Şubat 27, 2021

Operation Desert Lust

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Operation Desert Lust

Melissa laid awake in her bunk, studying the softly rising and falling curves of Amber’s chest in the bunk to the right of hers as she had every night now for the past two weeks. She could not help and wonder what it would be like to touch the other girls slowly rising and falling breasts. What they would feel like in her hand, or taste like in her mouth. She bit down on her lip and told herself for the hundredth time at least that she was not like that. She was not into girls, was she?

Melissa Johnston was 24, and had been stationed at the Black Owl base for the last three months and had not seen another person other than the women of her division in the last two weeks. Even the terrorists they had been sent to fight had been strangely calm in that time.

She studied Amber who lay on the bunk to her right. While she was not into girls, Melissa had to admit that the stunning woman was beautiful. At a statuesque five foot eleven inches, Amber was the tallest member of women of the 11th regiment. She was twenty nine and it was already her third tour of duty. With shoulder length dirty blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes. She had perfect unblemished skin and a full figure. Melissa knew she wore a 40 DD bra from having seen the tags on one of them. Her breasts curved down into a flat muscular midriff and her legs were long, shapely and firm. Simply put, the woman would have put many models to shame.

Melissa herself was a much more plain five foot seven inches tall. While she generally kept in great shape, there was always that last five pounds she would have loved to be able to lose to consider herself really beautiful. It did not really bother her but it was on her mind nonetheless. She had pretty auburn hair which had a tendency to curl excessively and dark brown eyes. Her breasts were shapely and round but of a much more modest size than Amber’s. She had a great ass though, even Melissa agreed on that point, and it seemed to curve out slightly at the base of her back and then back in as it ran into her thick yet fit legs.

She wore glasses as her vision was not quite perfect, and she also liked the look they gave her face. Her boyfriend Eric back home had seemed to agree.

She returned her attention to Amber who lay in the cot next to her. Almost without knowing what she was doing, she found her hand back between her legs caressing herself lightly as she stared at the slow rise and fall of Amber’s heavy breasts. They were almost hypnotic in their movement as Melissa squeezed her legs around her hand, trapping it against her suddenly damp snatch. She knew she should stop, knew it was wrong to masturbate thinking of Amber, but her hand seemed possessed of a will of its own.

No one had touched her in this way for so long and she could very quickly feel her orgasm approaching. She turned into her pillow and bit into it to stifle her moan as she felt her climax rip through her. She knew her face was flushed a deep red as she felt deeply ashamed but the arousal had been too strong. The months without the touch of her man had left her frustrated and horny.

On the bed next to her Amber stirred lightly and she grew stiff. Had the woman overheard her? Did she suspect what Melissa had been doing? It took her a good fifteen minutes before she managed to convince herself that Amber really was still asleep and to be able to calm down enough to be able to try and get some rest herself. It still took a very long time for her to fall asleep.

The next day started off like any other. The troops gathered for their meal in the mess hall and Melissa sat at a table near Amber. She looked at the woman often but the tall blonde gave no indication of anything being amiss. Melissa was starting to feel like she could put last night’s moment of weakness behind her.

She felt something, some form of sixth sense the moment before the hand clamped shut over her mouth from being as she walked past a small storage facility. Before she could react she was pushed face first against the wall of the building. A hand pressed up against her thigh and she felt a body press into her back.

A voice whispered into her ear “Well if it isn’t the little masturbating casino şirketleri slut from last night.” Melissa reddened instantly as she recognized Amber’s voice in her ear. The woman had recognized her! She tried to protest but she was shushed instantly.

Amber groped her ass roughly and she could feel herself getting a little moist between the legs. She let out a soft whimper against the hand covering her mouth. What was wrong with her? She was being molested, by a woman no less, and was becoming aroused from the treatment. Amber leaned in and whispered in her ear “When you go to bed tonight once the lights are out, remove all your clothing and put them under your pillow. I will come to your bunk during the night and I want you ready.”

Melissa should have pushed her away, should have told her she had a boyfriend. She should have done something to make it clear that she was not into women, that what Amber had witnessed the night before was a moment of weakness from a woman who had not seen her boyfriend in 3 long months. Instead she nodded submissively and felt a tingle of arousal as Amber gave her a brief kiss on the ear and whispered “Good girl, see you tonight.”

To say Melissa remembered much of the rest of the day would be a lie. Her mind raced in a hundred different directions and she could barely focus on the tasks at hand. She had no idea how she managed to get through the day without a reprimand from a superior. All she could think about was that night and how the moments seemed to creep closer and fly by all at the same time.

How could she be in this position? How was it possible that she was even considering this. She had a boyfriend back home. She went to church and had only slept with two men in her life. She was not some hussy who slept around with the first comer. She had never even considered a lesbian relationship before joining the army, but now a part of her was counting down the agonizingly slow minutes until lights out. She feared what the night would bring but she could not deny that she craved it as well. Visions of Amber’s naked body danced ceaselessly through her mind. Of her ample yet firm breasts, her well toned core, her long slender muscular legs, and her perky little ass.

At the evening meal she could barely bring herself to eat, Amber was seated across from her but pointedly ignored her. Melissa felt like all she could do was stare at the woman who had become her obsession over the last few hours. Her gaze would always move back to her and she was extremely self-conscious that someone would catch her staring. Would she even care if someone did?

Amber lifted her eyes to meet Melissa’s gaze and she almost swooned. She gripped the table in front of her and tried to steady herself. The woman to her right looked at her in concern but Melissa could not even have said who it was, Amber was the center of her universe at the moment and the only person whose presence she seemed to be able to register.

The evening meal was bland and tasteless as Melissa forced herself to swallow a few bites. Her thoughts were on eating of a different kind as she imagined what it would be like to bury her face between Amber’s long powerful legs and eat her out to an orgasm. She blushed as she looked down at her plate. What the hell was wrong with her?

After what seemed like an endless meal the troops finally began to file out of the mess hall. Another hour of free time and then it would be lights out. Melissa was in a daze, walking as if in a dream. The hour seemed to drag on forever until finally, mercifully it was time. Melissa was the first to her bunk that night and lay there awake for the longest time in anticipation of what she had craved all day. Her eyes continuously seeked out Amber’s prone form on the cot next to her, but the buxom blonde simply lay motionless. Eventually fatigue got the best of Melissa and she drifted off to sleep

The next morning rolled around and Melissa awoke with a fire between her legs but no possibility to douse it. As she dressed and made her bed, her eyes continually seeked out Amber but the older woman made no sign that anything was amiss. Melissa’s arousal just rose and it took all her willpower not casino firmaları to walk over to the woman and beg her for some form of release from these intense feelings. Had Melissa just imagined everything from the day before?

The morning was pure torture for the pretty brunette as she saw Amber everywhere. Her mind kept racing, struggling to wrap itself around the events of the previous day. Had she imagined what had happened by the storage facility? Maybe the arousal of the night before and the stress of the mission was getting to her.

After the midday meal Melissa went to the bathroom and locked the stall. She pulled her pants and panties down and began to shamelessly masturbate. She knew she was breaking the rules, but she could not help it. Her sex was on fire and she needed release. She closed her eyes and began to pleasure herself. As her fingers worked in and out of her she felt something brush against her foot. She looked down on the floor and saw a handwritten note with a small vibrating egg on it.

-Insert this in your pussy, slut and set the intensity on very low . And it better be in tonight when I take you. And stop mastubating you naughty girl, No cumming until I allow it-


She could almost scream her frustration as she read the note.Where had Amber even gotten the egg from? Reluctantly she turned the egg on and started to push it into herself Instantly she felt the vibrations inside her and moaned. How was she supposed to last all afternoon and not cum? She pulled up her pants and underwear and took a step but that only made it worse. She was forced to lean against the stall of the wall to maintain her balance. Taking a deep breath she steadied herself and stepped out of the stall, the egg humming away inside her. She managed three steps and leaned against the sink. There was no way she was making it through the afternoon like this.

Having no choice, she steeled herself and left the washroom. The egg continued to vibrate inside her. She could focus on little else as she went about her day. By some miracle she managed to make it through the day without being caught, even if she had to answer a couple of questions about whether she was feeling sick and twice she had to hide behind a building as she climaxed, unable to respect the instructions about not having an orgasm.

She would remember nothing of the evening meal as she sat staring at her food , eating robotically. She tried to focus on anything except the constantly humming vibrator buried inside her. The second she let her thoughts drift they would instantly go to thoughts of Amber and the promised passion that awaited her that night. Melissa could focus on little else. She knew she would not get through being ignored another night as was almost at her breaking point already.

The last hour before bed seemed to drag on forever. Melissa found herself hoping fervently she would not need to spend another night without Amber. She could not believe what she had been made into. The girl from a good family, with traditional values. The model student, the wonderful girlfriend. In two days she had been reduced to this, a raging, needy, woman willing to surrender to her first lesbian encounter to be able to satisfy those desires burning inside of her.

FInally, mercifully, the time for lights out had come and Melissa threw herself onto her bed with a resigned moan. She struggled and squirmed out of her uniform, trying to be discreet as she still had the egg turned on inside of her. The lights went out and she lay in the darkness, awake shivering in lust and anticipation as her eyes slowly adjusted until she could make out the form of Amber on the bunk next to her. She longed to reach out and touch her, but she did not dare. The proximity to the tall blonde and the egg still humming away inside her as it had been for hours was incredibly arousing and at the same time simple torment. She shifted and twisted to try and deny her lust, but it was useless. She whispered Amber’s name in the dark but if the other woman heard, she gave no sign.

It was well over an hour later when the beautiful woman did rise and without a word crossed the few feet that separated their bunks, Melissa stifled güvenilir casino a loud moan as Amber slid into her bed and their bodies pressed against one another. Amber’s hand covered her mouth as the taller, stronger woman took hold of her underwear and pulled them down unceremoniously. She cupped Melissa’s pussy in her hand and leaned in close to whisper in her ear “I know you came today you little slut. The only question is, how much did you cum?”

Amber pushed her hand more firmly onto Melissa’s mouth and whispered “I would think you came at least four times today you little slut. Time for your punishment”

Melissa tried to protest that she had only had two orgasms, but the older, stronger woman held her hand over her mouth and she could make no noise. Amber lifted her free hand as she lay to her side and brought it down in a firm smack against her cunt. She lifted it again and slapped her once more, then two more times. One slap for each of the perceived orgasms. Melissa was moaning deeply into her hand by the fourth slap.

She felt Amber’s fingers work their way inside her and slowly pull the egg from her pussy. To the aroused Melissa, it seemed as if Amber took a malicious pleasure in touching every single nerve ending inside her vagina. Instantly her arousal peaked and her ensuing moan would have undoubtedly awoken every person in the barrack had the blonde not held a controlling hand pressed to her mouth.

The hand over Melissa’s mouth was soon replaced by the older woman’s mouth as she skillfully pulled her own underwear down as well. Melissa felt her climax pulsing through her body as Amber began tribbing her. She bit down gently on the hand covering her mouth as her lesbian lust fully consumed her body.

For the younger brunette it was like an epiphany as the intense flood of pleasure continued to overwhelm and overcharge her body’s capacity for pleasure. She arched her hips and pressed up against Amber’s mound, not fighting the desperate desire she had to rub ever more firmly against her sex.

Amber pulled away from the kiss and brought her breast to Melissa’s mouth, who eagerly began to suck on her nipple. It swelled instantly and Amber suddenly found herself fighting back a moan of her own. Melissa’s tongue danced sensuously over Amber’s swollen teat and teased it with the skilled touch of a woman who had been doing this her whole life.

The brunette felt Amber’s hand slide out of her pussy and let out a sigh of disappointment into the ample flesh of the blonde’s breast. Her disappointment was short-lived as Amber pulled her breast away from her mouth and pushed her back into the bed with a soft yet firm touch to her chest. Amber slid her body over Melissa’s and straddled her face, who took a moment to breathe in the aroma of arousal captured in the fine hairs covering the offered pussy.

Melissa brought her tongue to Amber’s pussy and it was even more delightful than her breast had been. The moisture of her arousal had such a delicious taste, at once musky and sweet. Melissa lapped at her labia with a deep passion and desire to pleasure Amber. She has never felt this eager need to pleasure Eric. But something about Amber made her ache with a deep longing to be able to give her what she needed. She licked and kissed, probed with her tongue and sucked on Amber’s clitty. She discovered what it was to please a woman, and she discovered she loved it more than anything else she had ever tried.

Amber spun on Melissa and leaned down to bring her own tongue to the younger woman’s silky smooth pussy, beginning to lick with the practiced skill of many such encounters. Her tongue knew just where to touch and how firmly, so much so that Melissa soon found herself on the cusp of yet another orgasm. She licked back with more fervor focusing on Amber’s pleasure in an attempt to delay her own eminent orgasm.

They climaxed together, each pressing her mouth to the other’s sex to muffle their aroused cries of passion. The beautiful blonde went limp and collapsed atop the smaller brunette. They just lay there for a few moments as they both came back to their senses. Amber came back to hers first and spun around on top of Melissa , bringing her mouth to meet the younger girls in a passionate kiss. “See you tomorrow love.” She whispered before sliding off of the bed and back to her own.

Melissa smiled as she lay back and slowly drifted into sleep. Tomorrow …

She couldn’t wait.

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