Şubat 24, 2021

Out of Her Closet

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Warning: This work of fiction contains scenes of women having sex together, without men. If this offends you, do not read it! People who complain to the authors here about the content of their stories are, IMNSHO, just like people who move next to the airport and then complain about the noise… Constructive criticism is always welcome, but closed-minded rants have no place here.

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Lynn And Katie – Out Of The Closet

Lynn was lonely, there was really no other way to put it. She had moved to Vancouver, B.C. three months earlier for a new job. She is an accountant, she enjoyed her work, and she was earning good money. But she had not made any new friends yet, and she did not think anyone she worked with could be a good friend.

Lynn was originally from the San Francisco area, but had visited Vancouver a couple of times and really loved it there. She had been single before she moved, which was one reason she had been willing to move so far away. It had been over a year since she had a “special someone”, and almost two years since she had given up on men. Her last boy friend had cheated on her, so Lynn had dumped him and never looked back.

Lynn is 27 years old, and a slim 5’4″. She has shoulder length straight blonde hair framing a pretty face with large, expressive brown eyes. If you asked her, she would say that her best feature physically was her ass. Lynn loves to work out, to keep her body slim and her butt nice and firm.

It was a beautiful Saturday morning, and Lynn had already been for a bike ride. She was walking to the coffee house a couple blocks from her apartment. She had lots of chores to take care of that day, laundry, house cleaning and the like, but she wanted to have a nice, relaxing “cuppa cawfee” and read the newspaper before she got into all that.

When Lynn got to the coffee house, she was surprised to find it was very busy. She ordered her coffee and looked around for a table. There were none empty, but Lynn spotted a gorgeous older woman sitting by herself at a table for two. She stepped over and asked, “Excuse me, may I share your table?”

The other woman looked up from her newspaper, then glanced around. She gave Lynn a big smile. “Of course, it would be my pleasure!”

Lynn sat, then extended her hand. “Hi, I’m Lynn!”

Her tablemate looked to be older than Lynn, perhaps in her early forties. She had a beautiful face, long curly reddish-brown hair and an obviously sexy body. She took Lynn’s hand in hers and said, “Nice to meet you, Lynn, I’m Katie.”

“Hi, Katie, it’s nice to meet you, too…”

The older woman said, “Let me guess… You’re not from here, are you?”

Lynn laughed, “What? Is it tattooed on my forehead or something?”

Katie laughed, too. She had a wonderful laugh, and Lynn felt an almost immediate kinship with this sexy older woman. “No, dear, but I’ve lived here all my life and I can tell by your accent you are a Yank. California, is it?”

Lynn smiled shyly, “Yeah, you got me. San Francisco…”

“So what brings you to Vancouver, Lynn?”

“I moved her a few months ago, for a new job. I have always loved Vancouver and when this opportunity came up, I jumped at it. I love this city!”

The older woman smiled. “Yes, it is wonderful, isn’t it? Like I said, I’ve lived in B.C. almost my entire life.”

Lynn leaned forward. “Okay, then, Katie, tell me… What can I do to meet more people? I’ve been here three months and haven’t really met anyone. I HATE the bar scene, so what are my options?”

Katie winked, then smiled at the younger woman. “I’ve always had good luck in coffee houses…”

Lynn laughed at that. She loved that Katie felt comfortable enough with her to tease her, and they had just met. She found herself hoping that even though there was an age difference, she and Katie could become friends. Lynn noticed that Katie was not wearing a wedding ring, although it almost seemed like there was a tan line there. She had heard of men with “cheater marks” but never women…

Lynn smiled at Katie, “So tell me about yourself, Katie? Married? Kids? Pets?”

Katie gulped and said, “Well, until two weeks ago I was married. My husband had a massive heart attack and now I’m a widow…”

Lynn reached for the older woman’s hand and said, “Oh, Katie… I’m SOOO sorry!”

Katie looked into Lynn’s eyes. “Honestly? In the long run, I’ll probably be better off with him gone, but that doesn’t make it any easier. The last few years have been very lonely…”

Lynn still had Katie’s hand in hers, and she held it tightly. “Why was that, Katie?”

“We had been married almost 24 years, and we kind of grew apart. It wasn’t nasty or anything, there was nothing but love and kindness, but there was absolutely no passion. The last few years, it seemed like we were roommates more than anything. We raised two wonderful children together, and shared some great times, but the romance, the fire we once shared had completely gone away…”

Lynn stroked Katie’s hand and said, “Awwwwww… casino şirketleri Now you’re making me want to cry. A beautiful woman like yourself should have passion, and fire, and romance… It is too sad when people just grow apart like that.”

Katie said, “Well, to be fair, my husband was almost twenty years older than I and he had a number of health problems the past few years. Plus for years we have slept in separate bedrooms, we hadn’t had sex in at least five years, and I can’t believe I’m telling you all this…”

Lynn took Katie’s hand in both of hers. “Well, thank you for sharing that with me. I hope I haven’t scared you off, I would love to be one of your friends in your new life.”

Katie smiled and stroked Lynn’s hand. “No, baby, you don’t scare me at all… And I would LOVE to have you in my new life!”

The two women continued to chat, learning about each other. Lynn felt wonderful, it seemed like she and Katie had been friends for years, they seemed so at ease with each other. Plus, Lynn was feeling a little bit of that warm buzz she got when she met someone she wanted sexually. Katie was a very sexy woman, with a beautiful smile and a wicked sense of humor. The fact that Katie was nearly 20 years older than Lynn was not important, what mattered was her attitude, her beauty, her sexy way of carrying herself.

After they both finished their coffee, Katie asked, “Lynn, would you allow me to show you around Vancouver? I wasn’t doing anything important today and I would love to show you around my home city.”

Lynn’s answer was nearly automatic, “I’d love that! I would only be doing laundry and cleaning and other boring stuff like that…”

Katie said, “Great! But I need to change shoes, these are no good for walking…”

They stood to go, and Lynn was surprised when Katie turned out to be much taller than she was, almost 6 feet tall in the low heels she was wearing. After a short walk they got to Katie’s house. Lynn was surprised to see a “For Sale” sign at the entry door. They took the creaky elevator to the top floor and got out. Katie’s was the top floor unit of a three story flat, with stunning views of the city. It was nicely decorated, with a blend of newer and antique furnishings. Katie removed her shoes at the front door and motioned for Lynn to do the same.

Lynn smiled, “I do this at home, too. I HATE wearing shoes unless I have to, and they always come off the second I walk through my front door!”

Katie showed Lynn around the house, the foyer, the living room, kitchen, den… She pointed at one bedroom and said, “That was my late husband’s room. No reason to go in there… Lord knows, I never did!” Katie laughed.

They walked down the hall to the other bedrooms. Katie’s was large, with a huge closet and attached bathroom. Lynn was amazed to see that the closet had a desk in it, with a computer and printer on it. Lynn laughed, “Your bedroom is bigger than my apartment in San Francisco was!”

Katie smiled. “This has been my ‘sanctum sanctorum’ for the past few years. Whenever I wanted privacy, I would enter what I always called ‘My Closet.’ My husband knew not to disturb me if the door was closed, although I tried not to ever shut him out and would usually only come in here when he was gone.”

Lynn smiled, “That was considerate of you…”

Katie nodded and said, “Like I said, I loved him but there just was no passion any more. I didn’t feel it was fair to disrespect him by shutting him out of my time if he was at home…”

Katie opened a door and pulled out a pair of flats. She turned to Lynn and said, “Let me go ‘rest’ and then we can go. Do you need to ‘go’, dear?”

Lynn laughed, “Yes, I probably should…” Katie pointed her at the guest bedroom, then they met back up at the front door.

“I can’t thank you enough, this is wayyyyy too kind of you, Katie!”

The older woman smiled and said, “What? I would only be sitting around feeling sorry for myself… It’s nice to spend time with someone who is young and alive!”

The two women spent the day exploring Vancouver and enjoying each other’s company thoroughly. They avoided the touristy spots but Katie was able to show her new friend many things about her city that Lynn would have never found on her own. As the day wound down, the two women had a quiet dinner at an outdoor cafe, accompanied by a nice bottle of red wine. It was a beautiful evening, the moon was nearly full and yet it was warm enough to be outside. When the check came, Lynn was a little dismayed that Katie grabbed it and paid it herself.

“Why did you do that? I thought we were going ‘dutch’?” Lynn asked.

“Consider it my treat, Lynn… A ‘Welcome to Vancouver’ dinner for my new friend!”

“Okay… But next time it’s my treat, okay?”

Katie smiled. “Okay, it’s a deal… Or maybe you can cook me dinner? I was always the cook, I haven’t had someone make me a special dinner in SUCH a long time… Do you cook?”

“Well, I think I do okay! I would love to make you dinner, Katie… I haven’t cooked very casino firmaları much since I’ve been here, because it’s such a bother cooking for one! It’s mostly been salads and pasta, quick stuff like that…”

“I know exactly what you mean, Lynn… You spend more time cooking and cleaning up than you do eating. Seems like a total waste of effort!”


The two women left the restaurant then got back into Katie’s car and the older woman drove back to her own house. It seemed natural to Lynn, to be with her rather than Katie dropping her off at her apartment.

“Would you like to come up for a glass of wine or something?” Katie asked.

“Yeah, that sounds nice…” Lynn didn’t really want the day to end, she had totally enjoyed being with Katie. It was easily her most fun day since she had come to Vancouver.

The two women walked up the three flights to Katie’s, then slid out of their shoes inside the door. They made their way to the kitchen, then Katie went into the pantry. She found a bottle of red wine and brought it back out into the kitchen. She took a towel and wiped it off, then dug around in a drawer and found a corkscrew and opened the wine. She opened a cabinet and found two glasses and set them on the granite counter.

“I will give my late husband credit, he loved his wine and he built us a great collection. Honestly, it’s a little scary to me to think about how much money is tied up in some of those dusty old bottles.” She gestured toward the pantry.

“Like this one…” Katie said, lifting the bottle from the counter and examining the label, then pouring them each a glass. “It’s a French Bordeaux and almost 30 years old. I shudder to think what it would cost if we had ordered it at dinner… If it was even available! But my husband loved his wine, and we have cases and cases of fine wine in the pantry and our basement. He said it was as much an investment as it was for pleasure, that he knew it would do nothing except go up in value…”

Lynn liked wine, but didn’t know a lot about it. The idea that she would be drinking wine that was older than herself was a little intimidating. Clearly Katie had money, and lots of it… But the older woman was totally unpretentious, very down to earth, and she seemed sincerely happy to have made Lynn’s friendship. Lynn was also glad they had met.

Katie lifted her glass to Lynn, and the two women ‘clinked’ them together. Katie smiled, “To new friends…”

Lynn smiled back at the older woman, “Yes, indeed, to wonderful new friends!”

They each sipped their wine, and Lynn was amazed. One of the things she had never liked about red wine was its ‘bite’ but this was wonderfully smooth. All the rich flavors of red wine with none of the bitterness she usually associated with it. Of course, they were probably drinking a $500 bottle of wine…

“Wow, Katie, this is probably the best wine I’ve ever had…”

“This is quite nice, isn’t it? Bring the bottle, let me show you my Closet!”

The two women made their way to Katie’s bedroom, where she fired up her computer. Katie looked directly into Lynn’s eyes. “Can I share another secret with you, Lynn? I feel I can trust you, and that you will not be too shocked or scared at what I’m going to tell you…”

Lynn looked at the older woman. “Of course, Katie… Tell me anything, and it takes a lot to shock me!”

Katie took a deep breath. “Well, like I said, my husband and I had not had sex in over five years.”

Lynn nodded, “Yes, I remember you saying that…”

Katie went on, “Well, I hate to be blunt, but I am in my prime sexually. I have needs, and he was simply not meeting them.”

Lynn nodded, her eyes getting bigger, wondering where this was going. “Mmmm-hmmmm.”

“For the past four years I have been living a second life online, as a lesbian. I have a number of women that I have met online, and I chat with them. I also belong to a number of groups for bi and gay women, and have met other women that way. We chat online, and often masturbate together.”

Lynn was stunned. “Wow, Katie, I’ve heard about things like that, but I’ve never met anyone who has done it.”

Katie smiled. “Yes, Lynn, believe it or not there are a lot of women out there who find pleasure with other women online. Honestly, that is about the only thing that has kept me sane the last few years. I have two girls that I chat with quite often…”

Lynn couldn’t believe her ears. She had been hoping against hope that Katie might be bi or curious, and this gorgeous woman was telling her that she has spent the past years fantasizing about sex with other women, and masturbating with them…

“So have you been with other women, Katie? Met them for real?”

Katie looked downward, almost ashamed. “No, I couldn’t do that. In spite of everything, I loved my husband, and I felt like I would be cheating if I met with any of them outside of My Closet. I was with a girl, only one time, but it was before I was married, and never since… I’ve been waiting almost 25 years to try it again…”

Lynn güvenilir casino stepped close to Katie, and put her arms around her. Lynn slipped her hand under Katie’s chin and lifted it so they were looking at each other. “I admire that, Katie. Even though you were unhappy, you didn’t want to disrespect your husband… Shows me a lot of character!”

“Thanks, Lynn, I appreciate that. So how about you, Lynn, do you have a boyfriend?” She laughed.

Lynn smiled back, “Ummmmm… no, I’ve actually been single for almost two years, I had a boy friend cheat on me and I haven’t found a guy I wanted to be with since then. Why do most of them never get past about 12 years old, maturity-wise?”

“I haven’t figured that one out, either… That’s part of the reason my new life is as a lesbian. I tried talking to men at first, but I soon realized that I hated them. It’s pretty sad, really, I’m already tired of men’s BS, and I haven’t been single for 24 years!”

Lynn laughed. “I know what you mean… Women just seem to know what another woman needs.”

Katie looked at Lynn, and smiled. “So do I read between the lines, Lynn? Are you lesbian?”

“Well, I haven’t COMPLETELY sworn off men yet, but pretty much, yeah…”

“So have you been with a woman before? In real life, I mean?”

“Yes, I have, several actually… Last summer, I even had a girl friend for several months. It was her first time doing anything with a woman, and we were really happy together. But when her parents figured out we were more than just ‘friends,’ they freaked and made her choose between them and her ‘sinful lifestyle’…”

“That’s awful… So obviously she chose her parents.”

“Yeah, actually I told her she needed to do that, I wouldn’t come between her and her family. It was obvious that her parents cared about her a lot, and I didn’t want to do anything to damage that. My family has always been pretty distant, and I’ve always been a little envious of close familes like hers.”

Katie nodded, “I know. I like to think I’m close with my kids, even though they have both moved away. I still talk to each of them at least once a week.”

Lynn continued, “She and I were really happy together, and I had hoped we were going to be together a long time. It was the toughest breakup I’ve ever been through, since we loved each other but just couldn’t see each other.” Lynn’s eyes misted over a little at the recollection.

Katie reached for the shorter woman and held her close. “It sounds romantic, kinda like ‘Romeo and Juliet’!”

Lynn smiled up at Katie, “I guess… Or ‘Juliet and Juliet’, maybe!” and laughed.

Katie laughed with her. “I’m glad you can laugh about it now… Sounds like you were getting really close to her.”

“Yeah… She was so sweet, just the nicest person. Not to mention that she was totally hot!”

Lynn looked at Katie, and took a deep breath. “So tell me, Katie, how did you find these women? I mean, it sounds like fun but I would be concerned that it was a guy pretending to be a girl…”

“I had the same fears, but during the past two years I met a few of girls that I am sure of. Because of them I have joined some groups that are by invitation only, so we are pretty sure that everyone in them is a woman. It’s really nice to be able to talk freely about our wants and desires, and fantasies too!”

Lynn smiled at Katie’s honesty. “I can totally relate to THAT! I’ve been looking around online a little too, but I haven’t found any groups or people that I feel real comfortable with… So much of the time, the ‘women’ act like 14 year old boys, and I can’t stand it!”

“Well, we need to get you into this one group I’m in. It’s very small, and membership is by invitation only, but the women in the group have lots of creativity and imagination, especially when it comes to sex. Several members of our group have had stories published on Literotica.com…”

Lynn was surprised, she had never heard of that web site. Katie then proceeded to tell her about what a great site Lit is, the huge collection of erotic stories, the chat room, the poetry. “Would you like to see it?”

“Sure, I love reading erotica… Helps on those lonely nights when it’s just me and my vibrator alone in my bed…”

“I hear ya, girl… I love to jill with my friends, to me it’s better knowing you are getting off with someone else, even if they are far away and you can’t see their face as they cum.”

“Jill? What do you mean?” Lynn looked at Katie questioningly.

“Oh, sorry… That’s what we girls call masturbating. I mean, guys ‘jack off’ so we decided that we girls should call it ‘jilling off.'”

Lynn laughed, “I like that!”

Katie’s computer finally was online, and she signed into her email. She said, “Nothing too interesting here…” so she jumped to Literotica. Lynn was amazed at the online chat room, and how many erotic stories there were, some with pictures, some with audio. Katie jumped to an author page, telling Lynn that it belonged to her favorite author and one of her chat buddies. They read a couple of stories and Lynn could feel herself getting aroused at the words. It was fun, not to mention a big turnon, sitting close to this sexy woman, drinking good red wine, reading erotica together.

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