Şubat 24, 2021

Oh My God, They Were Roommates!

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“Where’s the wine opener?” Lucy called from her small kitchen. A bottle of cheap wine, the big one-liter kind, sat unopened on the false granite counter.

Kate looked up and stared into space. She did this when she was concentrating on something. Lucy always thought it was funny–she looked the most like a Dumb Blonde when she was thinking the hardest. Kate slapped her thigh. “Fuck!” She groaned. “We left it behind on Saturday.”

She was right. The previous Friday, Kate and Lucy, along with a few friends, had headed into the next town over to hang out at Briarwood. The house was often littered with beer cans and empty bottles before the function even began.

Lucy buried her hands in her face in exaggerated exasperation. “I just want to drink,” she whined.

“Wait!” Kate leapt up off the floor.


Kate didn’t respond. Instead, she made a beeline to her room and disappeared for a moment.


“Hold on!”

She emerged a moment later with a small pocket knife. “We can use this corkscrew!”

“Oh, smart.”

Kate twisted the corkscrew into the cork, and pulled. Lucy raised her eyebrows and watched as Kate struggled.

“Do you want some help?” Lucy asked. Despite being significantly shorter than Kate, she was a good bit stronger. Her body was dense and compact, with sturdy, thick legs and noticeable muscle tone in her arms and shoulders. Lucy smiled a little. She liked knowing she was stronger than her lean, willowy friend, although she wasn’t quite sure why.

Kate regarded the cork for a moment, then sighed in resignation and handed the bottle over. Lucy pulled the cork out in one swift movement, then grinned at Kate.

“Whatever,” Kate said, but she couldn’t help but smile back.

“Hey, if you’re gonna be like that you can’t have any!”

“No! I want some,” Kate pouted. She sounded quite girlish to Lucy in that moment. They weren’t so far off–they had just turned nineteen and subsequently moved into their first apartment that year.

Just then, something strange happened.

They locked eyes with each other. Lucy’s gaze lingered on Kate’s mouth, then traveled down her neck. Kate felt Lucy seeing her. It sent a warm rush down her spine.

The strange and electric instance between them passed almost the moment it began, and suddenly Lucy turned around to face the counter and made herself busy pouring cheap white wine into two large bell-shaped glasses.


The summer air floated through the open balcony door while Lucy howled with laughter, one foot propped up on the couch where Kate perched, telling her story about her horrible date with much hand waving and hyperbole.

Lucy sat up, still trembling with laughter, and poured herself another glass of wine. Kate followed suit.

“Clink with me!” Lucy held her cup out.

“Clink!” Kate slid down to sit next to Lucy on the floor and they touched glasses. They had both filled them nearly to the brim, and the motion of the two slightly buzzed girls had caused Kate’s wine to splash onto her leg. This brought about a whole new wave of giggles.

Lucy stuck her lip out and gazed at the spillage on Kate’s pale thigh. Much to Kate’s shock, Lucy leaned over and began lapping the wine up. Kate gasped at the sensation of Lucy’s mouth on her sensitive inner thigh, and then let out one surprised laugh.

Lucy was surprised, too. The pair had been inseparable since middle. But now, suddenly, she wanted to devour her.

Kate’s skin was buttery. Lucy thought she smelled of almonds and casino şirketleri honey and, the farther she licked along her inner thigh, vaguely of sweat. Even that had a sweet scent to it.

Kate was paralyzed, her heart thumping like a hummingbird’s wings. She just watched as Lucy tasted her. Lucy’s hair, dense, curly, and a dark jewel-red, tickled the inside of her right leg while her mouth trailed along the left. Her brown eyes flashed up to peer at her before she nibbled lightly on Kate’s inner thigh. She inhaled, like she was smelling a fine bouquet, and Kate shivered. She thought Lucy looked carnivorous, like a vampire.

Lucy pulled back and looked at her roommate. Kate’s chest rose and fell rapidly under her cutoff tank top, and her pierced nipples poked through the fabric. Kate had what Lucy teasingly called “headlights”–cute, perky breasts that stood right up.

Lucy looked Kate in her eyes, suddenly feeling very sober, and quite brave. “Kate, I want to fuck you.”

The words hung in the air, no twist of irony or jokingly flirtatious tone to soften them. Lucy was deadly serious–the look on her face frightened Kate in a way that triggered a tingle deep in her belly.

Kate had never seen Lucy like this. Her hair was a fiery halo around her head, her wide dark eyes sparkled dangerously. She was electric.

Kate parted her legs in response.


Lucy knew what Kate was into. They had had many a conversation about how hard they each liked to be choked, whether they preferred rope or cuffs, flogger or paddle, wax or ice. The slight difference between the two girls was that while Kate was purely submissive, Lucy liked to switch it up. “I like choking pretty boys,” she was fond of saying.

Lucy crawled atop her friend, pinning her slender body against the base of the couch. She grabbed Kate’s hair at the base of her head in one hand and wrapped her other around her throat. “What’s your safe word?”

Kate grinned at her. Lucy squeezed her throat and pushed her harder into the couch. “What. Is your. Safe word?”


Lucy smiled a little. Figures. Then she proceeded to wrap Kate’s blonde hair around her hand and pulled her head back. “Are you gonna be a good girl?”

Kate purred and nodded. Lucy pinched Kate’s pierced nipple through her shirt, causing her to whimper.

“Use your words, little slut.”

“Yes.” Kate blushed.

Lucy gave Kate a gentle little slap on her burning cheek. “I know you know what to say. You’re not stupid.” she punctuated this with another slap.

“I’m going to be a good girl.” Kate nearly whispered it.

“That’s right.”

Kate gasped as Lucy, still holding onto her hair, suddenly burrowed into the space between her neck and collar bone. She alternated between nibbling, barely touching her throat with her tongue, and delivering sharp, painful bites, causing Kate to wriggle and whimper beneath her. Lucy growled into the taller girl’s ear, then giggled. Her hair brushed against Kate’s face. It smelled like vanilla, and something spicy. She rose to her feet.

“Get up.”

The tall girl stood obediently, and the shorter one grinned. Lucy walked across the living room to Kate’s bedroom and walked in. It was the first time she had ever been in this room, after all this time. Kate followed her.

Lucy pushed Kate onto the bed, and then just stood, looking at her. Kate’s legs were slender, and impossibly long. She was wearing little grey athletic shorts, and from this angle Lucy could see the imprint of Kate’s pussy. Her casino firmaları shirt had the sleeves cut off, and the edge of her left breast was exposed. Although she was slender, her hips flared out and her body had a beautiful, feminine curve to it. Like a painting, Lucy thought.

Slowly, Lucy tugged the bottom of Kate’s shirt upwards, revealing her navel, then the small dip between her ribcage. It was dead silent save for the two girls’ breathing. Slowly, slowly Lucy pulled the shirt over her friend’s breasts, revealing pale pink nipples with a silver bar through each. Finally she pulled the shirt over Kate’s head.

Lucy had seen Kate’s tits in passing when she was showing off her new piercings, and a few times when she changed into a new outfit in the living room. Now she openly admired them, cupping them in her hands and giving each a firm squeeze. Kate gasped quietly.

Lucy carried on, tugging Kate’s shorts down, savoring the experience. Kate arched her hips up to assist her. As Lucy suspected, the blonde wasn’t wearing panties. She pulled the shorts off from around her ankles and threw them onto the floor, then took a moment to admire Kate. Her pussy was pretty. There was a fine layer of stubble on her mound and puffy outer lips. Her inner lips were bubble-gum pink. A wet sheen glistened on them, threatening to drip onto her floral patterned sheets at any moment. Lucy could smell her in the air, hot and musky.

Kate could feel how wet she was without even touching herself. She adored being looked at, and her best friend admiring her naked body made her feel nude in a way she never had before. Her pussy pulsed. Lucy ran her fingers gently over Kates nipples.

“Uh,” Kate moaned. Her nipples were particularly receptive after the piercings, and even the lightest touch made her nerve endings dance.

“Aw, are Katie’s nipples sensitive?” Lucy teased, pinching both nipples in earnest now.

“Uhhuh!” Kate squealed, her legs twitching slightly. It almost felt like her nipples were hotwired to her vulva, and she pressed her thighs together instinctively.

“Uh huh,” Lucy repeated. Then her voice dropped into a husky half-whisper. “Is that making your pussy wet?”

Kate pursed her lips and nodded. Lucy grinned again, impishly. It was almost too satisfying to see her like this, wiggling her hips, panting, begging to be touched. She leaned in close to Kate’s ear.

“Do you want me to play with it?”

Kate nodded again. Lucy pinched her nipples hard. Kate exhaled sharply.

“Say it,” Lucy chided.

“I want you to play with it.”

Lucy pinched harder in response.

“I want you to play with my pussy, please, please,” she had that girlish tone again, except this time it was breathy, desperate. Lucy pinched her nipples harder still and studied Kate’s face. Kate whipped her head back and forth, moaning and whimpering. Lucy tugged her pink nipples for good measure and then released them. Then she let her fingers trail across Kates ribcage, then down past her belly button, slowly, teasingly. Kate shuddered, her gaze fixed in rapt attention to Lucy’s face. Lucy looked back, unflinching, smiling slightly. There was a mischievous twinkle in her eyes. She batted her thick lashes.

Lucy parted Kate’s long legs wide, then trailed her fingers along her soft inner thighs. Kate’s pussy was very wet now, with clear webs of her nectar sticking between her lips. “Please, please,” she was chanting quietly. Lucy could feel the heat radiating off of her.

Slowly, gently, Lucy parted Kate’s swollen lips. güvenilir casino She saw her little clit twitch and noted, with some interest, how much smaller it was than her own.

“Look at this pretty little pussy,” Lucy murmured. She hoped that embarrassed Kate to hear. She had a feeling her friend liked a little bit of shame mixed in with her pleasure. She pressed her tongue gently against Kate’s exposed clit, causing her to sigh and try to press her vulva more firmly against the shorter girl’s tongue.

Lucy held Kate in place by the thighs and licked her vulva slowly, from the bottom to the top and back down again. Kate let out a long, sustained moan, and tried unsuccessfully to grind more quickly against Lucy’s face. Lucy restrained her with little effort. She wanted to taste all of it. Kate’s pussy was sweet and tangy, reminding Lucy of a raspberry, or maybe a grapefruit. The hot day had left Kate tasting salty and a bit musky as well. This drove Lucy up the wall.

“Mmmm,” Lucy’s sound of appreciation sent a vibration through Kate’s pussy. Kate bucked her hips. Lucy slid her middle finger gently in and out of Kate, her tongue now focusing on her hard little clit.

“Ah,” Kate squeaked. “Ah, ah, ah.” The little squeaks matched in rhythm with Lucy’s finger sliding in and out, and her tongue tapping against her clit. Lucy worked a second finger in, never breaking pace. She looked up at her friend. Kate’s eyes were closed, her brow furrowed. Her mouth was open slightly, her pink lips parting. Lucy stopped licking for a moment.

“Look at me. Look at me, slut.” Her fingers now pressed against Kate’s G-spot. Kate did what she was told. This pleased Lucy greatly, and she rewarded her with a smile and fast, percussive tapping against her swollen special spot. “Is this going to make you cum?”

It was an earnest question, and one that hadn’t been asked of her quite like that before by any of her male partners. She moaned and panted, trying to catch her breath. “Yesss,” she managed to hiss.

“Yes what?”

“Yes Luceeeey, yes mommy, you’re going to make me cum, please let me cum.”

“Come for me, slut,” she growled. “Come on, give it to me.”

And Kate did.

“Uh, uh, uhhhhngh!” Her face contorted and her legs tensed and spasmed. Lucy moaned with her and buried her fingers deep inside her friend’s spasming pussy, fucking her with her hand until she twitched and mumbled wordlessly. She stroked her blonde hair and pulled her fingers out, rubbing her pussy gently now.

“There’s a good girl.”

Kate grinned deliriously. “I’m a good girl.”

“Say it again,” Lucy demanded, pushing her two fingers back into Kate’s still pulsing pussy. “Say it again, Katie.”

“I’m a good girl,” sighed Kate, swirling her hips lazily against Lucy’s hand.

“Yeah.” Lucy pumped her friend’s pussy gently, barely moving her fingers. Her thumb on her other hand rubbed against her clit. Kate gasped and twitched like she’d been shocked, but Lucy continued stimulating her as her body jolted. “Good girl.”

Kate whimpered, almost like she was in pain, but she fucked Lucy’s fingers back, twitching and spasming all the time. Lucy picked up her pace, fingering her harder and using soft, quick flicks against Kate’s clit.

“Oh.” Kate said this almost matter of factly as she felt a warm pleasure building in her. “Oh. Oh.”

“Uh huh,” Lucy encouraged her. “Come on Katie. Come on, sweetheart. One more.”

Katie bucked hard against Lucy’s hand once, twice, and then went completely slack, releasing a guttural moan and a pulsing stream of liquid. Squirt after squirt leaked out of her pussy, making a warm puddle under her ass and around her thighs. Lucy left her fingers inside her friend as she quivered and slowly came down from her orgasm.

“Thank you, Lucy.”

“Anytime, Katie.”

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