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I have this office slave girl, sara by name. She likes it spelled with a lower-case ‘s’ because she’s a sub, you see. But I’m not her boss. In fact, I’m not anyone’s boss. I’m just as low on the corporate totem pole as sara is on the sexual pole. But in her eyes, and hands, I’m the Boss, the Domme. After our boss leaves, usually about 4 PM in the afternoon, W/we wait eagerly until 5, when everyone else is gone. I hide in the ladies room until about 5:30, just to make sure W/we will be alone and I don’t know where sara gets off to. I don’t care – as long as she comes crawling back to Me in the office of O/our boss, her clothing stripped, her pupils wide with lust, her huge breasts swaying from side to side, very gently, as she makes her way on her hands and knees across the carpet to the back of the desk.

There she finds Me, legs crossed, crop in hand.

Wet. Aching. In control.

she kisses the crop as I extend it towards her. I run it gently across her cheeks, her wet lips.

“Sit up, sara.” She does. I run the tip of the crop over her tight shriveled nipples.

“See what I have on My desk, sara?” She does. She nods. It’s a huge pink jelly dildo, casino şirketleri suction-cupped firmly to the desktop

“Sit on My lap, sara.” She does, facing me. Her breasts are magnificent, and I have her hold the crop cross-wise between her teeth while I pinch and suck her nipples as she moans. I have My hands around her waist and now they stray downward to her globe-shaped ass cheeks. Soft skin, My nails dig in, beautiful. I squeeze and knead slowly and suck on her nipples, going from one to the other, for what seems like forever. My short skirt is hiked up, and I feel sara’s wetness oozing onto My bare thigh.

“Isn’t that dildo great?” I ask her when I am finally able to pull My mouth away from her tits.

“Yes, Mistress. It’s quite big.”

“I’d like to watch you play with it.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” sara says obediently. She leans over and takes the big bulb head in her mouth, sliding it slowly all the way down the thick pink shaft.

“Yes,” I whisper, “Take all that cock down your throat, sara. Now, suck it.” Her gag sounds and muffled moans (My fingers have now started exploring her pussy from behind, as sara has had to rise up a bit casino firmaları from her seat on My ass in order to access the dildo) cause My pussy to ache even more and I know My slave will have a lot of cum to drink very, very soon.

Meanwhile, sara’s going up and down on the jelly cock with that superb mouth of hers, her tongue licking the underside up and down and two of My fingers are slowly fucking her wet, stretched pussy. Her hips are thrusting down on My hand and she’s losing control rapidly.

“That’s it, sara. you’re such a good secretary. you type so well. I’m rewarding you, sara, for being such a good employee.” I begin licking her naked skin, pushing My tongue up underneath her left breast because I know she likes to be licked there (and so do I) and she bobs up and down, faster and faster now, I can tell she’s getting close. I’ve done this so many times I can almost set My watch by it.

Suddenly, I know it’s time. I slide quickly between her legs out of the chair and squat under her pussy, My fingers still deep inside her hot wet snatch. sara begins to cum with the cock gagging her cries of pleasure and I yank My fingers out of her and seal güvenilir casino My open mouth to her pussy lips, drinking in her gushing sweet cum juice. sara is humping My face madly now and I’m sucking her, licking inside her pussy with My long, hot tongue, My hands gripping her ass firmly and My face soaked with her delicious wetness. I drink and drink and she slowly starts to descend from the height of pleasure she’s just reached.

Both of U/us breathing heavily, I slide out from under her naked, sweat-covered body and sit back in the chair. Putting both legs up on the desk, My skirt bunched around My waist and My naked pussy exposed … “sara, eat Me.”

sara kneels between My splayed thighs and buries her reddened face in My shaven pussy and I hold her head fast with both hands, pushing her mouth and tongue into Me. As I come (oh, good slave, who knows what I need) sara turns, tears the huge cock off the desk and shoves it into My pussy while she clamps her mouth down on My clit. I’m being fucked VERY hard and VERY fast with a VERY huge dildo and I’m sure they can hear My cries of ecstacy in the next building. I coat sara’s face with cum and squirt everywhere, all over her glistening, heaving breasts as she sits back to get a better angle with the dildo, continuing to push it in and out of Me like a pile driver.

“Come, Mistress!” sara yells. “Come!”

Oh, it’s SO good to have such a valuable underling …

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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