Mart 31, 2021

On The Edge Ch. 04

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This story is a work of fiction and all characters are age of majority (18) or older.


Janice wondered how long it would take for her birth control pills to become effective as she walked into the doctor’s office. “I’d really like to get some man-woman sex going. Alex is so hot and I can hardly wait to stuff my pussy full of something warm and living, much as my pink bullet does a great job,” she thought, a smile of recollection flashing across her pretty visage as she rose to see the doctor, the paper gown rustling as she moved.

“Janice, I understand you’re planning to begin using oral birth control. I have a few questions for you. Please ask anything that comes to mind as we talk. What’s said between us goes nowhere. Your parents cover your healthcare costs but don’t get any reports from me.” Dr. Barlow smiled and gestured the teen to a chair.

“My Mom and I had a talk on the weekend and she decided I should go on birth control before college. I’m happy she’s changed her mind and recognizes I’m an adult now.” Janice paused and considered her next words carefully. “I’ve been fooling around with a guy and really like what I’m feeling when we touch each other.” She looked at the man who had delivered her almost 2 decades ago and waited for his response.

“I have a standard list of health related questions to go through, then I want to talk with you about some of the emotional and physical issues of your current sexual experiences.” Dr. Barlow worked his way through the battery of questions, carefully noting the information Janice supplied. “Have you had sexual intercourse with this young man? Please be completely honest. It’s important that we have accurate information in your file.”

Janice blushed and replied, “Not exactly, I-I mean he hasn’t stuck his penis in my vagina,” The doctor waited calmly for the suddenly nervous young woman to expand on her answer. When the silence became too much for her to bear, she blurted, “We’ve had oral sex a few times and he’s done anal sex with me!” Janice looked at her doctor fearfully.

He raised an eyebrow, then smiled at her. “Don’t worry, your secrets are safe with me.”

“No, we haven’t used protection — that’s part of the reason we tried anal sex.” She brightened at the recollection of the thunderous orgasm Ann and Alex had given her a few nights previously. “I liked it; he took his time and we went really slow and used lots of lube and…” Janice colored again as she almost mentioned Ann licking her clit as Alex worked her ass, but remembered to stop talking just in time.

“I’m going to get you to sit up on the examining table and put your feet in the stirrups. It will only take a moment,” Dr. Barlow directed. He busied himself with washing his hands and pulling a pair of sterile gloves on. He squirted a dollop of lubricant on his longest digit as he admired the curvacious teen’s long legs.

Janice hopped up on the table and placed her feet in the stirrups, feeling more vulnerable than during any of her recent sexual escapades. The doctor flipped the gown out of the way and looked at the teen’s bald vulva and crinkled anal star. Parting her labia with his fingers, he looked for signs of anything amiss. He noted the lack of a hymen, not knowing it had been demolished during Janice’s early, vigorous sexual explorations with her hairbrush and her girlfriend. He smelled young, fresh pussy and his cock stirred at the combination of sight, smell and touch, feeling her heat as he slid his gloved middle finger into the depths of her moist vulva.

Janice reacted to the intrusion with a quiet gasp of arousal, fighting the urge to push her hips down to envelop more of the intruder. Dr. Barlow twisted his finger around, checking her cervix and enjoying the rising furnace of the girl’s twat, garnering more gasps and a tightening grip on his questing digit. He allowed his gloved finger one fore and aft pump, then straightened it so the nail rubbed against her G-spot as he extracted his glove from his lovely patient’s boiling sexual center.

“OK, everything seems fine. You can get dressed now,” the physician soothed as he withdrew his hand and flipped the paper gown over her glistening crotch, turning away so his beautiful patient couldn’t see the burgeoning erection under his white smock. Scribbling on his pad, he handed Janice the prescription and a lab form “Here’s a requisition for the blood test and this is your oral contraceptive prescription. You need to take these for two weeks before you’re fully protected. Read the paper that comes with them and see me if you have questions or any reaction to the medication.”

Janice shakily slid off the table and accepted the forms, unexpectedly aroused by the doctor’s actions. She was hoping he would leave quickly so she could rub out an orgasm before redressing.

Her phone rang to interrupt her plan as she watched Dr. Barlow disappear into his office to complete his notes. “Janice noted her home number and answered, “Hi, I’m just ankara escort about to leave the doctor’s office. What’s up?”

Her mother responded, “I’m hoping you could come home soon so we can spend a little time together. It feels so good to finally talk to my daughter.”

Janice replied, “I’ll be there shortly. I have to get a blood test and fill my prescription. Can we go out for lunch?” Mother and daughter made arrangements to meet and Janice hurried off for her blood test.

At the end of their leisurely lunch, Janice’s mother asked with a smile, “Do you have any candidates for a boyfriend that I don’t know? You’re physically equipped for the adult world now and I’m hoping you’ll only date boys that will treat you with respect. The emotional side of dating can be tough until you get through the ups and downs of relationships a few times.”

Maura sighed and continued. “Even when you have been in a relationship for a long time it can have some real emotional twists and turns. Remember that it’s not the end of the world when you hit one of those bumps.”

Janice squirmed a little and averred there were a couple of candidates she was considering. What she wouldn’t dare tell her mother was that she was already involved with the ‘candidates’, Ann and Alex. “I’ll let you know how things shape up. I don’t want to date anyone that makes it harder to be around my friends.” Janice looked at her phone and prepared to leave. “I told Ann I’d hang out with her this afternoon. I’ll see you tonight.” she kissed her mother on the cheek and hurried off to meet her lover.

Janice burst into Ann’s home and said “Ta-Dahh!” as she pulled the white and red pharmacy prescription bag out of her purse to display it to her best friend. “The doctor said birth control pills are effective after taking them for 2 weeks. I’m so excited!”

Ann’s mother heard the exclamation and walked around the corner as Janice was fishing the packet out of the small bag. “It’s probably time you got on the Pill too, Ann,” startling both girls. “Time marches on and the adult world is coming fast for you 2. I’ll call Dr. Barlow and arrange an appointment.” She turned to Janice and said, “Hi, Janice! Are you staying for dinner tonight?”

Janice stammered, “Um, hi Mrs. Lewis. I’m not sure yet. I just came from lunch with my Mom. I probably should be home for dinner. Maybe Ann can eat with us, if that’s OK?”

“OK by me. Alex eats enough for the 2 of you himself.” Jane turned to her daughter. “I’ll make that appointment for you. I imagine you’ll want to eat at the Devlins? I know the pair of you will be having whispered conversations for days, now.”

Ann blushed as she thought “You have no idea what we’re going to be talking about” and replied, “Mom, we’re not boy obsessed weirdos!” She then blurted, “We’ll be talking about men!” and slapped her hand over her mouth as she realized what she had said to her mother. Janice snickered and looked at Jane as she tried unsuccessfully to keep a straight face.

The girls headed over to the Devlin household, speaking together in excited tones about the acceptance their parents were showing for their children’s sexual maturation.

“When I had my physical today, I got turned on by Dr. Barlow when he pushed his finger into my pussy. I’m pretty sure he was starting to get hard by the time he was finished fingering me. I think I’ll need to relieve the pressure that built up.” Janice raised an eyebrow and smirked at her friend.

Ann touched the end of her nose with the tip of her tongue, then retorted, “I’d better not taste any rubber glove tonight. Remember, cleanliness is next to godliness!” She looked around quickly to ensure nobody was around and quickly lunged in for a quick kiss, licking Janice’s lips with the tip of her moist tongue.

After dinner, the girls retreated to Janice’s bedroom to watch television. They queued up one of the movies Alex had loaded into the server and quietly watched the heroes save the galaxy. Maura Devlin quietly tapped on the door and entered on Janice’s “Come in!” She glanced at the movie and asked if there was anything the girls needed.

“Last call for room service. Dad and I are going out to the new jazz club for a couple of hours and your brother won’t be home until after his movie. If he gets home before we do, make sure he doesn’t have a mob of his friends in.”

Maura left to a chorus of “have fun” and “I’ll watch him” as she pulled the bedroom door closed. Janice immediately paused the video, opened the folder with their porn movies, selecting “Bound” and jumping forward to the first scene between Gina Gershon and Jennifer Tilley. She crawled over Ann’s prone form, pinning her to the bed and buried her face in the girl’s hair so she could inhale her lover’s scent.

Ann laid the side of her head on the pillow as she watched the steam rise between the actresses and luxuriated in Janice’s nuzzling. Janice snaked a hand under their bodies to grasp Ann’s breast, massaging and tweaking the firm escort ankara flesh.

“If you get your prescription next week, you’ll be able to fuck your brother right after your period. In the meantime, you’ll have to settle for me helping you get off,” Janice whispered as her other hand slid under her friend’s waistband, sliding across her pubic thatch on the way to Ann’s very moist vulva. Ann tilted her hips to make space for the invading hands, sighing as cool fingers stroked around her breast and a fingertip slid over her hooded clitoris. She gasped as 2 fingers hooked into the upper wall of her flooding pussy, seeking her G-spot as Corky went down on Violet in the video.

Janice nuzzled Ann’s hair, licking lightly up the side of Ann’s neck in time with the strokes of her fingers and the simulated onscreen sex. Janice rolled her pelvis against Ann’s squirming buttocks as she squeezed the breast firmly in one hand and tightly curled her pussy-mauling fingers to rub against the slight roughness she detected, the movement making muffled squelching sounds through her friend’s jeans.

Ann buried her face in the pillow as she cried out her orgasm from the rough treatment and Janice humped Ann’s firm ass, rubbing her bra-clad tits against the quivering form pinned beneath her.

Janice’s withdrawing hand coaxed another shudder out of the satiated girl as it passed the erect clit on the way out of her pants.

When she could speak coherently again, Ann warned her friend that she should open the window because the room now stank of pussy. Janice rose from the bed to comply as she stuck the gooey fingers in her mouth, savouring the taste of fresh sex.

Ann rolled to her feet and made sure the door was locked. She peeled off her top and unclasped the already askew bra, then unzipped her jeans. Walking up to her slightly taller friend, she pulled Janice’s shirt free of her pants and began undoing the fastenings of her miniskirt. As Janice shucked her t-shirt and bra off, Ann pulled the skirt down her friend’s sleek legs. Janice stepped out of the skirt, interrupting Ann’s efforts to pull he panties off. The pair cooperated in removing the last garment and Ann pushed her face into the very wet pussy that was revealed, banging the taller girl against her highboy dresser.

Ann gently attacked her friend, holding Janice’s hands back from grabbing Ann’s head. Her tongue licked the outer labia and traces of dampness on the panting girl’s inner thighs, savouring the musky essence. Her tongue worked up the taut abdomen, circling briefly around the tidy ‘innie’ navel and up along to the lower ribs. It was here that Ann knew she had to control the hands she was holding.

Janice squirmed as Ann licked and nibbled along her lower rib cage, both tickled and aroused from the tracing of her flesh close beneath her quivering breasts. Janice’s aureoles were crinkled and her nipples were protruding like firm berries as she vibrated in anticipation of the next destination of her lover’s sharp teeth and swirling tongue.

A disappointed whine escaped Janice’s lips as Ann merely rubbed her face across her breasts. “I’m going to fuck your brains out,” Ann promised with a wicked smirk, “but you’re going to have to kiss me nicely first.” Ann pressed her lips to her lover’s throat to make it difficult for her to comply. Janice rolled her head around, letting her lover torment her a little longer. She loved the nuzzling and soft kisses on the erogenous zones of her neck.

Their breasts rubbed gently during this interlude as Ann’s arousal rose to match Janice. Their lips finally touched and tongues dueled gently as their kiss deepened. Ann sighed and Janice whimpered as her hands were released and she wrapped her arms around Ann’s naked form.

Ann’s hands rose up to grasp the firm breasts, gliding the palms over Janice’s erect nipples. She squeezed the globes, kneading them as her questing tongue dove and retreated in Janice’s slippery mouth. The girls kissed wetly, rubbing their torsos together, with an occasional moan into the others’ open mouth punctuating the faint sounds of the movie.

Ann pushed 2 fingers into Janice’s mouth and another 2 fingers into the girl’s moist pussy. She dropped her mouth along her neck and licked around Janice’s breasts, alternating between the heaving mounds as her fingers pushed into the wet orifices. She switched hands, giving Janice a taste of her own arousal and cooling her heated labia with the digits that had been in her mouth.

Gauging Janice’s heightening arousal, she hooked her fingers and forced the trembling girl to the bed. “Lay back and hold your legs beside your ears. If you let them down, I’ll tie them to the headboard.”

Janice licked her lips as she quickly complied with the order. They were edging into new territory, never having done any bondage. The thought of having her ankles bound to the headboard juiced her already sopping pussy as she watched the other girl rummage in the computer case for the dildo.

Ann ankara escort bayan stuck the pink tool deep into her mouth, wetting it with a slobbered sheen of her saliva. “I forgot to tell you — I deep throated Alex’s cock the other day! I bumped my nose against his belly. It was a weird feeling to have something in my throat, but it blew his mind.” She gave the dildo another slobbery kiss and knelt at the glistening pussy pouting at her between the straining legs. Giving the shiny slit a long, slow lick, she followed up by smoothly inserting the toy into the depths of Janice’s needy twat. The supine girl’s legs thrashed slightly as Ann ground the dildo in and out, in and out.

“Keep those legs up there or your bathrobe’s going to be missing a belt!” Janice squirmed on the bed, too aroused to keep her position as ordered. “OK, you asked for it!” Ann pulled the toy free with a squelching sound and placed it beneath the girl’s nose. “Open!” As Janice complied, Ann jammed a couple of inches of pussy-scented plastic in her mouth, then turned to pull the fabric belt out of the loops on the robe hanging from the bedroom door. She looped the terrycloth around the slim ankles and tied a half knot, then tied the ends together around a convenient spindle in the headboard.

Ann briefly lapped the fluids off her girlfriend’s swollen labia, then reached up to retrieve the vibrator. As she slid it home in the ready hole, Janice moaned her pleasure and excitement. “Fuck me with that thing — I need to come so badly!”

Ann pulled the vibrator almost free of the clutching sexual maw, turned the knob on the end and slowly slid it all the way home. Janice bucked at the sensations and panted out her incipient orgasm; Ann remorselessly pumped the vibrating plastic cock in and out at a steady pace.

As her orgasm grew, Janice felt a tongue lapping at her back hole. She began thrashing around and crying her pleasure, unable to lower her legs to hold Ann’s head deeper against her bum. Ann drove the vibrator fully into the gushing pussy and tapped out a quick beat on the buzzing handle as she feasted on the funky tasting sphincter nipping convulsively at her tongue. She turned the vibrator off as the legs above her shook uncontrollably, slowly withdrawing the pink sex toy and giving her lover one last gentle lick between the cheeks, along the full length of the sweaty perineum, up the quivering cunt lips to the love button hiding under its fleshy hood.

The sexually satiated duo slowly rolled off the bed and opened the door and window to dissipate the reek of pussy. Still naked, Ann walked across the hall and washed the dildo in the bathroom sink. After tidying up and switching to a mainstream adventure movie, the girls cuddled on the bed and talked about their fast approaching college days.

Hearing the front door open, they rushed to throw their clothes back on, omitting bras and panties for speed’s sake. Janice’s little brother Billy walked in and plopped down on his sister’s bed. “What’cha watching?”

“It’s one of the old ‘Lethal Weapon’ movies. What did you see at the show?” Janice patted the bed beside her and the youngster slid up and rested his back against the wall.

“I’ve seen this one lots of times. We saw ‘The Avengers’. It was good, but I still like the first ‘Iron Man’ better. The effects were really good, though.” Billy rambled on about the merits and high points of his outing as the girls indulged his desire for an audience. His monologue finally ran out of steam and he hopped off the bed and bounded down the stairs to raid the refrigerator.

“We need to get properly laid soon. When can your brother get some time with us after the next couple of weeks? I have that physics midterm that I really need to study for and you’ve been bitching about calculus all semester.” Janice scowled slightly. “My period’s coming soon so that makes things really shitty for my sex life anyhow.”

Ann replied, “I’ll organize things with Alex so he’s got his school and job out of the way, then he and I can get the parents out of the house for another movie or music event. I know there are some good movies coming out and will prime my Mom to want to see whichever one has the best reviews. Plan on staying over in 2 weekends.” She thought for a moment. “We shouldn’t hang out after school for at least the second week. That gives us a really good reason to want to spend the night together. Maybe Alex can do a double header, fill both our pussies that night!”

Janice chortled, “If he’s got enough stamina, you can get both the front and rear holes reamed out! All our practice with the butt plugs should make it easy for him to do your back door.” Ann savoured the thought of her brother thoroughly plowing her ass like he had done to Janice a couple of months previously.


Exams and tests pressed the libidinous trio into less lascivious pursuits. Birth control and monthly cycles cleared the way for the long awaited evening.

Ann primed her mother with magazine reviews on the latest movies casually left out in the livingroom during the second week leading up to the hoped-for debauchery. The hook set, she made certain her parents noticed Janice had not been around.

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