Mart 15, 2021

Pushing Her Limits

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Nataly and I had been talking online and the phone for a while then we met for drinks. OK I had a Pepsi and she had tea, 🙂 She wanted me to push her limits. I didn’t have a problem with that. She agreed to meet me in the morning at this very same coffee shop at 9am. She was to wear an above the knees sheer sun dress with bra and panties and sandals.

I got to the coffee shop at 8:50am. She was running late and had called me. I thought, not good for her. She showed up at 9:12am. She sat down and I looked at my watch “You know, you will pay for being late young lady.” “Yes sir.” “I’m really sorry, but..” I held up my hand “I’m not to hear any excuses, do you understand?” She held her head down and simply said “yes, sir.”

“I’ve ordered for you.” “They weren’t going to put the order in until you showed up.” “Did you do as I have asked?” “Yes sir, I shaved my pussy.” Good” “But I didn’t have time to do an enema.” “Really!” “Let’s see, your late and you didn’t perform a simple task I asked of you.”

“Let’s see if you can do this task.” “Go to the ladies room and remove your bra and panties and carry them nonchalantly in your hand out to sit beside me.” “People well see them in my hand and…” She saw the look I was giving her and stopped and got up. Before she walked away I handed her two alligator clips. She looked down at them and was about to say something. “Yes, they go on your nipples.” “Yes, sir.” and walked to the ladies room, without another word. I called a friend while I waited for her return. I saw her come around the corner. She had to walk pretty much through the whole cafe to our booth. A few people saw, and I saw them whispering to the friends. I couldn’t hear what was being said though.

The dress she was wearing was perfect. I could see through it. Her naked pussy was visible. She was definitely in a bit of pain from the clips on her nipples. I couldn’t see her nipples through the dress, it was just a little thicker were her boobs were. But I could see the outline of the clips pressing against the material. Plus her face was blushed with embarrassment. As she was walking toward me, I motioned her to slide in on the other side of the table. “Scoot your pretty ass around and sit next to me.” Patting the seat beside me. She did as asked.

We were facing away from everyone in the restaurant except to employees who came out of the kitchen. Our food arrived soon after she sat down. “Pull your dress up so your bare ass is on the cushion.” “Yes sir.” “Eat up, you’ll need your energy for the activities of today.” She had 2 eggs some bacon and hash browns and OJ. I had pancakes and milk. Just as we began to eat. I stopped, reached into the top of her dress, she did show quite a bit of cleavage, and took her nipple clips off. “OUCHIE!” I just smiled. “We don’t want to wear them out to soon.” “Yes sir, thank you sir.”

“While we eat I want your right hand to massage my cock, I want you to get me hard.” She reached down and started stroking and squeezing my cock. It started to grow. I continued to eat, as she did with her left hand. And I grew bigger and bigger. She started to choke. “Drink some OJ.” She took a few swallows. Then reached back down to stroke my cock. If I had to stand at that point it would have been quite obvious I had a big boner. I leaned over and whispered in her ear. “You will be taking my full length up your tight little ass today.” Her eyes grew large. She started to choke again. And drank some water. She continued stroking my cock. “I’ll try sir.” “You’re going too.” “There’s no trying today, it’s going in until my balls are slapping against you.” “A…a yes sir.” But first I have to clean you out when we get back to my house.” “OK, you can let go of my cock, for now.” At that point I reach over and slide my finger easily into her cunt. “Mmmm, that’s what I thought, you’re a horny little slut, aren’t you?” “Yes sir, I am.”

We finish and I paid. My cock is back to normal. I slide out of the güvenilir bahis booth and stand. She slides out and her bare ass is exposed briefly to the other patrons, enough to get a whistle and thumbs up. “Don’t forget your bra & panties.” Pointing to them sitting on the bench seat. She leans over and I smack her ass hard, making a loud noise. “OH!” She says. She starts to put them in her purse. “No, no, no! “Carry them.” “Yes sir.”
We leave the cafe. With the patrons giggling.

We drive a a bit and arrive at a rather large park.
Before we leave the truck I unbutton her dress to expose more cleavage. We walk into the park a ways and sit on a park bench across from a man reading the paper. I lean toward her “spread your legs wide and show your naked pussy to that man.” Nataly turns red from embarrassment, but does as I asked. Within a minute the man looks around a bit. Looks in our direction and smiles at me and then sees her naked pussy staring back at him. Its at this point I look around and then slide my finger into her wet cunt. She immediately cums. I remove my finger and slide it into her mouth. Then look back at the man. He has enjoyed the show, by the way his cock has grown in his pants.

He points behind me and gets up to walks past us and into some nearby trees and brush. We get up and I have to hold Nataly’s arm and escort her with me. Within passing 10 feet into the forest and bushes. From this area nobody can see us from the park path. Hi my names Kevin I extend my hand out. “I’m Joe, pretty awesome lady you’ve got here!” “Thank you, this is Nataly.” “She’s a little slut, and she’d like to show you why.”

I unbutton Nataly’s buttons and show Joe her tits, her nipples are excited. “Go ahead and feel her nipples and cunt, see how excited she is for you.” Nataly just looks at me in a shocked expression. “Spread your legs for Joe, Nataly.” Nataly spreads her legs, I’m still holding her arm. Joe reaches and pinches her left nipple while sliding a finger into her moist cunt. “mmmmmmm.” Both Joe and Nataly moan. “If you’d like Nataly is going to give you ablowjob.”

I push her to the ground in front of Joe. Joe looks around again and unzips his pants and lets them drop to the ground. His cock comes bouncing up to Nataly’s face. “Nataly don’t be shy, suck it, show Joe how good of a cock sucker you are!” Joe’s cock is about 8″ I’m guessing. She starts to barely put it in her mouth. I push the back of her head and force his cock into her throat. Joe holds her head in both hands and fucks her face. She starts to choke a bit. He pulls out just long enough for her to catch her breath, then fucks her face again! As this goes on, I’m leaning over and pinching her nipples. After a while, Joe pulls his cock out and strokes it himself and cums in great globs all over her face and hair and breast and dress! “Aaaaaaa.” Joe releases!! “Nataly, lick Joe’s cum off his hand and cock, clean him up so he can put his cock away.” “Yes sir.” As she licks his hand first. Then his softening cock, it starts to get hard as she’s licking and sucking his cum from it, like a real pro.
“Button your top Nataly.” “Do Not wipe your face.” Joe says “I’m so glad I met you two.” Nataly is happy to have blown you.” “Nataly let’s go back to my truck now.” As we are walking back to the parking lot. Joe is just a short distance behind us. We walk past a young couple and the woman was about to say something to Nataly. (Probably that she had something on her face) But quickly realizes what’s on her face, and says nothing to us. But I hear whispers and giggling. We get to the truck and I look up and Joe is walking to his car just 3 spots away. I let Nataly in. “Sit, do not wipe your face, I want that caked on when I come back.” I go talk to Joe for a few minutes. Nataly slides a few fingers down to her cunt and starts finger fucking herself. Her head is rolled back a bit. She’s not paying attention to me. As I’m chatting with Joe. I look over and know what she’s türkçe bahis doing. After I’m done talking with Joe and Nataly is starting to cum I knock on the window hard! “What in the hell are you doing!” She lets out a scream and looks at me in shock! I most certainly scared her out of the fantasy she was dreaming of.

I looked around quickly and noticed Joe and my truck were the only vehicles parked in this lot. Joe is just sitting in his car watching and smiling.
I opened her door, and pull her out and swing her around and put her arms over the hood of the truck. I lift her dress so it’s bunched up between her and the truck, exposing her bare ass. “STAY!” I unbuckle my belt and pull it quickly through the loops. I double it over. “I did Not give you permission to masturbate!” “Did you cum, whore?!” “Yes sir.” In a nervous voice. “You need to be punished, and there’s no better time than the present!” I hold her wrists above her but on the hood. I crack the belt across her ass quite a few times, one right after the other. Her ass has some color to it now! She’s got tears in her eyes toward the end of it. I then strip her dress completely off her so she’s naked except her sandals.
I swing her back into the rear of the crew cab truck. I throw her dress to the other side. I reach in the glove box and bring out a pair of hand cuffs and attach one wrist then feed it through the handle on the top of the door then to her other wrist. “This will prevent you from touching yourself.”
She stops crying long enough to say “Sir, Did you know Joe before today.” “Why yes I do know Joe, he’s a good friend of mine.” “I wasn’t about to let Anyone fuck your face!” “I know he’s clean and disease free. Now lets get you back to my place to clean you up.”

We arrive at my house. I drive into the back yard. I have a 7 foot fence and gate surrounding my big yard. Tall enough to keep prying eyes from seeing. And if I do get prying eyes, they better hope I don’t catch them.
I uncuff her from the truck. Bring her up on the large enclosed porch. Bend her over a saw horse. “Stay.” I walk in the house to grab an enema bag, and some rubber gloves and a wash cloth. And bring it out and fill it up at the sink on the porch. I get the wash cloth wet and throw it to her. “Wash your face.” “Just your face.”
I hook the bag on a hook I have in the ceiling beam. “Reach back here and spread your cheeks.” She does. I lube up the nozzle with some liquid soap, then her asshole. “You really should have done this, this morning.” I squeeze the nozzle into her tight little asshole. She gives a moan and a grunt. I let the warm water flow. “Take it all, don’t let any come out.” As I squeeze the bag. “Sir, I’m full! I’m full!” “Walk around the whole porch a bit.” Each time she passed me I slapped her ass with a riding crop. “Please sir, I really need to use your bathroom!” She says frantically! “Ok, right this way.” I show her its right in the house to the right. She rushes in and starts to close the door. “Leave the door open!” She does. “While you’re in there, there’s a tooth brush on the counter, use it to brush your teeth!”

I walk back onto the porch and then into the yard. I carry the restraints to the small table and chair in the yard. I have 2 poles sunk deep in the ground. They have eye hooks and pulleys near the top and bottom of them. I walk back to the porch and Nataly is standing there. “Again, bend over, assume the position.” “Yes, sir.” I fill her up 2 more times. And two more trips to the bathroom.

She’s again in position, expecting to get filled again. She’s holding her cheeks spread. I instead push a butt plug into her. “That went in awful easy, maybe you need a bigger one? I slap her ass. “Follow me into the yard.” It’s a nice sunny day. Pointing to the small table. “Put those on, then stand between the poles.” She puts the wrists cuffs on. Then puts her leg up on the nearby chair to attach the ankles. “WHOOPS!” She reaches back fast to re-insert the butt plug güvenilir bahis siteleri that started to slip out. “Good catch, I wouldn’t want to put that in after it hit the dirt!” “You wouldn’t want that would you?” “NO sir!”

I attach her cuffs to the clips and pull on the pulleys. Pulling her limbs secure. Her legs are spread wide. But not wide enough to where she will fall. The poles are 8′ tall. So her arms are stretched up and out. I then attach a ball gag. “Don’t want to disturb the neighbors.” Then a cloths pin on each nipple, getting a grunt from Nataly. I reach down and slide my finger easily into her wet cunt. I walk back into the house and come out carrying a large bullwhip. And a few other small implements. Her eyes grow wide and she’s fighting to get loose. I know she can’t though, so I’m not worried.

“Remember you were late this morning and you didn’t have time for your enema?” “I said you would be punished, this is it!” “You wanted your limits pushed.” “I think I’m doing a pretty good job, don’t you think?” I think I can hear her saying “NO!, you can’t do this!”

I start with a small flogger on her cunt. Swinging it from in front to slap from underneath. She starts to grunt with each strike. After about 10. I reach down and finger her to wetness. “I think you are loving this!” “Not much of a punishment is it?” I move to her back side. “Look straight ahead, slut!” She does, even though I know it’s killing her not to look! I start with atawes. One cheek then the other building up speed and pressure. Her ass is glowing! I’m not counting. Just going by her reaction. The whip is in her vision laying over the table and I know she’s staring at it. Then I remove her cloths pins. Next I use a large flogger on her back and legs. I then finger fuck her until she cums. I remove her ball gag.

Then I release her limbs. She’s still looking at the whip, not saying anything. We are walking back into the house and I reach down and pick all the implements up, including the whip. Nataly had to ask. “Sir, are you going to use that whip on me?” “Do you want me too?” “NO SIR!!” “No, I was just fucking with your mind.” “I’m so relieved!” “Thank you sir!” I hand her a bottle of water. “Drink up.”

I pull out a saw horse with a padded cushion bolted to it. I lay her on it and clip her cuffs to the eye bolts that are on the legs of the saw horse. Securing her wrist and ankles. I place a small vibe under her. There’s a small indention in the cushion for this vibe so its pressing under her pussy. She starts to moan.

I lube up her asshole. I walk to her face. “Suck!” I grab her head and fuck her face as she feels my cock growing bigger. I then walk around back. Wipe myself off on a towel and put a rubber on(a condom to all you youngsters out there!) I re-lube her asshole and smear some on my rubber-ed cock. I press the head to her hole and ease it in slowly. “DAMN! You’re tight!” She’s moaning loudly. As I work it in and out slowly. She’s enjoying the vibe and now my cock as I grab her hips and sea saw her on this saw horse. Pulling almost all the way out and slamming back into her tight asshole. Slapping her ass every so often. With groans and moans from her. I know she’s been cumming, and that’s what I wanted. She’s grunting and screaming “I’m CUMMING, DON’T STOP!!!” “F-F-F-A-S-T-ERRR!!!” I continue to slam my cock home, my balls slapping against her pussy at my fastest pace. Then I slowly slide it all the way out and then squeeze the head back in and slide it all the way in. “PLEASE SIR!!” FUCK MY ASS HARD AND FAST!” “Oh I will slut, when I’M ready.” I pop it out and take both my hand and slap both her cheeks at the same time hard several times. She’s still cumming from the vibe on her pussy. I then slide it slowly back into her tight hole and pick up the pace. Holding her hips and ass cheeks I’m pounding her fast and hard for several more minutes. All too soon my balls tighten up and I shoot a big load into the rubber. I pull out and take the rubber off and feed it to her. Then have her lick me clean. “That a good slut.” Patting her head. Then unshackle her and hand her a bottle of water.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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