hair and straddle you in the chair. I kiss you hard on the lips. I kiss down your neck.. soft but strong kisses. Then I run my nails hard from your lower back all the way up around your shoulders and lightly down to your chest stopping at your nipples.

Kissing your chest I rub your nipples between my fingers. Pinching and pulling them. You gasp lightly as I kiss your chest and move over to take your nipple into my mouth licking and sucking while I pinch and pull at the other one. Then I switch and take your left nipple into my mouth and pinch the right one. I kiss you hard on the lips again and start to kiss downward. Kissing your chest I put my feet on the floor and scoot down kissing your stomach and licking around your belly button. I kneel on the floor in front of your chair and run my nails down your thighs while looking straight into your eyes. Inside the thigh.. lightly. Then I lick where my nails just were. First the right side.. then the left side.

I kiss slowly up your right thigh towards your crotch. When I get to your crotch I switch thighs ataşehir escort bayan flicking my tongue and quickly nipping the head of your cock. Slowly I kiss down your left thigh and back up toward your crotch flicking my tongue out again. My left hand cups your balls and my right hand goes to your chest.. dragging my nails lightly. Then I take my right hand and wrap it around your cock, my left hand still rubbing your balls. I grab your cock at the base and lick slowly.. lightly up the side. Stopping at the head, I flick my tongue. Then continue licking up the other side stopping again at the head. I kiss the head lightly and then stick it in my mouth just a little bit. Then I pull it out again. I kiss around your cock not touching it. Licking your thighs again..kissing.. lightly biting now.

Tell me what you want.

Voice straining you tell me to suck your cock. Mmm say it again. Repeating, you tell me you want to fuck my mouth. Great. I smile. Now I wrap both hands on your cock and stick your cock in my mouth little by little. I stick it in a little more and pull it back out nice escort kadıköy and slow.. scratching my nails along your thigh and putting your cock deeper into my throat. Then I cup your balls as I pull your cock back out. I stop and swirl my tongue on the head and stick just the head of your cock in my mouth and swirl my tongue all around again. Twisting my head around.. my lips wrapped around your throbbing member, my hand massaging your balls.

I take your cock out and lick from the head slowly…down to the base.. and onto your balls. I massage them while running my left hand slowly up and down your manhood. I lick your sack and start to gently suck on them while my right hand moves up reaching your belly..circling your belly button and scratching downward. I lick back up to the head again.

Tell me what you want.

Heart racing you moan..More. I stick your cock back in and all the way down to the base. Pulling on your balls I go up and down.. faster.. faster.. twisting.. swirling my tongue on the head. licking .. sucking.. faster.. My head is bobbing up and down on your cock. I pull bostancı escort your balls and roll them in my hand and knead them. Still bobbing up and down.. up and down.. faster. You thrust your cock into my mouth hard, fucking my oral opening. Pumping in and out..your hand on my head guiding me..trying to get deeper into my throat. Finally I stop and stand up, pulling you to the bed. I jump on top of you. Pussy dripping I straddle you and your cock slides in nice and easy. I ride up and down.. harder.. harder.. You thrust your cock into my pussy hard.. matching my rhythm.. you moan and scream.. I pull at my nipples as you grab my waist and jam yourself into me. You cry out with the feeling of your cock inside of me…

Tell me what you want

I rock my hips back and forth then lean down and suck your right nipple and pinch your left one.. You’re slamming into me.. harder.. harder.. I’m sliding up and down your pole..Trying to pull you deeper inside of me..I move my hips in circles and I switch and suck your other nipple.. Your balls tighten and you cry out my name.. Cum for me.. I say to you. Cum.. For me You slam me down onto your dick one last time as a wave crashes over you. I’m riding it out.. Riding it out.. When the ride is complete.. I lick up your stomach to your lips and kiss you hard again. Then, pussy dripping, I climb off of you and leave the room..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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