Mart 24, 2021

On The Train Ch. 03

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This storyline has become a favourite of mine. If your comments are any indication, you, the readers, have enjoyed it as well.

So, Samantha and Alex are back for round three.

I hope you like this one, too.

Thanks for your time.


Saturday morning. Alone in my bed.


I sniffed the pillow where Samantha’s head had rested during last night’s urgent satisfaction of our desires. I could smell her perfume. It made her absence feel even more empty.

The good news…and good was a relative term…is that I could look forward to Samantha gracing my bed every Friday. It’s an appointment I was only too happy to make, and one I would never break.

Speaking of relative terms, I now had two new ones; Cassandra and Chloe. As incredibly beautiful as their mother, if it weren’t for Samantha, I would still have a quandary; assuming I had the opportunity, which of the lovely, buxom twins would I choose to pursue?

Cassie was the more grounded of the two, in my limited experience. More like her mother. Intellectual, yet humorous. Loyal, but strong enough to step away when that loyalty was betrayed.

Chloe, save for a different hairstyle, was a carbon copy physically, but polar opposite in personality. Equally intelligent, she chose to display her wild side regularly. It was the side of her mother that only I got to see.

Now all of this is a moot point; an exercise in useless daydreaming. The reason was simple. I loved Samantha. The rest of the world didn’t exist.

I was still lying there, looking wistfully at her empty pillow, when my phone rang. I retrieved it from the bedside table, and looked at the display. My heart did a little jig.

“Sam?” I answered.

“Good morning, Alex,” she said, in her usual, throaty way. It wasn’t her bedroom voice, and she had called me ‘Alex’, not something more affectionate. I could guess why.

“Hi Sam. Kids got your tongue?” I laughed. There was a pause. I could picture her gritting her teeth, and trying to keep a straight face.

“Yes, it is a lovely day. Do you have plans for today?” she asked.

“Do you have any idea how much I want to rip your clothes off?” I responded, stirring the pot. “I’d love to spend hours between your thighs, licking that luscious little kitty of yours.” A little reminder of last night’s festivities.

A whimper of agony came through the phone, then became a giggle. “Well, if you could come over to help us, we’d appreciate it. I’ll feed you of course, to make it worth your while. The girls and I are packing up Frank’s books and stuff from his office. The boxes are a bit too heavy for us.”

She was doing a good job holding her end of the fictitious conversation, giving me information, but not letting her daughters know what was really being said. I couldn’t let her off that easily.

“So, Cassie and Chloe are nearby, and you have to play it platonic. I understand.” She gave me an ‘mmmm hmmm’. “I’d be happy to come over and help, but I’m going to need more incentive than lunch. Like those soft, pouty lips, wrapped around my hard cock, sucking gently,” I laughed.

She repeated the whimper, then hissed a barely audible “Knock it off!”

“Sorry honey,” I chuckled. “Just messing with you. I’ll take a shower and be there ASAP.”

“Thanks Alex. See you soon,” she replied.

“I know you can’t respond, so just listen. I love you, Samantha Fordham,” I said honestly.

There was another pause. The whisper returned.

“I love you too.”


I pulled into Sam’s driveway, and parked. After months of knowing Samantha… and several weeks of ‘knowing’ her… I was coming to her house for the second time in two days, and I couldn’t even act normally.

I rang the bell, and waited patiently. From inside I heard footsteps. The door swung open.

“Hi Alex,” Cassie smiled. “Come on in. Mom’s upstairs, and we’re going to make some breakfast in a few minutes. I can offer you a coffee?” She closed the door behind me.

Cassandra was certainly her mother’s daughter. The body language, hair colour, eyes and general affectations were pure Samantha. She was beautiful now, and if Sam was any indication, would age very well.

I accepted the offered coffee, and followed her into the kitchen, watching her cute ass wiggle along the way. She was wearing shorts, and an oversized t-shirt, off the shoulder, where a bright pink bra strap was revealed to complete the look. I sat at the island, on a stool, and Cassie poured me a cup. She leaned forward as she passed it across to me, giving me a full view of her breasts hanging enticingly in her bra.

There’s no way it was accidental. She was flirting, probably another trait inherited from her mother, who was a champion at turning me on with a subtle flash of cleavage, or a glimpse of smooth thigh. Cassie was being pretty blatant about it, and I was just playing along.

“Hi Alex!” ikitelli escort bayan I heard from behind, and turned to see Chloe bounding into the room. Bounding… and bouncing, as the bikini she was wearing was hardly up to the task of restraining her own remarkable pair of breasts. She was wet, fresh out of the pool, so the suit was a bit more transparent than it would have been dry. A bit of darker areola showed through the damp white fabric. As expected, Chloe took blatant to new levels, and she came to an energetic halt immediately in front of me. Her boobs stopped a second or two later, jiggling deliciously.

“You’re here to help us?” she smiled, her eyes sparkling. I nodded. “Cool!” she giggled, and turned to fetch something from the fridge. Whatever she was looking for was on the bottom shelf, and her straight legged bend put her own bottom on full display, with only a string of fabric covering her asshole.

“Jesus, Chloe!” Cassie gasped, rolling her eyes. “You’re such a tart!”

Chloe stood up, and grinned.

“I don’t hear Alex complaining” she laughed, opening her bottle of water with more vigour than necessary, to shake her breasts for my viewing pleasure yet again. “You’re just jealous because I have nicer tits!”

“We’re twins, you moron, and we wear the same size… everything, even bras!” Cassandra pronounced, letting me know her own endowment was equal to her sister’s beauties. She was piggybacking on Chloe’s flirt. Smart girl. Of course, Chloe was no dummy either, and she had a parting salvo of her own.

“Eh, whatever…I hardly ever wear a bra, anyway,” she winked, and wiggled away upstairs to change.

It was getting a little warm in here for me, with the girls doing their best to tempt me in their direction. Thankfully, Samantha arrived to rescue me.

“Hi Alex,” she smiled, and pecked me platonically on the cheek. “Thanks for coming.” She paused, realizing her inadvertent double entendre, and remembering last night, when I did exactly that… cum… deep inside her. She fought back the grin that tried to take over her face, letting it only tickle her lips.

With Mom in place, Cassandra behaved herself a bit more. She still flirted… As far as she knew, I was available, and since her sister obviously wanted me, she naturally did too. I was the unwilling prize of their sibling rivalry.

Moments later, Chloe returned, sans bra as advertised, wearing a skin tight, sky blue shirt, and tiny black shorts. Her nipples were poking holes in the fabric where it stretched across her unrestrained bustline, punctuating the phrase across the front : “I’m only responsible for what I say. How much you understand is your problem.”

Within seconds, the three of them were flitting about the kitchen like a well choreographed team. I just tried to stay out of the way, and was largely successful, unless they didn’t want me to be.

Chloe was the first to ‘accidentally’ rub against my back. “Oops,” she whispered, sliding past and dragging her soft orbs across my upper back. Cassie wasn’t about to let that go unchallenged, and pressed her own breasts against my shoulder as she reached around me to retrieve my coffee cup. She similarly christened the other shoulder when she brought it back full.

I glanced at Sam, who was busy pretending not to notice her daughters’ behaviour, and suppressing a smile. She was getting a laugh out of watching her girls torturing me, but I knew she wouldn’t let it go too far.

“Why don’t you head for the table, Alex?” Sam suggested. “We’ll be in shortly.”

I beat a hasty retreat, grateful that I would be able to curtail my erection before it became noticeable. Of course, the girls would be disappointed, as that had been their goal.

I wasn’t alone long. All three of them soon joined me, carrying plates, and trays of delicious food… eggs, bacon, sausage, toasted english muffins, french toast… all my favourites. Sam had listened intently to our chit chat on the train, for long before we became intimate, and now she was proving it.

Cassie put her plate and cup across from me, smiling softly, and was just about to sit when her mother asked her to get something from the kitchen. She left the room, and Chloe immediately took the vacant seat, swapping her mug in place of her sister’s. Upon her return, Cassie glared at her sister ominously, but said nothing, taking the spot opposite her mother.

I didn’t expect that this meal would fare any better than last night’s sushi order had, and I was right. Everyone loaded up, and dug in quickly.

I had a piece of bacon poised for consumption when I felt Chloe’s foot, sliding suggestively up my calf. I looked at her, and watched her eat her sausage in a decidedly sexual manner. I had a feeling that if Cassandra had been in that seat, it would have been her foot worming its way up my leg, and her lips miming a blowjob on a sausage. The same kartal escort bayan for Sam. I was in flirting hell.

Chloe took advantage of her spot in my direct view, pressing her breasts into the edge of the table, and dragging them up to rest on top with high beams fully displayed. She tried to pretend she didn’t know what she was doing, but I knew better, even thought I’d known her less than 24 hours. Chloe was fully aware of her effect on me, as was Cassie, and most importantly, Samantha as well. The girls had been taught by the master, and I was happy to be her plaything.

The table was hiding my lap, which had become more than a little crowded. I couldn’t help it. Chloe was a very beautiful young woman, and I wasn’t blind, so her supposedly innocent displays weren’t missed by my libido. Add Cassie and Sam to the mix, and I was powerless to resist.

The plates were empty, and I was sufficiently fed for now, so I helped load the dishwasher, and we headed for Frank’s office, just down the hall.

The ladies had been busy. No less than fifteen boxes were already full, and waiting for me to move them out to the garage. Frank would be sending someone to retrieve them from there tomorrow. I picked up the first one, and made my first trip. Sam was close behind me.

“Turn right,” she said quietly, directing me to my goal. I really didn’t need the guide, but she probably had other reasons for doing it.

I followed her directions, and found myself in the garage. She closed the door behind us, and leaned against it, beckoning me with her finger. She didn’t have to ask twice. I put the box down, and moved into her embrace, for a kiss that made everything right again.

She felt so perfect in my arms, with her big, soft breasts squashed between us. We tangled tongues, and pawed at each other, trying to keep from making any noise. I was nibbling her neck, and groping her tits, but she remained in control, and reminded me that we didn’t need to get caught.

“Easy honey,” she smiled, adding another kiss. “I just wanted to see how you’re holding up. The girls are pretty relentless, aren’t they?”

“You could say that,” I whispered back. “Chloe is really laying it on thick.”

“I see that. Do you need me to tell them to knock it off?” she asked.

“No, I can handle it,” I smiled. “It’s kind of fun, in a way… as long as you’re okay with it.”

“Well…” she whispered, thinking for a second, “yeah, I’m good. I trust you, and I trust them to keep being themselves. I just know I’m going to get so much flack from them when they find out about us. Eventually.”

She gave me one more kiss, and let me get in a parting grope before she opened the door and went back inside, leaving me alone in the garage with my thoughts, an erection, and a box of books.

I found two 2×4’s standing in the corner, and laid them on the concrete floor to keep the boxes from getting damp. Yeah, Frank was an asshole, and he cheated on Samantha, but that was past. I could give him at least this much consideration.

Of course, if he hadn’t agreed to Sam’s demands, I would have been pissing into the boxes.


I was sweating as I dropped the twentieth box on the pile. Man, this guy had a lot of books. His office had been more of a library, but we were nearing the end.

I went back inside, and found no one in the office. There were still about ten shelves full, so we weren’t done yet. Where did they go?

Wandering out into the kitchen, I heard girlish giggles coming from outside by the pool, and followed the sound.

“Ah, there you are!” I laughed. There you are indeed.

Chloe and Cassie were both in bikinis again, and Samantha had changed into a sundress. Three sets of tits with miles of delicious cleavage were being offered to my eyes.

“We’re taking a break,” Sam giggled, peeking over her sunglasses. “Out of boxes for the moment, and I needed a drink,” she smiled, lifting her glass. “Why don’t you grab one yourself, and relax.”

A little rest sounded like a great idea, so I poured myself a cool drink, and took a seat, looking over at the ladies, arranged so nicely on their lounges. Chloe had the white bikini on again. Cassie’s was blue, and only slightly more modest. Samantha’s dress was a bluish green, like her eyes, and showed her legs quite nicely, as well as her boobs. It was quite a view.

Sam slurped up the rest of her drink through the straw, and rattled her glass, looking at the empty vessel with disdain. I jumped up, and took it from her, earning a smile and a thank you.

“Put about three fingers of rum in that sucker, please,” she laughed. “I’m not driving anywhere.”

I guess this had to be hard for her. Even though she was happy to be free of his betrayal, every one of Frank’s books that came off a shelf was a reminder that her marriage had failed. No woman wants that. I put a fourth finger of rum in kadıköy escort bayan the glass, to ease her angst just a bit more.

“Jesus!” she gasped, taking a sip. “If you’re trying to get me drunk, you’re going about it the right way. I should remind you that I am a married woman… for a little while longer, anyway.” There was a tinge of sadness in her voice.

“I’m not married,” Chloe piped up, “so you can get me drunk. Please do!”

“Oh Chloe,” Cassie sighed. “You have all the tact of a bulldozer.” She smiled at me, and dabbed at the sweat in her cleavage. She was more subtle, but equally dangerous.

A few minutes later, Sam had finished her drink, and stood up.

“Alright, you two,” she clapped her hands at her daughters. “Take my car, and go get us more boxes. Cassie… you know the place. I think another dozen should do it. We need more tape, too.”

“Is Alex coming with us?” Chloe asked, eyeing me hopefully.

“Alex did all the heavy lifting, so he gets to rest for longer,” Sam pronounced, ending the dialogue. She looked at her watch. “It’s almost lunch time. Bring back some pizza, as well. I’ll call it in.”

The girls hustled inside to change, and Sam looked at me softly.

“That should give us a bit of time alone,” she giggled quietly. “I really need you. Last night just didn’t satisfy my appetite.”

Sam was on the phone ordering the pizza when her daughters came back downstairs. Chloe had a fresh, provocative t-shirt on… ‘I know right from wrong. Wrong is the fun one’… but still no bra. She plucked the keys from her mother’s hand, and they headed out the door.

I went to watch them go, and Sam finished on the phone, joining me a few seconds later. She pressed herself against my back, and we both sighed when the car was clear of the driveway.

“We’ve got forty minutes,” she giggled, as I turned in her arms. She dropped to her knees, and wrestled my cock free of my pants and underwear. “I believe you said something about these lips…” she pouted, “… around this big hard cock. Mmmmm hmmm.” She wasted no time, plunging her mouth over the head, and starting a smooth rhythm of bobs and strokes.

I leaned back against the front door, and closed my eyes. Her lips were divine, coaxing my cock to full height, and she sucked happily for about five minutes before pulling back. She stroked me with her hand while she talked to me.

“As much as I’d like to just suck the cum out of your balls right here, I really need you to fuck me.” She stood and led the way, up the stairs, and into her bedroom.

She quickly pulled the dress off over her head, and posed for a moment in her matching blue bra and panties. Walking slowly over to the bed, she sat softly.

“There hasn’t been much action in this marital bed, lately,” she said quietly, “and certainly no love.” Laying back, she rolled her head in my direction. “Let’s show it how it’s done.”

I smiled, and stripped off my clothes, joining her on the nicely appointed king sized mattress. She welcomed me into her arms with a kiss, and rolled atop me. I unhooked her bra, and freed her perfect breasts, letting them rest on my chest, while she continued to peck and kiss me playfully. My hands slid inside the back of her panties, cupping the firm flesh there. Rolling us back over, she smiled as I dragged her panties off down her smooth legs, then spread wide, showing me her very wet vagina.

I knew we were on a deadline, but I just had to lick that gorgeous gash for a few minutes. She moaned as my tongue found the target, delving between her slick labia to taste her juices again. Last night, I had wanted to eat her, but we had a tight time window then, too. I restrained myself to a minute or two of grazing on her succulent folds, then moved up to mount her.

“Oh shit, Alex,” she groaned, as I speared her, balls deep. “Fuck my cunt, you beautiful man! Make me cum!”

Now there’s an idea.

I was leaning up on my arms, looking into her eyes as I drilled her hard. She was gasping in time with my thrusts, a lusty smile on her face. Her bed was a little more springy than mine, and was magnifying the effects of my deep strokes, making her boobs jiggle even more energetically.

Sam followed my gaze down to her bountiful, bouncing chest, and laughed, rolling her shoulders to make her breasts even more obvious.

“Cassie and Chloe may have younger ones,” she smiled, cupping her tits suggestively, “but I’ve got bigger ones!”

Bigger indeed… And I love bigger. Bigger leads to bouncier, and bouncy boobs are my absolute favourite. Put those big bouncy tits on a woman as beautiful and wonderful as Samantha Fordham, and it’s little wonder I had fallen for her like a ton of bricks.

I was looking deep into her incredible eyes, getting lost in their blue / green depths. I would never get tired of those eyes. I hoped I’d still be looking into them decades from now.

A sharp gasp from Sam roused me from my musings, and I looked down at her.

“Oh yes, oh yes, oh… fuck… yes… YES!… YESSSS!” she screeched, arching her back under me, while wrapping her legs even tighter around my waist. Her pussy clamped down on my shaft with vice like pressure, and she blushed purple with exertion, then relaxed suddenly, panting for air. I watched her breasts shudder and shake with each gasping intake.

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