Mart 31, 2021

Pool Boy Nephew

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Some readers will recognize the skeleton of this tale in one of my other stories, ‘Daddy’s Little Tease Needs Money’. The reason for setting this story out below is that Nancy wanted her own full version to be published with some of the previous inaccuracies corrected.

When I first married Sam, the sex was incredible. We made love every night, often twice. We bought an extra wide bed and the bedhead rail was spaced so that I could grasp it when I rode him or when he took me from behind. We had mirrors placed around the room, so that we could see our reflections as we had sex. I was a real screamer and we had to soundproof the bedroom to prevent the neighbors hearing. When Poppy, my daughter, came along we put her in the bedroom opposite, but when she asked what the noise was when we accidentally left our door ajar, we transferred her to the bedroom at the other end of the house next to the storage room. If Sam had one disappointment, it was that I didn’t let him fuck me in the ass. I explained that I found the idea of anal sex distasteful, so I was still an anal virgin.

Our sex life was so great, it never occurred to me to have an affair, although I knew I hadn’t lost any of my youthful attraction. In fact, my breasts had grown remarkably large and Sam said my big round ass shouted “take me from behind.”

Sam had said, “Nancy, the men in your office, especially the younger ones, must be continuously drooling over your voluptuous figure.”

However, I knew Sam trusted me on my business trips. He understood that the only sexual pleasure I had when I was away was from my ‘Big Boy’ vibrator.

One day Sam said he’d seen me eying up my eighteen-year-old nephew, Frank, my older sister’s son, who cleaned our pool once a week for some pocket money. It was a ridiculous suggestion and I had told him not to be so stupid. He then took the whole joke further and when we were having sex later that same evening suggested to me in a whisper that Frank would love to fuck me. I ignored him, but I think it turned Sam on and made him fuck me harder as that night I was screaming my loudest yet as I had orgasm after orgasm.

It was not that Sam wanted me to have sex with anyone else but him. He always told me that it was important to him that I was faithful. It just seemed to excite him at the thought that I was turned on by someone else

The suggestion that I was attracted to Frank was ludicrous. I described him to everybody as scrawny, although I suppose some women might have seen his body as slender and sinewy. He had the family high cheek bones of my sister and myself but overall his face was very average, although some women might have found his roguish smile attractive.

If Sam had seen me staring at Frank’s tight butt, it was only because the material of his shorts seemed so frayed.

Considering we were doing him a favor by employing him once a week, Frank seemed unappreciative and quite rude in some of his comments.

In short, Frank was a very unappealing boy, just like his mom, my skinny sister, whom I detested.

If Sam believed I had a thing about eighteen-year-old boys, it was because I’d foolishly told him about one of my experiences on my business trips.

I’d stepped into an elevator to go up seven floors. The elevator was already full, but I was in a hurry as I was late for a meeting. I squeezed in and turned from the man in front of me to face the doors. Suddenly a young man jumped in just as the doors were closing. He ended up facing me and, as we were all quite cramped up, he did well pulling his body back from me.

Then somebody at the back of the elevator started coughing. He was obviously trying to cover up his mouth, but he couldn’t stop coughing and the sound of it was quite bronchial. Suddenly the people near him started to push forward to make what distance they could between the cougher and themselves. Embarrassingly I found myself pushed up against the young man.

We fleetingly made eye contact before we both looked over each other’s shoulder. I could tell he was still a teenager, probably eighteen ot nineteen. My big breasts were pushing into his chest; he must have been very aware of them. Even our stomachs were butting against each other. I didn’t know if he was a fan of older women with large breasts but I soon found out he was.

His hard erection was unmistakably prodding me in my tummy. When I glanced again at him, his face was bright red. He was clearly terrified that I was going to say something and I couldn’t help feeling sorry for him.

Suddenly the lift halted between floors with a judder. I think it was at its weight capacity when I got in, but the young man must have increased the problem. As the elevator juddered, so did our bodies, causing some friction. I thought I heard the young man moan softly.

Just then a voice came over the speaker in the elevator.

“This lift is over the weight limit. We will use the emergency lever to gradually raise you to the next floor where you must all get out. ataşehir escort bayan When we’ve reset the main mechanism, you may reenter or use an alternative lift. However, please note that the maximum number of persons should be twelve.”

We could then all hear a cranking sound and the lift gradually started to rise, but juddering all the way.

As our two bodies were now unintentionally rubbing together, the young man was now moaning softly, his face even redder and his breathing harder. After about ten seconds, he gave a loud moan and suddenly went rigid and quiet. I knew he had cum in his pants and wondered if there might be any stain on my skirt.

When the lift stopped, the young man was the first out, rushing off. I looked down and was relieved to see that I had no marks on my clothes.

Taking out my phone, I called my colleague to say that there had been a problem with the lift, that I now had a headache and I was returning to my room to lie down. My colleague was sympathetic and assured me he could cover for both of us.

Five minutes later I was in my bedroom, quickly removing my clothes until I was naked on the bed with just my ‘Big Boy’ vibrator in my hand. I couldn’t stop thinking about what had just happened in the elevator. My breasts had been jiggling against the young man’s chest as his boner was being rubbed through his pants by my belly with every judder of the elevator.

I moaned as I opened my legs and, holding the vibrator in my left hand, gently began to slide it over my clitoris. The feeling between my legs was wonderful as my juices started to flow. I was pinching my nipples with my right hand as I began to press the vibrator harder against my clitoris. I was remembering the young man’s heavy breathing as I shut my eyes and let my sexual stimulation become more intense.

Eventually I could feel my orgasm building and, just before I climaxed, I slid the vibrator straight inside me.

“AAaargh!” My scream rent the air as my senses exploded with the force of my orgasm. My body was shaking as I lay there, slowly coming down from the height of passion. Eventually, I lay there quietly, thinking what an incredible experience I had just undergone.

I regretted afterwards telling Sam about what happened. I had known that he wouldn’t think of me as being unfaithful as, after all, I’d really only had sex with a vibrator. The pushing of my body against the young man was not something I could have avoided. However, it did reinforce Sam’s conviction that I had a thing about teenage boys, even though I told him that it was nonsense.

The next time I went on a business trip, nothing exciting happened. I told Sam that I had used my vibrator to help me relax, but I didn’t tell him that I was thinking about the young man in the elevator as I climaxed.

It all started with Frank a couple of months later. My daughter had gone away to university and Sam was away on a business trip. The house was quite quiet and the only person coming around was Frank to do his regular Saturday cleaning of the pool. He wouldn’t be doing it much longer as he was going off to college, but that wouldn’t be a problem as the days were getting cooler and we would be soon be covering the pool for the winter.

I was in the kitchen watching Frank through the window as he swished the net from side to side to catch the leaves. I suppose I was looking at his frayed shorts as suddenly he moved his head around and caught my eye. I looked away hurriedly and carried on tidying my kitchen. It must have been five minutes later that he came into the kitchen.

He must have entered silently and crept up behind me, because the first thing I was aware of was him putting his arms around me and squeezing my breasts.

I shrieked in anger and wrestled around to face him. He was wearing a silly grin which infuriated me even further and I screamed at him.


I was seeing red as I slapped him hard on his face and added in a lower controlled but hard voice, “and never come back.”

He just shrugged and walked straight out.

I leant against the cupboard breathing heavily. How dare he! I was so angry I felt like smashing something. I counted to ten and decided that I had to lie down.

As I walked into the bedroom, I knew exactly what I was going to do. I stripped off my clothes quickly and took out the ‘Big Boy’ vibrator. Lying back on the bed, I was still feeling shaken from what had happened. I knew I needed some light masturbation to relax me and I started moving the vibrator over my clitoris.

Pretty soon, with my eyes closed, I found I was relaxing and starting to get sexually stimulated. I tried to get the vision of Frank squeezing my breasts out of my mind but failed and found that I was getting aroused even quicker than usual.

I was building up nicely to an orgasm. I was pressing the vibrator harder against my clitoris and squeezing my nipple, getting prepared to thrust the vibrator inside escort kadıköy me. I was getting nearer and nearer and was just about to push it in, when I became aware that there was somebody in the room.

I held my breath as I opened my eyes and saw Frank, naked, with a phone in his hand videoing me. As I screamed, he put the phone down at an angle that was still videoing me and then advanced to the bed.

I was aghast. I knew that the sight of my voluptuous naked body couldn’t fail to excite him and I gazed with horror at his big erect cock that seemed huge against his slender frame.

At the sight of him I had thrown the vibrator to one side and slammed my legs together. However, it was all too late, he must have been enjoying the sight of my clitoris becoming wetter and wetter as he’d silently watched me.

As he walked towards me, his lustful eyes were only too clearly signaling his intentions and, as he grabbed my ankles, I shrieked at him.

“NO! NO! NO!”

His mouth was open as, breathing heavily, he pulled me down the bed towards him and forced my legs apart. I tried desperately to push him away, but I was still feeling the pitch of sexual intensity and this made my arms feel weak. My whole body was pulsating with the heat of my sexual stimulation.

Having a beautiful voluptuous older woman in a high state of sexual excitement, virtually a captive for whatever lustful act he wanted to do, must have been his greatest fantasy.

I was sobbing now, pleading with him, but knowing it was hopeless as I realized he would only be satisfied when he’d inserted his big teenage boner deep inside me.

I screamed as I felt his hot mushroom head touching my opening and then screamed even louder as he pushed it inside me. Although his cock was big, because I was so juicy and prepared, the hard phallus slid tightly but easily into my welcoming pussy. I immediately went into a paroxysm of an orgasm.

Frank just held his position looking gleefully at me. As my body spasmed he must have felt my orgasmic contractions gripping his cock.

As I calmed down, he just gazed with awe at my quivering voluptuous flesh and then started to fuck me with steady long strokes.

It was with horror that I found my body, despite my orgasm, was responding to him. I was thrusting back at Frank, trying to speed up the rhythm, my body eager to suck his cock back inside me.

“Oh no!” I groaned. but Frank just chuckled gleefully, as my pelvis joined in the fucking motion.

“You love it don’t you,” Frank said slyly.

“Yes,” I sobbed, “you bastard, you bastard!”

Frank now gripped my huge tits as he continued to steadily thrust his big teenage cock inside me. He really knew how to handle my breasts. He mauled them and then squeezed my areolae, making my nipples stand out lush and tender. His mouth came down so he could suck them avidly as he continued to fuck me.

“FUCK ME HARDER YOU BASTARD!!” I screamed at him. My body was now on fire from my teenage nephew.

Suddenly he started slamming into me. He lifted up his head from my teats and began thrusting his tongue in my mouth. I sucked it in eagerly.

Our tongues were wrestling hard as he gripped my tits, his thrusts coming harder and harder. Just as I was climaxing, he stopped thrusting and just held his cock hard inside me, his face screwed up in the intensity of his orgasm.

My contractions this time were even stronger than my first orgasm. My vaginal muscles were squeezing him, sucking his cum deep inside me.

I lay there ashamed, thinking that at least it was all now over, but Frank had other ideas. After he’d cum, his cock had softened, but he’d only cum once and I could already feel his cock hardening as he began to start moving in and out of me again.

Suddenly Frank rolled me over so that I was on top, clearly expecting me to move around on top of him. This was too much. I lay there still for a moment, gritting my teeth and preparing to lift myself off him, when Frank started talking.

“You know I’ve been videoing this. What will Uncle Sam say when he sees you shouting ‘Fuck me harder’?”

I groaned as I pushed myself up, looking down at his smirking face. My body was reflected in all the mirrors around the bed. I looked like a mature cartoon sex doll with my huge tits, small waist and a big ass. I realized that I must have been Frank’s greatest sexual fantasy.

I groaned again as he put his hands up to squeeze my big hanging tits and found myself automatically moving my pelvis backwards and forwards. I was fucking him and he was loving it. The trouble was I couldn’t help responding to him in a way that he must have really enjoyed.

As he squeezed my tits, I found to my chagrin that I was arching my back, thrusting my big breasts further forwards to allow him to grasp and maul them more easily.

My juicy pussy was squeezing his big cock as I began to increase my thrusts. He was groaning delightedly as I fucked him. He moved his hands maltepe escort off my tits to slide them around to grasp my butt. As his hands left my breasts, I couldn’t stop myself leaning forward to encourage him to suck my nipples.

Even as I hated myself, I screamed at him, “YOU BASTARD!!”.

He was clearly in sexual heaven. He was a horny teenager gripping my big ass and sucking voraciously on my lush nipples as my thrusting hips forced his cock in and out of my juicy pussy.

The problem was that my body was enjoying the experience as much as he was. My orgasm was building again and as I started cumming I knew that he was shooting his jizz inside me.

Exhausted, I collapsed off him so that I was lying next to him on my bed. He had a smile of contentment on his face as he said, “Right Auntie, when I come back at seven this evening you will be waiting for me naked except for your white garter belt and black stockings, oh and tie your hair in a bun and wear some nice perfume.”

I tried to sound calm as I hissed at him, “I don’t have any garter belts or black stockings.”

He laughed and got off the bed and pulled on his clothes.

“Sure you do”, he said with a smirk, “they’re in the second drawer down.”

I sighed with frustration as I realized that, on his previous visits, he must have been searching my drawers to find out what underwear I wore.

As he left, I lay on the bed for a while, pondering my misfortune. I wasn’t going to admit to myself that I had in any way enjoyed the experience of having sex with him. Although my husband, Sam, and I joked a lot about having sex with other people, we had an understanding that in reality we would never do so. I felt a terrible guilt at the sensations that my body had just experienced and started to promise myself that, whatever Frank was intending later that day, I would not allow myself to enjoy it.

As the evening approached, I showered and prepared myself. I dabbed my most expensive perfume on my neck. I could have used a cheaper one, but for some reason I wanted the best. I carefully tied my hair up in a bun, but allowed an alluring wisp of hair to fall at the front. I knew that tying my hair back would have the effect of giving me a matronly look, which I guessed was what Frank wanted, but it also showed my high cheek bones.

I suppose I could have attempted to make myself look a mess, but for some reason I can’t explain, I wanted to look like a beautiful red hot momma.

As I pulled my nylons up, I felt a frisson of excitement at the glossy brown sheen encasing my legs. I snapped the material to my garter belt, the pink flesh at the top of my stockings looking tantalizingly sexy.

I stepped into a pair of red stiletto shoes that matched my lipstick. Although Frank hadn’t mentioned the shoes, I told myself that he would expect them.

At seven o’clock I heard Frank opening the front door and realized that he must have taken my keys with him.

I just stood beside the bed and waited for Frank, listening to his steps on the stairs. As he stepped into my room, he looked with lust at my voluptuous figure standing in front of him. He quickly started taking off his clothes and he was naked in a few seconds.

His cock was standing to attention and I could feel myself starting to get excited as I stared with excitement at his purple mushroom head.

I tried to hide my eagerness as I said in a quavering voice, “So, what are you demanding of me now?”

“Get on your knees Auntie and suck me,” he commanded.

I walked towards him and knelt in front of him. I had to deliberately slow myself as I bent over to take his helmet in my mouth, but once my lips were around it, I couldn’t help sucking and guzzling the delicious knob end with relish.

My right hand grasped the base of his shaft and my left hand grasped his balls. His testicles felt like two large plums which I knew would be full of delicious teenage cum.

He chuckled at my lack of restraint as I abandoned all effort to conceal my lust and sucked his cock with gusto. My tongue was exploring all round the rim of his mushroom head and poking in his tender slit at the top.

He grasped the bun of hair on my head and helped my head go lower until his whole cock was down my throat and my movement up and down must have seared his throbbing cock.

He was groaning in his ecstasy, “Oh what a fucking great cock-sucker you are Auntie!”

I was hating the pleasure I was giving him but, at the same time, was loving the feel of his big cock in my mouth and throat.

As he tightened his grip of my hair and forced my head harder up an down his cock, he screamed as he came in my throat and I swallowed his delicious young cum.

I thought that the evening might have come to an early close, but as he stroked his cock into another erection, I knew he had just started.

“Get on the bed, face the wall and stick your ass out,” he commanded.

Somehow, I knew this would be what he would want this evening. He had enjoyed the pleasure of my huge breasts this morning and now he was moving on to my ‘big booty’, as my husband called my ass.

My husband, Sam, loved taking me from behind and he was always begging me to let him fuck me in the ass, but I’d never let him.

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