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Partners in Purity

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This story is placed in the first time section. However, it also includes spanking. The characters are both above the age of eighteen. In fact, Nicholas and Miriam are nineteen year-old newlyweds, embarking on a new stage of their lives together. Note, this is a long story, as mine tend to be. However, it can be read in sections rather than all at once. I do hope you enjoy it!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Nicholas Jones and Miriam Naomi had finally gotten married. It was a really beautiful ceremony, and a day for which they had longed for some time. After all, their wedding actually met something. It meant that they could finally consummate their relationship, their vows, their pledge.

Nicholas and Miriam had taken a purity pledge soon after they began dating. Their mutual respect for one another, for the human body, and for the purity of an honest, deep relationship, was one among many values they shared.

They didn’t do drugs. They didn’t drink. They didn’t smoke, and they faithfully avoided filthy, dirty media. They would never watch Southpark, they abhorred HBO, and they were repeatedly appalled at what they considered to be a steady deterioration of television toward what they viewed as an eventual Sodom and Gomorrah. It seemed like every year another curse word became acceptable for prime time television. Goodness, there was an episode of “30 Rock” in which there was a “MILF Island,” on which there were “20 super-hot” thirty-year old mothers and, by the description of even the producer, “50 kids” (many of whom did indeed look like kids). It was really quite shocking, and appalling, that something like that could be shown on television.

And, it was clearly getting worse. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, 70% of all television shows now contain some sexual content, ranging on average of five sexual scenes per hour, compared with 64% of shows with 4.4 scenes per hour in 2002, and 56% of shows with 3.2 scenes per hour in 1998. It was indeed a slow but sure fall into depravity. References to non-marital sex outnumber sex in the context of marriage by nearly 3 to 1, as indicated in the Parent Televisions Council report. Such references occurred at a frequency of up to 2.5 times per hour from 9 to 10 PM and were even more frequent, up to 4 times per hour during family hour. There were open references to threesomes, partner swapping, oral sex, and sex with prostitutes, in addition to depictions of strippers, references to masturbation, pornography, sex toys, and kinky or fetishistic behaviors, as if all of these things were normal and acceptable.

Of course, it wasn’t like Nicholas and Miriam were not themselves human. They had their desires, which at times were rather intense and quite difficult to ignore. Impulses denied can become rather severe. It was like being on a very restrictive diet yet always being around a very scrumptiously tempting tasty dish.

How could Nicholas not desire, adore, and treasure Miriam; her body, as well as her self. She was just so adorable.

Miriam was not some sort of voluptuous sex bomb. Not by any means. She was a diminutive little thing, a really elfish girl, but so terribly pretty. She had large green eyes that often sparkled with a childish gaiety, round pink cheeks (Nicholas loved the sight of her dimples when she smiled), a perky little nose, and rich wavy, curly blonde hair that fell lushly onto her shoulders.

Her breasts were not large. They were in fact at times barely noticeable, as she did not dress to attract attention to them. She wore rather modest, loose blouses, but when a tight sweater was embracing her curves her little round bubbies would drive Nicholas wild. He longed so much to squeeze them, but then, of course, admonished himself for thinking about her in such a disrespectful and debasing manner.

It was perhaps Miriam’s innocence that in fact made her all the more appealing, so attractive, and so desirable. She was a coveted treasure, the most delectable desert a man could ever devour. He only had to be patient; very, very patient.

Of course, they did express some degree of physical affection. They would hold hands, hug, and even kiss, and their kisses would at times be so tantalizingly and frustratingly long, both of them becoming breathless with longing once their lips finally separated. At times they decided it was best to hold off, at least temporarily, kissing one another, fearing that their animal desires might overtake them. Nicholas was typically rock hard after one of their kissing sessions, his balls aching for relief.

Nicholas might eventually obtain relief, on his own, albeit not always willfully. He would masturbate. It wasn’t like that was real sex, he felt. But, he would also at times try to restrain from masturbating. He enjoyed it a great deal as he was fondling, stroking, and eventually pounding his dick into an explosively wondrous eruption, but would afterward feel guilty, and perverse.

Withholding relief though created another problem, besides simply the intense frustration casino şirketleri and unending urges. Well, actually, clearly due to them: he would have wet dreams.

Some of his wet dreams were pretty darned wicked and shocking. They involved apparently unconscious, involuntary fantasies that he could never admit to Miriam. He could hardly admit them to himself. Many of them, of course, involved her, doing all sorts of weird and perverse things with him, or to him. He was usually very ashamed when he awoke. He typically awoke before he had an orgasm, but there were times while he was in fact ejaculating, into his briefs, which was always so fucking fantastic, at least while it was happening. Masturbating to relief was intensely satisfying, but when it happened during a dream, it was like it was entirely real, a perverse and bizarre fantasy that had come to life.

He felt it must be quite unusual for someone his age to have wet dreams (nineteen, same age as Miriam), but then again, most guys his age probably masturbated much more often, especially if they were dating a girl as pretty as Miriam. He tried taking cold showers before he went to bed, but that didn’t seem to work.

He would feel so embarrassed and ashamed after his ejaculation dissipated, albeit the orgasm was itself so intensely pleasurable, the image of Miriam in his dream still lingering in his mind: the sight of her receiving a monstrous load on her face; or perhaps in her mouth, cum bursting out through her lips, unable to take it all; or perhaps within her vagina, her arms clinging so tightly against his body as he filled her with his voluminous seed crying with delight as her cunt became engorged and bloated by his spunk; or maybe even up her butt, her mortified face hidden beneath her hands as he gushed and spewed thick sticky globs deep up inside her rectum. Yes, he often felt quite ashamed of himself for having such dreams. But, what control does one really have over one’s dreams? They did at least reveal to him how wicked and wanton a person could become.

He found the best method to control them, to avoid having such wicked dreams, and spoiling his briefs, was to masturbate. It was essentially the lesser of two evils. He couldn’t avoid one without being overwhelmed by the other.

So, at times he would masturbate before he went to sleep, especially if they had been on a date that evening. He would invariably think of her, seeing her body, imagining how pretty and sexy she would be, all naked, posing for him. He wouldn’t actually consciously fantasize about doing it with her. That just seemed too disrespectful, imagining her actually having sex with him. It was like raping her with his mind, forcing her to do things she wouldn’t want to do, at least not yet. He would just imagine her in sexy poses. Of course, she also wouldn’t really pose in real life for him, but he found it frankly impossible to masturbate without at least thinking of her. Sometimes though, just as he was cumming, his fantasy would extend to her reaching out and touching his exposed penis. He was so terribly ashamed afterward whenever his thoughts went that far, but orgasms do have a tendency to make oneself more primitive and primal, bringing out the worst, the animal, in oneself.

And, Miriam hadn’t made it any easier, with her suggestion for how to best deal with the problem, and with her own difficulty in maintaining their pledge of purity.

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

Yes, it wasn’t that much easier for Miriam. She did not have wet dreams, by any means, but she did have her own, personal yearnings.

She would at times find herself taking a peek at the front of Nick’s pants, wondering what must be hidden within, at times wondering if she did in fact notice a bit of a bulge. She would even occasionally, accidentally of course, brush her hand against it, trying to detect its presence.

She would feel rather guilty afterwards. Goodness, a good girl doesn’t do that, and what might Nicholas think if he noticed it, if he realized that she was doing it on purpose! She would never be able to explain herself.

Any girl will of course wonder how big her boyfriend is. Size doesn’t really matter, not that much. But a girl would like, quite honestly, for her man to be big and strong, in more ways than one.

It was not like she hadn’t seen a penis before, at least in pictures and such, before she took the pledge of purity. In fact, at one time in her life, before she found her true self, before she saw the light, she had been a bit of a vixen. She hadn’t done anything with any guy, of course, but she did a lot with herself, by herself, eventually losing her virginity to a little pink woman’s helper.

But, that did all end when she took the vow of purity. Well, actually, not really.

Miriam was a big fan of the Jonas Brothers, and once after a live concert, after hours of basking in their music, watching them prance, posture, and pose on stage, she did give in, that evening, all the while thinking of Nick, not her Nicholas, casino firmaları Nick Jonas, on stage, and then with her, in bed, playing with her vagina with his fingers, just as she was doing with herself.

She didn’t imagine him actually having sex with her. That would be going too far, and hardly consistent with their vow of purity. But, maybe just imagining him playing with her, as she was playing with herself, wasn’t so bad, really.

She had such a thunderous orgasm.

But, she felt terribly guilty as soon as the climax dissipated, and not just because she had diddled herself. She had been thinking of someone else, someone other than Nicholas. It was like she had cheated on him. She could hardly look him in the face the next day, and the guilt did not dissipate with time.

She eventually felt she had no choice but to confess, admit her wrongdoing, and submit to whatever penance he might deem sufficient.

Well, maybe it was better to keep it to herself. Sometimes it’s preferable to keep a secret rather than be forthright and open, particularly when that secret concerns something in the past, something that would not happen again, something that one’s partner would find hurtful.

But, it wasn’t really in the past, at least not that far long ago. And, besides, she hardly wanted their relationship to be tainted by such secrets. She would want Nicholas to be honest with her. How could she ever be upset with him in the future if he failed to be honest, and how could she live with herself if someday he did confess a transgression to her.

She decided to tell him.

When they were alone, in her parents’ house, where she still lived, she took him to the living room to make her confession.

She held his hand as she led him over to the couch, to sit down next to her.

Nicholas knew that something was up. Miriam was acting very odd, only saying that she had something important to tell him.

He had to admit, he worried that she was about to break up with him. What else could it be? Nothing good ever comes from a girl telling you that they need to talk. Maybe she just wanted some time apart, some time to think things over. But, taking a break was typically just a way of breaking up without admitting to it. He just hoped that he wouldn’t plead or beg, or perhaps even cry.

Miriam sat down first and then patted the seat next to her for him.

He reluctantly followed suit.

She reached out and took his right hand in hers, clasping it warmly and affectionately, and then looked him straight in the eye. She wanted him to fully realize how sincere and sorry she was. “Nicholas, I have to tell you something.”

“Yeah,” he replied anxiously. “Okay…Um…what is it?”

She briefly looked away and then returned her eyes to his. “Nicholas, this is really very hard for me to admit…” Her heart was racing. She just couldn’t get herself to say it. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea after all. But, how could she back out now? It wasn’t like she could make something else up, like she lost her purity ring or something.

Nicholas wished she would just spit it out. He repeated, “Just tell me, what is it?”

Miriam took a deep breath, her breasts rising up within her sweater, filling out the little cups of her brassiere.

Nicholas tried not to notice, but her bubbies were just so darned adorable, and yet he would now never know what it would be like to see them, to touch them, to fondle and feel them.

She finally openly confessed, “I haven’t been entirely pure.”

Nicholas at first didn’t understand what she meant. It didn’t sound like she was breaking up with him. That was a VERY big load off his mind. He took a deep breath of relief, but once he realized what it wasn’t, he didn’t quite fathom what it was. “What do mean?” She didn’t have sex with someone else, did she? Frankly, that could be almost as bad as breaking up. How humiliating would that be. She won’t have sex with him, but then she just goes off and has sex with someone else? What kind of relationship is that! What does that say about her feelings for him! He suddenly asked, “Did you have sex with someone?”

“Nicholas!” Miriam replied, rather shocked that he would even think such a thing. “Of course not!” She would never do anything like that. Well, not in real life.

“Okay, well,” he replied, again very relieved. “That’s good to hear.”

“I mean,” she clarified, “not really.”

“What?!” What is “not really” having sex with someone? Why can’t she just tell him precisely what she means. “I’m sorry, Miriam, I don’t understand.”

She hated so much to hurt Nicholas’ feelings, to let him down like this, but she just had to tell him and hope that he would forgive her. “Nicholas,” she said, “I…I, well…” She averted her eyes and poured it out in one fell swoop, “I had impure thoughts. I masturbated, and I was thinking of someone else.”

As soon as she said it, she regretted it. She felt so ashamed to have masturbated. What nice girl does that? Plus, güvenilir casino she had admitted to fantasizing about someone else. Of course, it might have been even more embarrassing to admit that she had been thinking of him. How could she look him in the eye after admitting that! She timidly, fearfully, asked, “Are you ashamed of me?” She looked into his eyes, pleading for forgiveness as she said, “I’m so, so sorry, really I am.”

Nicholas, frankly, could really care less that she had masturbated. In fact, his penis was swelling within his briefs with just the thought of her having done so. He could never imagine her doing something like, and it certainly helped to relieve his own guilt that he had done so, and frankly worse than that. Heck, he would now have difficulty not thinking of her masturbating as he jerked off. But, there was one point for which he did want some clarification. “Who were you thinking about?”

Miriam’s face flushed red with embarrassment. This was so hard to admit. She lowered her head and quietly admitted, “Nick Jonas.”

“Nick Jonas?! Him?!” He probably though shouldn’t have been so surprised. He knew she had a crush on him, and he was really very good looking, plus a rock star. What girl doesn’t develop a crush on at least one rock star.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, really I am.” She returned her eyes to him, and used her right hand to cross her heart as she said, “I promise, with all my heart, never, ever, to do it again.” She reached out and took his hand back into both of hers and squeezed it as she affirmed, “Really, I do.”

“Nick Jonas,” Nicholas again said in disbelief. Well, not so much disbelief, but disappointment. Did she really have to tell him that? Would he tell her every time he had impure thoughts about some other girl? Frankly, though, that hadn’t really happened. He did, of course, look at other girls, but he never masturbated to any of them. Why wouldn’t she masturbate to him? But, of course, he couldn’t really ask her that, not knowing what the answer might be, and not really wanting to hear it.

“Nicholas, is there any way, any way at all, that I can make it up to you? I’ll do anything, really.”

He could think of quite a few things he would like her to do, but he would never take advantage of her, nor would it really make sense to punish her for impure behavior by making her do an impure act, largely for his own benefit and pleasure. He cursed himself for even thinking that. He was frankly worse than her.

Miriam thought back on the time she had been caught as a young girl, masturbating, and by her father, no less. She had never, ever been more embarrassed in her life. She was terribly mortified, and that was perhaps an understatement. She knew at the time that she well deserved whatever punishment she received. Well, she thought now, if she hadn’t learned her lesson then, perhaps she needed to learn it again…

She let go of Nicholas’ hand to clasp her hands in her lap, her face lowered in penitent modesty and contriteness, as she explained. “You know, long before I met you, I wasn’t such a good girl.”

“Really?” Nicholas’ dick again came to life, his eyes fixed on the rise and fall of her titties.

“No, no I wasn’t. There was a time when I did lots of things a good girl shouldn’t do.”

Nicholas’ cock swelled stiffly in his briefs. He repeated, “Really?”

“Yes, and I’m not proud of it, I want you to know that, and I don’t do such things anymore. Well, other than that one time. But, well, in any case, I was punished once, when my, my father, you know, caught me.” He face deeply reddened. That had been so shameful; to be caught by one’s father doing such a dirty thing, and now having to confess it to her boyfriend, her partner in purity.

“Caught you? Doing what?” He really wanted to know precisely what she was talking about; just to be sure he was not misunderstanding.

“Honey bunny, I can’t tell you that….” She often referred to him by cute little affectionate nicknames. He sometimes found it a bit embarrassing, but mostly it just made her all the more adorable. “Well, you know…” Her voice became very soft, as she added, “masturbating.”

“Oh,” Nicholas softly replied, embarrassed for her having to say it out loud. Goodness, her father caught her? Now, that must have been terribly embarrassing. He clasped his hands in lap, hiding his erection.

Miriam continued. “And, well, for punishment, you know, for doing…that. He, well, he…” She again lowered her voice, “spanked me.”

“You got a spanking?!” Nicholas was now rock hard.

Miriam nodded her head in shame. “I mean I did deserve it and all, and well,” she added. “I guess, maybe…you know, I deserve another one.”

Nicholas could feel a wave of anxiety and excitement sweep over him. What the heck was she saying?! Was she really suggesting what he thought? “No, no,” he responded diplomatically, removing one hand from his lap to pat her reassuringly on her back. “It’s okay, really.”

Miriam turned her face to look sheepishly into his eyes. “That’s very nice of you to say so, sweetie pie, but I couldn’t really live with myself knowing how I betrayed your trust, our bond, our pledge. I do really feel I need a…a…spanking.” She wondered if her cheeks looked as red as they felt.

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