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Pixie Pt. 04 Ch. 06: An Ending

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“Now, slut,” I said to the quivering wet mess that was Milly the Munki, “We shall be coming back here soon, so make sure that you continue to be on-line at that time.”

I was floundering by this stage, but fortunately, Miss Sinn, now she had recovered from her ‘jelly legs,’ was back on form.

‘In fact, slut bitch, we shall be here tomorrow night, make sure you are suitably attired. I will send you a private message on the site.’

The Munki looked as though she had died and gone to a lush heavenly place.

Quite how we got out of the door with straight faces, I have no idea; but we did.

Once back in our hotel room Miss Sinn checked with Mons that everything had been captured on the CCTV feed.

“Mons, are you there?” She asked impatiently.

“Yes, Miss Sinn,” came the slightly breathless reply.

A quick question from Miss Sinn established that Monica’s keyboard might need a wet wipe before being used again. But, as Mons pointed out, she had to ‘review the evidence,’ and it would, she warned Angie, take considerable self-restraint to stop one’s fingers straying.

“Who said anything about you restraining yourself?” Miss Sinn asked. There was an audible gasp from down the line.

As that little conversation was going on, Annie leaned into me.

“Did you like sniffing my panties, Hoffy?”

Tongue-tied, I nodded.

“Well, they taste even better attached to the source.” She giggled delightfully.

“I bet they do,” I shot back, winking.

“Will you two get a bloody room!” Miss Sinn snapped.

“If you’d leave Angie, we’d have one,” replied Annie as quick as you like. They both laughed.

It was with a little sigh of sadness that Annie and Angie did not follow up on that idea, but then as it was me who reminded them of the need to get to work I had, as usual, only myself to blame for sacrificing the opportunity.

I went back home, full of questions, and with a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach.

Sarah had seemed on edge, but was smiling.

“So, was I a help to you darling?” She asked.

“How often do you cyber with Millie?” I asked, ignoring her comment.

“Whenever I want. Look darling, it isn’t that I don’t love you, but you are such a submissive little thing that I am not getting the spark I used to get.”

I think I had known that for a while, and had been blinding myself to the reality. Sarah was a free spirit, and I had been fortunate to have had so much of her for so long. We looked at each other, with some sadness, but also a realisation that the time may have come. Then she dropped the bombshell.

“I have been offered, and accepted, a broadcasting job in New York, twice the salary and the chance to hit the big-time. I am going to go my darling. If it had been as it used to be between us, I’d have discussed it, but it gives us the chance to make a clean break, at least as far as living together is concerned.”

I appreciated her honesty. She had never shied from telling me as she saw it, and I loved her for that. It was over, it hit me, over. We looked at each other. She hugged me. I felt alone.

I retreated to the study, unsure what to do. Then my phone went. It was Miss Sinn and the call to action.

In the meantime, Annie had taken the USB device to Oli, who would connect with Roger who had arranged for it to be analysed; well that was her excuse. I shall let her retail what happened next.

ooo 000 ooo

Oli was waiting for me when I emerged from the office with the USB secured about my person, well in my cunt if you really want to know. Miss Sinn had, as I was finding out, her own preferred place for ensuring the safe passage of small, and indeed not so small, items that needed to be kept secure.

Hoffy, having announced that she was responsible for policy implementation at the Sinn Detective Agency, felt it necessary to assist in inserting the USB in my cunt. What struck me at the time was the tenderness with which she went about that task. She told me to relax as I sat on the bed, and she gently, almost lovingly, pulled my panties down. I was rather hoping she had not noticed how they stuck at the crotch because of how gooey I was. Then, helping my cunt lips apart, she gently, but firmly, inserted it. I gasped. She smiled.

“There, glad to be of service.”

I could see that Angie was watching intently.

“The sooner you two get it on, the fucking better,” she growled.

Hoffy blushed, almost shyly.

But I had work to do and, bidding them farewell, headed for Oli and the Secret Service.

“You are walking kind of oddly, Annie,” Oli observed as I met her outside the hotel.

“It is these new heels,” I said, telling a little white lie which I hoped might, somehow, evade her finding the truth of the matter.

Oli knew where we were going, which, I was finding out, was a feeling I had a lot around her. I would tell you where we ended up but this is the Secret Service we are talking about and they are, after all, licensed to kill.

It is enough for you to know that Oli and I casino şirketleri ended up it a high-tech secure facility somewhere in London and were soon shown to a small room where we found Roger sitting, looking incredibly smug.

“You have done well, both of you. I will remember to tell Miss Sinn, Annie, so you are assured of your bonus. Now the USB.”

Oh fuck, I thought, knowing full well that to deliver the USB I would have to take my underwear off and slip it out of my cunt. But fortunately we were all distracted as the office door opened and we three were joined by a fourth.

There are perhaps many things I could say about the person that joined Roger, Oli and I. But of all my father’s clichés that I repeatedly heard growing up, the one that was most apposite for this occasion was ‘Never judge a book by its cover.’

Oli had obviously never had the benefit of my father’s advice as she leapt right in, “Ewan McGregor’s sister I presume.”

Roger pointedly raised an eyebrow in Oli’s direction, and she felt it necessary to add, “Come on boss, trainspotting. It’s a joke.”

I am never ever telling Oli, unless she reads this I suppose, that I was amazed that she was sufficiently well read to know the British cultural icons of the last century. For one thing Oli thinks the last century is so, well, last century.

But it was obvious just how on point her remark had been when in a broad Scottish accent, the newcomer introduced herself, “I’m Ashley, the technology expert.”

Oli just couldn’t help herself, “Well I am Oli and this is Annie, and we shall call you Nerdy Ash.”

I couldn’t help but giggle, Oli did have a point. Ash was wearing old fashioned jeans and white sneakers. Her look was completed by a black hoodie which was pulled up over her head meaning that the only thing we really saw was the glasses that covered her eyes. For all intent and purposes Ash presented as a cliché, namely a trainspotting techie.

The smirk on Roger’s face should have warned Oli and I that someting was affoot, but it didn’t. What did, however, cause a significant reevaluation of our, well looking back on it, prejudices is the right word, was what happened next.

Ash took off her glasses and her eyes met mine before locking onto Oli’s. And the look in her eyes was something else, like she was toying with us. Then, having got our attention, Ash slipped off her hoodie and there was a sharp intake of breath from both Oli and I.

Red hair cascaded down Ash’s shoulders framing her pretty pale face, and her pert breasts pushed invitingly against her blouse. There was no other word for it, Ash was simply gorgeous.

And having discarded her hoodie, Ash casually remarked to Oli, “Don’t you ever fucking misjudge me again bitch.”

Oli wasn’t embarrassed, no not one little bit, “Fucking, now there is an idea, bitch.”

Ash smirked, “You applying to be my fucking bitch then.”

I have seen Oli shiver with raw desire before, and I saw it again as Ash’s words registered, “Position applied for,” Oli relied.

“Accepted,” Ash replied, “I switch you know.”

“So do I,” Oli added, completing the terms of their agreement.

The crackle of sexual tension that filled the air, was interrupted by Roger, “You know something Annie?”

“No,” I replied not sure where the conversation could possibly be going.

“I have always wondered,” he continued, “What would happen if I bought together the two most openly sexually smoldering members of staff. I think we just found out.”

“Indeed,” was all I could say as I realised that my underwear was suddenly very damp.

And the dampness turned into a flood when Ash locked onto my eyes with a predatory look, and added, “Don’t think you aren’t part of our arrangement Annie.”

“If she can keep up with us,” Oli added.

I gave Oli look that I hope conveyed I have never had that problem before. The significance of that look was pounced upon by Ash, who murmured, “Two of us at the same time might be a bigger challenge?”

The flood in my underwear reached biblical proportions which was, unfortunately, just the moment, Roger observed, “Well work comes first. So Annie where is the USB?”

I gulped and blushed which obviously caused Roger some anxiety as he asked, “I hope it is secure.”

“Um, yes…” I replied, “Miss Sinn has a strict security protocol.”

“So that is why you are walking differently,” Oli said with a smirk on her face.

“The heels…” I suggested.

“Annie,” Oli firmly asked, “Does Miss Sinn’s security protocols include your cunt.”

I could only nod.

And like a well-oiled team who had done that before, Oli and Ash each put a hand on my shoulders and pushed me so I was bending over the desk looking Roger in the eye. Of course you will remember that he was familiar with this, having previously seen me bent over in Miss Sinn’s office and having an emerald extracted from my arse.

But there was something different on this occasion. As Oli and Ash removed my underwear, the scent of my arousal filled the casino firmaları air. Which only worsened when Oli said, “You do it Ash, I have already had all my fingers deep in her cunt today.”

“And I thought I was about to boldly go where no woman has gone before,” Ash observed, in full Nerdy Ash mode.

Oli delighted Ash by getting the Star Trek reference as she added, “Annie’s space, so not my final frontier. I liked exploring that brave new world.”

And so Ash fished the USB out of my cunt, but not before she had taken the time to explore and deepen my arousal by caressing my g-spot. I was so fucking turned on, and they both knew it, delighting in teasing me before Oli said to Roger, “Well boss we better get to work.”

“You two go next door and start,” Roger said, “I need to have a private word with Annie.”

After Oli and Ash had left, Roger said, “A word of advice Annie. Oli and Ash are very good. Two of my best but even so they need to be controlled and managed. Make sure they remain on task tonight and fully analyse the USB.”

Controlled, I thought, those two. But I wasn’t going to let Roger know that I was surprisingly suddenly lacking in confidence. Those two, within minutes of meeting, had reduced me to lust driven putty in their hands.

Then even more surprisingly Roger had clean underwear delivered. I still wonder why her Majesty’s Secret Service deemed it necessary to keep fresh lady’s underwear stocked at its secure facilities. I did ask Roger and he cryptically replied something about James Bond’s legacy.

And of course later on when I asked Hoffy about office supplies she showed me that there was indeed a considerable stock of fresh underwear in the Number 1 Lesbian Detective Agency’s storeroom. “I got a larger order of my size when you first started,” she puzzlingly added.

As I was leaving Roger’s office, my phone went. It was Hoffy.

“How’s the analysis going Annie? Miss Sinn is concerned that once the Munki recovers from her orgasmic bliss she may contact whoever her pay masters are, and that we might have less time than we thought.”

I reassured her.

“I have two girls on the job right now.”

“In which case, darling, you are doing so well not to show it in your voice. Have they extracted it from your cunt yet?”

I admitted they had.

“Lucky girls,” was all Hoffy said.

I promised to let her know the results, thinking it wise to clarify that I meant the USB results.

“I can guess the rest,” she giggled down the phone.

When I got next door, Oli and Ash were, to my surprise, actually analysing the data rather than analling each other.

Ash was excited.

“Look,” she said to me, leaning over to give me a good view of her firm globes and swollen nipples, “you can see here, she has a link via the Cloud, and if you follow the bounces, you can see that the final destination is Moscow.”

I was following the bounces with no difficulty, the more excitedly she gesticulated, the more her boobs bounced. And Oli was so not task focused, she was positively licking her lips as she focued of Ash’s boobs.

“Yes,” Oli intervened, “and I’ve followed one of the links and managed, with Ash’s help, to hack into their private comms network. They were keeping tabs on her and have told her to get out now. They know something happened and want to take her for a debrief.”

“Well,” I said, “we’ve already debriefed her.”

“No, seriously, you better tell Hoffy. Cute little tush that one. You do know she fancies the panties off you, Annie. Not that she’s the only one.”

“That fancies Annie and has a cute butt,” Ash added.

The look Oli gave Ash suggested my control was slipping away, especially when Ash added, “Your butt was the first thing I noticed, Oli.”

“Yeah, we had better not lose focus,” I said, “Let me send Hoffy a text.”

I told Hoffy what Oli had told me. She texted back.

“Miss Sinn on to it.”

I was contemplating how this was now a job well done and that Miss Sinn would be pleased with what we delivered in the morning, when my thoughts were interrupted by Oli saying, in her most sultry voice, “Ash and I are intending to play in bed…”

“And you, Annie, are our plaything,” Ash added, in an even more sultry voice.

Oh fuck, I thought, which was indeed an accurate summary of how the next few hours would proceed.

“And,” Oli added, “while we have, with great difficulty I might add, allowed you that bit of control in the working environment…”

I gulped, and then gulped a second time when Ash added:

“There is no fucking way you get that liberty in the bedroom.”

Oli and Ash each took one of my hands, and frog marched me, there is no other word for it, out of Her Majesty’s Secret Service Secure Center and across the road to the foyer of hotel where Ash had taken a room.

“Resistance is futile,” Nerdy Ash remarked as we crossed the road.

“Resistance is also useless,” I countered, showing that I could indeed keep up with the gorgeous nerd marching me to her bedroom, güvenilir casino at least in the area of pop culture quotes from last century. For that comment, I heard Ash’s sexiest giggle, which turned my cunt into a viscous flow.

And that was how I found myself thrown on to the King-sized bed, stripped of my clothes, and lying between two of the sexiest girls I know.

Ash, always the nerd, kissed first me and then Oli, and remarked, “Lust: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the lustship Annasholiprise. Its five-hour mission: to explore strange new kinks. To seek out new ways and new sensations. To boldly cum when no women has cum more before.”

“So, do you think the star in Star Trek is a reference to Uranus,” I added, which was a joke that I only expected Ash to get, as Oli being American pronounces the panet’s name differently.

But no Oli got it, as she fingered my anus and replied, “Whoever knew that nerdy was the new kinky.”

That was the last coherent words that came from any of our mouths for the next few hours.

While we were exploring just how many orgasms three women could have in one night, the Sinn girls were, as I subsequently discovered, having a different sort of fun. But I will let Hoffy, who was there describe it.

ooooooo 0000000 oooooo

I must confess that the chat with Annie had further aroused me. I’d hoped she’d not noticed how I felt when I was inserting the USB, but the way her panties had stuck to her cunt told me all I needed to know about her state of sexual tension. The question was whether it was for me, or general.

I could not quite believe it was for me.

By the time I got to the hotel, I was deep in thought.

“What’s up, Hoffy?” Miss Sinn barked, as I walked in.

The one thing no one could ever say about Miss Sinn was that she lacked decisiveness. Yes, I knew about her taste for naughtiness with regard to her ‘ebony preferences’ (though I had never let on), but when it came to the great game, Miss Sinn was always ‘in.’

Donning her shoulder holster with the pistol, she slung her Versace jacket over it, and tottering on her impossibly high heels, she headed for the lifts.

“Where to boss?” I asked.

“Just follow me Hoffy.”

And I did.

Goodness me that pencil skirt suited her. She had such a gorgeous ass, and her 36c tits threatened to burst out of her pristine white blouse. In the days when a million dollars was a lot of money, you’d have said Miss Sinn looked a million dollars.

“Damn it, I knew that there was a risk, why the fuck didn’t I act on my instincts.”

“Well,” I said, “that might have resulted in you still being there when the rescue goons turned up, which might have been awkward.”

“As usual, Pixlet, you have a point.”

“I rather like your two,” I smirked back.

“Naughty Pixlet. Things aren’t okay with you and Sarah are they?”

I confessed. It all came tumbling out.

“Well, Pixlet, she’s been honest with you, and there’s no reason you can’t be friends, so let it end gently and with dignity. Annie seems to really care for you, I hope you know that, and I’m pretty fond of you, so you will always have loving friends here darling. But now we need to focus.”

I gave her a kiss. She was, though she would have hated the world to know it, just the sweetest as well as the most beautiful woman. I made a note to contact the ‘Ebony Mistress’ that Millie had on her list of ‘friends.’

Miss Sinn made two swift phone calls.

“We may be too late Hoffy, two goons just went up to her room.”

Miss Sinn and I took the hotel elevator which had a fast trajectory, but even so, we could see two men ahead of us.

I reached for my pistol, and Miss Sinn had already drawn hers. She suggested we wait by the door.

Both men went in.

Slowly we edged toward the door. I was worried, once they were out, the whole thing could degenerate into a shooting match. The Russians were not known for their tactful observance of diplomatic norms. So I took Miss Sinn’s arm.

“I think we have to push in.”

She nodded.

Thus it was that we used her key-card to enter.

The goons had Millie by the arm, which prevented their acting as swiftly as they might have. Even so, the bigger of them went for his gun. Miss Sinn shot first, hitting him in the arm.

I took aim at his companion, but only winged him as he was already diving sideways.

The Munki, who was clad only in a short dress, dived the other way, which was a mistake, as the goon now fired at Angie, who fired back, hitting the Munki. I fired a second round at the smaller goon, hitting him in the shoulder just before he fired at me.

By this time the special forces Miss Sinn had called for had arrived.

“Where the fuck where you?” She growled at them.

“Doing the Health & Safety checks,” replied a tall, epicene person of no determined gender.

“Fuck that,” she growled, “get these fuckers out of her. Oh fuck,’ she said, looking at the Munki.

Millie was not breathing.

“I only meant to get the goon,” Angie complained, “the fucker got in the way of my shot. Just like on the site, always muscling in where she was not wanted. Well, damn it, that’s end of the Munki. Roger won’t be pleased; he was hoping we could use her.”

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