Şubat 26, 2021

Passion’s Mercy

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“Do you think Torin has found a wife for you so soon brother that you so earnestly wait in expectation of this day’s supplies to arrive?”

The sound of Tyree’s teasing voice had somewhat startled me, but doing my best to not let on to the fact of that I turned slightly to regard him and say dismissively, “It’s possible.”

I looked away again down river and he chuckled and moved on and inwardly I allowed myself to relax again. Truly, I hoped she would be here soon, if not today then soon thereafter.

I felt like I was going insane with the urge I had to be with a woman. Resisting the native girls of the area over the past few months had been one of the hardest things I’d ever had to do.

It had been different for my first 9 ½ years here. In those years my days had been filled with singleness of purpose. I had thought of and allowed myself to think of nothing but the work of restoring my ancient ancestral home back to prominence and six months ago I had finally achieved that to a large degree and my days since then had been filled with more idleness than I’d experienced in a decade.

The natural desire I’d always had, but that I’d repressed with never-ending work had resurfaced with a vengeance. I needed a woman and I needed her now!

I’d have taken one of the native girls to be my wife, if I hadn’t been bound by my father’s words to do otherwise. Oh, I hoped my brother had been successful!

Trying to take my mind off the supply boat that hadn’t arrived yet I glanced over the land and all that my brothers and I had accomplished within a decade. This land of Ar’mora was a land of great wealth and hidden treachery.

My people had forever been a people of the sea trading with many nations, but one day they had discovered a mighty river that was as wide as a sea. They had sailed up it for many days as my people by birth were ever curious to discover something new.

The great river had branched apart eventually and they had journeyed up the one branch until they had reached this spot in the beginning highlands of a distant majestic mountain range. Here the jungle hadn’t been quite so impenetrable and they had founded a settlement.

A settlement that had grown into a city. Other settlements had grown up further inland from the initial colonisation of my ancestors. I had yet to restore them, but in time it was my intention to do so.

My biggest limiting factor right now was people. There were few left of my kindred in the world with many of them having become assimilated into the cultures of their host nations.

Even so I had put the word out and left advertisements in a language, yet unknown to any not of my family and it had born results. Over the past two years people had been arriving.

They varied in appearance from black to white, and every shade in between, but they were bound together by a commonality of ancient lore, language, and a desire to be a free people once again with a land of their own. Over 200 families now took up residence within the revitalized city of Arn.

Walls had been fixed and houses restored and all vestiges of the jungle that had overridden the place had been pushed back to where even now great verdant looking pastures were as far as the eye could see. Over 5000 native people had come in from the surrounding forest to take part in the restoration of the city and its surroundings.

I had coerced none of them to do so, but they had helped of their own free will and because of that we lived as one with them and treated them as equals. In truth, many if not all of them were a part of our ancient bloodline as much as I was.

You could see it here and there in the facial structure or a divergent eye color or lighter color of hair. No doubt when Ar’mora had fallen some of the survivors had made it into the homes of these natives and so even here they were again today helping to rebuild something fine and at the same time start something that was new.

I thanked the Creator for all my many great successes in achieving what had been done here in the past 10 years. Successes aside, we weren’t without enemies here.

The jungle seethed against us and was a force to be reckoned with and then there were the twisted souls of humanity, it contained that thought there was nothing better in life to do than cut someone’s head off and shrink it to serve as a good luck charm. They also thought it nothing to dine out on their headless victims.

As menacing a threat as the headhunters were, they were not my chiefest concern. The only major European country to make inroads into this huge new land of rivers and hidden wealth were the Portuguese.

They did not want us here and they had made that very clear. Up until now I had managed to keep the peace through diplomacy and greasing the pockets of the leaders in the local area, but conflict at some point was inevitable as they lusted for all the wealth of this new land and wished to share it with no one.

This land, however was not a new land, but rather one of ancient significance with a series of historical events casino şirketleri uniquely its own. The Portuguese were outsiders, but my people were not and so we would stay even if it meant war.

To that end, I had rebuilt the fortifications of this once great city on the river and I kept a standing force of a 1000 native warriors along with some of the immigrants on standby at all times. In case of war every man and woman was prepared to take part in the joint survival of the colony.

This was our last chance to make it as a civilization and we knew it. A civilization does not run on will alone though.

There was a sorely needed religious component in which I was sadly lacking in terms of being a leader in. I had conveyed as much to my brother Torin.

We needed him here and it was time for the family to be together again, especially before relations with the Portuguese really got ticked off. They could effectively bottle us off from the rest of the world if they wished to. If that happened, I didn’t overly mind, but before it did, I wanted to have my family about me, as well as a wife.

One of my native warriors made a silent gesture and I broke out of my thinking trance to gaze down the river. The supply ship was indeed on its way.

I glanced to the warrior again. Ofunai was one of my closest friends and he had eyes as that of an eagles.

He as many of the native warriors found some of their basis of respect for me out of the fact that I as a the man was not as the Portuguese were in that I restrained myself from taking advantage of their daughters and wives and using them as little else but whores. My restraint was greatly respected and to some degree they were eager for a mate for me to appear, as well, as I hadn’t been all that easy to live with for the past six months.

I glanced between Ofunai and the boat repeatedly all the while trying to bite my tongue to keep from asking the question that I desperately wanted to.

Finally, in broken English, Ofunai said, “There is a woman. One woman.”

“Just one?” I queried for that was troubling to me.

“What color is her hair? Is it blonde?” I asked, wondering if who he saw might be Francesca.

Ofunai shook his head definitively and said, “No. It’s red. Red like fire.”

At his words I felt a punch of desire hit me down low. A redhead. I liked the thought of that a lot.

I’d always liked red hair on a woman. What was the rest of her like?

In nervous anticipation of all that was about to come in just a few short moments I stayed where I was under sheer force of will. Even though she at least was here I was troubled over the fact that my brother and sister didn’t appear to be.

I had hoped to be at a state of being completely at ease as I began the process of enjoying my marriage, but it seemed that ongoing tension of a sort was going to be the law of the day. Not sexual tension, however.

No, tonight my shaft would be sweetly buried within the warm confines of my newly arrived wife. Perhaps another man could force himself to hold off and be a gentleman of some sort, but I could not.

I needed a release of something far better than my own hand to bring myself to wait any longer than I already had. Already my shaft was thick and hard and bunching against my pants in anticipation of that very release to be had over and over with a woman from this day forward.

The boat eased into the dock and whereas the contents would normally have been immediately offloaded, instead no one moved as the woman with flaming red hair approached across the gangway to where I stood. She was everything a man could ask for!

In fact, she was so much more than I had even hoped for, that I doubted if I wasn’t dreaming this up somehow. The dress she wore, although being a fully puffed out skirt was still formfitting for the most part and it revealed enough of her form to inflame me with desire.

She wasn’t tall, but neither was she overly short. Her eyes were chest high in comparison to me and I quite liked that.

She walked with a grace and confidence in every step forward toward me and my eyes glued themselves to the way her wide hips rolled seductively. She wasn’t a skinny petite girl at all. No, she had the rich, full curves of a fully mature woman and to behold the fullness of her chest encased beneath the layers of her dress and undergarments was to ache to rip the intervening cloth aside so that I could fill my hands full with the warm weight of her breasts.

What would her nipples look like? Would they be large or small?

I didn’t really care, I just wanted to see them, but judging from everything else about her I knew that they would be perfect.

Her waist was sharply indented and her hourglass proportions had my appreciation in far more than just the physical. She’d bear my children easily and it was a clear sign that she not only had the strength to bear them, but she also had the strength to push back against my thrusts into her.

There was simply no way of expressing how pleased I was casino firmaları with my brother in terms of his selection of a mate for me. My eyes rose at the last to her face that was ringed round about by fiery red curls that demanded to be wrapped around my fingers even as her thick mane of hair was a fantasy in and of itself.

I had to fight against the urge of what it would be like to grip a hold of her thick tresses and use it as leverage to hold her in place in those times that I chose to mount her as a stallion would. Standing in full arousal as I already was I felt the preliminary dribbles of lubrication spill out of my cock just at the contemplation of what it would be like to gaze upon this woman’s perfect bottom and sloped down back, as she held herself poised in submission to my desire to mount her as a stallion would a mare.

This was my woman and I let the confidence of that show forth clearly as she came to a stop before me. Her pink lips were parted, as if she was slightly out of breath and again all I could imagine in the moment was what it would be like to slide my thick shaft to the hilt down her honeyed throat.

Her mouth was small, but perfect for her face. It would be a stretch for her to accept all of me, but it would happen. Every last inch of her I would claim and truly she would be mine in every way possible.

My eyes focused on her bright blue gaze that reflected intelligence and I knew an entirely new wonder to behold beyond just the physical perfection of her form. Her eyes told me that she was smart and had a ready source of intelligence, even as they were utterly beguiling.

Somehow the knowledge of that made everything about her just seem like all the more. Trying my hardest I tamped down my burgeoning desire for her in order to be at least partially cordial. That said my voice was somewhat husky as I said, “Welcome to Ar’mora. May I have the pleasure of knowing my wife’s name?”

Her eyes flickered appreciably over me as she made a slight curtsey and said, “Anna. I’m very grateful to be here Mahlon. Thank you for providing the resources and the home that you have to me. I have to say I wasn’t expecting anything so grand as this when I agreed to come here as your wife.”

Her voice was sweet, but contained a strong underpinning of character and like everything else about her I liked it. Smiling, I turned to view the city taking shape on the green plain behind us that I had reclaimed from the jungle and asked speculatively, “No, what were you expecting?”

“Not this… I… I’ve never seen anything like it before. It’s beautiful!”

Something pulsed brightly within me at the knowledge of an outsider’s praise of my home that I had worked so hard to restore and with pleasure I said, “Well, I am deeply grateful to say that I am pleased to make you the queen of my home. May I?” I said, offering her my arm and demurely she slipped her arm through mine and we started out walking towards the city.

She had a sweet musky scent about her that threatened to drive me mad! I had to get her behind closed doors before I made a fool of myself in public!

I was so close to pulling her around and pressing my face into the slight exposed outline of the valley between her breasts. She smelled so good it was hard to even think let alone make small talk.

She was saying something and I fought hard to concentrate on her words, “Your brother gave me a letter to give to you. He said he hopes to be here by this time next month, but that Francesca has chosen to travel to France to spend time with her mother’s family that still lives there.”

My passion to have this woman dimmed for a moment as the enormity of Francesca’s unwise decision reverberated off my senses. The woman beside me seemed to sense my displeasure and quickly said, “She’s young and I fear that she doesn’t make the decisions that she should, but I want you to know that both your brother and I prayed about it and we felt that we were to let her go to France. You see I’ve been her teacher and caretaker for the last seven years. Your brother is seeing her safely to France or else he would of been able to accompany me here.”

I nodded, doing my best to tamp down my displeasure as to the actions of my sister. We had made it to the walls of the palace compound and even now we traveled along the cobblestoned street to the living quarters that I had opulently built for myself and for my brothers and sister.

“So, you are a woman of faith, I take it?” I queried softly with interest.

“Yes, I am. Are you?”

“A woman of faith, no, decidedly not.” I quickly returned.

She laughed and I was instantly taken in by the sound of its music. Everything about her was amazing. I wanted it all!

I wanted everything and not just her body. And immediately along that avenue of thought I immediately began to think of a way that I could provoke her to laugh again.

I was on the verge of trying to do so, when I took in the level of surprise on her face as she was presented with the open courtyard of my home. I had güvenilir casino spared no effort in ensuring that the reclamation of the palace living quarters be completed in the full grandeur of the past.

I could well imagine how breathtaking it must be to her for it was beautiful to me as well. Softly I asked, “Would you like to see inside?”

“Yes!” She breathed out in a mixture of awe and pleasure that warmed every last part of me. The longing to please this woman occurred to me as strong as the urge to make love to her did.

We’d made our way past the opening courtyard with its many fountains and gripping the palace’s main door, I pushed it open and ushered her inside with a hand to the small of her back into the massive foyer that awaited us beyond. She stepped forward past me in what seemed like breathless wonder and I found myself rather content to just stand still and smile with the satisfaction of seeing her wonder at her new home.

All the work I had gone through to restore this place was now worth it in a way that was simply priceless. She finally turned back to me and said, “I feel like a princess!”

Smiling possessively I said, “And that is just what you are, until I make you my Queen.”

Her eyes sparkled brilliantly and her gaze slid down me speculatively for a moment before she rose it back up to my face and said, “I am more than ready to be the source of your every desire Mahlon. Your brother told me what manner of man you are and I see now that he in no way lied to me. I will do my utmost best to please you. I… I know that you want me. It’s very clear and I just want you to know that I don’t expect you to spend any time in trying to romance me or getting to know me. I am fully willing to submit to your taking of your pleasure of me here and now if you so desire.”

I stared at her utterly stunned. The truth of everything she’d just said was there to be seen in her honest gaze and the knowledge of just how priceless she was had me singing my brother praises all over again.

I stepped up to her and nervously, she wetted her pert, pretty pink lips with her tongue. She was simply too much to be resisted!

Bending my head I kissed her passionately and to my surprise, she kissed me back just as passionately. Too passionately for a virgin.

An alarm went off in my head and pulling back I gazed into her face that reflected nothing but passion for me to instead ask, “You have kissed a man before?”

She blinked and then in a concerned voice said, “Yes. Why does that matter?”

“You’ve been with a man intimately?”

“I was married. Oh no! You mean I was supposed to be a virgin?” She cried out softly in alarm.

“That was what I specified to my brother.” I said, as a dark, angry passion to wring my brother’s neck rose up within me.

Her hand rose to her mouth as she whispered out, “I’m sorry! I didn’t know!”

Despite everything I believed her. Gesturing angrily I pointed to the grand staircase beyond and said, “My chambers are up those stairs and to the left. Go and wait there while I go and think about what is to be done.”



Anna saw all her hopes of a new and exciting grand life passing away before her eyes. Here at the last was a man of honor and of a strengthful character so raw as to almost be caveman like.

From the very first moment she had watched how this man’s eyes had licked up the outline of her form showcased in the more provocative than typical dress that she had worn just for this occasion. It had been terrifying and yet exhilarating to behold the depth of his sexual hunger for her.

That said, he was also more than just the heavy bulge of a workingman’s shaft waiting to be buried deeply in the folds of a woman’s center. He’d made her laugh. He’d made her feel instantly safe, if not safe in terms of his strong desire for her, but even in that she doubted him to be a man that would cause deliberate pain.

He was more than just the flesh. He was so much more than she had ever dreamed possible and if she didn’t do something right now then he would most likely be gone from her life and she’d be back on the street from where she’d come from with nothing to look forward to but disappointment.

What could she do to make him stay and be satisfied with her as she was? Perhaps she wasn’t a virgin, but what did that really matter?

She knew what she wanted and it was him! Silently she screamed, “God help me!”

“Challenge him.” Came the response into her soul.

In desperation, she exclaimed back in silence, “Why?”

“Because you’re already his within his heart and that means he must bring you into submission to his will.”

Anna blinked repeatedly, as she watched the man she wanted more than any other grow closer to the mansion’s door. To challenge such a man was to risk being raped. But if he was truly the man at heart that she read him to be would he really be capable of raping her mercilessly.

There was no other way to the conclusion of that answer, but to find out for herself. With her heart caught in a mixture of horror and anticipation she called out just as he opened the door, “Is the problem you find with me my lack of virginity or the fact that you don’t see yourself as man enough to make my body uniquely your own from this day forward?”

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