Mart 25, 2021

Part of The Procedure? Ch. 02

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Once again, nothing erotic in this tale, not really. My wife is home from school now, thank God.

For some reason I just don’t feel like writing when I am living all alone for weeks at a time.

Perhaps it is because nothing happens?

Anyway, just some updates here, lord knows what will come up next.


I drove the 150 miles up to Portland in my wife Debra’s Camaro to pick her up at the airport the other day. She has been off finishing up her Degree to become a full fledged physician.

Of course, this meant I got to spend lots of time alone at our place on the Oregon coast, and while I did live alone for nearly a decade after my wife Dotty passed on, the last few years I have had Debs snuggled up to me.

So nearly a year of two weeks at a time alone, and the last couple of stretches nearly a month takes it’s toll.

I have to admit that today I am a completely different man than I was before. Dotty and I were deeply in love also, but it was the conservative sweet kind of love that many long term married people share.

Even our first coupling, after quite a few dates with good evening kisses was different.

I remember I held her in my arms, and told her I loved her and wanted to make love to her. Dotty tipped her head back and looked me in the eyes with a sweet smile.

“I think I would like that very much, Danny!” She said.

Simple, isn’t it? Ask nicely, success!

Our first time was different, also. Usually it is petting and kissing and seeing how far one can get with their hands before the object of one’s attention stops them.

In Dotty’s bedroom, she walked in and began to undress. I stood there in awe, watching. Once naked, she turned to me with a smile.

I looked her up and down. Nice breasts, mild sag, a smallish pout to her tummy, her crotch covered with a full mass of soft pubic hair. Earthy appearing in a way, a woman fully developed in all of her glory, giving herself up to me with no silly modesty or concern.

“Does my body look all right?” She asked, knowing the answer. I didn’t respond, I couldn’t. She took my breath away, so I just reached for her.

I will say it was a wonderful first experience, followed by many times just like that.

There was no such a thing as harsh words, lovemaking was Saturday night regular as clockwork. Some might find that boring, I didn’t and I doubt Dotty did.

Thus, twenty years, less four days.

After she was gone, there were 10 long years of waiting to die, living all alone makes tomorrow not matter one hell of a lot. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t complaining, Dotty and I got those 20 good years of loving peace and comfort.

My life became wake up, have some Coffee, wander down to the Café near the waterfront, later maybe go fishing if the tide was right, chat with and tell lies to some other old coots I ran into, flirt mercilessly with the 50 year old waitress at the café, then go home, eat, watch TV, go to bed.

The only difference between the cennet mahallesi escort days was what was on TV.

Then I met Debra.

She is a Nurse practitioner, actually she is a Doctor now, she was a Nurse at the local clinic up until a year ago.

I still am not 100% sure of what happened or why, she looked at me, a 65 year old partially bald headed and 40 pounds overweight old coot and…wanted me??

Go ahead. Explain that one to me. I could say it was the size of what she had in her hand since my pants were down during that office visit, but the truth there is I am perfectly average in that department.

Hell, back then I couldn’t have gotten one up stiff enough to do anything if my life depended on that, except that Debra doesn’t believe in can’t OR won’t.

I was floored when she sort of invited herself along on a date with me? We went out, and we had a ball, no doubts about that. I actually danced, first time in maybe 15 years.

SHE wanted to have sex later that same evening so that meant she needed me to be involved, I guess?

For about 90 minutes that night I was 25 again, and I can’t explain that either.

Go nearly a decade without sex of any kind except for the rare solo sessions, then suddenly you are with a willing female?

And find you can get it up and going two and one half times? With the willing female screeching her head off about how much she loves you?

That was our first date…

Next we were married, that wasn’t that much later either. One of those whirlwind things?

Think about it. I was 66, Debs was 56, what are we supposed to do, give things a year or two to get to know each other first?

Yeah, sure.

Over the last few years she changed me, I can’t say I had anything to do with it because I know the way my life and my body was heading back then.

One change is health, I weighed 244 that day at Debra’s office. Today, I am 177 on our scales.

That’s a lot, isn’t it? Of course, Debra was a tad pudgy back then, with me around she cared about herself and she is now right at 115 pounds which on her looks fantastic.

Yes, I know. I am talking about a woman that is 61. She wears her hair long, past her shoulders. The color is sort of reddish and brown, which matches her complexion. Debra has no wrinkles at all, unlike me. I have quite a few myself.

So tell someone she is 61 years old and they will look at you in shock!! 40? Maybe. 61? No way in hell is the usual response.

And I get to see her naked!! Of course, there have been a few incidents where others have seen her naked also. Debs does have that naughty little exhibitionist streak, which came out more and more as she improved her shape.

My God does my woman have a body on her, her bust has only the tiniest traces of a sag, there are no lumps, bumps or anything anywhere on her, she can wear (and has) a string bikini in a swimming pool with young housewives all around and she gets as esenler escort many looks as anyone else.

More so usually because my Debs is also naughtier than most women and she loves to have a nipple peek out from time to time.

I think that would have pissed me off way back like I used to be. Now? Hell, I am proud of my lady, and she isn’t my property. Debs is my wife, my lover, my friend.

OK. Now a few of you good folks have followed my stories, and yes, I know all of the above I have mentioned before.

So all of the tale up to here is for the NEW readers, the rest of you?

Start right here:


I bet Debs and I made fools of ourselves down by the bag delivery area, here was some white haired old coot necking with a sweet young thing, and yes, we were.

We got her stuff, made it to the car where I worried and pushed and shoved and finally got the bag into General Motor’s rather poor excuse for a trunk.

Headed down I-5, I was wishing I had brought my big old Dodge truck because the Camaro has bucket seats which separate us and Debra clearly wanted to play with my dick as I drove.

She did recline her seat and take her top off, something else she has done many times in the last 7 years we have been together.

We made it all the way to the rest stop just North of Albany, pulled off and I drove way over to the end of the lot.

Debra was grinning, she knew all about what I had in mind.

Yes, you can make love in the passenger seat of a new Camaro with the seat all the way back and reclined!

Not easily, though.

Nobody saw us but a few knew what was going on, we got some sly grins as we walked to the washrooms to freshen up.

I got back to the car first, so I got to watch her as she came across the parking lot in the Sun.

Medium length skirt, soft white blouse, no bra, in fact no nothing, she was even barefoot. Lots of heads turned which gave me a flash of pride.

We rolled out, took highway 20 down to Newport on the coast, then headed South to our place. That is a pretty drive in the Spring, I was taking the turns carefully because they have been logging in that area and those big loaded trucks are all going like the hubs of hell.

There is nothing more unsettling than to be going around a sharp turn and here comes an overloaded log truck with us on the outside of the curve.

But we rolled up at our place without incident.


I waited until after dinner to tell Debs about my little “incident” as I called it. While she was 1800 miles away in school, I developed a serious bleed. From the looks of the toilet I had no blood left at all!

Had to be checked out, so off I went to a specialist.

While there, they put me in this little room where they were going to do a Colonoscopy and here sat this tiny black nurse.

She suggested that I should be “relieved” honest to God, then offered a magazine which just does not work for me. Never has, never esenyurt escort will.

Then next thing I knew, this tiny little black nurse was “assisting”…?

Not once, but…twice!!

Man. Yes, I know. This NEVER happens in the medical profession, right?

Well, it makes two times it has happened to me, the other time was way back during my Medicare physical and they wanted a sperm sample. I was trying and failing, in came and older nurse named Jennifer, she had the sample and was back out the door in maybe 60 seconds!

OK. That happened, and Rwanda, the just barely bigger than a midget nurse did that also.

Like it was just part of the procedure?

So, I told Debra all about it. She was mostly pissed off at me for not telling her about the bleeding, but hell. She was 1800 miles away, I knew damn good and well she would have been on the very first airplane home, which would have fucked up the schooling she just invested an entire damned year in.

Besides, all she could have done was sit there and worry. That all turned out to be a simple thing, the Doctor banded a couple of spots causing trouble, end of the concern.

Then Debra looked at me with a grin.

“So? Was the nurse any good?” She asked me.

“Uhhh…well, yeah.” I managed.

“That’s kind of hot, honey.” Next thing I know Debs has her hands inside my pants and is working her magic. The way she uses one hand to tickle me down there, the other to stroke while using her lips to barely touch the tip on my nipples just make me swoon.

We ended up messing up the couch a little bit, but it is fake leather so it cleans right up.


For maybe 2-3 weeks, things became normal at our place. Debra is now the Doctor on staff, and will be for 10 years. That was part of the deal she got to get the health management company she works for to pay for her schooling.

Her pay is very different also, before as a Registered Nurse Practitioner, she was bringing home about 85K per year. Nicely adequate but not that big of a deal.

As the Doctor on staff, her salary is $233K.

Which is… well NICELY adequate!

Of course, her hours are longer, and her responsibility is huge.

So anyway, we are getting along pretty good now.

Then last week she came home from work, sat down with a smirk on her face.

“Now what?” I asked.

“We have a new nurse on staff.” She grinned.

“Oh? Neat. Who is it?” I asked. Good nurses are tough to get in today’s world, every other clinic is trying to hire everyone else’s staff, that never stops.

“You are going to like her. Her name is Rwanda!” Debs broke out laughing.

“You are kidding me.”

“No, I’m not. She and her Mother moved down here to get away from the big city hassle, and she applied for a position, so I hired her on the spot!” Debs was still snickering.

“I suppose you assigned me to her as a patient, right?” That I could have guessed, of course.

“Yep! Jennifer is retiring, so this works out great!” Debra got up and went into the kitchen.

My wife is an amazing woman. In fact, I already know that no one on the planet will ever believe me when I try to explain how she is.

Hell, I don’t believe it all myself.

I have this feeling deep down inside that I have more stories coming.

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