Haziran 11, 2020

Rainy Saturday

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Rainy Saturday
I looked out the window for probably the hundredth time that morning and still there was no end in sight to the pouring rain. I really didn’t mind the rain, in fact I loved to watch a good storm, just not on a Saturday. Worse still, my mom had a friend from work coming over and I really didn’t want to be stuck in the house with two chatty women while they gossiped and drank a bottle of wine. I figured at that moment, if there was a God, I must have done something to piss him off.
Resigned to the fact that I was stuck in the house, I went back to my bedroom and flopped down into my beat up office chair and signed into my computer. I logged into my World of Warcraft account and began doing some quests with my mage. I was building him to be a fire mage which wasn’t the most popular of specs but I was enjoying it. Lost in the world of Azeroth, I barely perceived that my mother’s guest had arrived until I heard them laughing in the other room. It was good to hear her laughing, my mom didn’t do much of that since my father had run off with that girl from the bar.
I was just finishing a quest in the town of Darrowshire when I became aware of someone standing behind me. I turned to see a kind of nerdy but cute red-headed girl with thick glasses watching me play from over my shoulder. She looked to be a couple of years younger than me standing there in her t-shirt and flowered skirt that hung to just above her bony knees. “That was pretty cool how you did that”, she smiled. “I might have to build a fire mage too.”
“You play WoW”, I asked, surprised to actually meet a girl that played. There are a lot of female characters in video games, but it’s widely accepted fact that most of them are played by young boys or older perverts. Pretty much any female night-elf you see dancing half naked in Stormwind was being played by a prepubescent boy getting his kicks at the avatars near nudity and seductive dance moves. It is kind of sad really.
We introduced each other and talked for a bit about video games. It turned out that her name was Sandy and her mom was my mother’s friend from work. It was really cool how easy it was to talk with her. She was just going into the seventh grade which meant that she would be starting at the same junior high school that I attended. I told her about the school and what to expect, which teachers to try to avoid and things like that. As we talked she noticed my bagpipes hanging on the wall and asked if I played. Of course I did, why else would a 16 year old boy have a set of bagpipes, duh.
She seemed really impressed, which was surprising since the pipes aren’t considered sexy like playing the guitar or pretty much any other instrument. Sandy said that she wished that she had the talent to play an instrument, but the only talent she seemed to have was gymnastics, and she wasn’t that good. She could walk on her hands though. I told her that was pretty cool even though I really wasn’t that impressed.
“Do you want to see”, she asked, smiling at my compliment.
“Sure”, I encouraged her.
She walked to the corner of my room and bent over at the waist until her hands were flat on the floor. Until this point I hadn’t thought of the implications of her doing a handstand while wearing a skirt, and obviously neither had she. She kicked her legs up and sure enough gravity did what gravity does and the thin material of the skirt bunched around her waist. She wore powder blue panties with little teddy bears on them, they were cute. They were also very tight and as she walked unsteadily on her hands across my floor my focus was on the clearly defined shape of her pussy. “Wow”, was all that I could say and as I said it I hoped that she’d think that I was referring to her gymnastic ability. I wasn’t.
After a few steps she dropped back onto her feet and stood up. She noticed that her skirt was still bunched around her hips and blushed deeply as she smoothed it down. “I’m sorry about that.”
“Don’t be”, I assured her as I wiggled in my seat trying to hide my boner.
Still embarrassed that she’d just shown me her panties, Sandy sat down on the edge of my bed. “But, I just showed you my panties.”
“Shit happens”, I told her. “Besides, I kind of liked the view.”
“You did?”
“Yeah”, I confessed, “It was pretty sexy.”
She giggled a bit then timidly she asked, “Wanna see them again?”
I couldn’t believe that she was offering to show them to me again and being a perpetually horny teenager of course I said that I would.
Painstakingly slowly she took the hem of her skirt and lifted it up to her waist. She smiled shyly as I took in the sight of her panties again. I wheeled my chair closer to the bed, not daring to stand lest my hard on become evident. Again I could see the outline of her camel toe between her tanned thighs and my dick twitched uncomfortably in my shorts.
“Can I touch them”, I inquired, knowing that I was pushing my luck.
She thought a moment then said simply, “Okay.”
I bursa escort swear that my hand was shaking as I reached out to touch the soft cotton just above her pussy. “They’re very soft”, I observed as I ran my fingers over them. Emboldened I slid my finger down the cleft of her outer lips, feeling the moist heat that radiated from within. Her lithe body jumped a little at the contact of my finger along her sex, but her thighs spread a little more. Hoping that was reading her right I kept sliding my finger up and down her cotton covered slit, making her quiver and softly moan. Pushing my luck again, I slipped a finger underneath the leg band of the panties and pushed them to the side. Dumbfounded I looked at her exposed pussy. I’d seen them in magazines and on my computer but this was the real thing. I pulled the fabric a little more to the side and for the first time I saw the sparse wisp of flame red hair that adorned her mound.
She laid back onto her elbows as I began to explore her pussy with my fingers. I plied the lips apart and committed the view of her opened pussy to memory. “You’re very beautiful”, I complimented as I found her little hooded clit and began to rub it gently. This caused her to blush again and coo as I rubbed her. I’m not sure what made me do it but I slid off of the chair and onto my knees beside the bed. At last I was able to adjust my aching prick that had been twisted in my fruit of the looms as I leaned in closer to her. I could smell the musty scent of her arousal as I brought my lips to her sex and licked her from bottom to top. I wasn’t sure what to expect her to taste like, but I was very pleasantly surprised.
“Oh shit”, she hissed as her virgin pussy was licked for the first time. “What are you doing to me”, she asked with a sigh.
“I wanted to see what you tasted like”, I explained, “Do you want me to stop.”
“Please no”, she gasped as I licked her again.
I got her to lift her ass and I peeled off her panties and dropped them onto the floor beneath me then I licked her some more, lapping up the delicious juices that were beginning to leak from her tiny hole. In the lesbian movies that I frequently jacked off to, the girls usually seemed to focus on the clit, so I did my best to emulate them. I flicked my tongue across her clit and then sucked it into my mouth, which seemed to make her jump so I kept it up. I felt her body shift above me and looked up to see that she’d laid back the rest of the way and covered her face with my pillow. The pillow muffled the squeals that she was making as I ate her pussy. She seemed to be getting wetter and her body writhed on my bed as I munched on her small but erect clit. She was about to cum and knowing it made me attack her pussy vigorously. Suddenly her thighs clamped against the sides of my head, holding me in place as the rest of her body convulsed with pleasure. After a minute of this she suddenly pushed my wet face from her crotch begging me to stop.
I rose up onto my knees and unbuttoned my shorts and pulled down my zipper. Pushing them and my underwear down I freed my cock and began to stroke it slowly. I may as well go for broke, I thought. She rose back onto her elbows and bit her lip as she watched my fisting my cock. It was as hard as I ever remember it getting and precum oozed from the tip as I lined up my seven inch prick with her virgin hole.
I looked up at her questioningly as I rubbed the slimy head along her wet slit and she simply nodded. With my dick in hand I placed it at the entrance of her pussy and prepared to take her cherry. I was nervous as hell, I was finally about to get laid. It was just as I began to slowly push against her that I heard the scream.
“Get the fuck away from her”, came from behind me. I turned to see Sandy’s mother coming through my bedroom door, with my mom close behind. I’d been so absorbed in the young girl’s pussy that I never heard them coming. She grabbed me by the shoulder and pulled me back until I fell over onto my ass. “What the fuck do you two think you were doing?”
I didn’t answer, pretty sure that there really wasn’t anything that I could say that would help. Instead I awkwardly tried to pull up my shorts and hide my throbbing erection. The tall angry blonde grabbed her daughter by the hand and yanked her off of the bed. “You keep that motherfucker away from my girl”, she yelled at my mom as she dragged Sandy down the hall. A moment later the door slammed and her car sped away.
My mom looked at me disgusted, and spun on her heel and walked away before I could apologize. I knew better than to follow, she looked to be more pissed off than I’d seen her in a long time so I straightened out my shorts and lay back on the bed. My pillow still smelled of Sandy and the scent made me think of how close I’d just come to losing my virginity. Damnit!
I lay there for a while thinking of all of the possible punishments that I had coming. Suddenly I remembered bursa escort bayan that Sandy’s panties were still under my bed. I rolled over and reached around until I found them. I rolled onto my back and took my prize up to my nose. I could smell her sex on them and instantly my dick was rock hard again. Lost in her scent and the memories of what had come so close to happening I fished my cock out of my shorts and began to stroke it absentmindedly. I took the panties from my face and wrapped the soft cotton around my cock and began to jack off in earnest imagining it was Sandy’s fiery red-haired pussy on my dick.
“Hasn’t that thing gotten you in enough trouble today”, I heard my mom say from the doorway.
“Fuck”, I swore to myself as I panicked to put my junk away and hide the young girl’s panties. I really need to start locking my door, or at least close it. “Mom, I can explain…”
“There isn’t much to explain, is there”, she said as she sat down on the bed beside me. “You were obviously just about to fuck Julie’s daughter and no you were jacking off with her underwear. Why don’t you tell me what happed.”
I told her about the handstand and everything that led up to her and her friend walking in on us seconds away from us fucking. I apologized several times as I told the story. As I did, I felt her hand on my thigh dangerously close to my still hard cock. This wasn’t helping, I thought to myself.
My mom listen to my explanation with an almost blank look on her face. “I’m not going to punish you”, she shocked me by saying, “It sounds to me like she was teasing you and was more than willing.” She sat quietly for a moment with her hand rubbing my thigh. “Besides, I was once a horny teenager too at one time, now I’m just a horny old lady”, she laughed.
I wasn’t sure how to respond but blurted out, “You’re not old.” I intentionally skipped on saying anything about the horny part. I’d known that she and my father had sex, even heard them sometimes before he ran off. Still I’d never thought of my mother as a sexual being.
“Evidently I’m too old for your father.”
I thought for a second that she was going to cry so I sat up and wrapped my arms around her, “He’s a dumbass.” I held her tight to me, suddenly aware of her breast pressed against my chest. “You’re a beautiful woman and he’s a dumbass to have let you go.”
“You so sweet”, she laughed and pulled away from me. “I can’t believe that my little boy is growing up into a man.”
“Mom, I’ll always be you little boy”, I assured her, knowing just how sappy it sounded.
“From what I’ve seen today, you’re not so little anymore.” Her hand crept higher up my thigh, just under my hard prick. “Not little at all”, she sighed as she slid her fingers onto my bulge.
“Mom, what are you doing”, I asked as she began to stroke me through my shorts.
“Seeing you with Julie’s daughter reminded me how long it’s been”, she explained, “Besides, you’re going to have a monumental case of blue balls if you don’t get to cum soon.” She traced the outline of my dick with her slender fingers and proposed, “Maybe we can help each other out.”
Now, I’d seen this play out in videos many times, but never had I thought of my own mother in this way. She was my mom, even if my friends thought that she was a milf. “Mom, what are you saying”, I asked although I was pretty sure that I knew.
She took my face in her hands and pulled my closer until our lips touched. It wasn’t a mother-son kiss, within seconds our tongues were dancing in a full on kiss. I was getting afraid that I was going to cum in my shorts. “I’m saying that you need to cum and”, she squeezed my cock, “you have what I need.” Letting go of my shaft she began to unbutton her silky white blouse, revealing more of her milky white skin as she went. She shrugged her shoulders and let the thin garment drop to the bed. Next she reached behind her back and soon I saw the straps of her plain white bra grow slack before it dropped onto the floor. For the first time I saw a real woman’s tits, my mom’s tits and they were glorious. They were probably a c cup and still had the firmness of youth, even at 34 years old. “You like?”
I did, and I told her so.
“Touch them”, she smiled and guided my hand to her meaty breast. After a minute or so of holding my hand to her fleshy globe she stood up and unfastened her khaki shorts and in one movement pulled them and her panties from her hips. As they dropped to pool around her ankles I saw my mom’s shaved pussy for the first time. “Why am I the only one naked”, she asked and reached for the button of my shorts.
I sat up and quickly stripped of my t-shirt and wiggled out of my shorts and underwear. We kissed again and I let her push me back down onto the bed. Slowly she wrapped her hand around my aching shaft and began to jack me off. As good as it felt to have her jerking on my cock, nothing could have prepared me for when she bent at the waist and lowered her mouth onto it.
“Mmm”, escort bursa she groaned as she licked the copious amount of precum from the head before sucking my bulbous knob into her hot mouth. She gently played with my balls while bobbing her mouth up and down my shaft.
“Oh my God mom”, I croaked as I pushed her long brown hair to the side so that I could watch my spit soaked cock slide into her warm lips. As she sucked on my cock I reached down and fondled one of her heavy tits. I teased and twisted her eraser like nipple between my finger and thumb. Given how worked up I already was, it didn’t take long before my mom had me ready to explode. “I’m going to cum”, I grunted out a warning.
“Give mommy your cum”, she cooed and took my knob back into her mouth while stroking my shaft with her hand. She kept pumping and sucking on my cock as my ass arched up off the bed and my cum erupted into her mouth. She swallowed a few times to keep up with the flow until finally she drained the last of my seed and I had to pull the hypersensitive head from between her lush lips.
She kept stroking my dick as she climbed up onto the bed and straddled my hips. She lay down on top of me and kissed me again, it was a little weird kissing my mom like this and tasting my own cum in her mouth, but not weird enough to keep me from doing it. She sat back up and rose onto her knees. She raised up with one leg and grabbed my still hard cock, pointed it towards the entrance of her pussy.
I watched intently as my cock was lined up for the second time today. This time there were no interruptions as she lowered herself down onto my meat. The velvety walls of her pussy stretched and enveloped the head of my prick as she impaled herself with her own son’s cock. The inside of her pussy was amazing, hot and wet and very tight around my shaft. I was finally getting laid, and it was with my own hot mother.
“Oh fuck baby”, she sighed as her ass settled down on my thighs with my rod buried to the hilt in her tight canal. Slowly she rose up and forward until just the tip was inside her then back down, fucking herself on my shaft. “Nope, definitely not a little boy anymore.” Her big tit’s swayed hypnotically above me as she rode my cock. I took one in each hand and toyed with her hard nipples.
After a few minutes of this I could feel myself getting ready to cum again, but it was way too soon, I needed to make my mom cum at least once before I finished, so I urged her off of my shaft and maneuvered her onto her back on my bed. I kissed my way down from her heaving tits until I was face to face with her beautiful pussy. I stuck my tongue between her swollen lips and tasted the pussy from which I’d been born. She tasted different from Sandy, maybe even better.
“Where did you learn to do that”, she asked with a sigh.
I looked up from her tasty beaver and smiled, “The internet.”
We both chuckled and I went back to work on making my mother orgasm. It didn’t take long before she was holding my face tight to her gushing cunt as her hips bucked up off the mattress. As she settled down I climbed up on top of her and slid my dick back into her. The brief time outside of her hot sheath had suppressed the need to cum and soon I was pounding her pussy with piston like strokes. My room reeked of sex and the slapping of my balls against her ass echoed through the house. I looked down at my mom and was blown away by the sight of her laying on my pillow with a look of pure bliss on her face. Letting my eyes wander down I loved the way her big tits bounced and jiggled with each stroke of my cock. Further still I watched in fascination as my dick slid in and out of the smooth lips of her cunt. I leaned forward to kiss her again and she wrapped her arms around me. Her nails raked down my back and her strong legs wrapped around my ass as she came again. This time I could feel her climax rippling through the walls of her cunt and it was driving me crazy. “Damnit mom, I’m going to cum!”
I tried to pull out before shooting my load but she only held me tighter with her legs. “Cum inside me”, she whispered huskily, “Fill up your mommy’s cunt!”
That did it, all worries about fathering my own brother or sister faded to the back of my mind. My balls boiled and moments later I felt my jizz begin to make it way up my shaft. Spurt after spurt of my thick seed sprayed the inside of my mother’s cunt as I collapsed on top of her, breathless. As I caught my breath I pulled my deflating cock from her and rolled onto my side holding her tight and drifting off to sleep.
We woke a couple hours later and fucked again before crawling out of my bed to make dinner. We talked during our quick meal of pork chops, baked potatoes and green beans as if we hadn’t been fucking like rabbits only minutes before. I did mention to her that we’d have to be careful, that I’d cum inside her twice and really wasn’t ready to father my own brother. Mom assured me that she couldn’t get pregnant again, she’d had her tubes tied after I was born. That night we slept in my mother’s bed since my sheets were pretty nasty with sweat and cum. By the time we climbed out of bed Sunday afternoon, hers were too.

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