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Stacey danced on the nightclub floor aware that men were looking in stiff admiration, her moves ensuring that her round ass, small waist and double d-cup breasts were more than noticeable in a neon pink micro mini skirt and bikini top. She often frequented the Deception Nightclub, on her own being aware that she will soon have company for the queue of adoring men. She rarely bought any money with her, as men ensured she was well catered for and those who were lucky enough to buy her drinks were often repaid in the gents toilets or adjacent alley way.

“Who is she?” asked Jake in his deep American accent
“That? That’s Stacey a regular local slut who keeps the male customers happy” explained Ian the nightclub owner
“And keeps them buying drinks at the bar!” continued Jake
“Ha ha, yes takings do go up a bit!” said Ian
“She is damn sexy though…!” said Jake
“Yes, beautiful but cheap and used, there is very few men who can say they haven’t been in her knickers!” laughed Ian.
“She doesn’t look like the sort that wears knickers!” laughed Jake

Stacey stopped dancing and gave one lucky guy her attention in exchange for a cocktail at the bar, His hands freely caressing her body and giving her ass a loud slap whilst she sipped away smiling. Jake watched with intrigue as she walked towards the fire exit with her new friend.

“Where does that door lead?” asked Jake
“To an alley for the deliveries of all the shops” explained Ian
“Don’t you Brits have cameras everywhere? Have you got cameras for the alley” asked Jake
“Ha ha, you are obsessed you Yank come, lets go to my office and you can watch” said Ian

Stacey wasted no time, she pulled down her new friends jeans around his ankles and commenced sucking his cock.

“Damn this girl doesn’t waste time!” said Jake fixated on the CCTV screen
“Jake, she is a whore you can watch this on porn channels” said Ian not interested
“Oh, look she is saying no to something!” said Jake
“Anal, for some reason she won’t do it!” said Ian
“Really? Well I’ll get a piece of that ass before I fly back to LA!” said Jake
“Jake mate, we have all tried it, she says no!” said Ian

Stacey wiped the cum off her face and casually knocked on the door to be let back into the club, leaving her new friend to pull his own jeans up. Jake watched Stacey on the CCTV as she walked back into bar area looking for the next man to buy her a drink and wash that salty taste out of her mouth.

A few days had passed until Stacey returned back to the Deception Nightclub, she wore a black lycra miniskirt and matching boob-tube which hardly covered her assets and allowed her boobs to bounce freely as she walked. Jake was at the bar and turned to catch Stacey’s eye, he was not expecting to see her before he flew back but was now very excited that she had arrived.

“What would you like to drink mam?” asked Jake in his US accent
“I’ll have a Bacardi and Coke” replied Stacey
“Nice choice mam” said Jake as he ordered
“An American? Very sexy!” said Stacey intrigued
“Yes, just here on business flying out tomorrow morning” said Jake as he passed her drink
“Business? So you must be rich?” asked Stacey as she walked towards the corner of the club
“Ha ha, well I fly business class and have about 8 global businesses” he gloated
“So how big is your wallet?” asked Stacey stroking his thigh
“Much bigger than the British men” laughed Jake
“Ha ha, it certainly looks big!” said Stacey as she looked down at his crotch
“So those breasts? Are those real?” he asked hypnotised by the size of them
“You can only really tell by squeezing, real ones are softer!” explained Stacey
“Is that so?” smiled Jake
“Yes, feel free to check!” winked Stacey
“Nice… very nice… and no bra?!” said Jake as he rubbed her nipple
“Bra’s are just a barrier!” laughed Stacey
“So what about that pussy?” asked Jake
“What about it?” asked Stacey uncrossing her legs
“Is it covered with knickers?” asked Jake
“Erm, I can’t remember..!” winked Stacey
“Shall I check?” asked Jake
“If you could.. that would be great!” said Stacey all naively
“You seem to have forgotten to put them on your naughty girl!” smirked Jake as he rubbed her clit
“Ahhh, that feels so … ahh!” moaned Stacey
“Ha ha, you ever had American sex?” asked Jake
“No, do you fuck differently then?” asked Stacey intrigued
“Well, unfortunately you may never know as I need to be going to get ready for my flight!” said Jake
“No… no, I mean we can go around the back!” said Stacey desperately
“Back? You mean outside?” asked Jake standing up ready to go
“Yes… it is just there..” said Stacey desperately pointing at the door
“OK, well give me a couple of minutes to make a call and I will see you there!” said Jake
“Brilliant!” said Stacey as she got up in excitement making her way to the door

Stacey went outside, through the courtyard and to the alley, sitting on the steps of the shop next door. She quickly checked herself in the mirror and tweaked her nipples to be ready for Jake. She was not used to chasing or waiting for a man and started to get annoyed looking at her watch.

“Sorry to keep you waiting mam!” said Jake as he approached
“Well, you are here now!” said Stacey
“This is…. hardly the Hilton!” laughed Jake
“Well, you can take me there if you want” said Stacey
“Ha ha, next time maybe ok you ready for some US style fun?” asked Jake
“Of course!” smiled Stacey standing up
“Take that top off!” ordered Jake
“Yes Sir!” laughed Stacey as she obliged releasing her boobs
“Nice, very nice!” said Jake as he started to suck on her nipples
“Ahhh yea!” moaned Stacey
“Right, bend over the stairs, and put your hands high up on the railings!” ordered Jake
“Erm, ok?” said Stacey as she obeyed with her ass in the air
“OK, tell me if this is too tight” asked Jake as he used her top to tie her hands on the railing
“Ouch…. I am not really into bondage” protested Stacey
“It is not bondage it is US Style!” said Jake sternly tightening the restraints and ignoring her pain
“I can’t move my hands” said Stacey
“That is the point!” said Jake sarcastically
Jake then pulled down her skirt and gave her ass a hard slap before using the skirt to blindfold her. He then spread open her legs, and fingered her pussy to get her wet. He undone his jeans and placed a condom on his hard throbbing cock.

“What are you doing?” asked Stacey now worried
“Shut the fuck up bitch!” shouted Jake now irritated by her common accent
“What? Don’t talk to me like that!” screamed Stacey
“Or what you whore?” said Jake aggressively
“Untie me I don’t want to fuck you!” demanded Stacey
“Tough you slut!” said Jake
“I said I don’t want to do this!” asserted Stacey
“Ha ha you are one funny nasty piece of trash!” laughed Jake as he rubbed his cock along her ass crack
“I don’t do anal!” she protested
“You do now you cum rag!” laughed Jake as he pushed it in
“No, please I beg you!” cried Stacey
“Shut up whore!” threatened Jake

Stacey screamed in pain as Jake pounded his 8 inch cock inside her tight ass. He grabbed her tits, squeezing them as he pounded her harder. Stacey was finding it hard to stay up as her legs were getting weak, she carried on begging for him to stop but could just hear him laughing without a conscious. He finally started to throb and Stacey felt the warmness in the condom as he pulled out, she was relieved that finally it was over. She heard him pull his jeans up and do his zip and then heard him walk away, she called out for him to untie her but then heard the door slam shut. She started to scream for help and get herself loose but it was no use.

Jake went to the office made a few calls whilst watching Stacey struggling in the alley and then he left bidding farewell as he had a plane to catch.

Stacey was too tired to struggle further, she sat on her knees and started to cry, he ass still throbbing from the pounding she got. She then heard the door opening from the nightclub, she got back up screaming for help, she heard footsteps come behind her

“Hello? Please is anyone there? Hello?” she said mercifully but there was no answer

She felt the footsteps come behind here, possibly two or maybe three men. One set came up the steps and stand in front of her.

“Hi, can you untie me please!” she pleaded
“No!” said a British voice as he shoved his cock into her mouth

The other man behind her then started to shove his cock deep into her ass and the third man laid down underneath her and inserted his cock inside her pussy. Stacey screamed in pain as her body was used like a doll by three men she couldn’t even see. Her struggles to get free were pointless as she was trapped by three cocks pinning her down and pumping her in every direction. Finally the man in her mouth came, wiping his condom soaked cock on her now sweat dripped hair. The man in her ass was the second to come and lastly the man inside her pussy was able to get a better grip on her body and slam her harder onto his cock enabling him to come. Her lifeless body just hung over the steps as they all got up and zipped up and made their way back inside the club.

Stacey got some energy back to sit back up on her knees, she started to scream out for help, but she knew it was useless as all the shops were closed and the music in the nightclub was too loud. She laid there awaiting for rescuing. Twenty minutes passed before anyone came, Stacey now recouped some energy. “Hello, who is there?” asked Stacey confused but again no answer leading Stacey to scream as she realised that she was going to be fucked again!

The two men untied her and one man sat on the step place her ass on his cock, the other guy tied her hands behind her back and played with her bouncing tits as she was pounded. She heard a few clicks of the camera as she was ass raped but still pleaded for the güvenilir bahis men to stop. She was pushed onto the floor as the man in her ass had finished, she fell face first into a muddy puddle but was lifted out by her hair. The final man then bent her over the stairs as he inserting his large cock into her ripped ass and used her hair to pull her onto him. She heard the two men walk away after they had finished, she managed to get her hands freed and got the energy to run down the alley hiding in a door way.

She put her over stretched top and skirt back on, she then walked down the alley but reached a locked gate which was too high to climb over, she looked down where she just walked, her heart beating at the thought of having to go back, she left her bag so would have to as it had her keys in it, she took a deep breath and walked back slowly, her ass sore from the pounding. She got back to the stairs and picked up her bag, she looked inside it for her mirror and realised she looked awful. She straightened her sticky hair and reapplied her lipstick, she tried to rub off the mascara that streaked down her cheek but it was no use. She got up and walked passed the nightclub hoping she could get back to the street and home, but as she came to the end of the alley she was greeted by another 12ft high gate. She had no choice but to go to the nightclub even though the men who fucked her could be in there.

She walked slowly to the courtyard and then towards the fire exit, she knocked on the door and there was no answer. She banged harder until finally Bruce, one of the guards answered but he came out instead of letting her in

“What happened to you?” he asked concerned
“N…n… nothing, I just need to go home!” she said shaking
“Well you can’t go through here like that!” he explained
“Please, ok have you got the key to the gate” she said shaking
“No darling I haven’t. Look take my coat and when we go in I will take you upstairs!” he said
“Ok!” said Stacey starting to cry as she made her way to the office
“What has happened!” said a surprised Ian
“Not sure boss, she was banging on the outside door” explained Bruce
“Well what happened?!” asked Ian frantically
“I… I … I was raped!” cried Stacey
“Oh gosh, Bruce call the police!” said Ian as he paced his office “and get Ross up here”
“Who is Ross?!” asked Stacey
“It’s ok babe, Russ is Head of Security, you are ok now the police will be here” said Ian
“Ok” said Stacey confused
“Is that your coat?” asked Ian
“erm no it was that security guards!” said Stacey
“I think you need to remove it as it might contaminate evidence!” said Ian
“Yes, ok!” said Stacey realising
“Yes Boss!” said Russ running in
“This young lady is claiming she was raped!” shouted Ian
“In the club boss?” asked Russ
“Lets wait for the police to ask those questions!” said Ian
“They are on their way boss!” said Bruce as he returned to the office
“OK, go wait for them by the door and don’t let anyone know what has happend!” ordered Ian

Stacey sat there in the seat watching the two men whispering to each other, she looked down pulling her skirt down and her top up, both of which had lost their shape and revealed more than intended. She looked at her wrists which were bruised from the restraints, her ass was still very sore and her knees were scraped.

“They are here boss!” said Bruce
“Bring them in!” said Ian
“Hello Sir, I am Detective Constable Davis and this is Detective Constable Thorne” said DC Davis
“Hello, please take a seat, I am Ian Castleford I own this club, this is Ross Page his is the Head of Security and this is Bruce Samson he is a guard on duty in the club and who found the victim” explained Ian
“Right, and the victim is?” asked DC Thorne
“I am Stacey… Stacey Lane!” said Stacey
“OK we will leave you to it?!” asked Ian
“Nah, its ok Sir you can stay besides we will need to take your statements and view CCTV!” said DC Davis
“Right… you need all of us?” asked a surprised Ian
“Yes if that doesn’t cause any issues?” said DC Davis
“No, no issues at all, happy to help!” said Ian

Stacey sat in the seat, 5 men now looking at her and making her feel vulnerable.

“Is there a female officer?” asked Stacey
“Nah, that is just what they show you on the TV me and DC Davis are trained for this though!” said DC Thorne
“Right… well what happens now!?” asked Stacey
“Firstly, we need to establish where the rest of your clothes are so we can bag them up for evidence!” explained DC Thorne
“I am wearing all my clothes!” said Stacey confused
“Oh….. right…..!” said DC Thorne as she looked at what could only be described as two sweatbands covering her over exposed body.
“Ok, well we have to record this interview for evidence do you have any objections?” asked DC Davis
“Erm, no!” said Stacey
“Good!” he said as he placed a video camera on top of the filing cabinet aimed at her
“Hold on, I thought you meant tape record not video!” protested Stacey
“Calm down, it is up to you Stacey the video will make it easier when we go to court, unless you want to stand in front of your attacker and 50 others telling them what happened?” said DC Thorne
“No.. no!” said Stacey scared
“Well this way, we play the video and you can sit outside the court and not see anyone!” said DC Thorne “It is up to you, we are just trying to help but if this is your reaction then we wont bother!”
“I’m sorry officer, it is just I am confused!” apologised Stacey
“Ok, so let us do our job and stop the outbursts as it is wasting our time!” said DC Thorne sternly
“Sorry, I am sorry!” cried Stacey
“Is the camera ready?” asked DC Thorne
“Yes!” confirmed DC Davis
“Right let us begin, you are to answer my questions as clearly as possible if we do not understand anything then we will ask again, is that clear?!” asked DC Thorne
“Yes!” answered Stacey

“This is DC Thorne alongside DC Davis from Holchester police station, the date is 10th Jan 2011 and it is 23:34. We are here with Stacey Lane at the Deception Nightclub on 253 High Road Holchester. We were called here by the Nightclub following an accusation of rape by Miss Lane” said DS Thorne
“Would you like to confirm your name?” asked DC Davis
“Stacey Lane!” replied Stacey
“Your age?” asked DC Davis
“19 sir!” answered Stacey
“Can you start by taking us back to the beginning, what happened?” Asked DC Thorne
“I came in to the club and there was a guy at the bar” explained Stacey
“Can you describe him?” asked DC Davis
“Yes, he was 35-38 yrs old, white, tanned with dark hair and he was American!” said Stacey
“American?” said DC Thorne
“Yes, he has a flight to catch tomorrow maybe you can get police at the airport!” screamed Stacey
“Carry on, then what happened?” ask DC Thorne dismissing her ridiculous idea
“He got me a drink and we sat down, he talked about his money!” said Stacey
“Did he touch you?” asked DC Thorne
“Yes!” answered Stacey
“Where and did you mind?” asked DC Thorne
“On my tits and my clit, I didn’t mind!” replied Stacey
“Sorry, he is a stranger who touched you on your breasts and vagina, but you didn’t mind?” asked DC Davis
“No, because he got me a drink!” Stacey tried to explain
“Right so if a stranger buys you a drink they get an all access pass?” asked DC Thorne crudely
“You are twisting what I am saying!” cried Stacey
“Ok, lets move on… did the touching lead to anything?” asked DC Davis
“He asked if I have had American style sex before, I said no and he asked if I would like to and I said yes, so we went to the alleyway at the back of the nightclub!” explained Stacey
“Ok…. do you know what American style sex is?” asked DC Davis
“No sir!” replied Stacey
“Right so you went outside and then?!” asked DC Davis
“I waited for him, for about 20mins when he came out he asked me to remove my top” explained Stacey “so I did and he played with my tits”
“He ASKED you?” clarified DC Thorne
“Yes, then he used the top to tie me up to the stair railings” explained Stacey
“Did you mind him tying you up?” asked DC Thorne
“Well… sort of but he said it was American style!” explained Stacey
“So you LET him?” clarified DC Thorne
“Yes but I didn’t know what he was doing to do!” said Stacey
“Please stick to answering the questions only Miss Lane!” said DC Thorne not interested
“So then what?” asked DC Davis
“He put… his cock in my… ass!” cried Stacey
“Ok, what was wrong with that?” asked DC Thorne coldly
“I didn’t want it!” screamed Stacey
“Right….!” said DC Thorne raising an eyebrow
“After he fucked your ass, he let you go?” asked DC Davis
“No, he left me there blindfolded and tied up!” explained Stacey
“OK, so how did you get free?” asked DC Davis
“I screamed for help and about 15mins later three men came” said Stacey
“They freed you?” said DC Davis
“No, they fucked me too!” said Stacey
“Oh, so you were raped again?” said DC Davis
“Yes…” cried Stacey
“Did you say no though?” asked DC Thorne
“Yes!” shouted Stacey
“Well how did they fuck you?” asked DC Thorne annoyed
“One in my pussy one in my ass and one in my mouth!” explained Stacey
“So how did you speak with a cock in your mouth?” asked DC Thorne
“I… I don’t know…. I did!” said Stacey confused
“Right, so they freed you after?” said a smug DC Thorne
“No… they left me there too!” cried Stacey
“Ok, so who freed you?” asked DC Davis
“Two more guys came out, they untied me and fucked my ass one by one!” said Stacey
“So in total you are claiming 6 men attacked you?” asked a disbelieving DC Thorne
“Yes, they tied my hands behind my back and after they went I got my hands free!” said Stacey
“Good thing hey or you could have been there all night with another 10 men!” said DC Thorne
“Ok, so they you came in to the club and the guard bought you here!” asked DC Davis
“Yes!” said Stacey glad the interview was türkçe bahis over
“OK Stacey, thank you. You wait here and take a break!” said DC Davis as they both got up

Stacey sat there and cried as the two officers spoke in the corner, the officers then went over to Ian, Bruce and Ross but she could not hear what they were saying.

“OK Stacey, we need to ask you some more questions for clarity, you ready?” asked DC Davis
“More questions? I just want to go home!” said Stacey
“Well it will only take a few mins Miss Lane!” said DC Davis
“Ok,!” said Stacey reluctantly
“You are wearing lipstick, but you claim you gave oral sex how is this possible?” asked DC Thorne
“I reapplied it!” said Stacey
“Why?” said DC Thorne
“Why?…… because I looked awful!” said Stacey
“So you wanted to look attractive?” asked DC Thorne
“Yes!” said Stacey
“For who?” asked DC Thorne
“I don’t understand!” said Stacey
“Ok, you claimed you said no but had a cock in your mouth!” asked DC Thorne
“Yes!” said Stacey
“Well that is not possible!” shouted DC Thorne
“It is!” screamed Stacey
“Ok, open wide….” said DC Thorne as he inserted a bottle into her mouth “Try now!”
“umhummaum” said Stacey
“Sorry we couldn’t understand you!” said DC Thorne “Try sucking it!”
“Umhummijamiama” mumbled Stacey
“Miss Lane, for the purposes of the interview you need to suck the bottle and face the camera!” explained DC Davis
“Ok, sorry I didn’t know!” said Stacey, not realising that Bruce and Ross were smirking
“Excellent, well done!” said DC Davis as he watched behind the camera
“You said that you wanted to have American style sex” continued DC Thorne
“Yes, but I didn’t know what that meant!” said Stacey
“How was the American guy meant to know what you understood?” asked DC Thorne
“I… I don’t know!” said Stacey confused
“So you consented?” asked DC Thorne
“No… I didn’t want it” said Stacey
“But you said yes, then you went outside on your own and waited for it, you took your own top off and you let him tie you up!” shouted DC Thorne
“Yes.. no, Yes but you are twisting it!” cried Stacey
“I am going on what you said Miss Lane” asserted DC Thorne
“I then said no!” said Stacey
“Ok, this is a bit confusing, Miss Lane I know you are distressed but we are trying to help you and we need some facts!” explained DC Davis in a comforting voice
“I am trying to explain!” said Stacey
“Right, how about we react what happened… so you are sitting or standing waiting outside?” asked DC Davis
“Sitting” said Stacey
“Ok so you stay there, be conscious of the camera so don’t move too much and I will play the American guy” explained DC Davis
“Ok, thank you!” said Stacey wiping her tears

“Hey, sorry darling to keep you waiting” said DC Davis in role
“You are here now babe!” said Stacey
“Stand up!” demanded DC David
“Yes Sir!” smiled Stacey
“Take your top off!” demanded DC Davis as he watched Stacey oblige
“There you go sir!” smiled Stacey “He then sucked my nipples”
“Oh, well you missed that part but ok” he said as he sucked
“Sorry!” said Stacey
“Then what?” asked DC Davis
“He then asked me to bend over and put my hands on the railings” said Stacey
“Ok, so if you bend over the sofa and I use my tie to tie you up on the leg” said DC Davis
“Like this?” said Stacey obliging by bending over as all 5 men looked at each other
“Hold on, sorry Miss Lane, where are your knickers?” asked DC Thorne
“I was not wearing any” she responded as DC Davis tied her wrists to the feet of the sofa
“Oh, is that normal?” asked DC Thorne
“Yes” said Stacey
“Ok, so at what point did you say you said no?” asked DC Davis now standing behind her
“He was stroking his cock on my ass crack!” said Stacey
“Ok, let me use this bottle… like this?” said DC Davis at the amusement of DC Thorne
“Yes!” said Stacey
“Ok Stacey, don’t worry we wont act it out further, but we will need to start the photographs and the examination” explained DC Davis
“Thank you!” said Stacey relived

DC Thorne pulled out a digital SLR professional camera and begun to check the settings

“Stacey, we are going to take pictures of you like this!” explained DC Davis
“OK!” said Stacey
“Right, ready?” asked DC Davis to DC Thorne
“Yes!” he said as he begun to take pictures
“Stacey, we need to take one of your ass!” said DC Davis
“Ok!” said Stacey holding back the tears
“You need to spread your legs Miss Lane!” ordered DC Thorne
“Is that ok” asked Stacey as she obliged
“Its ok, let me help… relax!” said DC Davis as he pulled her legs apart
“Excellent!” said DC Thorne “I need a few of inside her ass!”
“Ok, Stacey keep still” said DC Davis as he spreaded her ass cheeks apart
“Brilliant, she can be untied now!” said DC Thorne as if she was an object
“Right Stacey, face DC Thorne so he can take pictures of your outfit” explained DC Davis
“OK, I need her nipples erect!” said DC Thorne
“Oh, erm Sorry Ian any ice?” asked DC Davis
“Yes, here!” said Ian as he handed over an ice bucket
“This will be a bit cold!” warned DC Davis has he rubbed her nipples with an ice block
“That is perfect!” said DC Thorne “Right I need some vaginal shots”
“Do I have to remove my skirt?” asked Stacey
“Not yet Miss Lane, just sit back on the sofa and open your legs!” ordered DC Thorne
“Ok!” obliged Stacey putting her legs on the table
“Right spread those lips!” said DC Thorne crudely
“Like this?” asked Stacey
“Brilliant, now take the skirt off and lay on your back!” ordered DC Thorne
“Is this ok?” asked Stacey
“Yep, now… get your heels to touch your ears…… a bit more… perfect!” said DC Thorne
“That’s it just the medical and you can get you home!” said DC Davis smiling
“Thankfully what is the time?” asked Stacey
“It is 1.30am!” said DC Davis “We have been here for 2hrs!”
“OK, Open your mouth” said DC Thorne as he stuffed a cotton bud inside “Now your Vagina…. and bend over for me, this might hurt…. brilliant!” said DC Thorne

Stacey got up as the officers started to pack away the camera and medical swobs, putting her clothes on.

“Oh Stacey, sorry but that is evidence!” said DC Davis
“But I don’t have any clothes!” said Stacey
“Well… erm, ok put them on and then we will have to drop you home!” said DC Davis “You live alone?”
“Yes!” said Stacey
“Ok, give us 5mins to collect the CCTV video and we will be there” said DC Davis

The officers collected the CCTV video and thanks the nightclub staff for their time. The two officers and Stacey walked downstairs to the nightclub.

“Can we not go out the back way?” asked Stacey nervously
“Is there a back way?” asked DC Thorne
“Well actually if we go to the back now we can see the crime scene!” said DC Davis
“Is that ok?” DC Thorne asked Ross
“It won’t let you out on the street, but of course!” said Ross

Stacey nervously walked to the back exit with the two officers, even though she had to go into the club it was only a few yards. “Hey Stacey, where you been I need my cock sucked” shouted a guy from the bar “We all do slut” shouted another. Stacey put her head down and carried on walking. They got outside and all three went to the steps.

“Is there any CCTV covering this area?” asked DC Davis
“No officer” lied Russ
“I don’t supposed anyone lives up there?” asked DC Thorne
“No all offices” said Ross
“There are a few condoms here!” said DC Thorne
“Well Stacey comes out here often” implied Ross
“Right!” said DC Thorne
“We should go” Said DC Davis

The three walked through the club and Stacey was getting groped with a lot of shout outs from the drunk men. They walked towards the car, it was unmarked and Stacey sat in the back.

“Where do you live Stacey?” asked DC Davis
“In the tower blocks on Stanley Street” said Stacey
“Hope they have a lift” said DC Thorne
“Yes!” said Stacey
“Why were the men saying those things? You think its them?” asked DC Thorne
“I don’t know and it could have been!” said Stacey
“Well they seemed to believe you would give them sex!” said DC Thorne
“I didn’t hear them!” said Stacey lying
“Probably immune!” laughed DC Thorne under his breath

They pulled up outside the tower block and made their way in the lift to the 16th floor, they walked down the corridor to flat 1608 and Stacey opened the door. The flat was just a small bedsit, with a kitchen and small shower room. Stacey had all of her clothes and underwear all over the bed. The officers sat down as Stacey went to the shower room and changed into a bath robe. She returned back to the room and handed over her clothes.

“OK Stacey, we will send these to the lab, we have your number we will call tomorrow” said DC Davis
“And remember you can not shower until we called” said DC Thorne
“WHAT! Why not!” screamed Stacey
“We will send the swobs to the lab, but if they require more we need to come back” he explained
“OK whatever I just want to sleep!” said Stacey resigned to her ordeal

Stacey fell asleep and was awoken in the morning by DC Davis

“Hello Stacey!” said DC Davis
“Hi” said Stacey
“Well good news is the lab is happy with the swobs so you can shower” he said
“Good!” she said sitting up
“We will be interviewing the nightclub staff today and hope to be clearer by tonight what we have, we will probably come around tonight to speak to you, is that ok?” he asked
“Yes that will be fine!” she said

Stacey used her day to clean her flat and await the officers arrival. They arrived at 10pm, Stacey was wearing a vest top and tight jeans.

“Sorry Stacey, we have been busy!” said DC Davis as they walked in
“Its ok, I wasn’t doing anything!” said Stacey
“Right, well we interviewed the staff at the club and they said a few things that… well we want your opinion on!” said DC Davis
“OK!” said Stacey intrigued
“The staff all seem güvenilir bahis siteleri to believe you are a prostitute!” said DC Thorne coldly
“What?” Screamed Stacey
“What they said is that you were a regular and any night you came in, you had at least 3-4 men in the back alley!” said DC Thorne
“What has this got to do with anything?” said Stacey
“So it is true?” said DC Thorne
“Yes…..but I cant help if men find me attractive!” said Stacey
“Have you accepted money for sex?” asked DC Davis
“NO! That is disgusting!” protested Stacey
“But your policy is ‘no drink no deal?’ Said DC Thorne
“It isn’t a policy but I prefer to know a guy before I fuck him!” said Stacey
“Classy!” said DC Throne sarcastically
“Look is there anything else?” said Stacey annoyed
“The problem is Stacey, we viewed the CCTV and we only saw one guy go out after you, he fitted the description of the American, there was no other men who went out the whole night”
“THATS A LIE!” screamed Stacey
“You can watch it yourself, I have it on our laptop” said DC Davis
“Ok, let us see this!” said Stacey

DC Davis played the DVD of the CCTV and there was only one guy, the American who came out.

“This must have been edited!” she protested
“Well we took it last night in front of you, so not sure how anyone could have!” said DC Davis
“OK, but you have an image of the American guy” said Stacey
“Yes, and America is a huge country you don’t even have a first name” said DC Thorne coldly “I thought you would have at least got that when you ‘got to know him’!”
“The problem is Stacey the case against the American is weak, you consented and the video showed you waited for him. In fact the CCTV showed he played with your tits and pussy in the club and you were willing”
“But I said I refused at the anal!” shouted Stacey
“I know, I know but if you were a jury member that would be hard to prove as all the evidence shows you were willing, that coupled with the other times you went out… it doesn’t look good” said DC Davis
“We counted the last months views, you went out with 67 different men!!” said DC Thorne
“So what are you saying?” said Stacey
“There is also your outfit!” said DC Thorne
“What about it?” asked Stacey
“It was indicating you were up for it!” said DC Thorne
“That is rubbish!” said Stacey
“Well we are sorry Stacey, but we are closing the case!” said DC Davis
“So they will get away with it?” cried Stacey
“You know what Miss Lane, maybe you shouldn’t wear clothes that look like hair-bands and stop spreading your legs for a £2 drink, then maybe you wouldn’t have got in this situation!” said DC Thorne abruptly
“You what!” screamed Stacey
“You heard bitch, now you wasted enough of our time, I tell you what happened. You fucked a yank, he left you to straighten up, but you probably fell asleep, dreamt the whole thing and then came back in making the whole thing up! We are going now and I suggest you shut up before I arrest you for prostitution” Shouted DC Thorne abusively.
“You call us if you can think of anything else!” said DC Davis as he walked out of the door

Stacey started to cry, she couldn’t believe what she went through. She went to sleep and tried to ignore what had happened. The next day she was awaken by her phone ringing and decided to answer it.

“Hello Stacey!” said an American accent
“Hi…. who is this?” asked Stacey
“Ha ha, how is your ass?” laughed Jake
“Fuck you, I said no!” she screamed
“I know whore… but who cares!” he laughed
“What do you want? Are you in the UK?” she asked
“No no no, I am far away in the US of A” he said
“How did you get my number?” she asked
“Off the internet… go on “UK Sluts” and type in “Stacey Lane” he said then put the phone down
“Hello? Hello?” said Stacey but he was gone

Stacey quickly got dressed and was going to the nearest internet cafe, she ran out of her flat into the lift and went the door opened she screamed! She pulled down the taped poster off the wall, “Stacey the Ass Whore” it read and there was a picture of her bent over the chair in the office of the club, her number and her address. She started to shake, how could they have got this picture! She looked around frantically at all the lamp-posts and windows on the way to the cafe, then finally logged on. There she was, advertised as an ‘Anal Slut from Holchester, prices start from £2’ and there was a few more pictures some of her in the alley way whilst she was being forced. Stacey started to shake and went to Holchester police station to find DC Davis.

“Hello Mam, how may I help you?” asked the office behind the desk
“I am here to see DC Davis!” she said
“Sorry Mam, but we do not have an officer named DC Davis here!” said the officer
“What? Well DC Thorne!” she said
“Ok, but she is on holiday can I help?” he said
“She? DC Thorne is a male” explained Stacey
“She is most definitely female!” said the officer
“Oh!” said Stacey
“Well can I help?” he offered
“No… no you cant!” said Stacey as she walked out

Stacey sat outside the station trying to figure out what had happened, she realised she had not got DC Davis’s number, maybe the guards at the club could help, she went to the nightclub and Ian answered.

“Oh hello, we are closed sweety!” he said
“I need the number of the police officer!” she demanded
“Well I don’t have it, we just called the police station!” explained Ian
“What station?” she asked
“Holchester, where else? Look if it helps, they said they are coming back tonight about 10pm to return the CCTV so why don’t you come, I mean if you are up to it just tell Bruce or Ross to bring you upstairs!” said Ian
“Thank you!” said Stacey

Stacey went home and got changed, she wore a pair of tight jeans and a jumper not wanting to be insulted by DC Thorne. Her heart was pounding as the night drew nearer. She went to the club and Ross was at the door, expecting her and took her upstairs. In the office was Ian, Bruce, DC Davis, DC Thorne, Ross and her, all around the coffee table having a drink and laugh.

“Here she is!” smiled Ian
“Here she is indeed!” smirked DC Thorne
“A drink?” offered Ian
“If she accepts she will have to let you fuck her!” joked DC Thorne and they all laughed
“Sit down!” ordered the normally nice DC Davis
“You are not a police officer” said Stacey confused
“Ha ha, no bitch!” replied DC Davis
“You all know each other?” asked Stacey
“Yes, Davis and Thorne manage my club in London!” explained Ian as he passed her a drink
“The American?” asked Stacey
“He is my business partner, it was all his idea!” said Ian smiling
“But…. you interviewed me?” said Stacey
“Yep, great video… that part of you sucking on a bottle was amazing!” said Thorne
“I am going to report you!” shouted Stacey
“Sit down slut, and say what you have no evidence any you did have we destroyed!” said Ross
“So it was you five in the alley?” asked Stacey
“My my, you are a clever girl!” said Ian
“Why?” asked Stacey close to tears
“Because we wanted to, we have a flare for party games!” laughed Davis
“What you wearing? You look almost decent!” laughed Thorne
“I always fancied myself as a designer, come to the bathroom let me get creative” ordered Davis
“No!” shouted Stacey
“Now now Stacey, we have pictures, videos, your number and your address – you have….. no choice, now do as you are fucking told before we start advertising your ass properly!” shouted Thorne

Stacey stood up and walked to the bathroom with Davis and undressed whilst he picked up a few items from the bar downstairs. I roll of duct tape, a net sack that held the oranges, a cucumber, a box of condoms and a stapler. He walked through the office which was met with intrigue by his friends, Stacey was sitting on the toilet naked and crying. Davis ignored her tears and begun to cut up the netting making a tiny bra top, he then covered her nipples with duct tape and put the net vest over it. He then opened up 15 condoms and stapled them together, wrapping it around her waist and stapling the last one whist onto her body making a nice skirt. He then broke the cucumber in half sticking one half in her mouth and the other half in her ass, asking her to clench and keep it in. He told her to walk back into the office and was met by roars of laughter.

“What do you think?” he asked?
“Let me take a picture for Jake!” said Ian laughing
“Let me take a picture for my screen saver!” said Ross
“Can you speak with that in your mouth whore?” asked Thorne
“Ok, squat down, balance on your cucumber!” ordered Davis
“Time to talk business!” said Ian sending the picture to Jake
“Yes, we want to offer you a job!” said Thorne
“Hmahaauhamam” asked Stacey with the Cucumber in her mouth
“Ha ha! I assumed you asked what sort of job!” said Thorne and Stacey nodded
“We want you to work in this club and the London club, you get a clothing allowance, a place to stay and unlimited drink” said Thorne
“All you have to do is what you do now, come in, get the men to buy you drinks and then fuck them so they have a good time and come back!” explained Ian
“The difference is, you will be in the VIP lounges, London has one and we are building one to open in 2 weeks. The drinks are expensive and membership is £100 a month, which gives them access to you of course!” said Ross
“There is no limit to what the men can do, including Anal!” said Thorne
“You will have targets and keep the money flowing in!” said Ian
“Before you ask, if you say no then you wont get an allowance, or drinks or a nicer place to stay, but your ass will be fucked daily for free by all the men we keep sending your way, your pictures and the video are distributed on the world wide web and we will make sure you are known everywhere!” said Davis
“So, option one you except the job or option two you don’t, which is it?” asked Ian

Stacey was finding it hard to squat anymore, the cucumber was going in deeper ripping her ass apart. Stacey looked around the room and nodded raising a finger indicating she chose option one.


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