Mart 25, 2021

Parent-Teacher Conference

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My son is in the 2nd grade and his school was having their teacher/parent conferences. For those who might not know it is where parents are invited to spend twenty to thirty minutes talking with their son or daughter’s teacher about their progress during the year. Now my boy is a good student and we hadn’t received any complaints from the school so our conference was a formality at best. Knowing this my wife didn’t reschedule her yoga class and opted to miss it. That left me to go alone and I did begrudgingly. I had a hell of a lot of work to get caught up with at work and besides sitting down with some old bitty to talk elementary school didn’t thrill me.

We were scheduled for 8:00 pm that night which made me the last parent to talk to my son’s teacher this particular evening. I came straight from work and was wearing my navy blue pinstriped suit. I’m 38 and still work out regular so I can still get an occasional eye from the ladies. I found his class after asking about three different groups of parents where room 15 was. I knocked on the door and after about a minute, the door opened and a woman of about 50 answered. She was wearing a purple dress that covered her barrel shaped frame and horn rimmed glasses. I thought to myself, school hasn’t changed one bit. I apologized for being early and asked if she wanted me to wait the 7 minutes for my schedule time. The lady tilted her head to the side and sized me up and then chuckled. It was the kind of chuckle where you wonder what you said that was so funny. I wasn’t part of the joke apparently I was the joke. It was my turn to turn my head and shrug, not understanding her frivolity.

“I’m Mary Wilson, Michael Reynolds grandma,” she said still obviously amused. “Michael is in your son or daughter’s class, Miss Sanders and I were just finishing up Mikey’s conference, we are through now and you can go in,” she added and extended her hand. I shook her hand and stammered an apology and something about her appearing very ‘teachery’. She chuckled again and squeezed past me in the doorway.

Collecting myself, I walked into my son’s classroom and suddenly regressed back into a young boy, glancing around at the walls and all the things hanging there intended to excite and teach the youngsters who came into the room. The alphabet hung just below the ceiling and wrapped around almost to walls. Numbers hung there to, progressing 1 to 100 by ones, by twos, by 5’s and then 10’s. Artwork of all kinds adorned one complete wall and I suddenly remembered the taste of Elmer’s glue and smiled. I saw macaroni shell artwork and remembered how proud I was of the Eiffel Tower I had made as a kid. I saw some of the pieces my boy had made and grinned at his creativeness. He was really a chip off the old block.

“Mr. Perris, Mr. Perris,” a soft voice called to me seemingly a million miles away. “Mr. Perris?” a young woman behind a table in the corner of the classroom asked.

I smiled as I came back from a pleasant daydream and trip down memory lane. I shrugged at her and said I was having ‘flashbacks’. The young woman smiled and motioned for me to come over and sit down on the chair across from her table desk. She looked young and I smiled and asked her if she was ‘Miss Sanders’. She nodded in the affirmative and my eyes went wide. She looked to be about 23 or 24, probably fresh out of college and I wondered how my son could concentrate. I smiled to myself as I knew the reason, he didn’t like girls yet. They were yucky and soft, not rough and tumble.

Miss Sanders smiled as I finally found my way to my seat and she began shuffling papers to prepare her for discussing my boy. As she looked down I looked her over and was thoroughly impressed. She was about 5’5 and 115 pounds. She had dishwater blonde hair and dark blue eyes. She was wearing a light brown frilly top and a tight pair of black khaki shorts. The frilly top was open in front and revealed a tight tube top that held her young pert breasts. If I had to guess, I would say a good B, maybe even a C cup and most likely store bought because of their almost perfect symmetry. What really caught my eye were her pearly white teeth, full lips, and slightly crooked smile. Miss Sanders was definitely not yucky, probably very soft and I couldn’t think of anything but a rough little tumble with her.

“How old are you?” I blurted out just as she was about to say something. She stammered as I could tell she was taken aback by the question and was ready to give me her canned speech.

“I’m 24,” she said with a smile and began to say something else.

“Man, I should be a circus carny,” I said with a laugh. “I said 23 or 24,” I announced proudly. Miss Sander’s eyes went wide and she seemed speechless. She clutched her papers tightly and tried to press on.

“I’m going to say 5’5 and 113 pounds,” I estimated, rising out of my seat. Miss Sanders stammered but didn’t answer. She didn’t know what to say or do so instead stayed speechless and in her seat.

“I’m 5’5 and a half but I don’t what that has bostancı escort anything to do with why you are here?” she told me.

“I was right, now your weight?” I said as I looked at her sideways.

“Mr. Perris?” she scolded.

I was standing in front of her table desk looking down on her and waited. Miss Sanders hesitated and gave in with a shake of her head and a wry smile, “114 pounds as of yesterday on the scale at my gym,” she revealed sheepishly.

She acted as if she felt foolish for acting along with me. She hoped answering me would get us back on track. She couldn’t be further from the truth as the more she played the more emboldened I was becoming. She was proud of her shape and physical attributes and I was going to see just how far she would play along with me.

“Yes,” I faked overwhelming enthusiasm with a pump of my right fist. Shifting gears, I moved back to my seat. Sitting down, I playfully looked her over top to bottom. She looked at me quizzically. “Hmmm, so you workout, aye?” I said and smiled. She nodded ‘yes’ and shuffled her papers in an effort to collect herself.

“Looks like it is working,” I complimented her. “Let’s see it!” I added and using my hand motioned for her to stand up. Miss Sanders smiled but declined and quickly looked to her paperwork for something to change the subject.

“Come on, lets see it,” I egged her on. “You should be proud of your hard work,” I added, refusing to let it drop. Miss Sanders had played along so far so I figured I might just be able get her to go all the way. She shook me off with a smile and nervous laugh. “Come on,” I urged her and sat back. She still wasn’t moved to stand so I repeated myself, “Come on, and show off a little.”

“Mr. Perris,” Miss Sanders protested and chuckled. She was trying her darnedest to get me back on track but still be cordial. What she hadn’t realized yet was I was now trying my best to get in her pants if I could talk her out of them.

“Come on,” I said with a wink and added, “Do it and we can get back to our conference.” I was lying of course but since I couldn’t move her to do it yet, I added an incentive.

“Mr. Perris!” she said more sternly but still without conviction. I didn’t budge and she realized I was stonewalling her. She took a deep breath and I could tell she was thinking hard about it.

I put my hands out at my sides and shrugged. I added a smile and motioned for her to get up. Miss Sanders smiled at me and shifted in her seat. She shook her head no and after a lot of thought, threw out the ‘I’m taken defense’, “Mr. Perris, I’m engaged to be married in three months,” she stated and pointed at her ring.

I was undeterred and frowned, “So, all I asked was for you to show off your hard work, what harm is in that.” I acted slightly perturbed and I think I struck a cord with her sensibilities.

“Alright,” she relented and stood up. She moved around the table to give me a better look and stood straight in front of me with her hands on her hips. She smiled at me and I looked her up and down and then frowned.

“What?” she asked as she saw my disappointment.

“Could you please turn around?” I asked. “Mr. Perris,” she protested but gave in. She seemed willing to go a long with me if it meant getting back on track with our conference. She turned around quickly and smiled at me.

“Slow down, do it slower, sell it!” I urged her and made a motion with my right hand for to spin again. She began to turn and I yelled, “Slower.” She slowed down and smiled as she looked over her shoulder at me. When her back was to me I told her to stop and admired her tight derriere.

“Mr. Perris!” she said but stopped anyway.

“Nice, you definitely have it going on Miss Sanders,” I complimented her. Her black shorts clung to her ass and I admired her calves as they stuck out of the bottoms of her long shorts.

“Well thank you, Mr. Perris,” she replied. Her young eyes flashed as she looked over her shoulder at her backside and then me. She slowly turned to face me and hesitated as if waiting for me to say something more.

“So how often do you workout?” I asked and she smiled.

“I try to workout every morning before work but sometimes I like to sleep in.” she answered with a frown because her waning morning motivation.

“Cool,” I said and then prefaced my next comment with, “Now I’m not criticizing but.” Miss Sanders’ ears perked up as she began to turn to return her seat. She spun around and listened. “Now its common for women to make this mistake because they listen to guys about working out but you need to change your workout habits,” I told her and was happy to see I had a captive audience. Miss Sanders was listening intently and I knew she was putty in my hands if I played my cards right and moved slowly.

I stood and carefully reviewed her shape like an artist would a canvas. Miss Sanders stood quietly and seemed interested in knowing what she was doing wrong. I stepped up to her and büyükçekmece escort asked her to lean slightly forward towards the table desk. She did as I asked without hesitation so I knew I was making points.

“Bend forward slightly more,” I told her and she did and had to rest her hands on the desk to keep from falling over. I stood behind her lovely ass and admired it as she looked over her right shoulder at me. “Bend just a little more,” I asked and she did pushing her ass back and up. I went into a long spiel about low weights and lots of reps meant to confuse and impress the young teacher. Taking my hands I pointed along her ass, right hip, right thigh, and right calf where she could tone more. She really didn’t need to change anything but I was working for a greater goal. I suggested some exercises meant to work those areas and she tried to understand.

“How do I do those exercises? On a machine?” she asked. “You could but you could also do it standing at your desk or next to a weight bench in the gym,” I said and let it sink in.

“Oh really,” she said. She seemed impressed with my knowledge and decided to pick my brain as long as she had me here. “Could you show me?” she asked and how could I refuse?

“OK, don’t mind me but I have to touch you to show you,” I prefaced and waited for the go ahead.

“Ah, its alright, you are just showing me an exercise,” she stated and smiled, she was ready to get down to business so I pressed on.

Taking my left hand, I took hold of the back of her neck. Using my right hand I took a hold of the outside of her right thigh. She giggled at my touch and then bit her lower lip to suppress a laugh. Knowing what she was thinking, I said, “Tickles?”

“Yeah, but it is all right,” she assured me. Her young body was warm to my touch and firm. My nose picked up her cologne and I liked it.

“Now go with the motion,” I said, “so you don’t tear anything.” I moved her right leg up and back slowly and repeatedly. My left massaged her neck and held her still as I manipulated her right leg. As we did it, my right hand slipped to the front of her thigh and slowly moved upward. Miss Sanders intently followed my lead and I could tell she liked the neck massage. I was careful to get her spread her legs and arch her ass. After twenty-five reps, I asked her how it felt. She hesitated to answer and I looked at her face and could tell she was very focused on what we were doing and the massage that she didn’t hear me. “How does it feel?” I asked again and smiled at my mastery.

“Oh great,” she said and grinned with a bite on her lower lip. “I can feel it working already,” she said of the leg exercise. She paused and I could tell she was thinking of how to say what she was thinking. “The massage is doing the trick too,” she said and then added, “I’m always amazed on how good a simple massage feels.”

“If you are working out regularly you need to schedule yourself a massage at least once a week,” I said matter-of-factly. “Get your fiancé to give you a massage,” I suggested hoping to get some information on him and their sex life together.

“Yeah right?” Miss Sanders laughed and I figured I was learning some inside joke between Miss Sanders and her girlfriends. He saw my face and knew I didn’t know what she was referring to. “He isn’t much of a touchy feely type,” she said and smiled.

“Wow that’s too bad,” I said and frowned. “You better change that,” I said and took my cue to massage her more. Taking my left hand off her neck, I began kneading the muscles high in the middle of her back just below the neck. It was the right spot for Miss Sanders as she bent her head forward and pushed her ass out more. “I know that’s what my friends tell me,” she said with a laugh. I was now standing directly behind her with her bent over facing away from me. I lowered her right leg back to the floor and stepped to her left side. My eyes couldn’t get enough of her lovely ass and I fought the urge to dry hump her from behind. I swapped my right hand for my left and maintained a steady, firm massage of her lower neck and upper back.

“Spread your legs,” I said as I reached for her left leg with my left hand.

“What?” Miss Sanders said and tried to look over her left shoulder.

“Please spread your legs a little,” I offered, hearing myself in my head and hoping I wasn’t too obscene.

‘Oh sure,” Miss Sanders said and smiled to myself as she duck walked her feet to spread her legs.

“Great,” I said and lifted her left leg to me. Miss Sanders had the motion down now and began slowly pumping her leg straight up and back. I cupped the upper front of her thigh with my left hand. My fingertips couldn’t be more than two or three inches from her young pussy. Using my hand, I stretched her left leg outward to spread her legs and crotch wider.

“Oh God,” Miss Sanders said as she bent her head back to increase the pressure on her shoulders and upper back. Her eyes were closed and I could tell she was çatalca escort enjoying my manipulations more and more. I figured if I kept it up and hit all the right spots I could make her cum.

Taking my hand off her upper thigh, I moved it to her left ass cheek and pushed down, making her hip pop slightly and spreading her hips wider. “Oh that feels good,” Miss Sanders cooed as she was getting into the feelings I was helping to generate. Spreading my palm, I gently squeezed and kneaded her cheek. My left pinkie slipped between her cheeks and I gently pressed down. My pinkie pushed on her shorts there and I wiggled it slightly. It was resting above her asshole and I looked around her to see if it was having any effect.

Miss Sanders was quietly enjoying her massage and workout demonstration and if she sensed my finger pressing on her asshole she wasn’t letting on. Without any protest, I slipped my hand lower on her ass cheek and allowed my pinkie to slide lower and under her. Her leg stopped moving and I wondered if she was beginning to detect my roaming fingers.

“Keep your leg up and out,” I urged her, hoping to get her moving again. Her eyes opened and I think she realized she was getting a little to into this workout.

“Woo,” she exhaled and turned to look over her shoulder at me. She appeared ready to stop but seemed unable to bring herself to put an end to it. My hand continued to massage her ass cheek and my pinkie and ring finger played across the thin fabric of her shorts above her pussy and asshole.

“Mr. Perris, I think, I think, I THINK we should stop,” Miss Sanders stammered out. Her words protested while her body said something completely different. Her ass and hips pushed into my hand and her neck was giving way under my massage.

“We can stop anytime you want,” I said and added, “Just thought I’d help by showing you a new exercise.” My hands kneaded a little harder for accent and she tried to stand for me to stop but leant forward again in surrender.

“Oh god, this feels good,” Miss Sanders moaned as she gave into her feelings and the sensations rippling through her body. She was putty in my hands as I slid my left hand between her legs and gently rubbed her crotch. Her legs moved wider as she allowed me to rub her pussy through her clothes. “Oh god, don’t stop,” she begged as her upper torso laid on the table now.

Taking my right hand off her shoulders, I reached around her to begin unbuttoning her shorts. Miss Sanders sensed me doing this and brought her hands down to stop me but I kept unbuttoning and then unzipping her.

“Oh Mr. Perris, please stop,” she moaned weakly and tried to wrestle my hand off her zipper. Her hands grew weaker and weaker as my left hand massaged her pussy and cupped her womanhood. When her shorts were completely unzipped they grabbed for the table as I took both hands and tugged them down her backside. I watched as they slipped off her delectable hips and revealed first her thong, tied at both hips, and then her tight round ass cheeks. I knelt down as her shorts slipped to the ground and noticed that her bright pink panties had a growing wet spot between her legs. I sniffed her and smiled as her pussy smelled lovely.

“Oh Mr. Perris, I don’t know if we should be doing this,” she muttered as her head turned back and forth, trying to see what I was up to behind her. I ignored her as I focused on her lovely ass. Taking the fingers on my left hand, I gently pulled the pink fabric off her lovely mound and to the side. Her shaved pussy and moist lips came into view and I shuddered at the thought of burying my face in her gorgeous pussy. Pulling the fabric further to the side revealed her tight asshole and I smiled as I noticed she shaved there too.

“Mr. Perris, let’s get back to our conference,” she said but didn’t move. I laughed out loud as I extended my tongue and licked from her clit, across her wet lips to her asshole. Her body shot forward and her asshole tightened and released. “Oh Mr. Perris,” she groaned and pushed her hips back at my tongue.

I had this gorgeous little 24 year-old teacher spread out before me and wanted to dive right in but held back. I wanted to tease her first. Reaching up with both hands, I undid her strings on each hip. Her panties slipped down her hips but hung there. Her moist little snatch had soaked them so much they stuck to her leg. Miss Sanders sensed them hanging there and giggled. Swiping at them, I knocked them to the floor and moved my hands to each ass cheek to spread her open to me. Running my tongue along the inside of her legs, I purposefully avoided her engorged pussy lips, clit, and asshole. Miss Sanders sensed this and I felt her on my tongue, trying to get me to lick her there.

“Oh Mr. Perris,” she groaned and I could tell she knew I was teasing her and she wanted to cum.

“What?” I asked as I continued to lick close to but not on her imploring holes. She let out a low groan and I could tell she was trying to respond. “What?” I teased, as I playfully took a swipe at her clit. Her body dropped and almost seemed to convulse. “What?” I repeated as she groaned again though much louder. Taking my fingers, I split her pussy lips so I could peer at her wanton twat. She was so hypersensitive that she wiggled her hips and my index finger slipped in her.

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